DVD Ripper-Aimersoft Apps for iPhone/iPad
DVD Ripper-Aimersoft Apps for iPhone/iPad

DVD Ripper-Aimersoft Apps for iPhone/iPad

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DVD Ripper-Aimersoft Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DVD Ripper-Aimersoft Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DVD Ripper-Aimersoft Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DVD Ripper-Aimersoft Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
DVD Ripper-Aimersoft Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install DVD Ripper-Aimersoft Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download DVD Ripper-Aimersoft for iPhone/iPad
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** Convert your DVD collections and enjoy on iPad, iPhone or Apple TV! **

Important NOTES: The appstore version doesn't support protected/encrypted DVDs. If you want to rip encrypted DVD that protected by CSS, Region or some other DVD protection, please email "[email protected]" before your purchase.

Why Choose DVD Ripper-Aimersoft?
1) Rip DVD movies with high speed and quality, regions can also be detected.
2) Convert DVD to 200+ formats.

Key Features:

√ Rip DVD to Video Players
• 150+ presets for devices.
• Available to choose titles/chapters to rip and not go to extremes (main movie or all titles)

√ Convert DVD to Any Video Format
• Easily convert DVD to any prevailed video and audio formats.
• You can directly rip your DVD for editing with iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc.
• JUST one click to share on YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo Videos, MTV, VEVO, Facebook and other sites.

√ Support output formats: WMV, AVI, MOV, MKV, M4V, FLV, 3GP, MPG, ASF, VOB, TS, HD MP4, HD AVI, HD MKV, HD WMV, HD MOV, MP3, WAV, AC3, AAC, MKA, OGG and more.

√ Supported output devices: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPad3/4, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, Zune, Archos, Sandisk, iRiver, Creative Zen, PMP, MP4/MP3 Player, smart phones and tablets and more.

√ Fetch and Edit Metadata on Converted Movies
• Support retrieving and editing metadata such as artwork, actors, directors, episode, and name to converted online videos.
• The converted videos and metadata can be transferred and synchronized into iTunes library.

√ Personalize DVDs with A Built-in Video Editor
• Merge multiple DVDs into a single video
• Trim the part you want
• Crop and remove movie black bars
• Adjust video brightness
• Insert plug-in subtitles
• Apply special video effects
• Add text/image watermarks

√ It supports Mac OS X 10.6 or later!

Need help? Please contact us and we'll feedback to you ASAP.
[email protected]

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Worked the first time Posted by

Worked the first time which was a great relief given all the negative reviews. It’s a tad tricky to get the hang of though. I think my first success was due to luck actually. Was able to save as an mp4 and Mov file. Wanted to save it to my desktop and had to search many icons to figure out how to do that. Looks like you can save it to iPhone or iPad (Under Devices List) but when I chose those options, it did not load onto those devices. Maybe I have the wrong idea. Went back down to the bottom of the working screen and clicked Video and then .mov and it converted seamlessly. By chance, when i was searching for the location that the file was sent to, I found the very small folder icon at the bottom next to the Output Icon and clicked it. A folder poped up and from there you can place the converted file onto your desktop. So, overall I’m glad I got this program.

So far, so good Posted by

I was not sure when I bought this if I needed it or if it would do what I wanted. What I wanted was to rip some dvd’s and be able to edit in HD on FCPX to demo a project. What attracted me to this one of several App Store rippers, is that it said you could edit. I was able not only to edit, but output in the 1920x1080 as an mov file. In FCPX, after converted by the ripper, the editor just imports into Final Cut. It does not have to dupe the footage. So far no incryption and everything is working. On my wish list would be a larger screen available for viewing withing the program and being able to edit a little easier. Also a definition of all the codecs and how they are best used would be very helpful. But I am very satisfied.

Seems like a winner Posted by

After reading many reviews on different ‘rippers’ this one seemed to have more positive reviews than negative ones. So being, allergic to buyer’s remorse and generally skeptical and suspicious in my ways, I crossed my fingers and bought this app. It works fine! So far, I’ve ripped 8 full length, block buster movies to my MacBook Pro (2013) via a superdrive. All the movies were automatically added to iTunes and sync’d to my iPad2 without a hitch. The cover art has to be manually added, no big deal. Again, this app works well and does exactly what it says it will do.

A great tool! Posted by

Granted, I have a few straightforward and basic need - ripping DVDs/CDs so I can include the files in one-time use keynote presentations. It makes my life SO much easier to click the presenter and have my file auto start. With no sound/video person at my disposal, it would be a 3-ring circus to run what I do off discs. It has worked great from the start with little learning curve. I have nothing to compare it to, but I can’t imagine being without it!

Pretty, pretty good. Posted by

I was told I needed a Ripper by someone who edits films. I contacted Aimersoft to make sure it would work with my iMac and I would be able to convert, save and then transport to my Lacie storage. Well, mission accomplished! I did have to click on prompts that I wasn’t sure I sghould, but through trial and error (not many times) I am noqw a rippping machine. So far, so good. I’m very happy with this product!

Really Easy to translate DVD’s to MP4 Posted by

I have a lot of DVD’s that contain multiple old 8MM movies that I wanted to convert to MP4 and save on the cloud so other may see them. The product is so intuitive that even a novice could figure this out. Everything is pretty much laid out visually on your selections. I highly recommend the product if you want to translate DVD’s to an MP4 format.

Great … with a few minor hitches Posted by

There are many good ripping programs out there. some do not allow you to step single frames while you trim, others only alow you to step in a single direction. This one allowys you to step forward and backward. However you have to set in and out points numaricaly when trying to acuartly trim long titles. a set in out point button would be nice.

