Find the Ball Games free for iPhone/iPad Press play> One Tap on Cup> Smile :DDid you find the easter egg?Thanks to everyone for feedback ;)---A"/>

Find the Ball Games free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Find the Ball Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Fast, Funny and the First ;)

"The shinbone is a device for finding furniture in a dark room."


> Press play
> One Tap on Cup
> Smile :D

Did you find the easter egg?

Thanks to everyone for feedback ;)

Accept No Imitations!


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Lilbushlilvick7 Posted by

Dear the people that made this game best idea ever I will not let this game go (: and you guys rock for making this game everyone thank the creates who ever made this cool game....... And the next game you guys make!!!...!! Make it fantastic :):)(: way to goo people "clap" "clap" "clap" good job.……............ !!!!

;) Posted by

I like this game cuz it's entertaining and trust I need something to entertain me cuz I'm always bored. (sometimes it goes to fast tho and it gives me a head ace) but I'm ok lol ~~duces~~= -----o00o ( @@ ) o00o--- ( )

Pretty cool Posted by

This game is fun to play, but I don't like how it automatically starts you from the beginning level after you exit out, and go back and play it. It should be upgraded with the option of starting from levels, that have already been achieved.

Pretty cool Posted by

This game is fun to play, but I don't like how it automatically starts you from the beginning level after you exit out, and go back and play it. It should be upgraded with the option of starting from levels, that have already been achieved.

sosseh cahvejian Posted by

Hi my name is sosseh cahvejian and I really love the game find the ball and to all the girls out there except my best friends Ferrahian High School and (part of ferrahian)Marie Cabayan ELementry school is THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Find the ball Posted by

Dear the people who made find the ball I love your ideas and I here you are nice here are some facts about me my name is Jessica I am 7 years old and I am in second grade. thank you for the awesome games I put them on my iPod love Jess.

Pretty Good Posted by

I've had this game before and it's great, but in the new version, the app banner is in the middle of the screen so I can't see if I found the ball or not! If you're buying it, remove the ads. Otherwise, please fix it!!

Find ball Posted by

It is really fun and really challenging and the creators are really brilliant coming up with this absolute fun game it is so cool and so very very addictive and fun !!!!!!!!!:)!!!!!:):)!!!!!!!!!!!:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)!!!!!!!!!:)!!!!!!

Awesome!!! Posted by

This is a very entertaining game, but whenever I turn off the iPad my current level goes away and I have to start all over. Somewhat disappointing, but entertaining.

Awesome Awesome Posted by

This game is awesome and people who like search and find should get it for FREE!!!!!!!

I give a big thumbs DOWN by: upset older sister by Kansas04 2014-02-04

I give 1 STAR i wish that i didn't have to give any stars but it made me!!! when ever I play the it will say your slower then a herd of turtles and other stuff that might upset u grrrr I hat this app!!!!!!! This app made my six year old sister cry! DO NOT WAST YOUR TIME PLAYING THIS GAME:(

Soooooeasy by Grrrrrrrr........ 2013-02-16

This is so easy it's boring. Make games a challenge people!!! How many of u guys herd of the cup song with pitch perfect I can do it. Today I was at this movie thetar and I did not want to watch it so I toke my popcorn to the bench and did it and people gave me $$ (not trying to be mean)

Crashes!!! by Soccergirl54143 2012-04-04

I can't even play the game because it will say it's loading, and then it crashes!!! If you fix this, I guess I will get the app agian, but I'm going to delete it now. Why waste my time trying to get it open when I could be playing a better game?

Ok by Qwertyui1 2011-07-08

I got the free one but it's just to slow and really easy. I really don't think you should get this if your wanting a something hard don't get this!

The fide the ball game by Nonechloe217 2011-11-15

I really like the game I think it is really fun I rated it 3 because for me it doesn't save my records so I don't like having to start all over again

Easy - getting bored by -Ghost-Rider- 2013-01-20

I find it very easy. Completed 23 levels in one shot and now deleting it because it doesnt show total number of levels to complete the game.

Good free app by ipodthe 2011-11-28

This is a good app for being free. But its very annoying how you keep having to start over. I like the funny sayings it has

Won't work by BieberGal161 2011-08-07

I downloaded the app and it came up and kept closing... Couldn't even play it!

It ok by BatterCake 2011-11-26

Well, at least it was free.