Facefull for facebook full site desktop version Apps for iPhone/iPad
Facefull for facebook full site desktop version Apps for iPhone/iPad

Facefull for facebook full site desktop version Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Facefull for facebook full site desktop version Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Facefull for facebook full site desktop version Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Facefull for facebook full site desktop version Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Facefull for facebook full site desktop version Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Facefull for facebook full site desktop version Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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View the Desktop Version of Facebook on your iPhone or iPad!

With Facefull you can use and browse Facebook in its desktop version right on your mobile device. In other words like you will see it on your PC.

More and more people access Facebook with their mobile devices but are often left unsatisfied with their experience:

1) Some people do not like the limited functionality of the official Facebook app: no groups access, no settings, no chat, no messages, no checkin, frequent crashes, etc.

2) Others are already very familiar with the PC version of Facebook and dislike the idea of learning how to use its mobile version.

3) Finally, all the new Facebook features are usually first available in the desktop version and only later in the mobile version.

If you wish to use Facebook Desktop View on your iPad or iPhone now there is an app for that, and its name is Facefull.

With Facefull your favorite social networking app looks exactly the same way on your mobile devices as accessed on the PC.

The app provides also a set of shortcuts to access your most frequently used sections of Facebook, like
the feed, the calendar and birthdays, the messages, and the apps.

Features Highlights:

Post photos directly to your status
Use the new Graph Search
Change privacy settings
See events, birthdays, and app requests in a single page
See friends online
Get friends suggestions
Get friends' feeds
Delete posts
Download and upload photos
Manage multiple pages
Share posts to Facebook pages
Access Facebook Ads Manager
Access your apps
Create and manage groups
Use the Browse feature
Optimized for Facebook website
And last but not least access all the other websites in Desktop version

Facefull for facebook full site desktop version Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
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AWESOME app! Posted by

I wish that I could rate this app 1000 stars to counteract all the negative reviews that this app doesn't deserve. First, this app works. Please read the instructions that the developer has placed on the app's page. What you need to do is log in and then go to your computer or a browser and authorize the login. Many of us who use Facebook probably have a lot of these security features in place. Once you authorize the login, you can then use this app, just go back and log in again. Was very easy, and it took me all of two minutes if that. Second, this app is amazing. I have to say that I am very disappointed in how FB's apps function and are built. They are buggy and slow, and you can't use a lot of the features that you can from the computer. I use my iPad about 80 percent of the time so it is nice to be able to use FB and make updates to my page and profile without having to lug my laptop around. Great job from this developer!! UPDATE: Oh, and picture uploading works. I just did it twice on my profile and once on my FB page.

Why all the negative feedback? Posted by

I have had this for a few days, and am not having problems using this app. It is so much quicker than opening a web page for FaceBook. The regular web pages crashes ALL the time, especially in the middle of writing a comment or review. There was no problem installing the app. I cannot believe so many people are so inept at installing an app.

Awesome!!! Posted by

I was hesitant based on reviews but I was also desperate to get around mobile version of FB on my iPhone. I installed, logged in, and presto! Worked perfect!! I've only had the app a few hours but so far so good. Thank you for this app!!!

Awesome, no crash on iPhone 6 Posted by

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I Love this app, i don't understand why i see reviews that say that this app does not work. It doest crash for me, maybe i am using iPhone6. I can login, post photos, comments, etc.

Finally, a Facebook app not missing anything Posted by

I love this app. I had to open a separate app to manage pages I administer, but not now! And I can leave comments to other comments, like forum threads. I'm removing 2 other FB apps, and sticking to just this one.

Perfect Posted by

Any of the problems users have commented on appear to have been resolved via updates. This app is perfect for any user looking for a familiar web browser-based Facebook page interface. Exactly what I needed, thanks.

Desktop version Posted by

This is awesome, like others I could not get it to work and then I figured it out. When it wants you to log in go to bottom of main screen an use the blue Facebook square and login there it works great.

Good app... Posted by

I feel it's a little ridiculous to have to pay to access Facebook on your phone the same way you can on a computer, but I am really sick of the mobile version and the normal App. This works great.

great app! Posted by

Nice, now I have all my friends' pictures in my camera roll! It's so easy to download the pictures from my friends' photo albums, that's really cool!

Really cool!! Posted by

This is a totally new app. All issues are fixed. Finally I can see Facebook like on my PC Awesome! great job! Works great on my iPhone and iPad.

Great to manage page Posted by

Love having access to my biz page from mobile to do stuff the iPhone pages app can't!!! No crashes for me on 4s 6.01

Very good Posted by

This app works great and better than facebook for iPhone, it's worth the 0.99 cents if your looking for an upgrade.

I like it!!! Posted by

This app is very easy to use. I downloaded my friends' photo albums onto my ipad. Highly recommended!

