Document Writer Pro - Powerful Word Processor Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Document Writer Pro - Powerful Word Processor Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Document Writer Pro - Powerful Word Processor Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Document Writer Pro is a beautiful, easy-to-use text editor that is designed to make writing convenient, efficient and comfortable.
Word Writer is ease, fast and uncluttered. It starts up quickly, has a live word count, easy on the eyes and you can export all the common formats: .pdf, .rtf, .doc, .txt and more . To create the tables and insert the pictures make your document more rich and colorful.

• Focus Mode(Full Screen) can give you the pure pleasure of writing.
• Automatically format bulleted or numbered lists
• date-stamped backups
• selection of text by text style, paragraph style, color, etc.
• export Microsoft Word documents
• Export files to PDF, RTF/DOC with pictures.
• Support for all image formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and more)

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Truly amazing app, well worth buying! Posted by

I was searching for a document editing program for my work when I stumbled across Document Writer Pro. Not only did I find a great app for editing my documents, this offers many more features that I have found especially useful. I can view many types of files, save and edit my documents. I prefer Document Writer Pro because of it's speed,stability and ease of use. I've got exactly what i was looking for! It's great for helping edit my documents, storing them and sending them to my clients quickly. It even makes signing off on my finished work amazingly simple and fast. This fantastic app is designed to make sharing a lot easier across all your devices. I think it's one of the best apps that I have tried in a very long time. I love it very much. This is truly a useful tool for anyone needs to edit their documents. and it is worth every penny, I absolutely recommend it. I give it four star, hope it have more improvement for next time!

More than I could have hoped for! Posted by

I tried several office tools, a few of them are nice, but this one is better. I got this app on sale and it well worth of a small investment for making my life easier. This app neatly organizes all my work. Wonderful app, excellent for viewing and editing word documents. It displays documents beautifully and does almost everything I need. My papers are instantly saved and I never have to worry about losing my work.What's nice is to have an ability to work something that is perfect for writing.It's layout is easy to understand and manage.The functionalities work perfectly with what I need to do.It has no issues so far. But I give it 4 stars. Because I feel interactive experience of the app is not very good, if you can improve the experience would be even nicer.

Wonderful document editor, love it! Posted by

I was really eager to find a great word processing app for my work. And it beyond my expectations. This app is exactly what I was looking for and at a reasonable price. I am so glad I found this item. I use it to edit and create document, until now, This app is everything I was looking for and more. I am now able to create beautiful, colorful fliers with stunning graphics and eye catching pictures really catching my clients' attention. I love the fact that I can use it to create reports and import or export information as I needed. It's so user friendly. Absolutely fantastic app! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to use word editor app, it is so much more than you expect.

Word up! Posted by

You can do almost anything in this version, and it really works well. This has helped me turn in and finish essays I wasn't able to complete. I use it to write my books, I have other apps for that as well but this one is the easiest, fastest and safest and safest to use for me. My other apps don't save my work half sa well as this one does! I love this app, I can write, edit, and print documents. This app is very useful to people like myself who have to be able to review their documents and create new ones as well. Trust me, it's a good app which you will like it after you use it when you first time.

Absolutely outstanding Posted by

I love this app, I use it write my books. I have other apps for that as well but this one is the easiest, fastest and safest to use for me. I write in this app because I know that when I close out of and go back in my work will be there with every single line I've written there waiting for me to continue, the other apps kept losing my work. A highly useful app that smoothly with my mac word program. I use it daily and would be lost without it. I was so glad that I was able to download the app. It suits my needs just fine. Get this app, it will help you so much!

Perfect for writing Posted by

I am in love with this app.I can write form anywhere with the peace of mind that it will be saved.It has always saved my documents and I'm able to write papers for school on the train.I love having this app and the ability to edit and write on my Mac.It took me a while to find the word count tool,but once you're familiar with this app,it's easy.The sharing ability as an email attachment as a document or as a PDF is my favorite.Don't change that!I would definitely recommend it.

Great program for my needs Posted by

This app is 5 star for what it allows me to do.It's very important for me to have writing program.This word app have some of the features I would love.It has enough to satisfy my writing needs.Daily I'm writing business letters as well as write book reviews and this program gives me the basic tools to write and edit with ease as well as a word count which is absolutely necessary .Great app!Thank you for this app.Highly recommended!

