DUO! Pairs & Brain Fitness Game Games free for iPhone/iPad
DUO! Pairs & Brain Fitness Game Games free for iPhone/iPad

DUO! Pairs & Brain Fitness Game Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

DUO! Pairs & Brain Fitness Game Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DUO! Pairs & Brain Fitness Game Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DUO! Pairs & Brain Fitness Game Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DUO! Pairs & Brain Fitness Game Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DUO! Pairs & Brain Fitness Game Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install DUO! Pairs & Brain Fitness Game Games free for iPhone/iPad

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***Pairs is a game that most of us have played from a very young age. It’s good for child development, plus it’s kind of fun. DUO! takes that concept and makes it that bit harder and more entertaining.*** 148apps

DUO! is a refreshing reinvention of memory where making pairs is not enough any more. DUO! is both fun and relaxing. Take a journey through multiple worlds to explore new challenges and solve mind-stimulating puzzles. To advance, stay concentrated and remember each move you make. Good memory and strategy will lead to new levels packed with wild cards, bonuses and more. Cards will get shuffled, blown up and frozen. Literally! No worries though, there are also boosters to help you along the way for when the journey gets a bit too rough.


* Logic and memory improvement
* 110+ unique levels
* Sleek 2D graphics and animations
* Relaxing game that encourages concentration
* Lots of exciting bonuses
* Challenge family and friends
* 18 cool badges to collect
* Optimized for iPhone 4 and newer

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DUO! Pairs & Brain Fitness Game Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Loved it until........... Posted by

I loved it until world 3. The swap cards will sometimes swap with the same card multiple times in a row and waste 4 to 5 moves in a row doing absolutely nothing other than wasting my moves! I'm almost ready to delete the app due to major frustration and battery depletion. Please fix this most vexatious problem and I will give it 5 stars. I loved it up until now.

Great game Posted by

This game is simple, well designed and fun. Graphics are very polished. The objective is to match 2 of the same cards in a series of face down cards.

Forced to write Posted by

Give me my levels! Writing under protest. It says it will give me the bonus levels if I get 33/36, which I have but it's not unlocking them.

Challenge Posted by

At first it seems easy, but the farther up you get, it is harder. Some levels only give you so many moves, or time to complete!

Uhhhh... Posted by

What's up with Level 47? Every time I complete it, the game disappears from the screen. That's not good sportsmanship!

Quick fun Posted by

Fun game if you've got a few minutes. The only thing I didn't like is that I have to write a review to unlock levels.

Addicting! Posted by

Simple and yet challenging. There is more to this game than just matching cards. Stuck at lvl 32, but getting better...

Very hard by Ugh No More Ads 2015-11-04

I really enjoyed this game in the first five rounds. But after that it starts to be u reasonable. If I need to make 8 pairs I need more that 12 draws. Unless there is some rhyme or reason to the cards this is all a chance game. I have played the same hand multiple times but the cards just don't align. It's frustrating more than anything.

But why? by VL in IA 2017-01-23

The game has creative matching which I like. But on each level there is one which won't give 3 Stars. On one level the first cards I turned finished the level taking about 1 second. For that 2 stars- what? I just don't see the point to setting the game up like that.

Irritating by Chhetri rabi 2016-01-28

Each time you score high level and stop playing, yiu have to restart from begning. I cinnected to fb thinking it might help but it just acted likr its sync bjt noy actually.

Don't buy by Quietnoize 2015-02-06

This game has a timer on the amount of lives you get. In a paid game...... I'm requesting a refund. You shouldn't put freemium mechanics in a paid game.

Super Fun Game, But... by Puppet On A String 2015-11-20

Crashing on level 36 every time you uncover a switcher card. Please update!!

Freezes by T jacks 2016-04-16

Great game!!! Would be five stars but it freezes way too often.