Finally Facebook like on the pc Posted by

Just great finally I can the Facebook like in the pc. Really love it

Great Idea, But Very Limited Functionality -- Needs a Lot of Polishing, Including a "Help" S by Sweetest Deals 2011-02-06

** First of all, my experience of this app was using an iPad. ** This app's main function does work, but barely. Honestly, that's the only positive thing I can say about it. There are really no instructions to speak of, other than the ones contained in the description above. The pictures will start downloading, but it doesn't say how long it will take OR show how much time remains for the current download. I started downloading the first album, then continued to browse to other albums and started downloading them. Now, I didn't realize this at the time, but I later discovered that you can only be actively downloading ONE photo album at a time. You can't simultaneously download another album, and there is no download queue. This is not explained anywhere, so I wasted a lot of time that I *thought* was being spent to download a bunch of Facebook photo albums. So after my test run, I've decided to keep looking. I didn't "pay" for this app (thanks, Promo Dispenser!), but if I had I would NOT be happy with my purchase. (P.S. I'm constantly wishing more people would specify which device they are basing their reviews on, as universal apps often have very different behaviors on different devices. So please, when you review a universal app, emphasize which device it was used on. You never know... It could be YOUR app that gets my next "Helpful" vote!)

DO NOT BUY by Me1234Me 2013-08-25

This is the worst app ever, and I do not declare that lightly. The screen is oversized, but when u try to zoom in, there are constant problems. Even when u are on the spot u want, the screen moves and jerks and u can't see what you're writing. When u try to go to messages, or are in the middle of something, ads from the maker of the app pop up. It is so frustrating it literally made me cry, as I was in the middle of messaging someone and the zoom went crazy and the app shut down and I lost all the messages. Not only should u NOT BUY THIS APP, it should be taken off the store, as it is so terrible I feel it is almost a scam.

Needs Update! by JeremySolo 2014-04-26

Facebook updated and made changes to their site about a month ago, and now this app crashes ALL THE TIME. It used to happen once in a while and I just got used to it, but now every time you try to zoom even a little bit, it crashes. And the text is so small you can't use it unless you do zoom. So right now it's useless. Please fix!

Garbage by Madhatr6699112 2013-08-08

Crashes religiously if I ask it to do anything other than just open up. All the things you need it for don't work. Crashed before the last update and since, when they specifically said this would fix the crashing. I give up. It's just an exercise in frustration. I'm on an iPhone 5. Oddly, it works slightly better on my iPad 2.

Necessary Evil by ladymiss_53 2014-02-28

This does crash a lot, but is the only way I can share a particular post or video to one party, a group or one of my pages ... I also go to it to see how my posts and timeline covers etc look to other people ... And to see what they're liking and reading etc ... If it didn't crash every time at some point Id give it 5 stars ...

Crashes and freezes and doesn't scroll sometimes by Wild4Rock 2012-11-28

Downloaded this app started trying it was happy at first then became disappointed please fix the crashes and freezing up and other issues! Need to fix some game apps especially Pillow Fight can't send multiple pillow fights the send button is missing!!! Fix this app or I will download the other app that is free from somewhere else

I suspect this is a scam app by morgang48 2012-08-17

Like others say, it keeps asking me to log in, I never get past that. Now it has my password and email. Also, when you tap the "I" for info it only brings up ads for other apps, one of which spells Google wrong. I'm going to report this to Apple, delete it, and change my FB password. Another buck down the drain.

Terrible!! by Nursekg 2012-10-29

This app is a waste if money. I purchased because there are things you cannot do on the free mobile version. It freezes and kicks you off it to only go back on and have it continue to happen. Apple please fix this app or a refund would be nice!!!!!!

Why would anybody pay for this? by damronhimself 2014-09-29

Seriously. I got this when it was free and can't understand why the developer would charge for this seeing that you get the same Facebook experience from any web browser. Oh well, there's a sucker born every minute.

Easy Download for Facebook by gsheppard56 2012-03-15

This is an easy way for you to download a dollar to some yahoo working from his bedroom. This thing cant download a thing!! Dont waste your money or your time. Look somewhere else. Otherwise.........I told you so!!!

A Waste of Money by Kips Mac Pro 2013-03-01

This app should of been free. The font is so small on it til it defeats the purpose of having the fil version. It also crashes each time u try to post a comment. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!

Anne37 this app you still have to make the page bigger to see so its okay by airbenderkorra 2013-01-29

I think it's cool that they have a full version website for Facebook but the only thing I noticed is that you have to make the page bigger so other than that its okay I just think it should be free

Don't waste your money by Southpaw Mark 2012-08-28

Can't log in on the iPhone 4S, constantly takes you back to the login screen each time! App was very poorly constructed! Doesn't matter if your already logged into Facebook or not!

No recommeded by Luis Arteaga 2012-02-06

Totally des agree with this app. I bought this app several week ago and up to now cannot download a single profile from Facebook. Fraude..! I should not give any star.

DO NOT BUY!!! by Ladydelilah 2012-09-05

This app charged me, and I was not able to get passed the sign in page. I have an iPhone, and rebooting, nothing worked. I want my monies back!

Rip off by Smithlsjr 2012-08-17

This app keeps crashing. It opens for two seconds then crashes. Tried deleting and reinstall, still crashes. I want my money back

Maryannea by Misty Angel' 2013-10-13

Terrible app! Constantly crashes. When writing a message, it freezes up, and goes to another page. Don't waste your $$$...

Does not work at all. by tjshutterbug 2012-07-17

The app keeps bringing up the log on page. I was not able to get it to work on the iPhone or iPad. Waste of money. Do not buy!

Do not update by Andru A 2011-05-06

They've made it where you can no longer download albums thus denying the very purpose for which they're selling it.

Stay away by Weavis55 2011-10-27

Does not let you import pictures from iPad to Facebook as it suggests. Not sure if this app does anything.