Elmedia: multiformat video player Apps for iPhone/iPad
Elmedia: multiformat video player Apps for iPhone/iPad

Elmedia: multiformat video player Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Elmedia: multiformat video player Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Elmedia: multiformat video player Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Elmedia: multiformat video player Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Elmedia: multiformat video player Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Elmedia: multiformat video player Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download Elmedia: multiformat video player for iPhone/iPad
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Elmedia Player is a free video and audio player that will play virtually any file you throw at it, be it FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV, DAT, MKV, MP3 or any other common format. No need for additional codecs, plugins – this app has everything you need for your files playback.

Elmedia Player makes most of stunning HD content available everywhere these days. It provides perfect HD experience – smooth playback with no jerks & tearing of the video.


* Watch online videos directly from the app window – thanks to the built-in web browser
* Use ‘Open URL’ feature to watch online videos without intrusive ads
* Playback video full-screen – nothing to distract you from watching experience
* Pin the video on top of all other running apps – never miss a moment of your favorite movie
* Edit subtitles
* Make most of multiple audio tracks support & app’s own volume control
* Create & manage playlists – easy & fast
* Regain control over your audio tone with 10-band Equalizer
* Edit your videos with Video tuner: adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpness, reduce noise, etc.
* Fit the image into screen by changing video aspect ratio
* Control playback speed – increase, decrease, reset to normal
* Flip images vertically, mirror, rotate videos by 90/180 degrees, clockwise/ counterclockwise, and revert to original

Elmedia Player also has PRO version now available via in-app purchase.

**Extra benefits offered by Elmedia Player PRO!**

* Download videos from web – this includes videos embedded via HTML and streamed over RTMP, but not YouTube videos

* Easily download various media files (music, pictures, etc.) from the pages you are browsing in Elmedia, and save them to your hard drive

* Grab a still of your favorite moment or turn the entire movies into a picture set, you can define the intervals at which the snapshots should be taken

Elmedia: multiformat video player Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
28.61 MB
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Watch youtube videos natively on my Mac Posted by

What I really like about this media player is that I can upload a youtube link directly onto Elmedia, save it to my disk, and then watch the youtube clip whenever I want. This is perfect if you want to create a playlist of youtube videos and save them to elmedia and then later watch them when you have poor or no internet. I was going to take a long flight and I wanted to watch some training videos on Youtube, but I knew that I wasn’t going to have internet service on the plane. With Elmedia I was able to easily upload the youtube links to Elmedia while I was at home and then play them later when I was on the plane. The player is simple and easy and the quality is much better than quicktime.

High-performance Posted by

I’ve been looking for a more performant app that plays movies since all of the robust ones I’ve found seem to consume a lot of RAM and even CPU. I came across Elmedia and, at first, wasn’t too thrilled with the price tag… but I went ahead since it’s made by developers of other seriously awesome software. Gotta say… I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up a 4K movie file, opened up Activity Monitor, and was stunned at HOW LITTLE RESOURCES Elmedia uses!! I mean, WOW! 30-50MB RAM to play a 4K movie… Now that’s how software should be built, ladies and gentlemen! Very happy with my purchase!!

High-performance Posted by

I’ve been looking for a more performant app that plays movies since all of the robust ones I’ve found seem to consume a lot of RAM and even CPU. I came across Elmedia and, at first, wasn’t too thrilled with the price tag… but I went ahead since it’s made by developers of other seriously awesome software. Gotta say… I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up a 4K movie file, opened up Activity Monitor, and was stunned at HOW LITTLE RESOURCES Elmedia uses!! I mean, WOW! 30-50MB RAM to play a 4K movie… Now that’s how software should be built, ladies and gentlemen! Very happy with my purchase!!

Fully featured, smooth, polished UI Posted by

Great app. Does what built in media player(s) and VLC can’t. Plays pretty much any format you can throw at it. Nuanced control over everything from subtitles to video quality to hardware acceleration. I use this player to watch downloaded medical lectures. Great for organizing them into playlists, easy keyboard shortcuts to speed up, slow down, FF and RW. Best feature: A-B loop to watch a specific segment on repeat. SUPER useful when watching dense material that needs to be repeated to capture all the details. For the features, this pricepoint is hard to beat. Highly recommended.

Why pay for a media player? Posted by

Like many reviewers, VLC has been my “go to” default media player in this crowded space. But I have several products from Elmedia and they rarely disappoint, so I was willing to give this one a try. But how does this improve on the already awesome (and free) VLC player? For starters, Elmedia hits every major and many minor file formats that are out there. Then we have Airplay, screenshot integration and built-in equalizer. And maybe it’s me, but playback seems smoother to me than any other player I’ve used. Very cool app all around and totally worth your ten bucks.

Awesome Software Posted by

I’m always timid to media players because of the limited types of files that they can open. Elmedia has opened and run every file I have thrown at it without so much as a single hiccup. Very impressed at all the other options it features that I have not even considered until using the program. AirPlay was recently added too and that was the one of the most wanted features on my wishlist. Now if they add Google/Chrome cast to the program this will simply be the best media player in the app store hands down. Overall very impressed. Thank you Eltima!

