Digits, the calculator for humans Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Digits, the calculator for humans Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Digits, the calculator for humans Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Digits, the calculator for humans Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Digits, the calculator for humans Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Digits, the calculator for humans Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Digits, the calculator for humans Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Digits, the calculator for humans Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Digits, the calculator for humans Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Get organized! Conquer numbers on the go.

We're human. We're busy. We make mistakes. So we designed a calculator for humans, from the ground up. Digits combines the edit-ability of a spreadsheet with the simplicity of calculator. Dare we say it? Digits is a calculator a human can love.

So, why do so many humans love Digits? Its uniquely correctable tape means never worrying if you entered a calculation correctly. Make a mistake? Tap any entry on the tape to correct it (or edit, insert, copy and more). Then, add a label/comment and email or print the tape.

Digits is great for:
• Adding up expenses, labeling and emailing them
• Doing a quick calculation and being able to double-check and correct entries with ease
• Entering a long series of calculations and then emailing it to yourself for import into Numbers or Excel
• Quickly calculating a couple scenarios by editing any previous entry to automatically update the total
• Easily creating a grand total from a number of previous calculations with flagging
• Keeping a series of short calculations available for later reference
• Sharing via email, printed output or by files.

• EASY: perfect for a quick calculation, powerful enough for pages of them.
• MADE FOR iPad: uses the whole iPad display to leave cramped buttons behind.
• MADE FOR iPhone: all of the iPad features on an interface designed just for iPhone.
• TAPE: never lose track of what you've entered.
• PRINT: print-quality output with AirPrint (where available).
• SHARE: Use iTunes File Sharing to backup and share .digits tape files to other Digits Calculator users and your other iOS devices.
• EMAIL: tap to email your tape.
• COMMENTING: label any item in your tape and include comments in tape emails.
• CORRECTIONS: make edits and inserts to previous calculations at any time!
• SIMPLE TAPE STRUCTURE: one calculation on each tape line means quick one-touch access for edits.
• AUTOSAVE: holds your calculations and tape in place for the next time you return.
• RUNNING TOTAL: always displays the total above so you can focus on what you're entering.
• CUSTOMIZABLE: a wide arrange of settings, including currency mode, sound and background color! ;-)

To see a video Digits in action on both iPhone and iPad, click the Shift Web Site link below!

Featured on the iTunes App Store "What's Hot" list
"It works nicely, and it looks good" - Gizmodo
"this is the one that will remain on my iPad" - Clint
"there is no better designed calculator for the iPad" - Tinathir
"Perfect" - lryan
"Digits blows them all away. And it's a pleasure to use... Digits is a steal! Just buy it!" - Mr. Reeee
"It really is the best calculator for the iPad" - Arillius
"Just got the new iPad. This amazing device has already revolutionized the way I use a calculator" - Conan

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Very overdue review Posted by

I don't write reviews often, usually months in between, written about 4 in 3 years! However I had to write one when I had issues with iOS 7 comments. Reason being: I saw that they're nearly ready with an update fixing this issue. Great quality on that end, care about customer issues. I'm an ultralight hiker and I use this app for calculating lbs, oz(s), grams of everything that goes into my pack . Current 3 day A.T. Pack total is 14.05 lbs total, 8.03lbs base weight (no consumables included). On which I travel 63miles This app is like no other avalible on the store. This I say because you can correct, edit, replace, copy, paste all figures and add comments to them. The comments allows for valuable notations on the weight of items I might remove from my pack based on seasonal needs. This app is the first app I downloaded when I knew I wanted to gut the weight of my pack from last year (50+Lbs). This I realized last winter when I got cabin fever and started dreaming about this year and my shoulders began to ache just thinking about the weight of last year. I've run a seemingly infinite number of calculations and theoretical scenarios and their corresponding item weights. The result has been nothing short of incredible. Without this app and the frame of reference as pertains to weight, I very likely would not have gut my pack to the extreme minimalist setup that I currently employ. Thanks to the developers for giving me the tools to realize I can truly do more with less and still be an extreme ridge racer.

Great Calculator App with Unique Hook Posted by

There are lots of calculator apps on the App Store. I've tried a bunch of them. There isn't much to separate most of them apart from visual styling of their buttons and layout; whether they offer a scientific mode or not; or if they have a memory tape feature. Digits doesn't have a scientific mode, but it does offer a memory tape with a killer bonus feature that makes it stand out in the crowd — you can save, edit and annotate the tape record, and changes to the running calculations contained therein are updated immediately. This makes Digits super-easy for making up documents such as a simple financial assets statement or household budget, which you can save, archive, and copy from to update with current values on a regular basis. (If you are looking for a good calculator with scientific features, "CalcBot" is nice, and includes the oft-requested conversion tables as well. Carpenters and students might want to check out "Fraction Calculator Plus" as it makes entry of calculations involving fractions super easy.)

