Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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***** #1 Duplicate Photo Finder and Duplicate Cleaning APP ******
***** 95% Introductory Discount (Original price $18.99) *****

***** GET IT NOW ******

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an ultimate photos fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos depending on the matching level you choose. This captivating tool works with photos from Photos and iPhoto, along with photos from external storages and your system’s hard drives as well. Free up ample of disk space by deleting a large number of similar and duplicate photos in just a click!

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro works like a charm and has the ability to detect duplicate and similar photos wherein:
• You click photos of the same scene in quick succession to capture the perfect shot
• Your photos are scattered all over the system, external storage devices, Photos and iPhoto and hard drives
• You clutter the system by creating backups of pictures and now want to remove the junk

Why use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?
• Drag-and-Drop Folders/Photos
Simply drag and drop folders to easily scan for photos inside them. You can add more photos from your Photos and iPhoto library and other folders as well.

• Custom Comparison Settings
You can fully customize your comparison settings out of the available methods by adjusting the settings according to your requirement, regardless of the image size or format.

• Speed
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is extremely fast when it comes to scanning and comparing a large number of photos within seconds. This is due to the powerful algorithms injected during the development of this tool that make the search of duplicate photos extremely fast, giving excellent comparison results.

• Efficiency / Real-time Results
Without re-comparing photos, you can re-group the comparison results by changing the matching level on the slider in real-time.

• Auto-Mark Duplicates
Use the Auto-Mark feature to mark all duplicate photos in every group except one, depending upon the preferences.

• Compact Viewing
The interface of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is designed in such a way that all occurrences of photos are classified into different groups and are viewed as large photos group in each line.

• Quick Look
Before moving ahead and deleting photos, you can have a clear look at them instead of opening them individually, using this feature.

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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Good at finding duplicates. But SW needs slight improvement... Posted by

Having said that, I would recommend this SW anyways. I got it on sale for $0.99 and sure glad I did. Below I give a quick overview of the SW nitty-gritty, my strategy to use the SW (for what it’s worth), and couple things I would want to see improved. Quick overview of what the SW does: It can find all the identical photos and puts it into a “group” User can then either manually select which photos to remove or have the SW automatically select the duplicate photos. If you move the slider, it will look for similar photos and group them as if they were identical photos. Photo could be identical but have a different time stamp (because user copied to another drive and triggered a new time stamp). SW would treat such photos as similar since bit-wise (down on file level) photo is not considered identical anymore. Slide the slider even more and SW would start grouping similar photos (actual similar photos taken using burst mode or just someone who kept taking photos without changing position). Slide some more and you would start seeing variations within the grouped photos (someone blinked or moved their head in one photo but not the other, etc). My strategy is typically to find true identical photo duplicates and remove them. Then move the slider just a bit and have software find photos that are only slightly different and remove them. Move slider some more and see more similar photos but now take a closer look at what it finds. With majority of identical and very close photos out of the way, I have less to review. Normally there would be a couple of photos in a group but some groups would have multiple. I am interested in groups of multiple since I can gauge if the software is starting to bunch up actual similar photos in one group. Those I can quickly review and unmark the photos I actually want to keep. I can repeat the process some more until I see that the only thing it finds are similar photos but I still want to keep them. Perhaps this strategy is not the best, but I don’t have forever to cherry pick. It seems to do the job and I feel good about it. Two things I wish developer would improve on, # 1 being most important to me: 1. After finding duplicates (lets say all identical but with different time stamps), I wish SW would auto mark all the duplicates that have a LATER time stamp and leave photos with OLDEST time stamp alone. 2. Allow for review pics to be even smaller in size and less space between them and group title/headers so more photos can be crammed into the screen. 3. When software has to process 10’s of thousands of photos, there could be a situation where the SW would crash. I’m using a 2009 27" iMac, 2.6 GHz quad core i5, 20GB of RAM, plenty of disk space (4TB drive)… If I relaunch the SW and rerun the scan, it would most likely pass. I do not think it is my hardware (although can’t rule that out 100%), but I am leaning toward software. When I process photos in smaller batches, I don’t experience same issue. Other than that I think the SW is great and I am glad I have it to sort through unfathomable number of photos that looked like a dump of folders, folder within folders, different dates, from various sources, multiple back ups over the years without any kind of coherent organization… I can’t imagine having to sort through all that one photo at a time!

