Filmora Video Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad
Filmora Video Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad

Filmora Video Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Filmora Video Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Filmora Video Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Filmora Video Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Filmora Video Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Filmora Video Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Filmora Video Editor Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download Filmora Video Editor for iPhone/iPad
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Filmora is an intuitive, easily mastered, video editing software that lets you focus on making your videos amazing.
Specially designed for video editing beginners, Filmora Video Editor not only allows you to do all the basic editing work such as trimming, merging, cropping etc. , advanced editing features, such as video overlay(PIP), multi-screen, Green screen etc. are also available for skilled users who want more hard-core effects.
Over 300 of pre-made Hollywood special effects will enable you to easily turn a video into something extraordinary with minimal effort.

Get a quick video overview of how Filmora works:

Please feel free to send us your question, we'll feedback to you ASAP.
Specialist: [email protected]
Support team: [email protected]
Find a quick solution:

>>>Support Editing Videos of any type

+ Import your videos/photos shot by iPhone 6s, GoPro, camcorder or other devices.
+ Download photos/videos directly from Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.
+ Record anything appearing on your Mac screen with voice over.
+ Take snapshots for your video clips at any moment you like.
+ Scan video clips for scene changes, to separate footage into individual cuts for advanced editing.

>>>Apply Pre-made Trendy Effects/Titles etc. to Videos, highly Customizable!

+ Enhance you movie by adding TEXT/CREDIT, such as opener, lower 3D, 100% customizable.
+ Over 300 hundreds filters and overlays for you to choose, all are free, and well designed.
+ Add more fun into your movie with the Mosaic and blur face effects.
+ Create unique videos and slideshows with various transitions and elements.

>>>Personalize Your Story with Creativity

+ Cut, merge, trim, rotate, and crop any video files like MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP3, JPG, etc.
+ Create Time-lapse and Fast/Slow-motion video by adjusting the playing speed as you like.
+ Bring your work into next level with Green Screen, Split Screen and Picture-in-picture effects.
+ Stabilize your shaky Action Cam footage in one click.
+ Add some style to your videos by easily transforming them into fun, tilt-shift style miniature scenes.
+ Give your story a new style with easy-to-use color controls.
+ Precise control over both video and audio frame by frame.

>>>Don’t Forget the Music & Sound effects!

+ Choose royalty free music or audio effects from Filmora library, a hand chosen compilation of artists from the Pacific Northwest, with genres ranging from Hispter Folk to Electric Pop.
+ Apply music from your own iTunes collection
+ Allow you to adjust speed, volume and pitch of audio and you can fade in/out the audio at any part.

>>>Share with friends and family

+ Share directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more.
+ Burn videos to DVD with high quality and speed.
+ Export your clips to iPhone 6s, Apple TV 1080P, PSP and other devices.
+ Preserve videos on your Mac in format MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MKV, etc.


Please feel free to send us your question, we'll feedback to you ASAP.
Specialist: [email protected]
Support team: [email protected]
Find a quick solution:
See more tutorials on our YouTube Channel:


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This does exactly what I want it to do Posted by

I was never really happy with iMovies but it did what I wanted so I stuck with it. Until, that is, I got an iPhone. That was when I found out that iMovies (at least, my version of it) doesn't rotate video. All the video that I took in the upright position was on its side in iMovie. That was when I searched for an alternative that would allow me to rotate videos and how I found Wondershare's Video Editor. I was a bit hesitant based on the 1, 2, and 3 star reviews, but I was able to test it out first by going to their website and downloading the demo version. When I saw that it was exactly what I wanted I came back here and bought it. When it comes to rotating video all it takes is a simple click or two, and the option to rotate is clearly visible. I didn't have to go hunting for this option. I have a website where I review products and many of the videos I take are for that site. I was even more pleased to see how easy it is to add my site's URL at the bottom of each video. Movies are not the only thing I have edited with this software. It is also easy to make a video from photos, but this initially caused me frustration. I knew how long I wanted each picture to remain visible before transitioning to the next picture, but each time I would set the time and select "Apply duration to all", I would then watch the video and see only the first image being shown. I thought something was wrong, but all I needed to do was click the "All Clip" button at the top of the viewing area. This isn't meant to be a professional program, but I love it because it completely meets my needs, and it is much easier to use and figure out than my version of iMovie. I highly recommend this software!