Well done, but Posted by

The product seems to work as advertised, except the tape management section does work for me every time. I can not copy a tape every time and can't bring an old tape by tapping on the items in the tape. Would also like to create a grand total from previous totals on tape. I store the totals in memory and then bring them back up, one at a time. You should also create a detailed user manual. Would also like to choose a different color for totals, the green does not show up clearly. And, the divide symbol should be a /. The divide sign looks too much like the plus sign. Thanks for asking for comments, Anthony onofrio Also need a way to a round a result to a specified number of decimal positions - not just display the result, but round the number to the displayed number of decimals.

Works great! Posted by

I recommend this. I've been using this calculator for at least a year. I've got bad eyesight and very short memory. So I like the big display and ability to annotate line items. Then save a copy of an annotated calculation in Evernote. The ability to name and save multiple tapes is has been helpful from time to time, too. Will keep using. Giving it 4 stars because I think it has many helpful features that are too time consuming for me to figure out. Takes too much clicking around to figure out the other features I haven't used yet. Would be great if developer added a units conversion module. So I could convert between ounces and grams, imperial and metric, for example within this calculator. I'd pay a little extra for that.

Great calculator and functionality, just an ugly UI though ... And BTW, calculation is correct ... Posted by

Very useful calculator, but ugly UI, hopefully we get an updated UI that looks on par with other iOS UI ( modern look). And to the reviewer that says abt the calculator giving the wrong answer for 6-1x0+2/2, this app actually relies on the user for the order in which the calculation needs to be executed. So looking at the equation, the user has to know that the multiplication needs to be executed first, so you enter (1x0) first, then division next ( 2/2), then addition and/or subtraction (6+1). That's how you get the correct answer, 7. Just because we have a calculator does not mean we have to throw away our basic math.... Remember guys, these are tools to make to make our life easier - do not make it a replacement for your brain.

Love this app Posted by

I really love this app for all my calculator needs. And the thought of being able to fix my mistakes by using the 'history' or 'tape' is genius. And now you can use more than one 'tape' to keep different strings of calculations separate... Excellent. Nice job. Pro: Works great The 'history' is editable The history/tape can be commented on Can create more than one 'tape' Can print and email the 'tape' Cons: Default color is yellow (that can be a con right?) Works great but haven't seen an update for a while Worth the $$$ you will use this app. Who doesn't need a great calculator app? This is better than that one since it lets you figure out where you may have made a mistake.

Ugly colors -- Great app Posted by

I really like this app. What an awesome concept to be able to run a tape and label the items on it. Often when I want something like this I have to fire up Excel on my laptop; I love having this on my iPad and iPhone now! The ability to run multiple tapes and switch between them, to save or email tapes, to edit calculations you've already done... All of it is just outstanding. Even without that, the on-screen tape as you work is worth the price. Add the other features and it's just outstanding. The only complaint I have is the garish default colors and app icon. About the first thing I did on both my devices was change it to white text on brown, which is much easier on the eyes. (I'm stuck with the app icon though.)

Best yet, it also has important 'x priority on/off' menu-item! Y Posted by

I almost didn't buy this(!) because of the double-wrong statements of a recent well-intended reviewer, namely 1) that "other calculators are wrong" in using the correct order-of-operations called PEMDAS (ie 8+12x2=32), 2) that "Digits is correct" by NOT using it (thus 8+12x2=40) -not knowing that PEMDAS can be turned On/Off. -- But fortunately, I eventually bought/tried Digits (for other subtle reasons) and discovered the 'x priority' option (obviously 'multiply priority') -- which could've saved me much shopping if high-lighted as one of Its Features. Most math/calculator users expect/want PEMDAS (google it). Thank you, it's the best of what I need for wife! Elroy

Useful tool for any kind of extended calculation. It's simple, yet functional Posted by

This app's extremely efficient as a tool for noting, mapping, and sharing calculations. Utilizes a simple interface by combining a customizable calculator app with a note that keeps track of each individual calculation. Breaks a series of steps into individual lines within a column. Each line ends when a sum,difference, product, or quotient is calculated. Each of these lines can be notated, flagged, edited, shared, and shifted around as well as totaled, at any point in time. A perfect utility for showing work/methodology on multi step calculations. Also seems like a very smart tool for accounting or personal finances. Kind of expensive for the functions, but it has a niche and owns it.

Very helpful, many uses! Posted by

The functionality available with the tape of this calculator is its strong point. I'm able to easily document the stops on my daily pickup / delivery route as to monetary transactions at each for my end of day report and provide a net total. Saving the tapes is helpful as an audit trail as my weekly pay is determined by this data. The help provided inline with the app is great to quickly get familiar with it making it very quick and easy to make the entries. So easy, that I will also be using it for documenting other activities besides the job. Highly recommend this app for its ease of use, flexibility of purpose, and the ability to edit, comment, save, reload, and email the tapes!

