Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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The practical, innovative, and elegant GTD® task management tool
* Efficiently manage your delegated tasks ("Waiting For" list)
* Speed up your weekly GTD® review by organizing via drag & drop
* Clearly schedule your tasks with the integrated calendar view

Firetask combines the advantages of David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD®) with proven classical task management features such as due dates and priorities in a unique way. Unlike other task management apps, Firetask is strictly project-oriented and highly efficient. Firetask syncs wirelessly with Firetask for iPhone and Firetask for iPad.

Use the "Today" view for fast access to tasks due today or in the next days as well as to your next actionable task per project. Group tasks by "Categories" or "Projects" including a special "Waiting for" category for tracking tasks you have delegated. Use the "In-Tray" to quickly enter thoughts and ideas so that no single good idea gets ever lost again. Easily manage short-term tasks on a "Scratchboard". Finally, use the "Organize" and "Calendar" views to support your weekly GTD® review process and keep track of your personal task and project archives including GTD®-style "Someday" and "Trash" lists.

GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. Firetask is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.

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Think I found “The One" Posted by

Like most others, I’ve tried many task management apps. I used Things for quite a while, but I found myself wanting certain functions, e.g., a calendar view in which I could manipulate tasks or ways to easily see and sort by whether or not the task was now in my hands or someone else’s without using tags. Needing those functions sent me searching again, and I tried Firetask. The interface is clean and intuitive, so it’s pretty painless to switch over to it. While the ability to categorize task type, create projects, and sort on various task components isn’t exactly unique, I find that Firetask makes it all very easy. I have yet to have that moment when I feel like it takes a few steps too many to do something, when too many extras make it seem like I’m wasting the app, or when I want to do something but the app isn’t built to let me do it. Everyone needs something a bit different in task management, but Firetask seems to be in sync with the way I think. The cost of the app across multiple devices is worth it to me. The most helpful features to me so far are -calendar view that shows color-coded tasks by priority by day -calendar view that lets me move tasks and change due date via drag/drop—great for long and short term planning when precise due dates have to be shuffled or when related tasks have to shift -ability to easily see tasks by project, category, priority, date, or the person assigned to the task; and if you don’t use those features, they won’t clutter your user experience -easy to indicate and see that a task is in-progress -syncing across all devices (computer, tablet, phone) is smooth and trustworthy (it was a bit buggy a few months ago but I no longer experience problems) -phone and tablet versions are robust and user-friendly -It does not automatically move overdue items forward to whatever “today” is in the calendar view (a pet peeve of mine); I like that because at a quick glance I see what I’m behind on instead of having to sift through lists to redecide what really is for today and what is older. -ability to reorganize tasks via drag/drop based on less precise dates, i.e., it doesn’t need to be today, but should be done soon (the Organize view shows lists of Today, Tomorrow, Due, and Next with the In-Tray so those stray tasks can be sorted) -ability to edit tasks on list screens or by opening a window for the task -easy to set up and edit recurring tasks (which actually recur the way you tell it to) -ability to filter tasks in Calendar or Organize views I wish it had the ability to attach files or images to tasks. I can add notes to tasks, though.

I LOVE IT Posted by

It has always been hard for me to stick to a certain GTD piece of software. I used OmniFocus for a year or more, Remember the Milk for a few years, but have found processes that I can't quite fit into those two applications. In short - I find it hard to fit my system in with their model. So I usually combine RtM with a good note-taking system for other aspects of my GTD process. But I am in love with this application - it took a number of great paradigms from iOS-based UX and made them work (better in a few cases than Apple has been able to do with Lion -- I LOVE the Category-etc lists). The UX is incredible - and that's a huge part of a to-do/gtd application. I am still testing it and am simply elated and wanted to write this short 'in progress' review of the application, but I look forward to continuing to try it in my workflow. This is a really solid application from what I can tell, though.

I loved this app & then I had a problem - now I love it more Posted by

I really loved this app from the get go. I don't know why, but for some reason, it is the first task manager that has worked for me. It is meant to be compatible with GTD systems. I'm not a GTD person, but I think that that underlying concept is what has made this app so useful for me. The app stopped functioning on Tuesday. There was no apparent reason. I tried all the regular stuff, then I contacted their support. Within 24 hours I was up and running again. The app owner/designer followed up when the patch didn't go through. He explained that problem and the likely reason the app had stopped working. Then, he resent the patch with instructions for installing. Got it, installed it and I'm back to work. For me, great functionality with top notch service can't be beat. Fantastic app with fantastic support.