Eltima software never disappoints! Posted by

Despite owning several Eltima apps, I was very cynical about paying for an app when VLC seemed to be just as capable. I’m delighted to say I have no regrets taking the plunge and that this should be a no-brainer purchase for others. It’s the small and slightly less apparent things that make Elmedia player a gem. I especially love AirPlay integration as well as the new h/w acceleration, as I did have some playback issues from time to time previously. What an incredibly well-rounded media player!

AMAZING!! Live saver Posted by

I’ve been wanting to watch a movie that was an hour and 49 minutes long and I was using this other app that took hours and hours long of converting it so I could watch it on my mac in quicktime player, and as I was upset about how long it was taking, I searched for a new app and I found this one and all I had to do was drag it on to the screen and it automatically started playing!! I was so happy and relieved. This app is such a life saver and it works wonders!!! Best one yet.

Elmedia Posted by

I am a military man and travel extensively. As you can imagie, getting signal for internet utilization can be extremely challenging, whether its the middle of the desert of the middle of the ocean. Elmedia allows me to download specific Youtube and other videos to my system so I can take them with and access them at a later time when I have no internet access at all. This has been a godsend in training my troops and for personal entertainment. Definitely worth the coin!!

Phenomenal Posted by

I have used either VLC or Quicktime media player for years but this application is not in the same league. From built in screenshots, to accessing Youtube in the media player, to airplay support, it has everything I need. The player can also be pinned on top of active apps! As someone that creates videos involving researching other video clips fairly often, this app is fantastic because its features increase my productivity. Would recommend to anyone, 10/10.

Elmedia Player is now my default video player Posted by

Elmedia Player is a complete video player that allows easy use and just about in every video format available. Has great clarity, contrast and as smooth playing as one can observe. Right click in the video pane shows many convenient features. Also allows for screen shots during video play. I've made Elmedia Player my default player!

Feature Rich, Easy to Use Posted by

On the top you have a simple media player that works with any file I’ve tired throwing at it. Underneath is the ability to capture screenshots, clean up video, passthrough AC3/DTS, display subtitles and function as a AirPlay server. Great media player for a great price. Well done Eltima. Time to give the Apple TV app a try.

Elmedia player PRO is great Posted by

I find the Elmedia player PRO works exceeding well. It was necessary to point and click to find out how the program worked. I opt for the PRO version which has great features and even puts the video in MP4 making it quite easy to use on a computer or other devices. All in all the PRO version is worth the money.

Playback speed and playlists work good Posted by

I was looking for a player that I could use to quickly create a playlist to watch some training videos I have on my hard disk, but at slightly faster speed (so I can watch slightly quicker). So far the free version does this well! I wish they also had an iOS version because I also need the same in iOS!

Playing MKV Posted by

If you’re downloading videos over the internet, you’ll come across lots of extensions most of which you don’t know. This is the only player I tried (Divx Player, MPEG stream, quick time) and is working with these weird extensions. big thank you. I wish it continues to be free.

Mostly good Posted by

I find this player to play most mp4 files, which have been difficult to see on VLC, my prior favorite. The playback window gets in the way for me. Have not been able to find audio sync (audio not in sync with the video). Have not used any download features.

Nice release Posted by

Tried free and paid players in the App Store to open mkv video, but only with Elmedia Player succeeded. Decided to try this player on other formats like FLV, AVI, MOV - Elmedia handled without problems. Works great on Yosemity. Best free player for me!

Restores Windows and old file formats Posted by

One of the recent updates to MacOS seems to have stopped supporting old file formats. I installed the old QuickTime 7 but no joy. After installing Elmedia I was up and running in seconds. It may not be fancy, but it works. Great job, and thanks!

Fair quality, worth it Posted by

This app seamlessly plays Windows Media files, which is impressive for a free application. I would feel good recommending it, but I would like to note that the quality of the footage when played on this app is slightly worse than the original file.

Good player for Mac Posted by

I used to use jetaudio for my PC, and when I’ve bought mac I needed something as simple. This one is ok. Although a bit compicated using. COmpare to Jet Audio and PC experience.

Absolutely useless by purcelus 2017-03-05

Everywhere on the internet, EXCEPT the developer's site, this app is advertised as YouTube downloader. Therefore I have purchased this app because I have been misled to believe this IS the AppStore version of the Pro, the one that allows YouTube video downloads. Information about which version of the app provides certain features, including YouTube download capability, appears on the SUPPORT PAGE, where people go AFTER they purchase an app and they have ISSUES, NEVER BEFORE buying an app....correct me if I'm wrong. After noticing this version of the app DOES NOT download YouTube videos, I have immediately asked for a refund, but I was "gracefully" rejected and offered a 50% discount (already available on their webpage) to purhcase Airy, the real YouTube downloader created by them. I tried to stand my ground explaining that NO ONE needs a video player for Mac these days, no matter how fancy, when we have VLC. FOR FREE. No sir. I had to buy Airy, which raise my overall spending for a YouTube downloader, to $20...waaaay too much for a YouTube downloader. And I'm left with a video player that DOES NOT read all formats, that CANNOT even read different MOV files... Absolutely pointless, useless and very frustrating. Can't figure why anyone would even think of "developing" a half wit video player these days for OS X, when VLC can read EVERYTHING. FOR FREE. Conclusion: DO NOT BUY THIS APP !! IT IS ABSOLUTELY USELESS !! USE VLC !!

