Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPhone Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPhone Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPhone Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPhone Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPhone Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPhone Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPhone Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPhone Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPhone Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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The practical, innovative, and elegant GTD® task management tool
* Easily focus on upcoming due and next tasks in a single view
* Efficiently manage your delegated tasks ("Waiting For" list)
* Visually differentiate context using colorful category icons
* Repeating tasks with predefined and custom repeat patterns

Firetask is the first task management app to effectively combine the advantages of the classical approach based on priorities and due dates with David Allen's "Getting Things Done®" being specifically designed for the iPhone. Firetask for iPhone syncs wireless with the Mac version over a local WiFi network or with any Firetask app over the Firetask Cloud.

Use the "Today" tab for fast access to tasks due today or the next 5 days as well as to your next actionable task per project. Group tasks by "Categories" or "Projects" including a special "Waiting for" category for tracking tasks you have delegated. Use the "In-Tray" to quickly enter thoughts and ideas so that no single good idea gets ever lost again. Finally, use the "More" tab to access your personal task and project archives including GTD®-style "Someday" and "Trash" lists.

GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. Firetask is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.

Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPhone Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Well designed, elegant, stable app Posted by

I've been looking for this app for a long time. I've used a number of other GTD style task management apps, some popular, some not so much. I used Things for about a year, but it had a major flaw that did not work with my workflow. This app is well designed, elegant, stable, and most importantly it has a workflow I like. That last thing is tricky, because everyone has different needs when it comes to complex task management. I can't say for sure if it will work for, but for me it's perfect. I usually have 10-20 open projects ("projects" in the GTD sense). I can sort them manually and see the next task for each of these projects with my manual sorting retained. I can also set due dates and flag items so that they appear in the Today tab even if they aren't the next task for a project. In keeping with typical GTD workflows, there is an inbox list (In-Tray) and a Someday list, both of which I use frequently. Categories could be used like GTD contexts, but I don't use it that way since contexts are not important for my workflow. I just use categories to set the icon for tasks and projects to help me visualize what type of task or project they are. Tasks can also have priority, but priority does not affect sort order. Some people have criticized the app for this, but I don't use the priority feature often so it's not been an issue for me. There is an iPad and Mac app that go along with this iPhone app and sync via a proprietary cloud service. I am not using either of the other apps at this point. I just do everything on the iPhone. The interface is comfortable enough for me that even with large lists of projects and tasks I can manage it. An app's quality is something that can be hard to determine from screenshots alone, but I feel like after about 20 seconds using an app, you can tell if it's good or not. This app is good. For an app that I use a lot every day, I need something responsive, stable, and pleasant to look at. Firetask does it for me. I started using this app several weeks ago. This latest update was not major, but it was a nice incremental update. The tabs are ordered more logically and the project and category views have a dark background to help differentiate them from the task lists. Overall, it's a good update. Glad to see that development is active. Hint: If you want to find out if the Firetask workflow will work for you, you can download a free trial of the Mac app from the Firetask web site and play around with it. I did this before purchasing the iPhone app. The features and functionality are the same, it's just a different interface.

Excellent App Posted by

DON'T listen to the negative reviews. This app is extremely well thought out and deep. This is definitely a 'project oriented' task app. If you want a true GTD app or just a simple to-do app, look elsewhere. I've tried lots (over 10) of other to-do type apps and this (along with Dunnit!) is the best I've used. From the UI to the functionality, it rocks! First, all the issues others have expressed are either fixed in the latest version or are just opinions. Second, this app is fairly complex. I LOVE that, but others might find it a bit confusing. It's got lots of great ways to categorize and assign tasks to projects that are presented in a great UI. Like others, I have my subjective opinions when it comes to design and how certain funtions are implemented but I'll convey those to the developer in an email. The only reason it's not recieving 5 stars from me is that it lacks two components: a web/desktop interface for desktop use (which I believe is in development) and some type of alert system (push notifications).

