Draw Pad Pro : Amazing Notepads and Sketchbooks! Apps for iPhone/iPad
Draw Pad Pro : Amazing Notepads and Sketchbooks! Apps for iPhone/iPad

Draw Pad Pro : Amazing Notepads and Sketchbooks! Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Draw Pad Pro : Amazing Notepads and Sketchbooks! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Draw Pad Pro : Amazing Notepads and Sketchbooks! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Draw Pad Pro : Amazing Notepads and Sketchbooks! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Draw Pad Pro : Amazing Notepads and Sketchbooks! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Draw Pad Pro : Amazing Notepads and Sketchbooks! Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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With nearly 3 million downloads to date, Draw Pad Pro is a clear and compelling choice for taking notes. The app is designed as a beautiful and innovative way to create and manage all your thoughts, ideas, sketches, scribbles, and more. It offers a variety of customization options, powerful productivity features, and sharing capabilities. Draw Pad Pro is built to take advantage of the latest in iOS technology, and works beautifully on all your devices.

Download Draw Pad Pro today, and enjoy its simplicity and functionality. Use the app for your next big idea or project.

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Good Start = Good Prospects, For Draw Pad Pro Posted by

To be honest, I only went ahead and paid for Draw Pad Pro because I got to download most of the other apps (if not all of them) from the generosity of the developer(s), for free; I felt like I owed it to them to give something back for their hard work and thinking that under the economies of scale, others will think likewise and make their app-free-promotion strategy worthwhile for their productivity and creativity too, not just for us as the consumer. My initial thoughts were: I have already purchased so many hand-writting-annotation apps, why add another app to my learning curve? Man, I am glad I purchased Draw Pad Pro, because after exploring a bit on the app, if the beginning is any indication of how this app will develop and progress, I am glad to be a part of it. Draw Pad Pro has good prospects...I wont repeat already the positive points other reviews have already stated but will echo some of their sentiments and advice: listen to the suggestions of the users, note their requests and criticisms, and then construct quality from there. Maybe we can see Draw Pad Pro among the unavoidable top 50 apps perpetually featured, for good reasons, under "productivity." To other potential users, read the other reviews, then give Draw Pad Pro a try. I think you will see what amount of work was put into it already. ^_^

Great App with great future ahead Posted by

I have tried so many apps of this kind, that I was only tempted to downloaded because it was free. One very important reason why I like this app is that is was written for iOS 5, which has a much improved memory management. Also, being this a hung application it doesn't carry 'old and inefficient' code from previous versions. The app runs smoothly and seems very stable. It does need a few important functions which if the developer keeps his/her word, I'm sure these will be implemented in future updates: - UNDO button. - Sync to Dropbox and/or WebDAV. - insert images as objects, so these could be later edited, cropped, resized, moved, etc. Even without the functionality above, this app is very useful, fast and reliable. I fully recommended it. There's a reviewer claiming there's no eraser. She's completely wrong. There is an eraser, she just didn't see it. And it can be adjusted with several thickness settings.

Finally! Posted by

I spent the day searching and searching for the perfect note taking app that would do everything I needed it to. I'm a student, in the military (ROTC), I love drawing and I work a part time office job with LOTS of BORING meetings each week …so my needs are many. I tried a couple apps out before this and I have to say I've finally found the app that really works for me. The graphics are clean and there are so many great features to select from. I especially love the fact you can draw on webpages/maps and trace photos It's honestly a bit complicated to figure everything out at first, so I only gave it 4 stars until they implement either a tutorial on startup or provide some videos that walk you through the app. I really hope their support team reads these reviews!

Thank you Posted by

Before I had many problems with it and then I got the latest update and it has everything I wanted on it. I suggested some of the things that are now on it I don't know what the problem is for some people who are saying that it erased all their notes because all mine are there and safe. If you didn't get the update then that's why it probably isn't working. Thanks so mush for adding new features. And something else I would have to recommend is if it would be easier to get to the eraser. It kinda takes a long time switch from the pen to the eraser and then back. Maybe if the eraser was on the set of commands at the bottom where you can change the color then I will change my review. Thank you!

