Draw Rider Plus Games for iPhone/iPad
Draw Rider Plus Games for iPhone/iPad

Draw Rider Plus Games for iPhone/iPad

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Draw Rider Plus Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Draw Rider Plus Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Draw Rider Plus Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Draw Rider Plus Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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More 6,000,000 downloads(the paid and free version) all over the world!
More than 150,000 amazing levels created by users!

You need to get to the end of the road, not crashing. The game is made in black and white style, and has realistic physics. You will find a wide variety of trails, and using the level editor you can create a track of your dreams and share them with other players.

- Fun ragdoll physics
- Destructible bike
- Seven vehicles
- Customizable controls
- Character customization
- Mode Challenge
- Slow motion mode
- More than 150 exciting tracks
- Level editor
- The ability to share your creations with your friends!
- Inversion colors mode
- Online mode

Features Draw Rider +:
- All tracks
- All vehicles
- Character customization
- Mode Challenge
- Mode of inversion of colors
- Mode of slow motion
- No Ads
- All the tools in the editor


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Such a great game, make it better! Posted by

This is my all time favorite game. I have had this game for 2-3 years I think and still love it. I have 3 accounts and love the challenge to get on featured and top. But I would love to get more tools for the game so it would be more challenging and fun! I always think I'm going to be a developer when I get older because I have great ideas all the time for games. I would Love a slomo tool where you can change the time you will be in slomo when you ride over it, water which you can ride on for just a few seconds and then slow down And sink, lava that melts you when you touch it, and a option to change the direction you're going with a push of a button, a option to unlock bike styles!!! <<<100%<<< that would be very much appreciated!!! And maybe a new ride, a helicopter that would change the world of draw rider! And the new ride, an airplane, jet, or others. If I was the owner of this game I wouldn't stop adding stuff to this game! A tank, that's a good idea! A new tool where you have a time limit to finish the map, not a time limit to do some tricks :/ and a skateboard, maybe to do tricks idk. I'd love a new tool to draw a track that falls Beneath your feet/tires. If love for you guys to add this stuff in, I'd love the game over 9000! Times better. And I love your work and love what you have done with the game, just add more stuff please. There's still so many people that play this game, so please try to add some of this stuff in the game :D

Better than ever, but still... Posted by

This game is overall phenomenal. Everyone says that. There are just some things I want to note to improve it further. -Top and Featured These 2 categories seem swapped. Top has okay levels with some likes, and Featured has the best levels with well over 100-500 likes. Not a huge issue, but just saying. -Level Skipping There is no way to skip a level. It has to be completed to move to the next or like the level. That doesn't mean it has to involve real money. Maybe you could earn skips by: Getting in the Top ____ spot or higher. Getting enough gold metals. Getting ____ likes on a level. $$$. (discouraged) -Level Design The default levels are unusually unbalanced when it comes to design. One level is a bunch of sticks and another looks like it was designed by one of the DR legends. Maybe add a bit of more scenery? Overall, the game needs more vibrance. You can change the background color, but that gets bland quick. -A pesky bug I made some objects, but when I edit a level, I can't see them. Please fix! Those are my suggestions for the game. I have had this game for a really long time, and it is one I won't forget anytime soon. The only thing that can top this is a DRAW RIDER 2!!!!

One of my most favorite games. (From Turtledud3) Posted by

This game is fantastically addicting and incredibly easy to play (with practice). I love it. The online community is key to its fun. Be sure to give the game a chance and don't rage in the first few days of playing. I couldn't be happier with the online community. The editor is fantastic once you figure out the buttons and the editors few tips and tricks. I personally wish this game had far more support with its butter smooth physics and new style controls. Even now, after I have stopped playing for awhile, I still find myself drawn back to it every now and then. Thank you so much 17Studio. For all of you reading this, give it a chance. It will test you at first. Once you understand how the game runs, you can realize how wonderful it really is. I sincerely hope Draw Rider 2 does come out. 5 stars. Turtledud3 turtle says "hey".