intuitive design, good file compatibility Posted by

The user interface is intuitive and does exactly what I expect. It reminds me of an old version of iMovie, which was also very intuitive but unfortunately it has been phased out. I don’t do very sophisticated video editing but mainly a few basic operations: (1) cropping / zooming (2) trimming (3) splitting and mergging (4) exporting to some format I can post online (5) occasionally rotating (6) title, caption (7) exporting to some target format. It has been quite robust so far. I’ve had compatibility problems that I solved using Filmora Video Editor. For example, I captured video using my GoPro in mp4 but Facebook would give me an error when uploading. I also tried converting the video to different formats using other tools but no luck. Now I edit in Filmora Video Editor and export — problem solved! I just need to use one tool. I bought this app after trying out the eval versions of several video editors that either puts a mark (which the free version of Filmora does) or limits the video size or length (which some other programs do). Filmora costs a little more than I thought I needed, since I just wanted basic features that I used to be able to do with iMovie and QuickTime, but I ended up wasting a lot of time trying to use different tools for one or more missing features on my list. Filmora saves me time trying to figure out the workarounds. So… I think it is worth it.

a go-to video editor for non-pros Posted by

I love the Filmora interface and have had very little trouble figuring out how to utilize the features. the one thing i DO NOT like is that there are two different versions: one via the mac app store and one if purchased directly from the developer. I bought it via the app store a few months ago, and there hasn’t been an update since. the developers were very helpful when i wrote to them about this, and were willing to give me a Filmora serial number so that i could get the latest versions from their site, saying that updates were more prompt on their site than from the app store. I understand that, except it’s not completely honest. from what I see, the app store version is NEVER updated, and the features you get for free if you buy it via their site are slightly pricey add-ons if you got the app via the store. i understand that developers deserve to earn a decent living, and I support them in that (though I’m unemployed for a few years now). what I cannot support are half-truths and broken promises. short story: the app is good, but as far as i can tell the developer isn’t necessarily trustworthy. sad to say it.

Excellent Value for Ability and Price (only a short wish list) Posted by

As a Final Cut Express (FCE) user (which was discontinued years ago by Apple) I needed an editor to due simple entertaining short videos. Filmora has enough power and simplicity. I would love it if it used Key Frames and had more control on video fading in/out, but it has so many advantages on the simplicity, useful side it was an excellent purchase. Most notable is its extension export formats and is why FCE is being used less. I have Apple’s Motion to add the self-created element motions that I design for FCE and now Filmora. I did try the Movavi video editor demo for over an hour to see if it would satisfy my needs, but it is seems little more than iMovie for its ability. I tried CyberLink’s PowerDirector (Windows) a week ago on my iMAC with Windows 10 installed and it was unsatisfactory. I stopped using it and reverted to Serif’s MoviePlus after trying CyberLink. I have owned MoviePlus for years and am hoping their Affinity Division creates both Desktop Publishing and Video Editor products as their Photo and Design software are outstanding (just visit them in the App Store to view their great reviews).

Can't be beat for the price and features Posted by

I use a Mac Mini version 2,1 and it is upgraded to the specs of average 2010 models, running 10.8.4. For my system, Wondershare is the best deal you can get for a solid, reasonably fast video editor/converter which will render 1080p and burn discs. I had used Wondershare previously on Windows and liked it pretty well but then I got Premiere and that was all I needed for a while. Well, Premiere doesn't handle a lot of file formats which Wondershare does, and I have a ton of .mts files from a hard drive recorder. It would have taken forever to convert them all to something Premiere would handle, so I just bought Wondershare and it works great for basic editing, effects and conversion. I'm impressed that software this cheap would do 1080p because some more-expensive brands hold back on that option until you spend a hundred or more bucks.