May not save Posted by

First of all, this version comes with an eraser, so don't let that deter you. I enjoy this drawing program, but one thing that consistently keeps happening is that it won't save the state of some of your drawings. I don't know why, it just seems random, maybe when the screen locks, you force close it or something, but it has become very frustrating writing something down and having to take a screenshot of the page just to make sure I don't lose my drawing down the road. An addition of a force save button would be helpful, since it does not give any indication that it ever does. Once this is fixed, or a save button implemented, I will give 5 stars. It is very much worth it.

Looks awesome Posted by

This app looks great, performs well for what it is. Given that it is a drawing app I can't expect it to do what I want, but it has everything I am looking for in a journaling app. Except the ability to add text. There is lined paper (why?), I can have multiple notebooks, export to PDF, all kinds of cool stuff. But I can't type words. I gave it 5 stars because I don't want to unfairly judge an app for not doing something it wasn't designed to do, but this simple feature would really enhance the functionality of this app for me. Apparently the devs have an app that will do what I need, but it's only for iPad.

Great for free hand sketching, not so detailed drawing Posted by

I bought this more for taking notes and stylus use for notes. I found it fun to work with the photo sketch. It actually helped me show people what I was trying describe. I took a photo and then sketched the addition I was try to describe. Several people immediately downloaded the app after watching me add the thought to pictures. As a suggestion, it would be great if there was a way to rest your hand on the glass and draw. Currently, the only way to do this is using a cleaning cloth on the glass. Then resting your hand on the cloth. Sketch away! Sketch away!

Good app that needs a few improvements Posted by

I really like this app. The reviewer who said "there's no eraser" doesn't know how to use the app - there's obviously an eraser. I feel like there's a lag between when I draw and when it shows up on the screen. Additionally, I wish you could change the colors of the pages themselves (maybe you can and I wasn't smart enough to figure that one out). One other comment: please add rotation support. I rarely use my iPad in portrait mode. Otherwise, it's a great app.

Best of its kind! Some feature requests Posted by

I tried a bunch of drawing apps for the iPad and this one was easily the best! I use it to sketch ideas for website and app layouts. I recommend the in-app purchase add-ones for a few dollars. It does have some limitations that are frustrating. No layers or vector objects. The undo in null once you leave an individual page. So you have to erase a lot and that gets tricky. Various other things, but it's still the best!

Alert by Renedied69 2012-07-01

UPDATE 7-1-12 Upon placing the app back in the purchased section to allow room for others I had a pressing need for on an IPad with limited memory, I assumed when I came back to it I would still have access to the complete extras I purchased after purchasing the app. To my horror I could not access these and with out the ability to transfer photos the app is really useless for my work. Really resent paying $5 and being expected to repay it because I put the app up for awhile. I read nothing that suggested this was the case. I urge you not to waste your money even if you got 64 gb and have no plans to put the app away. The app is sold to users as if it is ready to use but upon downloading one realizes the limitations of its function. The choice to invest more money the first time is mine but the second time I found it unseemly. These unethical practices are not to be enabled or condoned. It is an adequate app, but there are far better options with support for users and honest practices. I highly recommend Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, PAINT and Art Studio. Art Rage is awesome too, and you get a lot for your money but it seems to get overwhelmed by the passion of an artist and frequently crashes. Your work is not lost but it can be frustrating. bought this app several months ago, pretty much looking for what it is now. Maybe the comments about the difficult time users had with maneuvering the app are why I deleted soon after purchase. It seemed more like a note book for notes than an art app, Today I decided to try it again. It is deceptively simple as far as art apps go. One assumes it has limited potential given all the bells and whistles there are in some of these creative applications. As I recall, there were fewer colors, not as many sizes and less ease working with tools. Today I took right to it, finding techniques and style very quickly . I can't say the photo import feature wasn't there before, but if it was I didn't see it. I love the ability to trace. It's an exceptional way to do this because theres an opacity adjustment built in. I bought the extra packett because the first drawing was good. It is a subject I wanted to do but without tracing, it was not going to fly . Few apps seem concerned with space as an artist has to. There's so many apps with awkward, dysfunctional designs, it surprises me more customers don't tell them to get that dynamic down. I have no idea if the wrist feature works do know some apps with a lot of potential are very frustrating. I did have a hard time exporting my effort to the photo role. I couldn't figure out how to do it for a while.its on the cover not the work however I now get it and appreciate the ability make PDF s, which is fresh. I have a notebook for scribbling info and lists that liooks much like this one . It also features qualities I have not come across, but the pen is not very flexible and a couple sentences on takes a page, my chicken scratch deters me from using hat app. I do not t need it now because this one does double duty. It even offers text you can type which comes in handy if pure creating an image or doing a budget for a banquet. I don't thnk I need a lock, but bet young women's will appreciate the privacy it affords them. I didn't pay too much for the app so 3 bucks more didn't phase me once I realized this is the go to app when I start a new painting.