No SWF support via App Store by Lance E Sloan 2016-04-19

Others have mentioned this, no doubt. This application, when downloaded from Apple's App Store, does NOT support SWF files. Since I was downloading this specifically for playing a SWF file, it turned out to be useless to me. Apparently, the lack of SWF support is a restriction placed on the developer by Apple. I think the developer could have handled it much better, though. When I tried to open a SWF file with it, nothing happened, leading me to search documentation, etc., until I found it wasn't possible. They should have made a dialog box appear with a message about the Apple-imposed function restrictions. Apparently, downloading the free application from the developer's website gives a version that will play SWF files.

No ability to set hotkeys! etc. by MailMeNoMore 2016-10-09

Kind of a lot fatal limitations for a major video player app to have. Not being able to double-click anywhere on frame to go full screen quickly. Also the ability to pause with a single click in the frame. The ability to stretch the slider bar across the bottom and not just have a small limited function box floating over. The ability to pause and skip frame by frame. Over all, it plays smoother and looks more professional than say, VLC, but lacks the fine tuned controls and options that many other players have had for years. Oh yeah, and no option for setting custom hotkeys!

Distorted playback, issues with clarity by MadeByMarkDotCom 2016-11-15

Rave reviews led me to this app, but the money I spent was wasted. In side-by-side playback tests, VLC outperforms it. Playback of .M4V files was especially pixelated, with persistent polygon-based distortion apparent in every frame. (That is, you could see little “triangles” imposed on everyone’s faces and the edges of moving objects.) The same files played in other players (VLC in particular) without this distortion. And while I knew this would be the case, you should be aware that this player cannot play video files purchased through the iTunes store.

Still not updated... by c0ppo 2015-10-12

Well, they said about a year ago that they will bring in 16:10 aspect ratio. Of course, no updates since then. At all. Lacking a lot of options, and I even bought this to support developer. But they have abandoned their own project, so keep that in mind. Just check out the latest update and when it was. Lot of free video players out there, and 90% of them outcompete this little hobby project.

Elmedia Player does not work by nac2444 2017-01-29

Purchased player to open MPEG-4 video files, but it keeps failing to open any of my video files which I can open using VLC player which is free. The control are poorly designed and the support email link is also not working. My question now is how do I get a full refund. I sent a feed back email to the company requesting one. What a disappointment this software is.

Do not buy it…………... by [email protected][email protected] 2016-12-07

I purchased this app to open .DAT files I don’t care about other files what can and can’t open. I asked elmedia the next few minutes for refund and I uninstalled the f app instantly and the answer was NO. Yeah $9.99 down the drain, I don’t really understan how come apple allows this to happen, perhaps money changes hands. any comments or suggestion?

Confused by P. Nana 2016-06-07

It plays none of the SWF videos it advertises when downloaded from here, so I don’t even know why they’re being advertised. I tried going to their website, but it just flashes some ugly pictures and crashes each time for some reason. I don’t know what they’re doing, I’m really confused.

Its really good but... by Liamaus23 2017-02-16

when i first got this program everything was working fine until it updated and now m4v files do not play correctly. I hear sound but no video. Not sure what happened but everything else works great. Worth getting more than any other program but please fix m4v files so it will be Great!

Whole Computer crashes when resizing videos by million7 2015-01-21

for some reason my mac freezes and then crashes in a very scary way after trying to resize a video. I want this app to be good. The interface is beautiful and it plays all the right files. But the crashing is a big deal breaker for me. Fix that and I will fix my rating.

Fraud by KlytusLord 2016-09-01

The App costs $12.99 here on the App Store. The download is the free version nagging you to upgrade to the Pro version for $12.99, which you have already paid. Developer ignores messages and replies with template “it’s your fault” messages. Avoid at all cost.

Doesnt work. by bigbenmanten 2015-05-12

This application worked fine for a bit but suddenly only shows a blank screen with sound. Uninstalling and reinstalling has done nothing. Same with restarts. Really liked it but now only functions as a music player. iMac Retina 10.10.3.

Bad programming by Forgeur 2015-11-16

It’s free, and it works, but every time you watch a video you have to check the folder containing the video file and delete the garbage that the player leaves.

One disappointment by Ellie-Apple 2017-02-24

This version will play but will not download or save YouTube videos. Also would not play a movie that I downloaded from iTunes.

Won’t show video by JoeLee 2016-01-17

It will play sound and show a green screen but no video footage. So I uninstalled.

It wouldn’t load for me by Picklepop 2015-08-13

The download seems to have gotten stuck. It never got past “loading”.