Intuitive and Truly Easy to use Posted by

A simple movie editor that is intuitve in the true mac tradition. I am not a pro movie editor. I don’t imagine I will ever be a pro. I don’t need all the extra features that others might need. I just want to put a couple clips together with an opening screen, some nice transitions, a few cool effects, a good close, and some sound. Video Editor 3 does that. Video Editor 3 does what I want and it does it simply. I jumped right in and finished my first project in about 5 mininutes without any hassles. I wanted to loop a quicktime movie and put it on a memory stick to plug into a samsung TV. Samsung is very specific about what Codecs can be used….. Video Editor 3 had all the necessary adjustments that were needed to make it work. 5 Minutes, BOOM! Done! Everyone thinks I’m genius.

Just one BIG thing Posted by

I purchased this because iMovie wasn’t compatible with my computer. I love this more than iMovie exceot one thing… You can’t select part of a clip. You are left with cropping only. If I had a bit of dialog from the middle of a clip that I wanted to delete, I would have to import the video twice and crop it twice. This makes it nearly impossible to edit “vlog” style videos impossible without taking 7+ hours. This really is a deal-breaker for me, making this software practically unusable, and definitely not worth the $20, which is a sale price.

movie star dream Posted by

Cool app for movie editing! If you don't like the default iMovie app on your mac, this is exactly what you want. There are so many useful edit tools that not inclueded in imovie and these special effects are outstanding! I hope there will be more effects in future updates. But still, very good app and give it a try!

Pretty Cool! Posted by

This app comes with some pretty impressive features. I like the flexibility that comes with adding filters and effects (it feels like iOS) and titles. There are also some pretty handy features like chroma key or green screen, collage templates, and screen capture for your Mac. This app is well worth the investment.

Best video editor hands down.. Buy it Posted by

I tried a number of video editors out there and I found this newer version quite stable and easier to use. It’s way easy to upload to youtube and other website. The best thing also it doesn’t crash like the other free or more pricey programs out there.

Three stars may be generous... by missakris 2015-12-27

The video aspects of the program are decent. I’ve used better, for for the money I can’t complain. When it comes to timing music to it, forget it. You have no idea where your music will time out with this application let alone getting action to match a beat. It’s impossible. I tried to use a side-by-side video format from two perspectives and, while it looks okay, the best sync I could get was within a second. There are no spit-seconds available no it’s not right on the beat. I’m disappointed in a feature that the company seams really proud of. Doesn’t work folks. Oh, and one more silly addition. The multiple screen variations have a thumbnail to help identify the look. When I export the video, the dang thumbnail shows up at the end of my video. Real professional looking—NOT! Very odd bugs that seems to crawl out of the woodwork too much. Pick something else unless these folks fix the bugs in existence.

Regret Buying by zartman's ok 2014-06-15

Thought this would be an upgrade from iMovie and it was “on sale.” Easily the worst piece of software/app I’ve ever bought. 1. Crashed many times loosing work. Even crashed trying to export. 2. Couldn’t play back file so couldn’t see what it actually sounded and looked like untill you export… which might crash. 3. Randomly inserted short files of pics or videos when editing. Had to zoom in to even find and delete these split second inserts. 4. Automatically made duplicates of photos imported into the edit. Had to go back and find those to delete. Basically, this software isn’t close to being ready to be sold. Fuctionally, there are far less options in editing audio than iMovie. Audio editing is horrible/nonexistance. Will probably buy iMovie now so I don’t have to use this software again.

Its good for basics by Solman44 2016-08-03

I love Filmora its easy and simple to use and with so trial and error you can figure out how to do pretty much everything. Now my issue is with it constantly crashing on me! I just had to edit a video for my youtube channel, The Morning Hustle, twice which due to the size of the video took me 3 hours each time so it goes without saying that I almost went out and killed a hobo in frustration when at the very end it crashed on me. Now it did recover my work but it recovered a strange mutate of my brain child that came with squished and misplaces sections of video and strange phantom Audio coming from seemingly nowhere! overall its good lets me put out videos everyday by my deadline but caution is advised when trying some more advanced video techniques.