One glaring problem with this app, hope they rectify it by q574 2012-03-02

I had such high hopes for this app but it just does not live up to what it should/could be. This app screams out to be an app that you would use through the years creating notebooks and adding pages to them as you go. The one glaring problem with this app is that it offers no way to backup your notebooks through iTunes file sharing. Yes I know that you can sync through iTunes and backup the whole phone, but if you need to restore your notebooks because of an issue with just the app alone then having to do a full restore on your iphone is just a poorly planned out way of doing it. You can create PDFs of the notebooks but then you can't re-input them as notebooks back into the app. It is because this app is one that you would use long term creating notebooks and adding pages that the lack of a simple backup plan is a huge problem. Case in point, I was having a issue right from the start that as I created a PDF of a notebook the PDF would not have the title of the Notebook on its cover, the space there for the title was just left blank. So I could create PDFs of the notebooks to save them off the phone but none of them had titles. I email support but have not heard back but a day later an update to the app was released and because of the issue I was having I updated the app hoping that would solve my problem. Well it did not solve the problem and when I went into my notebooks the cover was there and the number of pages I created were there but each and every page was blank. All the drawings I had done were gone. The developer is aware of this issue and are working on a solution and in the meantime I could do a full restore from backup of my phone but that is just the wrong way to go about getting the notebooks back. I had exported them as PDFs before I updated but again no way to get the PDFs imported back into a notebook with in the app, so I can't add to those notebooks in anyway. I had only created 4 notebooks with about 4 pages in each book, but think of the frustration if I had many more notebooks with many more pages. I believe the developers have just done a poor job of thinking it through on how one would use this app long term.

CAN be great, but still needs a lot of tweeking by suttonabc 2012-05-15

I thought with the "Pro" version, (and paying $3 extra for the ability to type text instead of trying to write legibly on "Task List" or "Calendar" type formats, that it would be a LOT better than this. It's a great app, and has POTENTIAL, but you can't pick a font, color, etc., for each notebook, (or PAGE even,) and have to make a whole new text box, pick your font, size, colors, etc., for EACH entry, which is WAY too time consuming to be useful. :( Also, there's no way to "copy" or "paste" (once you hit "Done" for the text box you're in, you can erase it by hand with the eraser feature, but not "Delete" certain words or insert words, and there's no spell check, etc., like you might expect for the price. This could be AWESOME and I'll be GLAD to give it 5 stars if all the tweeks are made. It's just not worth the price (even if you get the app when it's free, and pay $3 for the typing feature,) if it's not going to be USEFUL to someone, and take so long to do simple entries. :(

Not worth the money... by akak11 2012-03-03

Most apps that import a photo from the camera roll let you choose your most recent photos (i.e. from the bottom of your roll). Invariably you're going to use a photo freshest in your mind (or one you just took). Not this app. Beware if you choose to trace a photo from you camera roll (and bless your heart if your roll numbers in the hundreds) because you may be scrolling down for a long, long time. Also, the crop function for the photo trace option (specifically, "Move and Scale") is very poor (clearly no one did their homework on this one): crop all you want but it cuts off the top and bottom of your photo! You can move it, but you cannot scale it. And your imported image doesn't even load full screen! Thus, it's rather useless. One last thing: the color picker is too generic. And for a sketchbook app, please consider providing a color wheel because 40 colors (and 5 monochrome) is far too limiting in the year 2012, especially for a paid app.

