Doximity Dialer Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Doximity Dialer Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Doximity Dialer Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Doximity Dialer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Doximity Dialer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Doximity Dialer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Doximity Dialer Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download Doximity Dialer for iPhone/iPad
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COMPLETELY FREE for verified physicians, PAs, and NPs. Call patients without sharing your mobile number. They’ll see your office phone number instead. What people are saying about Doximity Dialer: "I used to dial *67 before calling patients but they'd never answer due to the the 'Unknown Number' message. Now they see my office number and I don't have to waste time playing phone tag." Features • Call patients at any U.S. number • Choose the Caller ID they see • Returned calls go to your office or clinic *About Doximity* Doximity is the largest medical professional network in the US, with over 60% of physicians as members. Through both mobile and web platforms, clinicians can use Doximity's free tools for HIPAA-secure communication, electronic faxing, reading custom-curated medical news, and career management. Doximity is designed exclusively for healthcare professionals. We love your feedback! Send comments, ideas or issues to


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Handy app Posted by

Great app, very useful for on call or on the go docs. Works well. One nice addition would be the ability to copy & paste phone numbers. Like many docs, I get on call messages via text now. Would love to be able to copy & paste the phone number into Doximity Dialer. Would raise my rating to 5 stars with this feature. Would also love to add the ability to one way text. Many on call messages are simple refill requests. Would love to send these patients a brief text message "request received, refill called in to pharm, call back if any further questions"

Great app Posted by

App works exactly as described. Love it. The number displayed is NOT the number you're actually calling because it's routed through a California intermediary, and there is also a 3-5 second delay, but works great. All those who are rating the app low because it dials the wrong number haven't let the app complete the call! If you check the log it always calls the number you entered

Great for Hospitalists Posted by

In the past I would avoid making phone calls to patients from my home phone or cell phone and would wait until I could be at the hospital but that was impractical at times. With this new application I can contact patients using my cell phone and it looks like I'm calling from the hospital I work at. This is quite ideal. Thank you so much for this program.

Thank you! Posted by

I hate patient phone tag! Get lots of complaints about phone calls with a blocked number. This will make my job a lot easier now that I don't have to be at the office or hospital to make phone calls. I've been waiting for this app! Works fine with cell phones, tested it out with my husband and friend's phones. Thank Doximity!

Masks your number when calling mobile phones and land lines Posted by

I've made a few test calls with it. It seems to work great as long as you have a good cell phone signal. The caller Id just shows the number that you want the patient to see. Again unlike some other reviewer when I called a landline and A cell phone again only the desired number showed up not my actual cell phone number.

2017 most useful app candidate! Posted by

Excellent App! Agree with AlBobDoc that you should try it before rating it! Number displayed is not number dialed but I just confirmed with the person I called that the number displayed on their phone was the one I chose (office phone) and not my cell. Thanks for a great app!

Question Posted by

So far so good. Is there a way to paste a copied phone number into the Dialer? My answering service texts me pages with the return call back number embedded in the page. Or is there ability to elect "Call back with Dox Dialer" when pressing on a phone number in a text?

great Posted by

Wow. This simple app solves a major problem that I've had. Now I can call patients back on weekend and at night without them seeing a blocked # (in which case they don't pickup... or don't even allow me to call), or have to show my personal cell #. So smart!

Much Needed App for Physicians Posted by

The services that Doximity offers just gets better and better. I'm sure we're losing some "privacy" (our personal information is being sold to physician recruiters), but nothing is free, and I'm willing to live with that.

Handy app when out of the office Posted by

Easy to install. Works well. Shows up on caller ID with my clinic name and phone number. Check the phone number you used to sign up for your original Doximity account and make sure it's what you want showing up in a patients caller ID.

Cardiologist Posted by

What a great App!!! We all run late and often have to contact patients when we are away from the office. With this app I can be identified with my main office number rather than my personal cell number and maintain my privacy Thank you!!!

Fantastic Posted by

Works as advertised, whether calling mobile or land lines. I tested with several cell phones and our office line showed up as expected. Very helpful product, especially for after hours calls to patients and their family.

Good App Posted by

Its really good for a doc to protect your personal cell number. However I get my pages as txt message. Click on the number and the phone dials out. It would be nice if the app did the same or if I could cut and paste it.

Great App Posted by

I use this app every day now. Simple to use, reliable, and I can put any number to show up on the caller ID. This way, patients call the office number which shows up on the caller ID and not my cell phone number.

Works great! Posted by

Just downloaded it and tried calling a few numbers without any problems. Both cell phones and landlines work great and it shows up as the office number.

Easy and Useful Posted by

This app was easy to install and set up, and works great! Highly recommend if you make patient calls frequently

Cannot call cell phones by Y M.D. 2016-12-03

I downloaded this app today but had to delete it after my first attempt to use it. I tried to call a patient on his cellphone, it wouldn't connect. Since most people use cellphones this app is not practical at this time. I will be glad to try again after this issue is fixed.

Would be great if it worked by Ewen's mom 2016-11-21

Every time I try and use this I am told my call cannot be connected and to make sure the device I'm calling from matches the number in the settings. It does match so this app is pointless.

Gremlins in the system... by Penn Shrink 2016-12-24

Fantastic concept but significant execution problems. The app does not call the number I dial, whether I select it from my contacts or enter it manually. So disappointing.

Would be great if... by Joellieeee 2016-12-21

Would be great if it called the same number I dialed... it's not even close. Not at all. How does this kind of error even happen in the coding?!

Great idea poor execution by Artful Dodger 2 2017-02-04

Will not let me dial unless I use my cell phone number as caller i'd. Duh, isn't that what I don't want to happen! More work guys

Not working by neit-tunes 2016-12-10

So far it's not working for me although I love the concept. It dials a different number than the one I type in!!!

BEWARE LANDLINES ONLY by Peristotle Bonassis 2016-11-10

The App only works when calling a landline. Call another cell phone and all your info is displayed.

Can't pass phone entry screen by fandangosss 2017-02-03

The numbers pad blocks the button underneath. Can't pass phone entry screen. App is unusable.

Love the idea, but doesn't work by Cameron8916 2016-12-13

Unfortunately, the app dials a totally different number than the one I enter.

Please fix !! by TalyGlaubach 2016-12-23

Please fix the issue with the app dialing erroneous numbers!!

requires you 2 unblock your # by greatestbaker 2016-11-23

and only works when calling landlines

Dials the wrong number by timdddava 2016-12-21

Rather than what I entered