Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad for iPhone/iPad
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The practical, innovative, and elegant GTD® task management tool
* Easily focus on upcoming due and next tasks in a single view
* Efficiently manage your delegated tasks ("Waiting For" list)
* Speed up your weekly GTD® review by organizing via drag & drop
* Clearly schedule your tasks with the integrated calendar view

Firetask is the first task management app to effectively combine the advantages of the classical approach based on priorities and due dates with David Allen's "Getting Things Done®" being specifically designed for the iPad. Firetask for iPad syncs wireless with the Mac version over a local WiFi network or with any other Firetask app over the Firetask Cloud.

Use the "Today" view for fast access to tasks due today or within the next days as well as to your next actionable tasks per project. Group tasks by "Categories" or "Projects" including a special "Waiting for" category for tracking tasks you have delegated. Use the "In-Tray" to quickly enter thoughts and ideas so that no single good idea gets ever lost again. Finally, use the "Organize" and "Calendar" views to support your weekly GTD® review process and keep track of your personal task and project archives including GTD®-style "Someday" and "Trash" lists.

GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. Firetask is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.

Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Interesting first version Posted by

Nice UI, and the fantastic draggable organizing page is the most unique feature that makes this app worth having. Very clean, easy to use; good thing because there're no direct help files, or even a direct link to the developers site to find out how to use it! If you navigate to the developers site via the app store there are a few tips. I'm getting occasional crashes, but not constant. There are some missing features that would make this app better, but this is a first version, and they'll probably be added in the future. Like, there's no alert method, some of the views need more sort options, and the tasks on the organize page don't show what project they're associated with. It would be nice to have subtasks under the tasks, like OmniFocus. I like this one better than Things. I love OmniFocus, but this one is easier to use and allows simple views you can easily work with and get things done. Sync to the built-in Calendar would be nice, too, and would form a backup for non-Mac users. I'd like to see a view that only shows the one next task, no list at all. The Mac app from the developers site is also nice looking, and seems to sync flawlessly. Overall, very nice start for a new app in a crowded field.

Lovely, consistent GUI for GTD Posted by

A little early, perhaps to give this five stars, but there is lots to like. The idea of GTD, as I understand it, is to organize your tasks in manageable, doable units. You can put everything in Firetask, but by default it only presents what is due today, and the "next task" for your projects -- perfect for big lists that might be overwhelming presented all at once. (You can see all your tasks in Firetask, but the default is those tasks for today and "next"). The other thing I really like is perhaps peculiar to me: the portrait and lanscape view is essentialy identical (portrait is just narrower). I think every other task manager I have looked at changes what you see depending on landscape vs portrait, which slows me down ever so slightly -- where did projects go? Oh yes, that's right, you have to the button to see them in this view -- perhaps I am a bear of little brain, but I love the streamlined approach of Firetask, and its adherence to GTD as I understand it.

Great UI and I mean the Best! Posted by

I will add to the other review here and agree with him also. For version one this is a really great start. I have all versions of Things and Omni (Mac, iPad, iPhone) and I have to say this one has the best UI out of all of them. I like Omni for it's flexibility and the million and one things you can do with it, but the learning curve is long and trying to remember all of the options is no fun. This one is very easy to use and it will not take you hours to figure out how to use it. It's very straight forward and easy to get around in the app without getting lost. So far the sync seems to work flawlessly back and forth which is a major plus! It could use more features which I'm sure will come. I hope this app goes some where.. Good luck to the developer and hats off for the work that they have done on this so far..

Beautiful and effective Posted by

Firetask is an opinionated task manager that encourages you to follow the "Getting Things Done" philosophy. The interface is uncluttered and the app does not try to do too many different things. I really appreciate how the app adheres to Apple's Human Computer Interface guidelines. I recommend pairing this app with its companion mac app that is also beautifully minimal in its design. In both apps the user interface gets out of your way and allows you to focus on the task at hand. I rarely write app reviews but I felt compelled to rate this app because the author obviously put tons of time into crafting these deceptively simple apps!