Misses a ton of data Posted by

I have well over 20,000 photos, and 700 videos in my library. I know for a fact there are way more than just 20 duplicate videos. I have the preferences set to exact matching for videos, but I rarely edit them. The vids the app seems to miss most are ones made via apps that are NOT the basic iPhone photo/video app. But I couldn’t tell you exactly which. Regardless, at least 30-40% of my stored videos are duplicates. That said, the app seemed to run smoothly, and the directions were easy to follow. From what I can tell, it did delete the videos I told it to. I am going to re-run it, see if it pulls more dup vids before I begin on photos. I know I should end up with no more than about 20,000 photos, at best. I’ll update my review after I’ve played with this app more. UPDATE: I’ve been doing sections of scans at a time on my library. I am going from exact matching, and little by little tweaking the matching to lower levels. This way I am not overwhelmed with trying to compare too many pics at once in such a large library. Another commenter on here had recommended a couple extra steps which I have followed and find helpful. They said that after you tell the app to delete the photos, then go into the Duplicate Marked Photos album. Once in there, instead of “deleting” those, mark them all as Favorites (AS LONG AS YOU DON’T HAVE OTHER PHOTOS IN THERE). Then go to the Favorites tab and delete the photos from there. One other thing I do in the Favorites section is randomly check a few photos - right click to show me the photo in Moments. From there, I can better see any nearby photos that I may wish to add or remove from the Favorites section. Once I’ve selected all in Favorites, then I delete them. Then go to Recently Deleted and delete all from in there. THAT should remove the photos permanently from my library. However, I haven’t reconnected with iCloud yet…so here’s to hoping iCloud doesn’t re-add all the several thousands of photos I’ve been deleting.

Use it once if you’re in a pinch, since it’s far from foolproof Posted by

Nice to be able to reach for this when I needed it, but it took vigilance to use the DPFPro app without getting rid of photos that I did want to keep. iPhoto assumed that my new iPhone would have no photos on it that I’d taken on my old iPhone (I don’t know, how do YOU carry family photos in your pocket?), so it didn’t scan for duplicates on import. To the developer: Please add a sort by duplicate group size! Because even set to its highest match level setting, DPFPro still classes photos into duplicate groups when they are actually unique. That happens mostly when taking people’s expressions quickly in a changing situation, one of the blessings of being able to shoot with an iPhone. You catch a smile or an eye roll that wasn’t in the previous picture, but you’d like to keep both. Good enough. So why not be able to sort through all the duplicate groups by size? If a systematic import error happens like what I’d done, then the duplicate groups sort by doubling sizes: i.e. if you’ve made the error once, most of your duplicate groups are groups of 2 for each original photo, while those that haven’t been distinguished as separate photos are groups of 4, 6, 8, etc.deriving from original photos of 2, 3, 4, etc. that it can’t tell apart. But your eye can easily, if you could just sort through them first. I wouldn’t depend on this as an automatic fixer that could handle any number of duplication events, which is what I’d thought I was getting. iPhoto is amazing when it detects duplicates on import. It’s appalling that you can’t invoke that function at will within iPhoto. But then, makes sense if you’re the same company charging users for disk space in your iCloud for iPhone backup...

Works well, but two issues..... Posted by

This was very helpful at finding duplicate photos, and if I set the slider to a less exact match, it found similar ones. However, there were two issues: First, the instructions of how to delete the duplicates didn't work - simply hitting the delete key appeared to make them go away, but didn't really. (I checked this by going to About This Mac and hitting Storage, and noting the space devoted to photos, which did not go down). I've since read various suggestions on how to really make them go away - right click (on what?), select a marked duplicate photo then Get Info, which brings up a menu including delete (this was on the see detailed instructions online link, on one of the last pages of the app), (command/delete), looking for the "recently" deleted "album" on Photos and deleting its contents, and, after deleting, restarting the Mac. Second issue, when I was having trouble clearing up the space from the (supposedly) deleted photos, I called the help number listed on the app. The support rep wanted to connect to my computer and show me how to do it. Uh.....no way! I don't know anything about this company and I am not going to let someone connect to my computer and do who-knows-what, no matter how much he reassures me that they are a reputable company etc etc etc. No thanks, just give me some decent instructions and I'll do it myself.

Simple, yet powerful Posted by

When merging files from a Mac Pro with three 3 TB drives I was distracted for only a moment and reformatted the wrong drive. This was the Media drive I used for most of my stills and clip art accumulated over the past four years. After using Data Rescue 4 to recover all the images I realized that due to files being moved from drive to drive and folder to folder I had a TON of reconstructed duplicates on my recovery drive. I looked at several other programs and tried Snapselect but it was too cumbersome. I then tried DPFP, dragged every recovered folder into the workspace and let it run. In total I recovered over 179,000 duplicates. If I had to make the decision myself the display showed me the varying file sizes which would help me choose which files to keep, and which to trash. But wait . . . there’s more! The Auto Mark feature allowed me to specify which photo in each group had the highest priority and allowed me to mark and batch delete all but one of the files in each groupong of duplicates, thus saving me not hours, but DAYS of work scrutinizing every group. Over 147,000 files were mass deleted in a matter of less than 30 minutes. Granted, you may not have the volumes of files I did, and you may not be as easily distracted as I and format the wrong drive but this program did exceedingly, abundantly more than I ever expected for $1.

