Evo Explores Games for iPhone/iPad
Evo Explores Games for iPhone/iPad

Evo Explores Games for iPhone/iPad

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Evo Explores Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Evo Explores Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Evo Explores Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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• If something looks real - it is real! If you don't see a problem - there is no problem at all. Just trust your eyes! • The regular laws of physics don't apply in Evo Explores. Even the gravity is under control of your imagination. • Manipulate surreal structures to solve mind blowing puzzles. Every level will unravel the history of Byte planet and its citizens. • Construct optical illusions to built impossible paths and guide Evo to the finish door. • Evo Explores was inspired by a gorgeous Monument Valley game. We are big fans of original game, but we love Evo Explores even more! Come share this feeling with us! Features - 35 unique mind blowing levels - Relaxing gameplay. No need to hurry - Accessible for all ages and for any experience in games - No in-app purchases. Pay once and enjoy


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Wonderful fun! Posted by

I was looking for another puzzle game like Monument Valley (fabulous game, there) and this popped up in a review search. I was delighted with the slightly different format, and the twists and turns were sometimes surprising but always doable without hints. A little easier than MV, but still beautiful graphics and the story line was really quite charming. A lightweight challenge in general, but still fun, and I think my grandchild (10) will enjoy this one as much as MV. That is the only reason for four stars....just a bit too easy for serious puzzle lovers. Very well presented! Hoping to see more from his group!

Second Expansion of Monument Valley That Never Was Posted by

This is Monument Valley if there was a second expansion. The puzzles were interesting and there are some new mechanics, but Monument Valley was better. Maybe that’s why they never made another expansion. I enjoyed the game, but I didn’t love it even more that Monument Valley like the developers said they did. Play Monument Valley if you haven’t, them come get this game when you are done with that one for another expansion.

Evo Explores Posted by

Nice addition to the 'Monument Valley' type game. Though this game is far less challenging, it does introduce the gamer to the mechanics of MV gameplay. I would suggest this game before 'MV', because if you are looking for a more expansive universe, you may be mildly disappointed with the lower complexity.

Loved it! Posted by

If you liked Monument Valley as much as I did, you're probably looking for something similar.. This will definitely fit the bill! The graphics are pretty, the story is cute, and the puzzles are just hard enough to be fun. Would highly recommend. Only problem I found is that it's over too fast!

Easy and Fun Posted by

It is obviously based on Monument Valley but simpler. I enjoyed solving the puzzles without having to resort to a cheat-sheet. It’s fair to say it feels like "Monument Valley Lite” but with enough different to make it worthwhile. I hope they will add more levels and deepen the story-line.

Great little puzzle game Posted by

I was looking for games similar to Monument Valley and of the ones I've tried, this is the best. Plenty of play time with decent amount of challenge to it. I hope they make more levels. My least favorite part was anytime the tape cassette was in play, but maybe that's just me.

Excellent Posted by

Love love love...if you love monument valley you'll love this game....these 2 games are the BEST...love the graphics ...love the puzzles ..also calming game ...I can't put it down...hoping to see more like these games

Wonderful fun game! Posted by

Similar but different to Mon.Valley, and very good in its own right. Very enjoyable, and most certainly worth the money! Thank you for making this, I hope you make a sequel so we can see Evo's next adventure!

Fun but short Posted by

Like monument valley in gameplay, well worth playing. I don't usually go on a marathon, so I didn't complete in one sitting. The perspective is sometimes hard to see. Still, very fun... BUY IT NOW

Very nice! Posted by

Its really nice to see such great effort put into a puzzle game. Worth every penny! Can't wait until the next Evo adventure! Thanks!

Prompts spoil the game Posted by

Was searching for something similar to Monument Valley and found Evo. Like the game but would prefer not to have the prompts.

Good fun Posted by

Like others have said, this is very much like Monument Valley but is easier. It is still a fun puzzle game and worth buying.

Short and sweet Posted by

As always I hate to see such a beautiful game be so short. I look at it as what is there got the extra love to earn 5 stars.

Delightful Posted by

Similar to Monument Valley, albeit a light easier. Sweet storyline with charming illustrations. My daughter enjoys it, too.

Fun but loses progress by DNSGeek 2016-04-13

This game is cool, even though it's a pretty blatant ripoff of Monument Valley.

Evo explores by Duffiestavern 2016-04-12

This is a poor ripoff of Monument. I want my money back. Take note Apple. Jack