DVD-Ripper Apps for iPhone/iPad
DVD-Ripper Apps for iPhone/iPad

DVD-Ripper Apps for iPhone/iPad

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$19.99 $11.99 2013-02-28 02:00:00
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$9.99 $11.99 2011-12-29 12:00:00
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First Tracked $34.99 2011-03-25 03:00:00

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DVD-Ripper Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DVD-Ripper Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DVD-Ripper Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DVD-Ripper Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install DVD-Ripper Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download DVD-Ripper for iPhone/iPad
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Convert DVD collections for Christmas to enjoy on your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV!
*** Time-Limited Special Offer (Original Price $39.99) ***

**Important NOTE:
DVD-Ripper Mac App Store version only works with un-encrypted DVDs. If you want to rip protected DVDs, please contact '[email protected]' before purchase.

Why choose Wondershare DVD-Ripper?
1) Easy-to-use DVD ripper and DVD audio extractor.
2) Helps you easily rip un-encrypted DVD for playback on iDevice, smart phones, Kindle Fire, Xbox One, PSP, PlayStation 4 and other portable devices.
3) You can get optimized output formats to perfectly fit iMovie, YouTube, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro etc.

Key Features:

• Extract standard definition videos (VOB, OGV, VRO, MXF, AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, WMV, MP3, AAC, etc.)
• Extract high definition videos (HD MKV, HD WMV, HD MOV, etc.) from DVDs

• Enables you to enjoy DVD movies easily on all popular devices: iPod, iPhone, iPad(Retina supported), Apple TV, kindle Fire, Xbox One, smart phones and more.

• Set the start time and duration to get a segment, select target audio track, subtitle and angle to make the ripped DVD movies suit you more.

• Trim the video to pick up video segments you want or remove unwanted parts.

• Crop the video image size to get rid of the black border, commercial mark, or something else you dislike, watch video in full screen, support 16:9 and 4:3 model.

• Awesome iTunes library- Help you retrieve and add movie's metadata such as artwork, actors, directors, episode name, and etc. The information in the metadata can also be edited. The converted videos, together with the retrieve metadata will be transferred and synced onto iTunes library.

Need help? Please contact us and we'll feedback to you ASAP.
[email protected] (preferred)

We'd appreciate it if you could please write a quick review of this app.


Current Version:
Varies with device
32.67 MB
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Seems good but keeps quitting... Posted by

I just bought this and it always quits upon opening. A few reviews mentioned this happened to them and then they got their application to work. I don't know where to email the Customer Support so I was wondering if anyone could share with me how to fix this problem. I'm using Mac OS X Lion. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

OK to good Posted by

Works overall, ripped a few dvd’s for easier storage (no need carry the dvd’s..). A bit of a mnaula would’ve helped. It seems can only choose the mp4 format.. What about the others..? It might be that the others do a better job..? But, can’t complain. Does the job overall for the decent price..

Great Support Posted by

The app didn't work at first, but the problem was solved right a way after contacting Wondershare's customer support. The app works great now, best money I've spent in a while.

Good software Posted by

I had some problems ar first. I have a Mac and I contacted the customer support and they help me right away. The software works great now, just a little slow. I recomend it.

Rugged Bear Posted by

Pros: This is fast and very easy to use! Cons: You have to download the decriper from the host web page in order to get the program to work properly .

Excellent app Posted by

Initially had issues with the appliaction, customer support able to resolve my issue on same day. After that it is a breeze.

Works flawlessly Posted by

Does the job and does it well. Easy to use. Lots of output options. Fastest converter I've seen. Highly recommended!

Love it! Posted by

It helps loving it because my husband has this on his computer as well. This is the only on he recommends.

It works. Posted by

all you need to do is go to there support page and add a free plug in.

Beware by they cant do that 2013-01-16

The old version, 2.6, was working perfectly fine and then they upgraded it. You can't buy the version from them nor will they give you a license so you can download the working version from their website. It will not copy protected disc in the new version even with the CSS decoder from their website. I have contacted them and they told me to re-install the new version and re download the CSS decoder like I havent already done that. Not the greatest customer service but what can you except from a company that no longer sells this product except on the app store.

Worthless, Didn't work once... by hsailput 2014-04-03

Don't waste your money on this product. It is crashing on my system. To think I paid for this. But didn't do what it claimed, Not Useful to me. it only gets to the 10 minute mark of a 15 minute MP4 clip before it crashes while ripping to a video. Flat out refused to no matter what I did. Can't stand this. I don't care if it is the greatest product ever. Does not work anymore. Too bad I accidentally deleted it. Don't throw your money away on bad product like I did. I don't recommend it at all.

do not buy by Z1kristy 2011-05-27

This does not work- bought it so I could transfer a couple of movies to my mobile device for a plane trip. Kept getting message " oops you can't do this". If I had a regular movie I wouldn't need a transfer program to begin with.

Any fast movement is blury…. by TheNorthJake 2013-12-17

I’d seriously like my money back. The reviews made this app seem amazing. It is slick, sure, but who wants constant motion blur? No thanks.

It doesnt work. by Life-Metal Bassist 2012-04-05

It just doesnt work. The free trill version does though, so if you dont mind the watermark on the top left screen, go for it.

Seriously by Shinta... 2011-05-05

I find it hard to believe that they charge 40$ on something that is not working at all. update soon or give me refund!!!

Poor Quality Video by Stack Mac 2011-12-27

The converted video is very low quality and not worth watching on TV, laptop, or iPad.