A note on deleting the duplicated pictures Posted by

This software provides the user the ability to find and matching the “similar” pictures under the user pre-defined rules. It then groups the similar pictures for you to mark for deletion. You can use the build-in auto marking based on a set of preference to mark the pictures. From there, the sofware will creates a “Duplicate Marked Photos" album within the Photos app. To complete the deletion process, you can open the Duplicate Marked Photos album and select the pictures you don’t want. NOW, here is the step that may potentially cause some of complaints: To delete the pictures inside the album, one must NOT use the “delete” key on your keyboard. This will not work! You must use the right click on the selected photos to bring out the control icon as depicted in the Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro. For this small subtle difference, I wasted few hours of trying before realize the problem. I hope this would help to clearafy some of the one star reviews. On the other hand, the delete key works when you perform the delete function on all the other albums. It should be a simple fix on the part of developer to include both ways of deleting the pictures…

I Photo Only Posted by

I had a feeling this did not cover the new Photo program that all of us were forced into using when we upgraded any of the last 2 Software versions. So this is for I PHOTO ONLY But for.99 I figured it was worth at least getting rid of some of my I photo duplicates about 700 on first try. I didnt really claim a lot of space back But I think when I get to some of my back up thumb drives & discs that are almost full I know l have a ton of all I photo pics I hope it will recognize them as I photo so I can can get rid of thousands of pictures . Its a little confusing Im either going to call them or serach You Tube for a video on how to use this properly before I go further & do something I wish I hadn’t especaully with My Back Up drive . They dont tell you anything when the program opens to set up the parameters on how to use it & setting the parameters Which they seem to have quite a few options which is good .This is my first Duplicate Program Ive ever bought maybe they are assuming I should know what to do & not to do…. I think once I know what im doing it will be fine so just be careful be careful

Duplicate Photo Fixer PRO Posted by

Cough up 99 cents for the PRO version. Working on an IMAC El Capitan. There is obvious concern when you trust your pics to someone or something other than yourself. I closed my eyes, clicked my heels together and hit the button. Perfect results . Not quite sure how the compare works so quickly on a large volume of files. (4500 roughly) I am working in incremental groups of files and have been amazed at the speed and accuracy of the results. Picky Picky Picky I am. Where the duplicate file is marked by operating system with (1) .. (2) … (3) etc I want to save the original and not the (1) or (2) file. My experience so far is that the program often marks the original file for removal rather than the original. Saves me a ton of work to find dups and saves space obviously… Highly recommend for a must have in ones utility arsenal. I suspect that those folks having difficulty installing need to examine their system or follow simple instructions more carefully. By my experience, it would be pretty hard to screw it up. This review relates to the pro…. I know nothing about the free version.

Meets 100% of My Needs - LOVE THIS APP Posted by

Needs: - Scan iPhoto Library and show me all groups of Duplicates. - Scan a folder with images on my computer (images not in iPhoto Library). - Scan an External Hard Drive for Duplicates (images not in iPhoto Library). - Allow me to look through Duplicates manually or have the System Automatically Check Duplicates to Erase, but still let me confirm Choices. (I usually pick the picture with the biggest file size, unless one of the duplicates look better) - After checking the box for all photos to be deleted, deletes photos all at once. - Fast and User Friendly Interface. - Find images I had Copied and Pasted in same and differnent folders. (Personally tested this) - Only concerned with app finding duplicate images. All my images are JPEG. So I am not concerned about file type. I have been looking at almost all the apps on the App Store that claim to do this. Most of the “trial” versions dont seem to demonstrate they can do the above without paying full price for the app. I saw this was $1 today and figured it was worth testing for a dollar. 100% satisfied. Does all the above.

It’s really very good but the directions are a little weak Posted by

First, I feel a little bad giving only 4 stars. This app cleared almost 6GB of wasted memory from my computer in about 40 minutes by finding and deleting duplicate photos. The only (minor) negative is that if you use Photos on your Mac this software will create a photo album called “Duplicates”. Once you have that album you have to highlight all photos then press and hold Command and Control while clicking on one photo and you’ll see the option to “Delete All Photos” the directions do NOT tell you that and I had to call tech support. Seems simple enough, the just need to update their instructions. On the plus side, if you call Tech Support you’ll be connected to someone who will guide you through the steps on a “log me in” type of session where they will do the work for you. If you’ve been taking digital photos for years and know that because of cloud sharing etc you have duplicates that are wasting space this app is totally worth the price ($1.99 when I purchased). If they tweak the on screen instructions it’s completely a 5 Star App.


It doesn’t matter whether or not you are using a Mac or a Windows PC, if you haven’t had a problem with duplicate photo’s, you haven’t experienced frustration. I have been a big fan of digital photography for years. However, after a period of time I felt like a victim of digital photography rather than a big fan. In an effort to ensure I never lost photos I thought were unreplacable, I had backed, up copies and backed up copies of copies, etc……. Needless to say I was using way more memory than what was necessary to maintain my photo library. I finally realized that I had to do something about all the duplicates I had made as I could no longer find what I wanted and when I did a search for a particular photo, I ended up with more results than I knew what to do with. A sisngle pass through my photo library and I elliminated over (you may want to sit down) 4,000 photos from my hard drive. If you are experiencing the same frustration that I have, I would stronly recommend using duplicate remover pro. If I could I would give it 10 stars.

Great App !! For $.99 Cents You Need to Buy It Posted by

If you are anyhting like me and have an iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro and 2 iMacs know all your 10+ years of images that are in a state of an unorganized mess, this app is a no brainer. I just cleaned up over 300 duplicates in under 20 minutes. Could it be faster with perhaps an Arrow Over / Space Bar pic option ( as a friendly suggestion). But after reading all the reviews and bypassing all the usual whiners and complainers, I decided to try it and glad I did. I may create a few folders in photos of some other 7-8k of images that are work images on my hard drive and see if I can run those with this app as well. You can’t even buy a sup of coffee for .99 cents .. ha ha Someone commented that you can’t see the image size, perhaps some good old fashion readers are in need for the person, you certainly can see the image size listed, as well the date and image name. Pretty straightforward and easy to use, thanks for creating this app !!