Absolutely Beautiful, Still Room For Improvememt Posted by

If you guys have been looking for that 2Do app that works better than things, is far less expensive than Omnifocus, has great organizational tools and fast customer service than you have found that app. Some room for improvement such as the ability to assign custom/multiple individual local notifications like in the application by guided ways called 2Do which isn't a bad app itself; however fire task is still better do to it's GUI/Speed/Features. Its hard to write a full itunes review on something that will only read by a few people but understand me, this is the BEST GTD app for the iPad, iPhone and mac

Nice app, but missing customization Posted by

I use this daily for organizing my work, but I wish the app had some basic customization options. For example, I often work on one major project at a time (for weeks or months), but there's no way to set the default project when adding tasks. This means I have to reset the category for the task from the default 'miscellaneous' to the project I'm working on every time. I'd also like to set a default date (say 2 days in advance) that that tasks get when created, so I don't always have to type one in. In short, I like it, but the app still needs a little development.

Awesome alternative to OmniFocus and Things Posted by

This is an awesome alternative to OmniFocus and Things. I'd been using it for a few weeks now as a freelance designer and it completely fit the bill without the hefty price tag. For me, I use it to manage clients but also daily tasks. $40 for an app is overpriced. The app is very minimalistic, simple and clean without all the clutter. Thank you! I look forward to future updates.

Wonderful hybrid approach Posted by

Firetask is the best of both worlds: GTD and traditional prioritization. The "Today" view presents you with just enough so you are not overwhelmed. The cloud syncing is flawless. I've switched from Omnifocus, also a good app. Things to improve to make it a 5-star app: start dates; due dates on projects applied to tasks within the project. Great app!

Brilliant for busy people! Buy it now! Posted by

This app has helped me become more focused and a lot more productive within hours of loading it on my iPad instead of days for similar apps. I even worry less because now I don't have to remember all those little details thanks to its GTD implementation. If you are constantly on the run like me, buy this app, it is the best value for money out there.

Great app! Posted by

Use it on a regular basis now. It does what it needs. Quite simple and straight forward which makes it really easy to use. I love those notifications! Few things to bear in mind for next releases: - setting up exact time for the task and length - integrate tasks into iPad calendar - explain the value of similar icons on the left pannel at the bottom

Great! Posted by

I luv it. I've tried so many todo apps and this one fits me perfectly. Two main features stand out from the rest of the pack. 'Actions', which allow you to focus on what needs to get done next, versus one big list and the GREAT 'Organize' view. Keep up the great work!

Better when buttons were on the left Posted by

I liked it much better before the new look. My biggest complaint is with the buttons across the bottom. It was much easier to press the buttons before when they were on the left edge. Maybe give us the option to place them on the bottom or on the left. Otherwise a nice app.

Excellent application, love it Posted by

This is a simple yet excellent application, especially if you for GTD methodology. I use it extensively to manage my task as well as a basic calendar. Very clean and intuitive UI and UE.

Simply the Best Posted by

Being an OCD perfectionist (I mean that affectionately), I often spend more time tweaking tasks and organizing lists than I actually spend performing tasks. Sound familiar?

OK but doesn't deliver like 2Do by RedSpyderX 2012-07-14

I read reviews for this product extolling its project management capabilities beyond and comparing it (unfavorably) to 2Do. I disagree with the comparison to 2Do; this app is not even close. First of all, I own Opus Domini, Omnifocus, 2Do, Things, and many more - all bought in an attempt to better manage my many tasks and projects. 2Do doesn't do a good job on project analysis (good on keeping project tasks straight though) but I use inShort for critical path and this app cannot replace that. I would consider this a viable alternative to 2Do if... 1. You could use Start Dates - I'm a businessman and need start dates to manage my tasks 2. Repeats - this is not very rich in repeating options. For example, I have a low priority task to change my password every 3 months. 2Do gives me a nice option of generating the "repeat" 3 months after the tasks completed - very useful. 3. Sync - here's the big shortcoming. This app syncs with a special server, 2Do syncs to IOS tasks. That means I can add a task to any program that generates IOS tasks (e.g. Outlook on both my PC and Mac) and its available to 2Do through iCloud. 4. Locations - once again, as a businessman, I need tools to manage my tasks. When I need to Followup with a customer on "my next visit" I simply put a task in with the customer location and it reminds me when I am near. The app is OK but the comparison to 2Do is off base.