Poor service by No happy Mister 2016-01-21

I have tried to contact a customer service rep at Filmora in regards to my issues. No luck. Once someone responded via e-mail, i asked if i can speak to a live person/representative to get my issues/questions resolved promptly. Again, no luck. There is a problem when uploading footage and also, as stated by another person here…it constantly freezes up and crashes. Not good at all. I am unhappy and would like a complete refund. Who can assist me with this request?

Poor service by Lee listens 2016-01-21

I have tried to contact a customer service rep at Filmora in regards to my issues. No luck. Once someone responded via e-mail, i asked if i can speak to a live person/representative to get my issues/questions resolved promptly. Again, no luck. There is a problem when uploading footage and also, as stated by another person here…it constantly freezes up and crashes. Not good at all. I am unhappy and would like a complete refund. Who can assist me with this request?

Always crashing by SharonCarolineCastro 2016-11-09

This app is ok, WHEN IT WORKS. It is constantly crashing on me. I will be in the middle of a project, try to save the latest changes and it fails. Error message is always the save failed. Ever since I bought it for $50 I have had problems with it. It does the basics for video editing beginers but with my mac, that is in amazing shape with loads of space available for working, this app is constatnly crashing, so far it is only wasting my time.

CRASHING by Naddleeez1211 2015-04-25

I am very upset. I purchased this to help me complete a project for Spanish class, as iMovie was giving me a bit of trouble. I figured that for 20 dollars it would be awesome! I was so excited- I loved the different text options. However, upon attemping to add video to the project, it crashed. Three times. It is completely unusable. I usually don't leave reviews, but I wanted to warn everyone of this before they even bothered purchasing.

Save often by MisterGreggy 2016-03-27

This app crashes a lot! If you want to move a section of video and related sound effects, be prepared to re-position everything after that. When you cut or drag a section of video, all the following video sections snap to the left to fill in the empty space. The sound, titles, filters and other accompanying sections don’t move, so now you have to go thru the entire video from that point on and reposition everything.

Uncertain... by thisproductisnow useless 2015-09-29

It would have been nice to know that Video Editor had become Filmora Video Editor after spending an entire day wondering what the hell Filmora was and why was it on my system. As for the program itself, while there seem to be many more features than before, I am on the fence due to crashes when saving. However, I will continue to muck around with it before concluding if this is something I do want to continue to use it.

i just purchased this app by lady D06 2016-02-23

i just purchased this app and this is the free version. The amount of money for this app $49.99 is to much money for the free version, it has none of the features that is on it and im not a happy customer and i would like a refund. if they are not going to give you what you payed for they should take this app down.

SO ANNOYING RIGHT NOW by candlewich 2014-02-23

Every time I try to put a large file in to edit, it keeps crashing! It seems like it just gives upp. Waste of money, because the videos i upload are around 10-15 minutes. When you put a small video in, the effects are just ok. Looks like something you could do in windows live movie maker.

Not what I expected at all! by DJ Joey Dino 2012-05-16

This program froze up on me 3 times within the first 15 minutes. I just wasted $40.00 on this POS program. It does not have LEGIT video editing capabilities, it does not recognize my songs in iTunes and worst of all it freezes everytime I tried to do something within the program!!!

I want 3 things by WirelessGeek 2014-01-05

I want to have 1:1 video size. I want more precise trimming ( more than seconds, I mean milliseconds) Third, when I want to download more effects, it says (Download failed, please check your internet connection) and my connection works perfectly.

Would be great…. by Kelly Geromette 2014-02-05

The program is super easy to use. Which is great for people like me who aren’t computer literate. HOWEVER….it keeps crashing right in the middle of making my movie. Nothing more frustrating than that.

Outdated by rufustjkj 2016-07-06

Not a bad App but I get add for free add ons in app.. I could not install any free App.. I emailed them and there response was that I should buy new version from there site

Video Editor 2 update by grumple999 2013-12-05

Just installed, now I can’t open any media, new, existing absolutely nothing.!