Great application Posted by

I had a mess since the first time I used iPhoto to import my old pictures. Eventually, I had also a computer problem that involved iPhoto and found extra “recovered folders” where the thumbprints and “Faces” photos were stored inflating the size of the iPhoto file. With other programs, it was a mess to know which duplicated photo to delete because the size and other information was accessed very clumsily (if ever possible). I used DPFP yesterday once and clear several gigabites of extra photos with no effort whatsoever. In regard to a previous review, the only funky thing with DPFP is that you need to follow to a T the steps to decide which photos you are going to delete. Including that “Photos” should not be running. If you do not follow the steps one by one, DPFP does not do the deleting properly. I can see just now there is an upgrade. Maybe this is corrected... Great application at a great price...

So far, great app Posted by

I notice the last review I read says it didn’t work a few months after getting it. I will say I first downloaded the trial version and had to call customer service, who were very helpful but immediately advised I download the Pro version to get the full application I required. After I did that, it worked like a charm. I do suggest taking time to review the “match” settings. There are time intervals as wells as matching levels. I am a “happy snapper” when I take pictures, which means I tend to capture exactly the same image 3-4 times, by my eye, but they are every so slightly different. By reducing the matching level to the low end, it will allow me to compare these image and keep the one I want. I love this option. So far, I give this app 5 stars, including my experience with customer service and allowing them to remote access my computer (which freaked me out, but went fine).

A little complicated Posted by

First of all, this and many of the other photo duplicate apps expect the photo files to be on finder. Mine were not, so I thought these apps would not work. What you have to do is tell the photo app to show in Finder. Use preferences in the Photo App. Once you do that, they are all there. Now this works pretty good. Some pics I know are dups it does not find, and some obviously different photos like child facing different direction it thinks is a dup. Double check before deleting. The delete process is rather involved. It is like the app does not want to be responsible. I can understand that I guess. In the end I got rid of several thousand dups. Freed up a lot of space. If ICLOUD doesn’t load them all back on tonight, then I am a happy camper. NOTE: If you use it more than once, you still have to go through the “instructions” on the delete or nothing will happen.

Worked as advertised Posted by

The program quickly identified my potential duplicates. I have about 50,000 photos and it took about 20 minutes to go through the collection on my 2012 MacBook Pro. It took far longer for me to go through and review my potential duplicates. The automatic duplicate selector was very good. The application did not identify my duplicate videos which would have perhaps saved the most space. Ultimately, I recovered 3 GB of space. Having a streamlined library without duplicates is nice and makes for a more efficient experience in iCloud Photos. Suggestions for improvement: * Rank the duplicate groups by size so that the user can quickly regain space. We could pay more attention to the larger files to see if they are duplicates first. * Better detection of duplicate movies (feature list on iTunes includes the ability to detect duplicate movies but none of mine were detected).

Excellent, would like a few fixes Posted by

This is a superb program, and helped me identify nearly 1400 duplicates in my library (Yeah, I take a lot of pictures.) For 5 stars, though, I would like to see the following. 1. Often one picture is inverted in the comparison set. This makes it impossible to compare. Both photos should be right-side up. 2. The preset for auto-mark regarding size is to prefer the larger file size. In the case of HDR photos with and after the iPhone 4, which always have a slightly larger file size, HDR is usually NOT superior to, and often inferior to the plain .jpg file. Unselecting the file size preference fixes this, but for less experience persons, eliminating the making the default file size unselected in auto-mark preferences would be helpful. 3. There is no way to adjust the size of the comparison photos. All, in all, though, superb, and you can’t argue with the price.

Excellent initial experience! Posted by

Excellent first use! Hopefully it will continue to perform as it did today. I had downloaded a program last week (for 39.95) that said there were no duplicates when clearly I had over 1,000. I emailed and got a refund for that one. This one found about 1870ish duplicates. My only suggestion for improvement with the program would be at least minimal instructions on how to use the functions. Wording is somewhat confusing due to lack of clarity regarding purpose of the functions. There is a tutorial video on their website however there is no audio which, in my opinion, makes it useless as an instructional tool. The same video is on youtube and it to lacks sound and someone else mentioned that so I don’t think I was missing something. Anyway, great value and it delivers on its stated purpose.

Duplicate Photos Fixer PRO Posted by

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro is faster than its predecessor Photos Duplicate Cleaner when run under El Capitan. I already have “Photos” folders year-by-year which it handles very nicely using the App Photos button at the bottom of the opening screen. The Auto Mark selection in Preferences is WEAK. The selections are inflexible and poorly defined. Worst of all, the Help menu is nonexistant. The free help line is useful in that it is a real person and they do screen sharing. This requires an amount of trust but they do not ask for any sensitive information and warn you to remove any sensitive informationfrom your screen before starting. They did answer questions well and did solve my problem. I give it a 4 and with improvements in the area of detailed explanation I would give it a 5.

