Dropshelf Apps for iPhone/iPad
Dropshelf Apps for iPhone/iPad

Dropshelf Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Dropshelf gives you a handy place to put files, images, text and web links. Just drag an item to the edge of the screen, and Dropshelf slides out. Use Dropshelf to hold your items while you drag them between different windows, tabs, full screen apps and spaces. You can also store things in Dropshelf to keep for later. You can have multiple shelves, and they will minimize out of view when not in use. It supports copy and paste too, so you can save your clipboard contents to Dropshelf. It is also integrated with OS X in other thoughtful, workflow-enhancing ways — check out the User Guide for some tricks and tips.


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Excellent for organizing those picture folders Posted by

I have a couple of folders with pictures of all types, literally hundreds, of everything from family pictures to more questionable content. Organization was impossible with my 30 second attention span. With Dropshelf, I could just shuttle pictures to the sides into their own shelves, without having to create a bunch of folders before I needed to. Better yet, I didn’t have to finish the entire project in one go, because Dropshelf kept them for a while (though I don’t know how long it would actually hold them. For me, it was the perfect assistance, like having an extra 3 pairs of hands, to organize my picture folders.

Exactly what I needed! Posted by

I was worried about how it would work using multiple monitors, and it works perfectly! (by not displaying when crossing the adjoining screen border). I love my Mac because of the simplicity of the multiple desktop function, therefore most of what I do has maximized applications, meaning I rarely actually see my desktop, so I had to adjust the window sizes of apps everytime I needed to move a file, NOT ANYMORE!!! This is one of those things I didn’t realize just how much I needed it until after I got it. Between this app and PopClip, my productivity has increased by leaps and bounds!

I love this application Posted by

I use it every day, particularly in conjunction with other apps. I can create a file, Hazel automatically moves it to the folder where it should live and then opens it on Dropshelf so I can attach it to an email. Or I edit an HTML file, hit a keystroke and Keyboard Maestro puts the file on Dropshelf and launches my FTP program for easy uploading. The one feature I’m really missing is a keyboard shortcut for opening the last closed shelf. Applescript support would also be great, but the only reason I want Applescript support is so that I can create that keyboard shortcut.

A definite home run! Posted by

I use DwellClick from the same developer and recently stumbled across this new utility from them. I tried the trial version for a few days (available on their website), and I was sold! I also use Pathfinder, an essential utility for replacing Finder, and it has similar functionality, but this carries the concept much further and makes it easier to use. While not inexpensive at $4.99, I think this is a great investment for people who are dealing with files all day and want a convenient way to move them from the Finder to e-mail or virtually any other application.

A Clean Desktop. Posted by

Yea! No more messy desktop. I have a habit of putting things on my desktop (both my real and my computer desktops) that I need to work on. However, I often fail to put them away when I am done. BAD HABITS. Now, thanks to Dropshelf, at least my computer desktop is clean from distractions. And, now all I see is the beautiful desktop pictures I have installed. If only there was a shelf near my real desk that I could put the clutter on… Hmmm. I am going to have to figure out a way to make it disappear into the wall. Oh well.

Love It! Posted by

This is a useful little app that doesnt clutter up the desktop. It holds all kinds of clippings pics and whatnots and I can create a new shelf from my clipboard real quick. Its smooth and has different color shelves you can choose from as well as different shelf placements ie from the side bottom both. I do wish I could make my own color shelves though or more colors styles to choose from cause Im like that!

very useful Posted by

I find this utility extremely helpful. "Drag and drop" on the Mac should be easy all the time, but sometime it doesn't work as well as it should. For example, between different applications, email, or to and from a Parallels work space. Also, when your desktop is cluttered, it gives you a sidebar, or temporary holding pen until you can dig out your desired destination for that file.

Works Wonderfully, but Energy Impact? Posted by

I love the way the app functions in every way, but whenever I view my battery status, the only app my mac ever says is “using significant energy” is Dropshelf. It doesn’t say it for iTunes, Safari (even with many tabs open), or even iPhoto. Only once you get to Final Cut or Logic Pro does it say other apps are using significant energy. Is it actually? If so, could that be fixed?

Pretty great Posted by

Handy, but it could use aditional settings. Different themes would be nice, and it would be better if there was a setting for the amount of time an item needs to be near the edge of the desktop before Drofshelf pops out. Sometimes I just want to drag an item to the desktop. Clever idea though! Keep updates coming. :)

Ingenious Posted by

The name "Dropshelf" about says it all. The shelves are there when you need them and gone when you don't. I was initially worried this app might interfere with Window Magnet because they both use the edges of the screen, but my worries were unnecessary; they work fine together.

One great application of many from this developer Posted by

The best of the drag and drop utilities. I’ve tried Sticky Menu and Yoink and this is the best by far. This developer knows how to make killer utilities (see PopClip). This is one purchase you will not regret. Updates keep making a great utility better!!!!!

Great utility, used continuously Posted by

Drug shelf is an essential workflow utility I depend upon and use continuously throughout the day, in every app. Similar to Popclip, Textexpander, Alfred or Lanuchbar, Dropshelf serves one essential unmet need, and performs flawlessly and simply.

Good app Posted by

This is an amazing app. I’ve been looking for these functions for an affordalbe price for a LONG time. Now I have finally found it. If you could add previews of the files inside, would be fantastic!

Rocks Posted by

Fantastic app! Like others, I too have 3 monitors and I can’t get a shelf on the center one. Should be updated to allow this. Once that’s updated, I’ll give it 5 stars.

Doesn’t do much of anything, does it? by gdmedia1 2015-09-07

I thought I could drag stuff onto the shelf and it would go there instead of where it was, like off my desktop onto the shelf and then there would be some kind of file of what was on there so I could get things when I wanted them. That I could use. But if I drag something off, say, my desktop, onto this shelf, it is still on my desktop. And the shelf only holds one thing at a time, although you can apparently have lots of little shelves. And there is no file. So, all it does, apparently, is keep something thing handy that would otherwise be buried in your files. No value at all for clearing your desktop. Also, if you push your file a little too far onto the shelf that whole mission control page comes out and you have to get rid of that. Can I get my money back?

Great idea, but... by Jon_Zu 2014-06-10

I was looking for an alternative to Yoink. The draw of Dropshelf was that it would let me create multiple shelves vs. Yoink’s one. But Dropshelf is buggy. When I first launched it, I got a blank welcome box that I couldn’t get rid of. I had to log out and log back in to get it to go away. Then when I got it running, it crashed after the first few uses. Two tries, two failures. I’m not giving it a third chance. If this app gets fixed, I will change my review and provide an updated rating. As it is, though, I can’t recommend this app. It simply isn’t reliable. Don’t waste your money.

Usefull but can be annoying by Zoonotics 2013-11-29

It’s nice to have a temporary place for documents and such, but it’s annoying that once there are documents on the shelf, it sticks out of the side and covers part of the desktop or things that are on the desktop without any way to move it or close it. Please, make it go away with the documents still in it until I want to open it again.

I can’t move the position of dropshelf by 타스케! 2014-12-26

I have three monitor. So I wanna fixed the shelfs to center monitor, but I can’t move the position of dropshelf. It always exists in left monitor. When I add more shelf, this situation is same. Please update it.

Garbage by Gramsterix 2015-03-31

Only lets me drag two sets of files to the shelf. If I try to drag any further files it just doesn’t work. Basically pointless as a result.