Cool Posted by

This app is amazing but here's some requests about new ideas and complaints 1: when anyone makes a level that requires the player to not move, every time the level is edited the result changes, even if they didn't do anything. 2: There are a lot of levels but I already beat the game and the levels do not all have very good detail. 3: Maybe a chat thingy? I would like to talk to people about their levels and such or say "That was amazing!" Or something to them but I am unable. 4: I don't really know but maybe the user levels would be better with another more precise tool. Like a ramp tool or you can set the angle and measurement or something. Overall this game is amazing and I don't expect any changes but if these were fixed/added to the game it would make it a lot better (if that's possible). Thank you!

Best Game Ever Posted by

This is my favorite game on the app store! Its great! But if you do these things the app will be even better! 1. Profiles People should have profiles that your profile can "follow" and all of the users you follow will have their new levels in the "my feed" section of levels. This hasn't been added yet an would be great for rookie users to gain publicity with their tracks. 2. Likes I think you should be able to like a level without beating it. Thats just me 3. Objects I think objects are awesome and make building ramps soo much easier!!! Just one thing. What if objects could be submitted online in their own category apart from tracks and people could download them and use them in their tracks? It would help users who are very busy. Every update the app gets better you guys (and girls) ROCK!!


u need the skate board, the game can get extremely lagy in levels on line and in editor. That's probably the main problem. Maybe u could add some other vehicles, and add more user created levels, and maybe at a special zip line levels, maybe u could at the color white to go over black lines, and u could add more games, not in draw rider, u should make more games, u only have a couple. And there are some glitches in making accounts in the game, maybe u could add more ways for peoples levels to get seen more, there's a lot of stuff u could add and fix, u came up with the best game in the world! U should totaly improve it, u could have this game as #1. Plz read, I love this game and I'm really willing to do almost any thing for u to improve this game, it's awesome!!!

Awesome game with huge potential Posted by

I can't believe there aren't more games like draw rider plus. This is a nice fun game and I really enjoy the creativity. I know this game will be soooooooo much better too if certain features are incorporated into it the "editor". Improving the "editor" to be as smooth and easy as the hit game "line rider" would make this game a huge hit. Also, fixing the glitches with editor would be nice. I've created some good tracks but they won't open because of these glitches. One annoying glitch won't let me open my track because of a "director class error: failed to execute new(params) function on 'game' ". It would be awesome if these glitches were fixed up. I'm looking forward to more great updates :)!

The best game x2 Posted by

Dude this is the best game it isn't bad if you get the free game part but it's funnier if you get the (+) you will get cool stuff to billed with and bikes lots...ish ok not a lot but it's still cool with all the maps and things you get in the +Pack so enjoy the time you have and don't just play your LIFE , LIVE IT Get off your " Smart Phone " / Brane , you Zombie (SPZ) and Live Your Life (LYL) You Only Live Ones (YOLO) and in this way you remember ok I think you get it be safe :) ...."(SPZLYLYOLO)" all of the words in ONE spread The WORDS!!! We'll see ya la ya senserly X1X2 by see ya you can fined my maps on it sume times :) I have the pic of the tri foes Don't copy me please :)

Absurdly addicting! Posted by

First iOS review, all I can say is "Wow!" This is what a mobile game needs to be. Incredibly simple premise with flawless execution and gameplay that doesn't let you put it down. Bravo! The feeling of completing a difficult level is like a satisfying exhale after holding your breath the past 30 seconds. Some of the best and most satisfying gameplay I've had on iOS. Would love to see even more levels with unique twists in the future.

Awesome Posted by

This game is great, it is super fun and makes me want to keep trying to improve my times for the levels, but it's also extremely entertaining to just goof off as well, since you have a pretty good amount of freedom to do so. My only complaint is that I played a ton on the free version, and once I decided to download the full version, it did not load my progress on the levels, even though I logged in with my account. Other than that, great game.