Worth the money! Posted by

I am not a techie, but I am an amateur photography whose hobby is taking pictures of people at various gatherings. As such, I have thousands of pictures and always wanted to get rid of duplicate pictures. I found it very time-consuming to go through the various albums with the same pictures in different albums, so I just let it be. My solution was to get a bigger external drive just for my photos (I know, not very smart, but it worked for me!). Just used this app on a smaller group of under 1,500 photos on my computer and it found a lot of them. Sorry I didn’t look at a count if there was one. I may find some kinks in the future, but for right now, it worked just great. When I have more time, I will tackle my external drive next. Pretty easy to use for someone like me!

Crashes; doesn’t work; support not helpful by mcgurme 2016-07-17

I am plagued with duplicate photos after trying to merge all my old libraries. I’ve tried other generic duplicate removal tools, but they don’t seem to recognize “similars” all that well. I purchased this app with high hopes, based on the reviews. It has a nice interface and is easy to use. On small libraries it works fine, though it definitely missed quite a few duplicates, i.e. two different digitizations of the same original paper photo at the same resolution. However, it seemed “good enough” for my uses. Then I ran it on my larger libraries (> 80,000 photos), and it crashed every time. It would choke bout 2/3 of the way through, though not in the same place every time. It was clearly a bug - quite likely in the memory management. I called support, and a guy from India proceeded to do a remote session on my computer, claiming that the problem was due to some “launchd” notices showing up in my logs. I had a nice argument with him about the irrelevancy of launchd to the app crashing. (If I were the typical consumer, I’m sure I would have been convinced by this guy that there’s something wrong with my system, rather than something wrong with this App. I may have spent countless hours reinstalling the OS or whatever. How many other people have been misdirected by “advice” like this?) So, after arguing back and forth, I finally convinced him to watch it run. We spent 30+ minutes together on the phone for him to watch it crash. Then he finally admitted that it was a bug. Nice waste of over an hour of my precious time to find a bug for them - plus the aggravation of having this guy tell me it was my computer rather than actually listening to me. All for a few dollar app. Can I get a refund for my time and aggravation?

Be careful Calling the “Help” Phone Number Provided by GetWhatyaPayfor 2016-05-01

The program is fair at best, in my opinion. (It’s probably worth the “buck-and two cents" I paid - maybe). The program did not find some of the duplicate photos even with setting at minimum values and identical pictures in the same photo library. However; When I contacted their “Help” number for assistance with improving performanceof the program, I believe the call may have gone “Astray”. I permitted them to “capture” my computer to look for errors in their program. Everything they did was with my permission. However, their diagnostic of my computer was “interesting”. Supposedly, they found 10 basic computer (OS type) problems including “errors”, “warnings”, etc., which they offered to correct “on this call”. Nick listed them all in the “text editor” he opened……one through 10. He were going transfer me to their “technical” experts, at which point I asked them to terminate the call. They complied without any arguement. Since my computer is still covered under Apple Care, I immediately contacted Apple. They did a full deep system diagnostics, and the computer was shown to be operating perfectly, (from an OS and browser standpoint). No “errors”, “warnings”, problems, (or spyware). ! I have no way of knowing why the Photo Duplicate program will not find all the duplicates in my library, but I do know that according to Apple, my computer does not (and did not) have the 10 problems the Photo Duplicate “Help” desk needed to fix! While I’m sure Nick in India (he told me he was located in India) was well meaning (you can make your own decision on that), his technical recommendations were quite contrary to what Support Support found on my computer.

Untrustworthy by Huffma2 2017-01-11

This will search and find the proposed duplicates but when I scroll though to check the results i seen some that are different photos (only seen this on .BMP files). I went through to make sure what was being deleted was what I wanted and agreed to. I would scroll, select the photo(s) to delete but then after a while **CRASH** the program disappears. I tried several times and was not able to get this to stop. So i then would scroll and select the ones I wanted to delete and click the “Trash Marked” button ocassionally. This would at least get me to get something accomplished. I would eventually crash but at least I was making progress. Unfortunately I have 57000+ photos to filter through. I called Support only to talk to folks from India. I am not prejudice but I could hardly understand them and had to constantly say can you repeat that. They wanted to connect to my computer and show me how to work it without reviewing but that was not the problem. I WANT to review the family history of photos before they are deleted. Even though it goes to a nother directory and not completely deleted I wanted control. I have many different directories set up to organize these photos and how would i know a photo in the deleted directory came from to check to make sure I had another copy. First that problem MUST be fixed!! I would also like to see while you are review the group of duplicate photos to see what directory they are found in. That way if I have duplicates in different directories then I can make an educated selection as to where to delete from. Without that then I have an organizing task ahead of me after the process is complete.