Excelent program Posted by

I was a little hesitant due to a few negative reviews. I have no idea what those people were doing wrong, but this APP is super easy to use, and works great. I have been using it to load my old DVD’s to my mac and it does that great. So far I have had zero issues with movies I’ve converted. I would highly recomend this app.

Version 4.0 Posted by

Has workied wonderfully from the first time - no problems at all. Choices were somewhat confusing at first but then got the hang of it. Saved as MP4 with my movies folder as the output folder then put right into iTunes. Had no issues or problems.

Love it! Posted by

Works great for converting DVD’s into iTunes. Rips DVD’s in about 30 minutes. Much faster than the software I used before. Easy to use. Haven’t tried the other features yet. Love it.

Waste of money! Keeps Crashing On my Mac!!! by Propereeqt 2014-06-30

This application is not worth $15. I bought this app but never get it to work. I want to rip some discs to mp4, so i can watch it on my iPad. I cant even get this to load a disc it just crashes. I hope this app can help me, but i tried again and again. None of the discs worked! After trying many times, finally i give up. I don't have anything nice to say about this app. Useless - did not convert anything I had. Very disappointed. Buy this app is throwing money in the trash. Now I have to ask the Apple Store for a refund and hope I will get it. Really inconvenient! Save you money and a lot of frustration. Don't buy this app. It could not do this. Unless you know exactly what you want, try another product. Avoid this piece of app. Don't bother. It didn't work for me, so I don't recommend it based on my personal experience from it. AWFUL!!

Unsupported! by Cover Orange2 2016-01-19

I downloaded this app. only to find out that there are quite a bit of “choices” that need to be made in order to get the best possible result. There is no contact number to be found and every time I sent an e-mail they responded with the same generic e-mail referring me to a link that just gave instruction on Windows not Mac. I’m very disappointed. I also asked for a refund and NEVER got a response, interesting…. So, if you don’t know all the aspects about encoding and ripping and you need some basic assistnace this is NOT the app. for you. I later found an app. called Handbrake which did a fantastic job and it was FREE!!

Not worth the time or money by Shirley Obaves 2014-03-30

I bought this app because it promised to convert movies to format that I could watch on my Apple TV. But I could not get it to work and their customer service department was no responsive. Bogged down in the middle of the rip! Had to force shutdown! It would continounsly crash which has a big headache. I read the other reviews, but still make an attempt to use the app but nothing!! I unistalled it and purchased another app that so far works great. Piece of Trash! Why pay for something that is broken. A complete and utter waste of money. Could you please give my money back? I really appreciate.

Crash! No use at all! I just looking for a conversion app. Now i should keep Looking!! by Ckdolli Roewn 2015-06-03

I want to convert my discs to mp4 so i can watch on my pad. It is terrible for me when I use this app. It didn't even work once for me and constantly showed me a dialog said quit with unexpected reason. And after a while, it crashed and closed. I tried several discs, and with no luck. Would someone recommend me another conversion tool which really works? I searched and tried many apps, but i don't found a great one until now. Thanks if you can advise. Just avoid this one, don't buy! I want my money back so i can purchase another one!!!

Just horrible…Stay away!! by sette ruprip 2014-03-30

This product is god-awful. Looks simple to use if it worked - but it doesn't. Nothing....did not work. When I try to rip a disk to make backup, I get errors at about 30 minutes into process. So my money seems wasted and it could have been avoided with a full end-to-end process test drive. No ripped file on the hard disk. Wouldn't work at all. Maybe it's user error. I'm not a techie type. But my rule is, whether it's a product error or a user error, not to buy products. Big waste of time!

Won’t Load A Disc by predato 2015-10-26

Out of 20 attempts I have only successfully loaded a disc once. That one time the program worked flawlessly and the result was great. However, for $15, I really can’t sit here and watch it give me a “disc failed to load” error every time. If this was $1.99 I’d say go ahead an buy it and try your luck. For $15, don’t even think about buying it.

Still unsure of the application and what it’s suppose to do... by SparksNVous 2014-04-20

My goal was to convert my DVD’s to digital files to watch movies through my iTunes catalog. While the application converts the file to the selected choice, and adds it to my catalog, I’m unable to view those copies through my Apple TV. I don’t know if this is working correctly or not.

Still unsure of the application and what it’s suppose to do... by IamaDanimal 2014-04-20

My goal was to convert my DVD’s to digital files to watch movies through my iTunes catalog. While the application converts the file to the selected choice, and adds it to my catalog, I’m unable to view those copies through my Apple TV. I don’t know if this is working correctly or not.

problems by sandra pospisil 2016-08-10

I wish there was somewhere I could call to get answers. I downloaded it because I thought it would rip videos to my mac. Now that I bought it nothing is said about mac. I’m having trouble figuring out how to download the second time. I need a place to call for help.

Crash Everytime by winder(909s 2014-03-10

This is absolutely nothing! It freezes my computer when i load a disc. Crash very often. I wasted $15. I have had a truly awful experience with this product. Since I was not able to use it. Listen to the other reviewers an stay far away.

Can’t download the APP after purchase by Mrs.Strowger 2015-10-14

Trying to download this to my iMac but it does’t seem to be letting me download it after i’ve clicked “BUY”. Please fix this problem or refund me the money for an APP I can’t even download to use.

It's useless, Crashes everytime by yurichz_hay 2013-05-13

AWFUL! It didn't work for me. It crashes everytime I try to start it, it restarts and crashes again immediately and freezes computer. Nothing at all. Totally rubbish! Save your money!!!

CBS by Boomer5405 2015-08-12

I bought this to put a video on my iPad Air and it will not work it says it is CBS protected BS!!!!!!!

Will not install by Saudadevida 2015-10-09

Trying to download and install following purchase and get error downloading. Please fix or refund!

Junk. by Kalmajo 2015-03-03

Handbrake works better and is free...