Filters for Photos Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Filters for Photos Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Filters for Photos Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Filters for Photos Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Filters for Photos Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Filters for Photos Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Filters for Photos Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Filters for Photos Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Filters for Photos Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Free today! No hidden fees or in-app purchases. Filters for Photos brings dozens of high-quality filters right at your fingertips. Apply them to your images and get amazing results instantly. Vintage, Alien Skin, Black&White, Analog Film effects, Sketches, Brush Strokes, Comics, Color Splash, Grunge and many more. You'll feel inspired and creative with Filters for Photos. - Works as the Photos extension and the standalone software - 30 creative filters for all types of your photos - Live preview - Selective editing for every filter - Tools to adjust and tweak your filters - Quick preview - Export to popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, 500px, etc - Export to other popular photo editors: Aurora HDR, Snapheal, etc - Save as TIFF, JPEG and other formats And the best part, you get the app absolutely free. Enjoy unlimited creativity, make stunning photos and check out more photography software from Macphun


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My favorite editing tool Posted by

I was used many editing tools on my mac but i'm not satisfied with it. But after using this app, i'm know it's created for me. Perfect app with over 30 high quality filters to edit my photos and makes it more professional. Every steps are so easily and quicly than other app. I can create my own photos then share it to my friends via Facbook, Twitter or save to my devices. Thanks very much! I'll always support you!

Good application Posted by

Good application , although ignorant of the image editing thanks to this app I can manually edit the photos àm I need , and not thanks to someone knowledgeable about art , from the photos I can adjust the milk bad for brighter colors brighter, and increased thanks to this app that I get beautiful photos pleasant to me , thank you for making this app , good luck .. .

professional app! Posted by

I have try many photo filter app but this one still pretty good and the most important is this app is free. This app consumer app, which you can use either as a standalone app or a photo extension, offers up to 30 customisable filters accessed through photos extension function .It have my picture good. Thank you!

fantastic Posted by

This app provide a lot of beautiful filters.And it is easy to operate,Just select a photo from my Mac and choose one filter,it will change the photo style and i can share it to others.This app can allow me to create so much different styles photos.I like to use it to process my photos.

great photo filters app Posted by

I have try many photo filters app but this one still pretty good and the most important is this app is free. If you like photographer or just like to edit your photo with some filters, don’t miss this app. Hope the developers can make more great filters in next version.

Great app!!!! Posted by

This is the best photo editing apps for your Macbook! I have been confused with so many editing apps, I don't know which ones to choose when working on my picture. Finally I found this app and It was so easy to use with just one-click <3 Thanks to the dev!

Surprising results Posted by

I’ve been using this for a couple months now. I am surprised by the professional look of the results. Even without adjusting anything, the results are satisfying. It is very easy to use, and operates inside the Photos app flawlessly.

Good design, good software! Posted by

Today I downloaded this software, I really liked the design! It is very clean, simple and easy to use! The effects are good! I recommend to anyone who likes the filters for photo! Congratulations to the developer! I liked it :))

Awesome photo filters! Posted by

This is very cool photo app with a lof of stunning photo filters. Just choose a photo and apply any type of filter. You can also edit photo effects for every filter. Very simple and easy to use app. Definitely recommend it.

MacBob Posted by

I’ve just had this app for several minutes and have tweaked a few photos for a trial run… I like it… it is fast, simple, and really does give you options that are fun, enhancing, and cool. Thanks for the filters!!!

best app so far Posted by

I’m so glad I found this app. It’s so easy to add filters and compare before and after results simultaneously. It’s like Instagram but with different filters, and I can easily save them.

Simple, Ease to Use Posted by

Extreamly easy to use. Comes with 15 filters, but signing up gives you 15 more. Some filters have a few sliders to adjust the settings. Not bad for a free app to do some really simple filters.

nice app Posted by

Export to popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, 500px, etc export to popular social networks Facebook, Twitter, 500px, etc ; save as TIFF, JPEG and other formats. Thank developer!

Amazing Posted by

App have very filter. Color filters are very nice and have a lot of new filters. App is very easy to use, i edit photos only takes a few minutes. That ’s very wonderful !!!

greatt app Posted by

Photos become better with the filter installed in the app. Save images to the storage savings as tif, jpeg and other formats. Nice !!

extension is unworkable for me by very-simple 2016-12-31

when used as a standalone software, it opens my photos OK, but every time I try to use as an extention from within photos, I get an error that it cannot open my RAW files (mine are Olympus .orf files). They're the SAME files, and i've tested using the exact same photos to be sure that it wasn't a problem with a specifically corrupt image, and I still have the problem. There are cool filters included, but I have zero patience with the idea of having to use software outside of the photos ecosystem (which I find cumbersome enough as is) and then reimport edited images, so unless/until this issue is resolved, this software is basically non usable for me. Note - It seemed to work fine when i first downloaded it ages ago, but that was with my old camera (Nikon).

Maybe Fix the extension so it actually works with macOS Sierra by cornstalkk 2017-01-27

So I got this for free and I guess you get what you pay for. It worked great for a while. Since macOS Sierra came out the extension will not work. I emailed customer service twice within a six month span and basically they kept saying “yes, we know there are issues with filters extension and macOS”. Um, ok, how about fixing it at some point? Or just let people know the extension doesn’t work and you have to use it via the actual app. macOS has been out long enough now that they should have fixed it.

Horrible by Xxxxyyyzzzz 2016-12-30

This app is terrible. There is absolutely no instructions or help to use it. All I could use was a single row of filters and couldn’t figure out how to find anything else that was available in this app. Nothing, Nada. Tried clicking on every button and icon and nothing. You need to have some sort of simple tutorial to guide people like me to use this. Very disappointed.

Doesn’t work as an extension in Photos 2 by tracemeek 2016-10-23

Nice group of filters, but it has one fatal flaw: it doesn’t save the finished photo when used as an extension in Photos 2. It cycles forever, and I have to force-quit Photos. Photos 2 did introduce bugs, so it’s likely an Apple-created issue. Still, this app won’t be useful to me until it works as a Photos extension.

ah by ewejoy 2016-05-18

Somehow I missed there was a second page of reviews and wish I’d noticed sooner. The app is ok. You get what you pay for I guess. I’m not terribly impressed. With the first page of reviews I was expecting a little more wow factor. I guess it’s all in how you use your photos.

not working as Photos Extension by milopus 2017-01-28

great looking filters, and used to work great, but with the latest version of Photos, it does not work as an extension. After applying the filter and trying to save the photo, the spinning beachball appears and force quit is necessary. Please fix this.

OK standalone, crashes photos app by Jeffnles1 2017-02-07

Great idea and it works OK stand alone. Eery time I use it with the photos app, it crashes and lock up so I have to force quit and start over. OK app as a free standing but forget about using it with photos.

A bit misleading by Albvs 2016-05-06

The description indicates 30 filters. The reality is 15 filters for free and another 12 filters if you sign up for their newsletter. Of course, the Sketch-related filters aren't included in the free set.

registration by Ivan Melnik 2016-12-15

Its terebel registration I got this app from my account APple so what a point to do conformation with this program? and yours confirmation from email dot working. just to much. make me freaking out.

Worthless by Morphie12 2016-05-07

From even a basic photographic perspective, this App is not worth the effort to download, even though it is free. Try it yourself, if you are curious.

Doesn’t work on Sierra by RJG1999 2016-10-25

This app didn’t work for me on the latest Mac OS Sierra. When going to save the image it would just hang.

Check the reviews. Don’t be fooled. by Practigal 2016-05-10

Only one of these reviews sounds real, and it is the one star review. The others sound like paid reviews.