It works but needs a lot of work by settruffles 2015-09-02

While it does find duplicate, it is really lacking a lot of pro features and has too many annoyances. Unlike most duplicate scanners, this both supports Photos and finds near-duplicates instead of exact copies only (although it does have that option). I'd love to limit searches of my Photos library to some albums and have other filtering options. I often only need to de-dupe certain parts of my library and can ignore the rest. I'd love keyboard shortcuts (doing everything with a mouse is awful when you have 500+ candidates to sort through). It would be nice if I could permanently ignore some photos that keep coming up that I never want to remove. More than anything, I want to select a range of photos, right click, and choose "remove smaller dimension image" or "remove smallest filesize" and select the criteria I use to de-dupe ad hoc instead of the auto-select button I'd have to reconfigure every time and would apply to everything and not just the photos I highlight. I don't want to be harassed to give the app a review every single time the app gets a new update. You get the notification every time you run the app until you click yes then immediately close the browser window that pops up to trick it into going away. I shouldn't be held hostage for a review. I gave you money. Despite having "pro" in the title, this isn't a professional app: it doesn't act professionally and lacks professional features. I'm glad I purchased this when it was on sale for 99¢, as I would regret spending a penny more than that on this product.

not working with iphoto by e-m-w 2016-02-16

I can’t explain why, and neither could the techs, but they blamed my system for not recognizing my iPhotos library. It pops up a window "Only iPhoto libraries (version 9 and above) are supported.” when I try. They suggested I could pay for them to diagnose it, but that’s a BS approach: it’s a bug in their software, and nobody should pay to have a software company fix a bug in their software, even if it’s due to something arcane on my system. The only thing ‘arcane’ is my data is stored on a case sensitive formatted disc. It’s not like I own thier software and nobody else does. If I’ve got a fluke, someone else does and it can be diagnosed and figured out. I offered to give them the test library I created to see if they could make it work on thier end, but they didn’t take it. How tricky can it be to determine the iPhoto library version? I can understand if this couldn’t support an early version, but I’ve got iPhoto 9.5.1, the last and most up to date version on Mavericks. I created a brand new iphotos library on another disc (eliminate the case sensitive issue), and it still couldn’t recognize it, so I tried the library on another computer (running El Capitan); still no luck. It DID recognize the Photo’s library on the other computer just fine, so it seems that while they are claiming it can clean iPhotos and Photos, it’s not working with iPhotos. I’m not surprised, but their other app that even has iPhoto in it’s name (Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto) wouldn’t work either.

Cheap ripoff that was poorly done by ApertureXTC 2016-02-02

I downloaded this for the $0.99 and I’m glad I only paid that much to find out that this was not the quality software I had hoped for. I have over 500,000 photos in multiple folders, Lightroom libraries, iPhoto libraries and Photos libraries and this software choked trying to process them. It took 28 HOURS for the software to do the first run… then it stalled out at the end of the comparison (and it hadn’t found all my photos). I had to run this 3 more times just to get to where I could select photos… and it crashed after selecting 20 of them. It crashed a total of 5 times. If this is normally $18.99 (as it says in the description), put your money towards better software on the App Store: PhotoSweeper from Gwinno. PhotoSweeper respects Lightroom libraries, allows you to compare the duplicates in multiple ways to make the best decision, finds ALL you photos if you select your hard drive as the source folder and handles RAW files better than Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. I wish I had found it before buying this software. Also, I called Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro tech support and after struggling to hear and understand the agent; she was ultimately not helpful in figuring out why the software kept crashing and would find all photos. If you are going to drop money for a duplicate photo finder, spend it on a better option.

Good at finding duplicates. Could be better at culling them. by neliason 2016-10-04

This app is very good at finding duplicates or similar photographs. It allows you to adjust the match criteria giving you pretty good flexibility. It displays all the relevant information about a photograph such as capture date, location, camera in a sidebar. It has a very intuitive checkbox interface to allow you to choose which photos to delete. So for a basic duplicate finder it does the job. Where it falls short is in what it could do. The first suggestion is to change the UI to allow you to see the photograph in a larger size. While it does find duplicates the UI doesn’t provide an easy way to really compare the two photos. When I have very similar photos where I only want to keep the best photo the UI is of no help. It just shows a thumbnail. The UI should provide some easy way to see larger version of a duplicate photo group. It should allow you to toggle back and forth between the two. It would be really great if they added a mode where you could go through the groups of duplicates and chose which to delete in this larger view mode. The second suggestion would be not just display the coordinates of the photo but show the point on a map. This is rather trivial compared to the other issue but I think would be easy to do and more useful information is never a bad thing.

Use for scanning FOLDERS of photos only (in my opinion) by Gharned 2016-08-20

Will it detect if you copied and pasted in the same folder? Maybe. If it’s a supported file type (.tif, .jpg, …) and it’s really a copy of the same photo then yes. If it’s RAW, NEF or any advanced format, no. Can it compare TWO FOLDERS of pictures… It can NOT compare one folder to the native Mac Pictures app library of photos. E.g. You can’t open the pictures library (where your photos are) and any other folder. Will it look for duplicates within the Pictures library itself…it says so…even with loose restrictions on matching it found none and I KNOW they exist. Oh wait, Pictures warns you about importing suspect duplicates — it doesn’t appear to detect rapid succession of pictures in a row…taken in bursts even with loose criteria for these photos. Short story, I love the nterface and concept but the implementation is not there yet. Oh, Lets talk support.. As an IT geek, I saw the 24x7 support and thought “impressive”… Then I dialed the number and overseas support wanted to screen share with me instead of answering my questions. I kept asking why and they then hung up on me. Hum… Again, great concept, poor implementation. I’m hoping future versions fix these annoyances.