Good, pretty idea but sloppy execution by MacTheMan55555 2011-08-11

I really want to like the app since it is pretty (nice icon, love the drag and drop to arrange your immediate week) but it is not ready for prime time.... This should be a beta version... iif you come from other todo systems (like I did) you will already have others tasks (I had over 300)... With that volume the following happens: - syncs take forever and are very unreliable (one sync attempt resulted in a duplication of all my tasks!... That I had to manually fix... Task by task, since this is the only way that Firetask let's you operate on tasks) - it constantly crashes There is also no search function, no duplicate handling, you can't determine which fields are displayed, can't exclude useless views from the screen... All in all this feels like a first try... And the sync seems to be done via a MacMini sitting somewhere in Austria operated by a dial-up line For now I am very frustrated having spent $10 on this

Unstable, half baked iphone port by the sheep are speaking 2011-04-18

Purchased today and already deleted it. A shame, I was really expecting much more. This ipad version seems just a port of the iphone version. It does not seem to use the ipad capabilities to its advantage. Tons of redundant tiny, iphone-style dialogs to add input. Lacking documentation. Doing the same thing requires different action depending on what section of the app is active, very counterintuitive. Sync hangs the app (you will need to erase it from memory or it will restart hanged). Crashes unpredictably, particularly when changing the status of tasks and projects. Requires user action to refresh the screen. Overall you have to spend more time accommodating to the app quirks than actually using it. I had high hopes based on the previous reviews, but they fit the iphone version better. Hold on until these issues are resolved.

Huge potential! by Jessabelle 2011-10-15

I have downloaded and used so many task management apps I've lost track of the money I've spent. They either look amazing but lack features, or have all the features I want, but look like a three-year old coded the interface. Firetask has beaten most of them by far, especially for the price. The only problem I've found is when I attempt to move a task from the "tray" to one of the other columns in the "organize" screen, the app crashes. I'm hoping that this may be an issue with the newest firmware upgrade, and that it will be fixed soon.

Wanted to use, but…. by servnhim 2012-12-31

I purchased Firetask over a year ago and have yet to use it mainly because it does not allow for syncing with services like Evernote, Dropbox or iCloud. They have listed on their site that they are working on a cloud solution for Firetask, but that is also a turn off. I don't need another subscription just for tasks. Lastly, I looked at the app for the Mac and could not justify the $39 price tag. Firetask has potential, but the price and the inability to choose existing cloud services for backup or collaboration.

Fair..not worth $9 by Battab 2012-11-29

While the product is visually pleasing and has good organizational flow, for $9 it lacks robust functions such as: 1) No search 2) No subtask for projects 3) No auto snooze or flexible alerting capabilities I think the app is worth $3-4 tops without the capabilities. Plus I have attempted to contact the company a number of times with no response, so I am thumbs down on the experience with the product and company.

Nice to-do manager but sync doesn't work by rkminc 2013-08-19

I enjoy using Firetask on OS X and even feel the iPad version is fairly well designed, with one very large exception: sync options aren't available. It should be much easier to figure out how to get your ipad and Mac in sync, especially when you pay for both instances of the app! I feel ripped off for buying the iPad version and having access to no synchronization options at all.

Simple to use - need ability to link notes by Braves2292 2012-04-03

App is intuitive and manages projects / tasks well. I am really in need of the ability to align my notes to a project so that they are chronologically ordered. I would really appreciate this app if I had a notes section aligned to a specific project. I find I don't use this much now.

Broken sync, frustrating support by Matthew_Moore 2012-12-22

This will not sync to my Mac, no matter how many times Gerard tells me to reset syncing. I can get the initial sync, but from there tasks do not sync. I created two tasks: Test iPad and Test Mac. Neither one show up on the other system, and that's ridiculously unhelpful and annoying.

ok, but severely lacking & overpriced by Ketzelle 2012-10-24

if you use an iPad, iPhone & mac, you fill find your self shelling out 3 times in order to have your data on all three devices. and its not cheap compared to other productivity apps. The cloud functionality is also very behind an un-intuitive.

Mostly very good... by leosmama 2012-10-23

But you need to work on some of the obvious user workflow/UX stuff like the sync workflow. You can't go backwards in the sync workflow, you have to delete the app and reinstall to try a different sync method.

Pretty bad! by Poweruserallthetime 2012-01-23

It keeps crashing!!... I have used the application in total for under 5 minutes, I have had it crash and exit about 4 times.

Would love it by PelDalton 2010-12-28

If it didn't crash every two minutes. Fix this and it's a five star app.