DVD-Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad
DVD-Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad

DVD-Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad

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DVD-Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DVD-Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DVD-Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Wondershare DVD Creator is a simple and practical DVD creator. It enables you to burn almost any video file into DVD with high quality at high speed on your Mac.
With build-in editors, you can personalize your videos/slideshow by applying static and dynamic menu templates, adding your favorite song as background music.
What’s more, Wondershare DVD Creator allows you to preview video in real time to ensure all goes as you want.

If you may encounter any technical problems, please feel free to send us your question, we’ll get back to you within 24 business hours.
Tech Expert: [email protected]
Customer Service: http://support.wondershare.com/
Quick online guide: https://www.wondershare.com/guide/mac-dvd-creator.html


Key Features:

>>>Create DVD from All Sorts of Videos

+ Burn almost all video formats into DVD, including MOV, MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, MTS, HD videos, etc.
+ Easily import your videos/slideshows created by iMovie.
+ Convert the videos shot by your iPhone 6s, GoPro, camcorder and any other devices.
+ Convert downloaded videos or movies from YouTube, or torrent sites, like Vuze, etc. to DVD

>>>Create a unique slideshow with practical editing tools

+ Make a slideshow by your photos with just a drag-and-drop.
+ Add, delete, rotate your photo as you wish, and you can even add explanation on it by applying text.
+ Transition effects are provided to make the images flow in a creative manner from one to the next.
+ Set your favorite song as the background music of the photo slideshow.

>>>Built-in editor lets you retouch your videos
+ Rotate, crop and trim video files to remove black bars or to adapt to a different screen sizes
+ Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation and other special effects for a better visual experience.
+ Apply effects such as Old film, Gray to customize your clip.
+ Add image and text watermarks to videos to identify each film as yours.

>>>Personalize you DVD with free and original menu templates

+ 4 types of menu templates for you to customize your DVD, and you can free download more on our website.
+ Add your own background music and photo, set title thumbnail, add text to customize the DVD menu as you like.

>>>Easy and Fast DVD Creation

+ Preview the original and output videos with a built-in player before you save a final DVD.
+ Support acceleration high-techs to ensure fast speed.
+ 4 output formats can be chosen: DVD disc, DVD folder, .dvdmedia and ISO files.
+ TV Standard Support: NTSC, PAL


Current Version:
Varies with device
69.71 MB
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Awesome Product and they stand behind it! Posted by

I bought this to replace the IDVD that wasn't installed on my new mac. Why Apple doesn't support IDVD anymore I have no idea. Anyway, I had some issues at the burning stage of the movie and I reached out to tech support at Wondershare. Their team was always very prompt and curteous and had several solutions to my problems. This is an awesome product backed up by real technical support advisors that truly help when you reach out to them. I am very pleased with the software and would recommend it to anyone that is looking to put together a movie using pictures and/or video. Thank you team Wondershare for standing behind your products.

Works great! And it works with Yosemite! Posted by

I had no issues downloading this application. When I opened it up a tutorial came on and showed me how to use it. Very simple and easy to use. I make my movies and slideshows in iMovie or iPhoto and when saved as a MP4 all I have to do is search for the name and add it to the que. Then you select the quality and destination you want and it burns right to the disk. Simple! FYI: US uses NTSC not PAL encoding. Be sure to select this prior to burning

Finally Something that Really Works! Posted by

I'm happy. It just works! The program DOES NOT crash. You would be surprised with all the other stuff that is out there that doesn't work. The app actually does what it said it would do! :) I'm happy. Thank you for writing a good app! One small minor detail. The playback is running 2x speed when you preview. Not a big deal but thought I would mention that.

Much better than iDVD ever was!!! Posted by

This app is great!!!! I used iDVD on my old imac and when i upgraded and got a new mac it didnt have iDVD so i looked all over for something similar, not only is this similar it is SOOOO much better. Worth ever penny and works perfect with Lion. This is a must have for any mac user with or without iDVD. Keep up the great work!

New Update... Working again Posted by

After posting that it did not work, they updated it and now it does not crash, At least it hasn't yet. I have burned 3 movies now and so far so good. They play nicely again as well. Thank you for the update! I would now rate it back to as good as it used to be.

better than iDVD!!! Posted by

more functions and more templates, lets you preview the menu before burning, you can specify your customer image and music as well. you can download a trial from their website as well.

extremely satisfied Posted by

This software worked just perfect for me . you can easily create Menues and add any kind of image , video and music to your project , it’s very simple and user friendly .