My go-to game Posted by

This game has been downloaded on my phone for around 2 years now. I have successfully completed every single level with a gold time, resulting in 100% completion. I've made a few levels, one of them was featured back when the game was new. I really love it, and I love the depth that the user-creators delve into. After two years of playing, I still go to this game and love it as much as I did when I first downloaded it. 5 / 5

Next update Posted by

I cant really say much because i cant even play the game any more every time i tap on a level the entire thing freezes soo... The last update tho was AWESOME but now its awful so if you want to download the game just wait a week or two and hopefully by then they came out with an update that doesn't freeze right as you click on a level

GREAT Posted by

Great game but there is a bug and I don't know if it happens to anyone else but I can't play online levels because it says I am not signed in and I can't sign in because the sign in and register buttons are missing! Other wise best game ever that is like this (Except for free rider 2 but that is on the computer)

New Problem Posted by

I love this game to the max and it is one of my favorites of the ones i have on my phone, but recently i updated my iphone6 to ios 9 and I'm experiencing major problems. When I play a level my entire screen is black and therefore I cannot play the levels so please gix this problem! Thx -17Studio

Awesome game but...... Posted by

I really love the game, I love every thing about this game, but in editor, it always glitchy and makes lines everywhere like skid marks, it's is really annoying, and the also the game freezes when I play user created levels, but besides all of that, a very great game

Great game but add a bale button Posted by

I love the game I used to play the PC version when I was a little. But could you add a bale button to like fly off your vehicle. And if you guys are related to the game N+ that would be so freakin cool of you guys to put that on the App Store.

Best Game Out Posted by

This game is so fun and alot of option's to choose Not to mention different vehicles/custom stick person and online downloadable level's this is a must have game in your ios device i strongly recomend it!

Finally an update Posted by

I love this game so much! The only thing that could make it the absolute best would be the ability to download online levels to play when I'm not connected to the Internet then I could play it all day!

Awesome Posted by

Love it :) I dislike that It won't let me go online....it used to but now won't. I didn't change anything in settings. I tried redownloading it......didn't work. Please fix

Update Posted by

In the update put a grabbing button And in editor put spike set in it One more thing on online put a button that says download people's level please put this in the update

Great, but one thing.. by the man who is stuck on level 48 2013-06-16

This is honestly my most favorite game ever, which is big because im very critical when it comes to games (as you will see). The one thing, however, is the featured page. Im sure if youre reading this you'll agree. It needs to be updated more. I remember a while back where it would be updated every week or so. It was great. But now, ive seen the same levels for so long.. Please update more frequently. Im tired of seeing the same levels.. Also, i have an idea for you. The search level thing is a great idea. I think users should be able to tag their level as a certain type. For instance, a popular one right now is the glitch where the tires come off but it still works. So for the tag they could put "glitch" and not necessarily have the title be "glitch". This way, more levels could have unique names without having to use the title as the explanation of what it is. Instead of having _____ amount of levels with names "glitch2910" or "gl1tch9" or whatever, they could have a creative name, then under it have the tag as glitch. Just a thought.. Overall, its a great game and i highly recommend it to those who like line rider or other similar games. Keep up the good work!

I can't believe this... by JM 10 2016-10-02

I've left quite a few reviews in the past for this game, but there is a huge issue that I need to address. When I try to open the comments on any online level, the loading screen shows for about two seconds and then the entire window disappears, leaving only the black 'x' box on the screen. This is not just a problem for me, as other users have reported it as well. I CANNOT BELIEVE that this has not been fixed yet, as it's been months since I both emailed 17Studio and left a negative AppStore review. Please, for the love of god, stop neglecting your game and get rid of this ridiculous bug. (I use an iPhone 6 if that helps)

Use to love the game butttt by Slzortslash 2014-08-31

I Use to love the game but with the new update fixing the leader boards it appears all my high scores were wiped. I held the #1 spot on many levels and was in the top 10 on the majority of levels. My best times on these levels are still at the mark to be in the leader boards, but i don't appear on the leader boards anymore. Idk if it was because if the update to fix the boards or if I did something wrong. But I must say I'm incredibly disappointed. If it was the fault of the developers big thumbs down on "fixing". More like breaking.