Use for scanning FOLDERS of photos only (in my opinion) by Deviant Relic 2016-08-20

Will it detect if you copied and pasted in the same folder? Maybe. If it’s a supported file type (.tif, .jpg, …) and it’s really a copy of the same photo then yes. If it’s RAW, NEF or any advanced format, no. Can it compare TWO FOLDERS of pictures… It can NOT compare one folder to the native Mac Pictures app library of photos. E.g. You can’t open the pictures library (where your photos are) and any other folder. Will it look for duplicates within the Pictures library itself…it says so…even with loose restrictions on matching it found none and I KNOW they exist. Oh wait, Pictures warns you about importing suspect duplicates — it doesn’t appear to detect rapid succession of pictures in a row…taken in bursts even with loose criteria for these photos. Short story, I love the nterface and concept but the implementation is not there yet. Oh, Lets talk support.. As an IT geek, I saw the 24x7 support and thought “impressive”… Then I dialed the number and overseas support wanted to screen share with me instead of answering my questions. I kept asking why and they then hung up on me. Hum… Again, great concept, poor implementation. I’m hoping future versions fix these annoyances.

Don’t buy even if it’s 99 cents by Kat from Phoenix 2015-10-15

I bought this app as I have 44,000 photos on my iMac. Upon scanning my computer using the software, 13000 duplicate photos were found. I was happy to free some of my drive safe and eliminate these photos. Unfortunately, the app is simplistic, not user friendly, and overall does not work. I took hours to review my photos to ensure that I wasn’t deleting any precious pics, after finally trashing all of my photos I felt great about it. I wanted to check to make sure that I didn’t miss anything, and there it was…. all 13000 of the photos once again. Of course prior to checking this, I deleted my trash, closed down the app, and restarted the computer. I tried it again multiple times, with the same error. I called the 24/7 phone line and was extremely dissappointed with customer support. The representative was rude and very unhelpful. He did no listen to my issues and was very condesending. He wanted to screen share with me. I told him I was uncomfortable with that and asked if he would be able to help me without screen sharing. He became very rude and I finally had to disconnect the call. Do not buy this app, it’s a waste of time and money (even if it’s 99 cents).

Why does support want to look at my hard drive? by bread2u 2017-02-22

I downloaded Photo Duplicate Cleaner almost two years ago. Today (February 22, 2017) I ran it for the second time. It suggested an upgrade to Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, which I did. It found about 500 duplicates. I let it auto-select which ones to mark for deletion. I wanted to change some of them. I did not want to do (up to) 1000 mouse clicks. I wanted a keyboard approach to marking which image to delete. Online help didn’t cover that, but they had a 24/7 toll free support number. Without understanding what I wanted to do, the support person wanted to connect to my computer to look at my hard disk. No matter how many times I explained what I wanted, he still wanted to connect to my hard disk. I said goodby and hung up. He called back. He still wanted to connect to my hard disk, ignoring what I was saying. This smells like a scam, but I give it two stars because it did work. For some reason, after talking to him, I felt like working with my computer offline. PS: Photo Duplicate Cleaner and Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro seem to function identically and both are 10.3 Megabytes on the hard disk. Looking at the package contents there was no obvious difference between them.

Confusing & unreliable by Photojunkieeee 2016-07-03

I got this app because, after a couple of data migrations, i had many duplicate photos. Not only could i not drag & drop my photos folder into the drop box but when customer support finally found the issue (over the phone & thru screen sharing) the app wanted to delete the ORIGINAL photos. IMO, the original date the photo was taken is important. Therefore I could not use the delete all marked photos. I have to go thru & delete all of the duplicates manually. I asked the support tech on the phone with my why the app was selecting the original photo to be deleted & he stated it was because the jpeg quality of the original photo was not as good as the duplicate. I’m not sure if that is accurate, but having to go thru nearly 8000 duplicates will take time & is frustrating that I have to do it manually. It seems to me that I paid for an app that really did nothing other than waste my time. I could have gone thru all my photos manually without downloading this app, spending hours trying to get it to work & almost an hour with a tech on the phone & sharing my screen. Ugh. Not my favorite app.

Duplicate Photo Fixer by SimchaNC 2016-06-28

This application did not work for me. I am using an external NAS attached Synology 2TB hard drive with over 50k pictures. The pictures are in hundreds of folders, subfolders 3 to 4 levels deep. Duplicate Photo Fixer did a good job identifying the duplicates. Using the autoselect tool was not useful to me because there are many different reasons there duplicates. Sometimes it is an edited picture, sometimes I copied a picture to a new folder but left the original, etc. Manually selecting pictures is a slow process. It would be nice to have a list format that allowed groups of pictures to be highlighted. Maybe good for a future enhancement. However the low rating is due to the fact that my selected pictures sent to trash were not deleted. I called the help desk. I was surprised how very responsive they are. However they needed to take control of my computer to understand the problem. I would not allow that (not recommended by Apple and even Apple will not take control of your computer). This looks like a well liked program so I assume my problem is usage specific.