Great for estimating Posted by

Digits is simple enough to gain a quick grasp of the functionality and put it to use within a few minutes. I suppose this also has to do with the thoughtful layout of the interface. In my opinion an app should get to the point with the least amount of fuss and learning and Digits does this very well. The ability to review, annotate and alter your calculations is very useful for estimating and record keeping, add to that the ability to email the marked up receipt to others and it is very convenient. I use it on iPad and the size is perfect, but I could see the complaint that the receipt is to small on iPhone. Smart phones are limited as to how productive they are for work anyways.

Perfection Posted by

I like it so much, I look for excuses just to use it. It's so clean and simple, yet highly functional. It has everything I need, and some things that I didn't know I needed, but I'm delighted are there. An example of this is the flagging function. I can mark items on the tape and calculate them separately with the touch of a button - fantastic. I also like how it keeps the math functions hidden till I need them. It's uncluttered, and it fits my hand so well, my fingers fall exactly where they should. The design also fits perfectly with iOS7. My thanks to the developers, they gave me exactly what I wanted.

Exceptional Posted by

I had been looking for a calculator for doing basic calculations. Scientific calculations were not required, but I would have accepted them if they had been there. I especially wanted a running tape display, since that would make it easier to catch entry errors. This app was recommended in a newsletter, and the price was right (deeply discounted or free - I don't recall which). After using it for a short while, I got rid of the built-in calculator, because this one was so much better. I have nothing bad to say about it - it works well and is accurate. I'll be using it from here on as my primary calculator app.

Ther is no comparison Posted by

Still no update? NOPE! As I said below, the developer got it right the FIRST TIME? No need for an update, this is still my go to calculator. ---------------- I've been tempted to buy other apps that do something another app I own already does. I've got a couple of calendars. I've got a few sketching apps. I've got too many project/task planners. I only have one calculator app. Digits is all you need. You can tell the developers took the iPad to heart. They never tried to emulate the TI's and casios of the world. They Started fresh and never looked back. They got it right the first time.

Simply Wonderful Posted by

It's an easy to use, straightforward calculator with probably the most helpful feature that really makes it special to me - Tape. It has a tape feature that allows me to follow what I've been calculating. Not only that, but I can also quickly add labels to specific entries, modify entries, even email the tape... It helps me produce budget checklists better than complicated accounting/budget apps specifically designed for budgeting because all too often aspects of my budget change frequently. I also like the option to customize the app's appearance. It's even fun! Thank you for a great app.

Digits is THE Best Calculator App Posted by

At least 5 Stars! No flash, Digits' best features are under the covers and it has a tape! They layout the standard calculator functions, tape and unique function keys in a very ergonomic fashion. These unique keys are the key (pun intended) to what sets Digits apart from all others. Since calculating is a string of key entries, any additional keys to those of the standard calculator, should make this task intuitive, functional and easy. Again Digits makes good on the functionality of it's user interface both on the iPhone & iPad. As general calculators go, get this one, you won't any other.

Perfect Blend of Form & Function Posted by

The beauty of this app is the simple interface combined with the kinds of functions that cater to the calculating needs of most people. The combination of a calculator with a running tape record of each calculation is really useful. It allows me to keep track of multiple entries at a glance, spot errors and add short comments to any line of a calculation so I'm never left wondering later what I was trying to figure out. I can edit at any point and save my tapes for future reference. And to top it all off, I can change the color and type of the app to any color that suits my mood. Love it!

A Must-Have! Posted by

I love this app! I like that it's so easy to correct yourself if you made a mistake. On a regular calculator I'd often press the wrong key or number and I would have to start all over again. I also like to use this app for calculating discounts and I like how they'll show you what the amount of the discount is in brackets (when I type in X-Y%). I love the long tape too. My one wish is to add a setting that automatically resets/clears the tape when it is full. And maybe just have a "saved tapes" archive and a button to save tapes when needed or desired.

Needs to update to improve compatibility by MOHAMMAD SHAH NEWAZ SIDDIQUE 2016-12-11

In latest iOS10.1.1 this app shows an error message at the time of opening that_"Digit may slow down your iPhone, The developer of this app needs to update it to improve it's compatibility." Unless till before the has no issues at all and functionality is amazing compared with other apps. Developer response is poor. Emailed to developer by knowing current issues but no response from developer. I hope developer should update this app to resolve the issues of compatibility of slowing down iPhone.