Below the standard for this App Categoy by ordinarysuperman 2012-01-29

No palm/wrist guard and no reverse/undo feature -- the reason for 1 star I looked at Appadvice and other sites in hope of finding instructions about this App's wrist/palm guard. It seemed certain to me that with all of the well designed features provided that there would also be a palm guard and that I was just unable to find it. From the other comments, I was disappointed to learn that there was no palm/wrist guard to be found. There is no reverse/undo function which is a minimum requirement as well. This App is neither competitive nor useful and is underserving of a comparison to the other half dozen Apps, such as Penultimate, Notes Plus, GoodNotes, Notability, Note Taker HD and even the simple but attractive Bamboo Paper. They all have palm/wrist guards and reverse functions. While it has a very attractive interface and some interesting features, they are of limited value when the basic handwriting facility is compromised.

Easy to use, but desperately needs Undo by Cee Em Zee 2012-01-25

Much better than Wacom's Bamboo Paper app in terms of features. The pen isn't as responsive and doesn't have the "ink-flow" variation that I enjoy in Bamboo Paper, but otherwise works well. The fatal flaw might be the lack of an undo function. Drawing on the iPad doesn't exactly lend itself to precision, so there are plenty of times when an errant swipe or whatnot can malign an hour's worth of work. Of course an undo button once or twice could quickly remedy such accidents, but the lack of such a function necessitates that I try to manually erase the error (assuming that erasing the error doesn't further add to the problem). Hopefully such a feature can be added to future versions.

Huge delay on the new iPad by Adiran 2012-06-04

I just got this app to use with my Wacom bamboo stylus and I'm very disappointed. The app has a very very long delay in making the text appear on the screen from the time you write with the pen. I would say that there is a minimum 4-5 second delay. And half the time nothing appears at all. I tried writing with both my finger and the stylus with same results. Please do something because this seems like a good app. 1 star until the app is fixed. Edit: still no update for the new iPad, this is ridiculous.... Edit 2: June 4th 2012. It's almost been 3 months and there is still no update for the new iPad. If you have a new iPad DO NOT buy this app.

Almost think the reviews are rigged by TheDre1982 2012-01-25

Got this for free, but nevertheless this app is extremely lacking. Not sure why there are such good reviews. Most folks probably didn't try some of the real handwriting note taking apps out there (I won't says which ones in order to stay non biased). So big deal most say the app looks pretty (and that's also questionable and a matter of personal taste). Yeah I can pick the color of my notebooks, but the developer should first focus on the functionality before polishing the UI. So glad I didn't pay for this, definitely staying with some of the other note taking apps out there, and there are several good ones to choose from.

Terrible! by JATO757 2012-04-28

I purchased this app based on the good reviews, but found my experience to be anything but. In summary; this app is s-l-o-w! So slow in fact that if I I don't write a letter and then wait approx 1 1/2 seconds, it doesn't appear. This means taking notes quickly while in class as if it were a pen and paper is impossible. I wrote the word "test" and timed the app. It took over 2 1/2 seconds to process it and then spit out a bunch of random lines, none of which even came close to spelling the word. This is both with and without a stylus on a new iPad (3'rd gen). In my opinion, a complete waste of money. Look elsewhere!

Barely ok. Not worth $0.99 by D> 2011-12-16

Basic note taking app, with minimal functionality. Penultimate is better as far as responsiveness. This app is disappointing especially since they are throwing the terms "Pro" and "Amazing" around so loosely. The app description mentions using top technology, yet only mentions social media. Hardly top-notch drawing technology. A wrist rest area would be a welcomed feature for a start. This seems like an alpha app, should have been free. Well, I've given my money as a hope this will improve. As for now I've deleted in favor of more responsive drawing apps. Free and paid.

What I think by james7088 2012-01-25

Pros: - Drawing is smooth with finger and stylus - many colors and pen thickness - navigation feels intuitive - easy to create and edit notebooks and pages Cons: - no undo, come on man, this should be a given (minus 2 stars) - switching pages can be a pain as it wants to draw at the arrow point and then no easy way to erase as it then wants to turn to the next page and not erase. Strange as you would think it would behave the same way as the pen. Weird.... App definitely can use some polishing but it's free so I can't complain all that much.