Yesterday I bought a new iMac to replace the one I had been using. I had problems importing photos, and I knew I had duplicates. The Apple technician advised me to get a program to delete them, So I bought this app. When I tried to use it, I had problems with it customer service people were extremely insistent that I give them access to my computer. I was reluctant to do so, And immediately began to get Messages on my screen telling me that I had a virus in my brand-new computer, and that I had to call a Number on the screen to buy a service to get that fixed. This after I had upgraded to the advanced version of the app, for more money. Does the app work? I have no idea, and no interest in finding out. There is no way those developments are coincidental.and Apple should be looking into this if they are going to sell this app. It appears from reading the reviews that I am not the first person to experience this Sort of thing with their customer service.

Don’t let support get onto your computer by Okarhaoigroien 2015-10-09

At first the app wouldn’t work for me, so I called the support number. Rob needed to go on my computer to check why the app wasn’t working. Then I was told that I had a virus and needed to fix it immediately. They would be happy to do this for me at the cost of $128. He kept trying to sell me on their services. When I told him that I just wanted the app to work for me and I didn’t appreciate him trying to sell me on something, he showed me how to do it and it worked fine for him. Haven’t tried to do it myself, yet. I regret letting them get onto my computer and I am very dissapointed that it was all to sell me their services. No wonder they offer the app for only 99cents. It would have been very easy for Rob to tell me what to do over the phone. He had no business wanting to get on my computer. I am still upset about it. If you need help insist on getting it over the phone.

App works but support is sketchy by MARK OLSON 2015-11-17

I found out the hard way that this app is a huge waste of time if you don’t run disk utility first, as all the duplicates it “deleted” didn’t actually get deleted. But after running disk utility, then the program did exactly what it said it was going to do. So, in one sense it’s a great app. Prior to learning about the disk utility issue I called their tech support to complain. The support person in India explained the disk utility issue, which was good, but then he also proceeded to convince me that I had malware on my computer. My first thought was ‘no, that’s not possible’ but he managed to convince me to buy support to have this remedied. They provided the kind of support that I could have done myself, and they didn’t find any malware, so while I do think their technicians are moderately skilled, I don’t think their sales people are honest.


DO NOT GIVE A TOTAL STRANGER WITH BROKEN ENGLISH (no offence, I have an accent also, but this sounded fishy) ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER AND CREDIT CARDS!!!! Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro found 12,500 duplicates of of 90k and I spent hours and hours on this - the file supposedly created “Duplicated marked photos” was alas, empty like other people have said. WISH I HAD READ ALL REVIEWS FIRST! DUH! VERY PUSHY SALES - I CALLED THEM TWICE - they wanted to take over my computer when I said no, they said “take your computer to Apple and they will charge you $299 to repair. We will repair right now for just $140 if you give us remote access! MY COMPUTER IS FINE - TOTALLY FINE! I was just at Apple twice learning how to use the new Photo app. BEWARE OF THIS APP!!!!!!!!! I NEVER write reviews but hope to save someone else valuable time and headaches.

SCAM Alert by Kyd42 2015-07-24

The app appears to work, but doesn’t. It is supposed to moved the marked photos to a “Duplicate Marked Photos” album in Apple’s Photos, but nothing ever appears. I reported the process several times, double checking all the steps and re-reading the instructions to make sure I didn’t miss something. When calling the support line, the very first I was told was “Well, we will need to connect to your computer to take a look.” NO WAY am I giving a complete stranger access to my computer when nothing has been done to prove this is a reputable company! What a great way to trick people! This is like those scan phone calls where the caller says they are from Microsoft and have detected a virus on your computer, but they’ll “fix it” if you just…, except here, they trick you into calling them! Stay AWAY - be very Afraid.

Scam artists! by AshRae84 2015-12-30

Downloaded this software, and it wouldn’t work properly. Contacted their support team who remoted into my system and after running a Disk Permission check, kept telling me that I had a security flaw (the error given was one listed on Apple.com as one you could “ignore.”). The guy kept telling me how “reputable” their company was and asked if I had AppleCare for my device (I do). He was then telling me that Apple wouldn’t be able to fix it, but he could for $120. NO THANK YOU. It might say “trusted by millions,” but I don’t believe that, because there’s no way a 99 cent app should cost $120 to make work. Not to mention, had I had a legitimate “security flaw” on my system, why would that prevent this app from working? Very unprofessional and very suspicious, if you ask me.

Doesn’t do ANYTHING. Completely useless junk by Bdowell 2015-08-17

I’m glad this only cost 99 cents, because I would have been much more annoyed if I had spent any more than that on a non-working app like this one. I’ve got a 2013 Macbook Pro with Aperture and iPhoto installed. Both share a common library of photos, and I switch back and forth between Aperture and iPhoto about equally, when working with my images. I know I have a bunch of duplicates, and the reviews for Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro sounded promising, so I spent a buck and downloaded the app. When I tried to direct it to scan my photo library, this is the message I received: Item(s) cannot be added: Only iPhoto libraries (version 9 and above) are supported. Really? An app with the word “Pro” in its name can’t handle a photo library that is used by Aperture? Bummer!