Dinosaur Safari Pro game for iPhone/iPad
Dinosaur Safari Pro game for iPhone/iPad

Dinosaur Safari Pro game for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Dinosaur Safari Pro game for iPhone/iPad

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A jurassic world for you to discover a dinosaur or become discovered. Become a Sniper or FPS style free roam and discover many dinosaur deadly carnivores is this epic hunter saga.

+3 More deadly Dinosaurs - Velociraptor, Insectorsaurus and Sarcosuchus.

New Massive Update 80% Off SALE!! +6 New Dino's.

APPLE iPhone Featured World Wide in New & Noteworthy - All Games !! HOT!!

Dinosaur Safari - Hunt or be Hunted the decision is only half yours..

We recommend you Try our Free Version -

Dinosaur Safari Free in this store now to see if your device is compatible.

Handgun/Compound Bow/Pistol Crossbow(Explosive Arrows)/Rifle.
Proximity Mines/Gas Canisters.

Motorbike, Jeep with Power Zoom Rifle.
Horse your faithful friend - Whistle to Call.
Mirror Portal - Use to teleport out of danger.
Zip Line Fast Escape.

TRex, Spinosaurus, Raptors, Triceratops, Velociraptors, Euoplocephalus, Pterodactyl, Dilophosaurus, Parasaurolophus. Brontosaurus, Gigantic Worm, Plesiosaur, Dunkleosteus and Sarcosuchus

Huge open 3D Environment to roam/explore.
NightTime scary action - Night Vision Googles.
Build Campfires/Collect Logs.

Bone collection Extra XP Bonus.
Treasure Chest/Parachute - Pick up Bonus
Fuel/Gun Clips/Medi Kits/Explosive pickups.
Tutorial/Rewards/Unlimited Quests.

FPS free roam epic action Simulation/Simulator.
HD console-quality graphics and gameplay.
Stunning Deep Visuals, Soundtrack & Sounds.
Full 3D - 360 Degrees Action.

In-game Language Translations: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian.

Pro Version : Offers more unlocked Dinosaurs/Game Items than free version.

This game offers In-app purchases to instantly unlock Animals/Weapons/Items, all these can be unlocked by playing and progressing through the game by collecting our in-game currency Sunga's.

Plus more…

Dinosaur Safari Pro Games 7.1.0 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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