The Ultimate Sync between Apple Devices! Posted by

I just got this product and LOVE it. I now have the Mac version and the iPad version as well. As a student, switching between my devices is constant among all my work and to-dos. So having a device that syncs my to-dos and organized by class allows me to see what I need to do in the most efficient manner. I highly recommend this to students! It even uses 'badges' to notify you of events due that day that are not completed. A nice feature that encourages users (especially myself) to clean up their app screen by doing the tasks they need to do! A procrastinators worst nightmare! I am extremely satisfied with this app and service. I am excited for future updates and features. One wish: iCloud syncing, instead of FireTask's cloud syncing. This could be more automatic and utilize Apple's already existent and very efficient offer than the proprietary way that Firetask uses now. Overall: I recommend this app to anyone looking for a to-do app.

Feature request Posted by

I have just started using this app and I really like it. It has all the ways of organizing my to do list that I need. By topic (project) - for planning/making sure everything is on the list; by type (phone calls, errands, to dos) - for efficiency; and by both Due date and priority - for sorting the most important items to the top of the list. However, I have yet to find a task management system that adequately handles lengthy (multiple-days) tasks. I would like to see an additional field for either 1) duration - with the sort order being based on the calculated "start date" or 2) "do date(s)" - which would be the days you plan to work on it. I am currently handling these tasks by entering them twice (or three times) and putting the do date in the due date field and entering the actual due date in the notes field.

Good app Posted by

The apps UI is nice and I especially like the different icons that you can use to mark your tasks with. The main thing I want in my task manager is syncing between my iPhone, Mac, and iPad and this app does provide a cloud syncing service. The only downside is that you have to either manually click the sync button or set it to do it automatically on opening or closing the app. I tried to set the sync on close, but didn't notice that it ever synced my tasks. I have it set to sync on open, but I have to sit there and wait for it to finish, so it would be nice to add background syncing so that we don't have to wait for it to complete. With background syncing this would be a 5 star app to me.

Good but need some extras Posted by

Overall I like and use this app. I like the inbox and scratchpad for just about replacing the need for paper. I like the projects and categories and icons. Like the dark interface. My wish list (If these exist please let me know) 1. Search for a task. If I don't remember where something is need to manually look. Leads to duplicate entry. 2. Select a combination of projects or categories. To customize a view. 3 Ability to just synch w iPad and not have to use the cloud. Even if going through computer. (win7)iTunes. Your so close to making an awesome, please continue to enhance.

After extensive searching... Posted by

...I finally found a competetor to Things. I liked that app a lot, but was a little dissatisfied with its disorganization when multiple tags were used. It is also frustrating that it's almost abandonware. But I found this, saw its similarities, and saw its triumph over Things, offering extensive organization in categories and projects, as well as using "next", "someday", and the great "today" feature, which I needed. Its UI is beautiful as well. I had a question for the developer, and got a quick response. I'm done with my search for the perfect task app. Thank you!

Support is great Posted by

I have the iphone, ipad and mac app. I decided on firetask after months of looking into the various GTD apps. I like the interface and it works for me. A must in future updates is: one click way to check off a completed item OTA. I had problems syncing my devices and I have to say the support was great! My issues actually didn't get resolved...and I had to lose some data and start afresh on the mac app and then sync with ipad and iphone. However Gerald really tried.

Great App Posted by

This is a great project task management app with good solid features and a very intuitive user interface. I needed a simple app that would sync my tasks between my mac and iphone. The Sync feature works great and is easy to setup if you read the documentation and it only took a minute to configure. I am looking forward to future feature enhancements and an iPad version.

After looking long and hard... Posted by

...this is now my app of choice between the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Has great OTA sync, which Things doesn't have yet, seems to be more user oriented, unlike Omnifocus and looks as beautiful as both of them. So far I'm a happy camper. I love the fact that you can mark a task as "in progress" too instead of just completed.

Great, super solid app! Posted by

This is one of only two task management apps I would recommend. I love the calendar view on the iPad and Mac versions, and cloud sync keeps all my to-do's updated on all my devices! Highly recommend!!