Does what i wanted it for... Posted by

It works. I spent $130 between 3 programs to find one that actually worked. You open itunes movies from drop menu, highlight and press burn. Done. Cons...$$ and slow

Does NOT work by Nelsuza 2012-01-25

I purchased this thru the apps store on January 24th. I spent a couple hours adding pictures for a slide show. I saved the project, then tried to open it later to continue work. The project WILL NOT OPEN. There is an icon on my desktop with the name I had given the project. Get Info tells me there are 1.9 GB of data in the file, but the software wont open it. When I ask it to open a project, mine is listed, but when I click on it and choose open, nothing happens. I have tried contacting the company, but their website says they are closed from January 20th through January 29th for the Chinese New Year. Thus no support. The only thing this company has done for me is to take my money. This product is awful, and Apple should be ashamed to have it listed in the apps store. They clearly do not provide customer support. I want a refund, but there is no one to ask, so I will contact my charge card company and contest the charge.

Not happy!! by Bada-Bing84 2012-03-13

This was suggested, and right "out of the box" I had problems. I will be first to admit it may be user errors, but it was not very user-friendly!! Something as basic as "Happy 50th Anniversary" was a problem for this app!! It took the y on Anniversary and wrapped it/put half of the letter at the front before H in Happy if that makes sense? Don't know why or how this happened, and I added a song which doesn't work either on main menu. For $40 bucks, I expected more!! Still need to use more, but not good first impression.

It's Okay by Mleteacher 2015-05-20

I am a teacher. Every school year for 9 years, I make a movie for my class. This year my computer at work crashed and I was forced to buy a program in to make my traditional farewell gift. I purchaesd this app (which is not completely user-friendly). When it came time to put music into my slideshow, I found out that only one song can be used per slideshow. This is a big problem. I wished I knew this before my purchase. I would've not purchased this application. So please take this into consideratiom before purchaing

Editing feature does not work by FishinFrank2000 2012-07-14

I have tried on several occassions, for more than 6 hours trying to get a simple edit cut from a movie I imported. I had to use Handbrake to import the movie because Wondershare did not do it. It will not remove the film between the "marker" edit points. Also, it will not let me import a home movie (soccer game) onto its editing menu from iMovie. When I click on their "help" button, it tells me to use iMovie to edit. It is a very difficult program to use, and not "mac-like" at all. Don't buy it.

Too many bugs by RetirementRules 2013-11-23

There are just too many problems with this software. The preferences don’t have any affect on the project you are working on, music truncates after each slide in a slideshow rather than run for the entire slideshow, and transitions don’t work either. I think this is some sort of a beta version because it is much cheaper here than on Wondershare’s web site—yet the versions for here and on their web site both show 3.7.0. I would not buy this software.

Limited Use by chunkysalsa2121 2012-08-07

if you are looking for anything more from this program than simple point and click slide shows and home movie compilation look elsewhere. It is excellent in those to aspects but the product description needs to be updated to inform customers that this program is not all that great at putting together a final pre-edited project. It's a good program for what it does, but it does not do what I thought it did.

AWFUL by Buddy344 2014-05-21

i bought this program it looks solid but dosnt work i tryed to burn my movie to a disc and it tells me that its full when i clearly havnt used even half the disc space! i contcated the official company tech suport and they just lead me in cirlces im calling apple right now and demanding a refund!!!!!!!!! THIS APP SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE APP STORE FOR FALSE ADVERTISING IT DOES NOT WORK AS DESCRIBED!!!!!!!!

Freezes during burn process by Tjmj9801 2013-04-15

I thought this app was THE ONE. User friendly, easy to upload MP4's. Then I went to burn. 4 seperate times the burn process freezes at 50% and won't budge. I've contacted support and haven't heard back. Just letting anyone know who's thinking about this one to maybe shop around first.

Sucked by therubberduckie 2016-04-04

Never actually got to finish burning an ISO. What other applications were doing in 30-45 mins on my machine, was now taking HOURS with this app. Made a serious mistake buying this app because it looked more ‘polished’ in the pictures than the other apps that had free trials.

Don't Buy!! by laplaond 2014-03-06

This didn't work for me. It crashed the first time I used it. I have tired of reinstalling with no luck. Will never use it again. It's useless. Don't waste your money!

Freezes by T.Ottalagano 2013-04-17

I also experienced this program freezing at 50% no matter what I tried. Even with a small 5 minute iMovie project, I could not get it to work.

Cannot make this work by Gsllreviewer 2012-01-28

This product downloads, but every time I try to open it, it crashes. Complete waste of money. Pile of trash

The worst thing in the world! Do not buy it!! by gugiar 2013-05-12

Poor quality menu. It freezes at 50%… waste of money and time. I want my money back!!