Dreamcatcher: Full Relaxation Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Dreamcatcher: Full Relaxation Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Dreamcatcher: Full Relaxation Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Dreamcatcher - collection of Relaxation Music Channels from over the world. Tired at work? - Turn Dreamcatcher on and your recovery will become a pleasure. On a Yoga session? You have got it too! Or what if you have had a bad day and want to have a glass of wine to relax? - Dreamcatcher is the answer to help you to recover. And finally, going to sleep and having insomnia? - Turn the Dreamcatcher on! Your eyes will shut and you will be transferred to your dreamland ASAP!

With implemented sleep timer you will enjoy your dreams without being interrupted by music, when it is not needed anymore to get you there.

Great music channels for relaxation implemented!

Simple User Interface
Sleep Timer
Switch the station with ONE click
Best available streams
AirPlay support
Least battery consumption
Absolutely NO hidden or screen advertisements

If you have problems or are not completely satisfied with our app, please don't rush to leave bad feedback. Just contact us through our support page and we will help you to solve the problem. We can always help you through our direct Contact Us link, but we cannot respond to comments left as feedback. Thank you.

Dreamcatcher: Full Relaxation Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
3.58 MB
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Very Relaxing but not sleep inducing Posted by

Great music for daytime relaxing. Like having the style choices. Good massage choice but not for sleeping. Back to reiki music for sleep. Will use this a lot in the daytime as relaxing background music at home as well as in the car. Very pleasant and I recommend it highly.

Relaxing Posted by

I love this app. It's very diverse in the selection of music, it gives you something to listen to that you may have not listened to in any other setting. Thank you so much for this app.

Hubert Posted by

Excellent but why does not nirvana work Yes everything works now it is the best radio for relaxation and love music Everything works excellent the best

Excellent! Posted by

Relaxing, nice selection. A timer would be a good addition. Will use often. Thank You!

FABULOUS! Posted by


hiepvtran54 Posted by

Very nice and relaxing music. I really like it very much. Thanks.

From Texas Posted by

Very restful. Will enjoy a great deal - I'm certain.

Love it Posted by

The best relaxing music I ever heard and commercial-free.

Peaceful Posted by

So peaceful and relaxing!! Great free app!

Not worth downloading by amberchalupa 2013-04-22

Takes way to long for the music to start playing. Awful quality. Poor music selection choice. Better to just use pandora on the classical music station. Don't waste your time with this app.

Hymns by PearleRochelle 2013-07-10

I liked the beautiful hymns that provided a lovely Christian background to my patients. If they aren't brought back I don't see any sense in keeping this ap.

Very disappointed. by Donswin 2016-01-15

You must pay to listen. Ok, then why the ads? Only one station accessible. Poor quality. I wish the Apple store was as easy to get a refund as the other guys.

Mtviewca by Mtviewca 2012-08-28

I got this app for the spa music, but it is nothing of the sort. More like classical orchestra and piano. Kind of loud and fast paced. Not too relaxing!

Where is the sound?? by Shell collector 2015-10-19

Recently downloaded this app on my new iPhone6. When I opened the app to try the music... Nothing ever came out. Bummer and a complete waste of time!!!

No sound! by Studio 1245 2015-06-16

So far I have been unable to get any sound! I've tried pushing all the Genre and still no sound. Waste of my time.

Ads are not relaxing by Mimsy62 2012-12-28

Nirvana channel was offline. Day spa very nice but the ads are loud and jarring and cancel out any relaxation

Massage music by nologn 2013-01-17

Not worth downloading