Good editing tools for word. Posted by

This is a rich content of the word software. it can meet you a lot of requirements. for example, you can insert a variety of formats to open the picture, open the different types of documents, you can also export documents into PDF format with picture. In a word, it uses more than you can imagine. That will find a lot of new features when you are using. which is very exciting. I have been in love with it.

Loving using this word processor Posted by

I am a new user of the app. First thing noticed is how smooth the app is.There isn't any loading time, it works just great, satisfied my needs. Daily I'm writing business letters as well as book reviews and this program gives me the basic tools to write and edit with ease. I'm very happy with this app.

Great app,very functional Posted by

Quick Word has gotten better and better on the Mac and it works well.I now use it as my primary writing apps.Everything i do on my computer I can do here.A mouse adds to the ease to doing and have a lot of folders and files.I would recommend Quick Work to anyone who needs an excellent Word Application.

Keeps getting better Posted by

This is one great app. I've written website articles with it; papers for school. This app does exactly what I need to. I can create,edit,modify and do whatever I like to my documents. I was so glad that I was able to download the app and have it work just as great, this app is a life saver.

That’s I need. Posted by

This app should be the one that I need for my documents. Document writer is a very good app for me as a freelance writer and author. Even though I am not a writer or author, but I am also a worker who always used microsoft word in my life. I believe that what I said is also useful.

Great to have! Posted by

On a whim I decided to download this app during a class for taking notes. It works great, I was very pleased with it. I am blown away by the ease of access and functionality of this app! This is a really great document app. Definitely a suggested app!

It's basic for me. Posted by

This APP compared other APP, I feel more powerful. Full-featured, in the use of the process without any problems. It is worth the price, I did not choose the wrong, the word software is really good. It is worth considering whether to download.

Great word app Posted by

I use word processor constantly. My papers are instantly saved and I never have to worry about losing my work. Definitely worth downloading and even making it your number one word processor.

Frustratingly MLA-unfriendly by Columbus&Colombia 2017-01-22

Let’s face it; you’re here because you can’t or refuse to purchase Microsoft Word. So am I. While this app has almost all the functional bells and whistles that MS Word has, it pales in its execution of said features. My main gripe is that this program has the ability to set a template document to base every new document off of. However, no matter how many times I change the line-spacing setting, it always changes back. I’ve changed the setting within the preferences menu and on the toolbar for that document, I’ll save, lock the file, and each time it opens, it will revert to the default 1.0 spacing, even though the preferences menu still says the default for new documents is 2.0 spacing. Also, the support link for this app in the App Store just takes you to some guy’s Twitter page rather than anywhere useful. Unprofessional for a vendor of a relatively expensive app, not to mention unhelpful.

frustrating glitches by jazwinchester 2016-11-08

My essays won’t stay double spaced, so when i submit them online to my professors, I lose points for not having the correct format. This has been an isue with everything ive written in the app, and I recieved 50% on an assignment for it not being double spaced. For whatever reason, when I save the documents as being double spaced, they never stay that way. Please fix this in the new update. Thank you.

help by Kaseyd. 2015-12-29

HELP!!! i just downloaded the app, but realized it does NOT autocorrect or highlight words that need to be fixed. im no idiot but we all make typos that we arent aware of. i dont think that setting could be changed which is an extreme con. But otherwise, i think its pretty much similiar to the basic microsoft word

Does not work by Chaseg47 2016-02-15

DO NOT BUY…I purchased this to work from home, the app doesn't even open. A waste of time and moeny. I'm demanding a refund for an app that does not even open. So disappointed!

Won’t let me change the header or footer by BallZach1984 2017-02-27

Free version lets me change the header and footer while the 9.99 version won’t let me even touch it. It also doesn’t give me the option to save the document as a .PDF

No European symbols and thesaurus by sackofrome1527 2017-03-14

I am historian. When I write, I need to add European symbols. In French, there is no accent aigue or accent grave. Also, I prefer a thesaurus.

App was previously a markdown editor, now poor word processor by demgreen 2015-11-07

App updated and completely changed. Was ByNote, a pretty standard Markdown editor, and now it’s like a bad Pages clone.

too bad by icll91 2016-03-27

It gets computer slow and me angry. I can not use it and I dont suggest you.