Draw Rider review by th3m0nster 2013-06-19

Editing is a nightmare in this game, theres a glitch where when using lines it automatically zooms in and out and you have to exit and go back in every time it happens. After spending a ton of time on one level that glitch happened and zoomed in too much and wouldn't let me zoom in or out or move around and I had to scrap the level. Putting lines down is incredibly hard and time consuming I wish there was an easier way. Fix these glitches that make me want to tear my hair out and I'll rate it higher.

A Tad Glitchy... by bartman9457 2013-06-20

I upgraded from the lite version and the new levels and challenges were numerous and enjoyably difficult. But I noticed one thing: sometimes (Well, most of the time) the R button stays compressed after I have lifted my finger off. This doesn't tilt the bike, but it desensitizes that one control, resulting in many unavoidable crashes. For two bucks, I expect something better than that. Otherwise, a wonderful game. It would get five stars if not for the bug.

There is a problem by Jimbobstruseldoo 2015-11-26

I've downloaded the game, but it's not my first time downloading it. This is my favourite game to play but when I downloaded it yesterday and started to play, I saw that none of the times were shown, the opening page was barely there, and my rider seemed to be extremely slow, and I made sure to check slow motion wasn't on first. He's just slow. It could just be a problem on my side but I'd like the game to be fix if it can. Thank you

Great game, terrible developers by Vinny999999999 2013-11-16

The game is very fun, don't get me wrong. The only thing wrong is they never update it. It's takes them over 3 months just to add some dumb feature (last time it was collectible stars on tracks......) or a few tracks. Idk I just wish the game had more attentive developers. I would change my review if there were more levels, I have gold on every track and the top time on the leaderboards for over half the tracks

Was good by :) Sydney ;) 2013-05-19

When I first got it it was amazing but when I updated it all the tracks that I made switched or deleted and I worked really hard on one and I'm my opinion it was perfect ( I made it for my bro) and it was super hard then it copied another track and deleted mine. It was the best app ever.... I would say buy it or download it but don't update it. The update is what gave me the bug. :(

way to many mistakes!!! by hytmiebuebgvfbebt guy 2013-06-03

do not get this app unless you have a completely new iphone,ipad, or ipod touch. it is extremely glitchy if you have to many apps or no internet! they should make an update with LOTS less bugs!!!

Freezes too much by Yfjyrdbyr 2014-12-02

I loved this game but the recent update screwed it up, every single time try to select a level to play, the game freezes... Plz fix this terrible bug that is ruining this great game

Level freezes by Average_app_reviewer 2014-12-06

Every time I try to play a level my game freezes and I can't play any levels please fix this!

Needs improvement by iDisks,smmwkkaksk 2017-02-22

I can't access the online on the paid version only on the free version I can access it.

Keeps Freezing by NorthwestCorgi 2014-11-30

I love this game but it started freezing and now I can't play any of the levels.

Good game by Pimpchef1 2014-02-05

Fix network log in, freezing and crashing issues. Bought game - should work always

Great game but... by Shshsheen 2013-06-26

The freezing is getting overly annoying. Amazing game but it locks up once a day

Always freezes by 21thisguy21 2014-11-22

I have the newest version of iOS and the new update always freezes

Needs to be fixed! by Redden1223rfgff 2015-03-25

Some of the game freezes but over all the game is good

Was great by Chrisdelag 2015-01-15

Game freezes when you select a level. iPhone 6 plus

Draw rider plus by Moneyman705 2015-04-02

Cant play always freezes