Solid application Posted by

I have used several different To Do and Notes applications, and each seem to have their own strengths and weaknesses. I tried this one because of difficulties I was experiencing with other programs. Firetask has a solid simplicity about it; it syncs well with my iPhone (of course, you have to buy a version for the iPhone), and does everything (that it purports to do) well. As the developers evolve the program (and I do hope they continue to do so) I would recommend the addition of a few features that I could use: 1. Calendar overview (adding a week-view and perhaps a month-view) 2. MobileMe and or Evernote sync capabilities 3. Due Date & TIME together 4. Push notifications 5. Cherry pick the best features of the competition and put it into Firetask. It's a very good start, and I'm glad to be using it.

Firetask is Fantastic! Posted by

I don’t understand why there aren’t dozens of five star reviews for this app. It’s like the best kept secret in the App Store, which is ridiculous. Granted, it is a little pricey for the Mac but its clean, simple design, many creative GTD features, and lightning fast syncing across all devices make it well worth the cost. I have tried many, many project and task managers and most are very good for what they do, but none provide the flexibility of seeing and manipulating your data from so many different angles with so few clicks. Best of all, it has made a significant improvement in my productivity, which is what it’s all about. Also, I sent a few questions to the developer and got a fast and helpful response. It’s a great piece of work.

Wow! Posted by

This is a great app for starting out GTD, I have found others to be very complicated. The UI is neat and elegant. Categories and Projects has icons for you to use which I have found visually appealing. Syncing is free and without issues. I guess a couple of downsides of the app is not having a weekly review and the option of adding allocated time for a task. However, the developer is working on this and I hope it would added in future updates. ---- The New updates are amazing! I can see a weekly review now, organise my list, reminders, repeat! I would like for firetask to allow for creation of sub folders in projects in future updates. Well done!

More productive already! Posted by

Really love this app! I've been looking for a good GTD implementation to help keep me organized with the myriad of work (and personal) related projects and to do items that arise on a daily basis. This works great! Still needs a few features to make it "perfect", but it is making me more productive already! And, even better, having everything captured and visible in a single app gives me piece of mind that things aren't falling through the cracks.

pretty much perfect Posted by

This is the first task manager I've ever stuck with and I've tried almost all of them. I like the mix of GTD and priority rankings. The UI is pleasing and colorful enough to keep my interest without being distracting. I've also use the iPhone and iPad apps and they all work together quite well.

very poor support and very little help - buggy sync by Jerry Myer 2011-02-04

I paid for the Mac version, the iphone version and the ipad version, hoping to be able to sync and take my tasks on the go like most other programs. Synced once to my ipad, iphone would not work, and now the ipad won't sync. Does not say why, and there is absolutely no help on line, or built into the program. you have to be on your wireless network to sync, and I was, but it did not work. I have two other programs that work just fine over the interenet wihtout having to be on the same network to sync. I feel like I completely wasted my money, and it was not cheep. Until they get their act together with some support and help on line, and they allow syncing over the cloud, it's a waste of time and money. It's too bad, because I like the interface and the look and ease of the program, but if it can't sync to your mobile device, what's the point?

In desparate need of an update by myriv 2016-11-25

This is a nice and elegant organizer/project manager/to do app. Simple and easy to use, and has all the features I need. However, it constatntly freezes, and have an annoying lag time. I am using it on a reasonably new iMac with 32MB RAM, and the latest MacOS. I am hoping a new version is in the works, and an update is coming really soon!!

Wonky Update by Shawn Murphy The Rebel Leader 2014-11-20

Typically I love Firetask, especially the Organize view. But the update makes the app useless. I can’t add tasks; they disappear. The syncing between devices is wonky. I expect more from the developer. Let’s hope these critical functionalities are fixed ASAP.

Omnifocus, I'm sorry I keep trying to leave you! by Wordwreck 2012-05-29

If you need project-based task management where your tasks within a project are structured, this will be a waste of money for you. It was a waste of money for me. No matter how hard I keep trying to leave Omnifocus, I keep having to come back to it.

Lots of bugs by guigaamartins 2014-06-25

It’s amazing how the syncing does not work properly, it erases some tasks. Sometimes it duplicates it. It’s driving me crazy Not worth the price! Potencial to be a very good app, but so far a lot of details to improve and bugs to fix.

Sync is broken by Tewest99 2013-07-29

Used to sync - now all my devices claim they have had the names changed and sync is broken - could not find any help through support … Deleteing the app and regretting the high cost of $39.99 to purchase it ...

Cloud Sync and Time Stamps by Pixel-Monster 2011-07-02

This app really needs Cloud Sync and a true Time stamp by hour.