Easy Spending LITE- Expense Tracker, Save Money app free for iPhone/iPad
Easy Spending LITE- Expense Tracker, Save Money app free for iPhone/iPad

Easy Spending LITE- Expense Tracker, Save Money app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Easy Spending LITE- Expense Tracker, Save Money app free for iPhone/iPad

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*** Over a Million satisfied users of our apps ***

"I use this app every single day and is by far the most valuable app on my iPhone." - John Fredrick NY

The Easy Spending expense tracker, the most simple and convenient personal finance App is the most easy to use expense tracker on the go for iPhone and iPad, that neatly tracks all your cash flow between different accounts that you can manage.

It is now all the more secure, with the addition of Automatic Backup Service as part of its In-App purchase. With this feature you never have to worry about losing valuable financial data, either through accidental deletion or change of device. You can restore it anywhere.

Easy Spending helps you SAVE money by tracking expenses and letting you know the TOP Expense categories at any time.

Check out the powerful search features and meaningful reports.

Comes with easy gestures with convenient layout and clutter free interface, with large fonts, well spaced layouts for easy viewing and readability. You can quickly add an expense even while checking out at the grocery store or while at the gas station.

Great for maintaining monthly recurring bills with reminders, it has the convenience of an Expense Tracker and BILL reminders at one place. It reminds you of all your due bills, so that it can save you a dime from late fees or dues.


@ Never loose your valuable financial data with the All new Automatic Backup Service, (available as an In-App purchase)

@ Excellent cloud sync of all your transaction data.
(available as an In-App purchase)

@ BILL Reminders

@ MULTIPLE ACCOUNT(S) (available as an In-App purchase) Summary in a single screen, and nice reports.

$ Add a new Income/Expense in seconds.

$ Quick view of Recent Transactions and Top Income/Expense categories.

$ Passcode LOCK.

$ Support Fortnightly transactions.

$ NOTIFICATIONS added to Default calendar for recurring transactions as an option. Using this option, NEVER forget to pay your BILL on time.

$ See future bills/payments and income using, "UPCOMING TRANSACTIONS" view.

$ Cool Search based on category and notes

$ Record Recurring Transactions

$ Allows transactions to be emailed as CSV, and also uploaded to your Google Drive account

$ Store data for MANY MANY years

$ Use MULTIPLE accounts

$ Preview comments in History while drilling down the transactions.

--- Automatic Backup Service ----
Automatic Backup Service is an auto-renewable In-App purchase that lets you take automatic backup without you having to do anything manually. Just keep using the App, and an automatic backup of all you data is safely stored either weekly or monthly. When you App is deleted by mistake or phone is replaced there is no hassle in getting your data back.

This feature is offered as a free trial for one month, and the cost of subscription is $0.99 per month. It auto-renews every month until it is cancelled.

$$$ What our Users Say $$$

@ AWESOME !!!!!!
Easy to use! Simple! No Account required! This has a fantastic layout that allows me to quickly log income and expenses.
- by *EMP* 55

@ Love this app!
It has been amazing for money management :-).
- by Ms. Crank

@ Simply Wonderful!
I don't know how I got along without this app !
- by PunaGirl44

@ GREAT App!
This app is great and I use it to keep track of my grocery and extra spending. I have spent a lot less at the supermarket so far this month.
- by Jaxie5


Website - http://easyspendlite.tektontek.com
Twitter - @AppLifeStyle
Facebook - facebook.com/tektontek

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