I wouldn't call this app "great". Decent at best. by frambach 2016-05-09

Why do I have to wait after the launching the app for the spinning thing in the center of the screen & for the app to load? Is it connecting to the Internet or something? I don't like that delay. On top of not liking it, it makes me leery. A calculator from 2013 shouldn't have a delay to load on a 6S+. If it's connecting to the Internet, why? It's a CALCULATOR! What's it need the Internet for?!

Works well, but is it abandoned? by Tburgueso 2017-03-05

Works great; no problems there. By functionality, I'd give it a 5-star review. However, the developer's website is n longer functional, there have been no updates since 2013, and the app is probably not going to work with iOS 11. I very much hope that I am wrong about this app's future, because I use it frequently, but if you have not yet bought in to it, I would suggest caution at this point in time.

Tricky little app by Mark Crim 2016-10-21

I just wanted a simple calculator that had a type function. Digits is overkill in that department. It takes some getting used to to be able to make accurate calculations. Simple math calculations are somewhat difficult. Maybe it's me, but I don't think this app is very intuitive. I really don't want to have to learn a simple calculator.

In serious need of updating by dnod 2016-11-28

I have used Digits for years. Love the interface and the features. Unfortunately, I have had to move on to a more current product. Digits has not been updated in years. Does not support multi tasking. Using a calculator in the swipe over pane is most basic requirement in my opinion. If not for that missing feature, would heartily recommend.

Not even close to calctape by I3G 2015-04-03

Had to buy this app because latest update of calctape is buggy. I don't get why people like this app. I have to add an amount THAN click on comment to write the description of that amount. Calctape you add the amount the space and write the description and you're done, move to next item. And the UI of this op is UGLY.

Could have been simpler and better by Stefan Totev 2013-08-03

Don't like all the tapping and no intro instructions to tell you about the app. Thought I can easily multiply different numbers by a constant, but this takes like 5 taps. The font and results are small. I am better off with the stock camera. Wish I hadn't rushed and bought this as I deleted it after 15 min.

Stupid by Ea8tayted 2014-05-02

Waste of a dollar... I just want something SIMPLE...I've got a list of stuff I want to buy and I want to list it and get a total number with ease... I don't even know where to begin with this stupid app.. No help menu. It assumes I know all the stuff already. Aggravated and want my money back

My Review by Keithmj 2013-09-15

I like the calculator but unless I am not using it correctly it is not accurate. Figure out this problem 6-1x0+2÷2=? with this calculator It will show 1 for the answer but it is suppose to be 7. Maybe I don't have a setting right? But if it can't get this correct what else is it wrong with?

Needs Slide-Over Functionality by Minkuya 2016-01-17

This app is easy to use and easy on the eyes. But so are many other calculator apps in this category. At a minimum, Slide-Over functionality MUST be added if this app is to be used in any consistent way. Last update seems to have occurred in 2013?! C'mon now!

Once great but now abandoned by mcBpants 2015-02-28

This app was last updated almost two years ago. The app desperately needs to be updated for the newly sized iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. I've since deleted this app and have moved into Calcbot which allows you to sync your tape across iOS and Mac. Seeya, Digits.

outdated by Ajooba1982 2016-03-10

Digits app review: But still no split view or widget Contestant bugs me about long calculation that may be lost on the iPad pro. Really? Do an auto save feature like In all of apples app, notability, Ithoughts, and many other productivity apps.

Would be 5 but need iOS 7 support by timFAMOUS 2013-08-16

I love this app. It helps a lot! I would give 5 stars but it needs iOS 7 support. I can't edit the comments for each line. Other then that it's great. But I really need to edit those transactions.

Please upgrade to 64bit by ambphoto 2017-03-28

This is a great calculator app for the iPad with a useful tape feature to see the calculations thus far, unfortunately, it may cease to work on future iOS upgrades if they don't update it to 64 bit!

Needs iCloud syncing by snapper-Z 2014-12-29

I like the app, which I have on both iPhone 6 and iPad Air. But the tape is different on each device. I would like to have the option to change devices while leaving the data tape the same.

Not for order of operations by Rehab980 2015-05-29

This is a straight up calculator based on your entries. If you're looking for order of operations in calculation entries, this app will fail you.

Way too basic. by Mark3785 2013-11-08

Not enough functions. The default iOS calculator is far more functional, not to mention a plethora of other good apps. Not worth the 99c.

Great app, needs iphone 6 resolution by Meltdownblitz 2015-02-21

Great app, needs iphone 6/plus resolution, should be no reason not to have that update out yet. Iphone 6 has been out for 5 months now.

Update by jobro1356 2017-02-07

App needs updated to be capatiblewith IOS 1. Get an error message that says this app may slow down your phone. I have the iPhone 7.

Crashes constantly no updates in years by Joeqr 2017-03-19

Was my favorite app for years. Now it crashes , freezes and my iPhone 7+ launches a warning that it is slowing down my phone.