HTF combined methods + runs smooth Posted by

GR8 update. Effective and reliable task app. Not many apps combine the best known prioritizing and calendar methods. • Can recommend • Tested w/ 3G iDevice running iOS 5.1.1

Best todo app Posted by

I am a busy guy. I've tried all the to do apps on iOS. This is the best one. Great iOS 7 update.

Needs Improvement by Fighting Irish 1978 2009-01-16

Okay for a first run, but needs some improvements: 1) Selecting a due date - would be nice to see a day associate with the date, i.e. "Friday, January 16" not just "January 16." 2) Notes - needs the most work. a. should be able to use the full screen for notes. To Dos many times require additional data and with the current formatting, the user only has one line and as you type more, the line extends but doesn't wrap. b. You cannot view a note in its entirety from its To Do screen. You only get a glimpse of it and in order to review your entire note, must tap it. Even then you have to scroll off the screen. See 2a regarding text wrapping. 3) Cannot figure out how to adjust whether your "Today" window shows items due today or 5 days from now (as advertised in the product info). There are no settings adjustments either in the program or on the overall iPhone settings button. It has potential, but recommend waiting to purchase this until after the next couple updates. For now, I'm going back to Things. Cheers.

Lots of potential by JonathanPacheco 2009-01-28

The app's UI is wonderful, but I'm afraid that the program complicates where it should simplify. For example, I find it incredibly cumbersome to mark a task complete. Maybe I'm missing the obvious, but if I want to mark something complete, I must click on the task, click Edit on the next screen, click Status, click Completed, click Save, then click Done. Most task managers allow a one-click completion with a checkbox next to the task. I'd be happy with 2 taps: click the task, then in the Task Info page, have a checkbox at the top that says "Completed." Speaking of the info page, I wonder if it might work better if you didn't have to click Edit if you wanted to alter anything. I think the only reason people view that page is so that they can alter something. Why not make it immediately clickable like the task lists? Anyway, some ideas, tips, etc. I still use the app, and I do enjoy it. I appreciate the work from the developer and designer.

Easy and simple to use... but a few enhancement requests... by xtremeBrit 2009-02-22

The UI is nice and clean, the app is very easy to use and most importantly... it doesn't crash every 5 seconds (like 90% of the other apps in the App Store). :o) The App does need work (yes, everyone's a critic): - The Summary Totals on the Categies screen does not work. Some Categories show totals, whilst others do not show a total at all (and yes, there are tasks associated with the categories) - The Projects List always shows "No next task" against each project, even when projects to exist. - Since the last update, the "Task Detail" screen does not render correctly. :o( Enhancement Requests / Needs: - A screen that shows ALL tasks (preferably grouped into the following groups: Today, Tomorrow, Next 5 Days, Future). At the moment, the "Today" screen only shows "Due Today" and the "Next Task (per project)". :o(

Nice U,I Lacking features by Caldwellone 2009-01-19

I have been using Iprocrastinate for a while now (Free). I havent seen it equal yet and although this has a better UI it no exception. The app is nice and simple but it lacks alot of features. I agree with Fighting irish. It needs a bunch of improvements to be competitive. The date and notes need work. Also I am not sure what assign-to or the inbox is for. If you actually assign a task to somebody it disappears completly never to be seen again. There are no instructions anywhere that I could find explaining how to use this. He has an entire website but no instructions on it.. A big feature it is lacking is being able to e-mail your list. I find this to be the best way to backup and share your tasks. Anyway.. Good start, Nice UI but lacking alot of the features that even free apps have. Add these in the future updates and I will update my rating.

Good, but not the best by Etherialgirl 2013-08-19

I bought this iPhone app when I bought the desktop app with the recent MacUpdate promo. I've been a long-time user of Omni Focus, but saw the reviews on this and decided to give it a try. The calendar feature is awesome, and I really wanted to love it. But there are some things that don't quite work logically, although other things are absolutely brilliant. Anyway, I ended up going back to Omni Focus. The biggest deal-breaker for me was the iPhone app. It's not up to par with the desktop app. It also doesn't have a landscape view option, so it's difficult to type in new entries. Then, it doesn't always record the new entries. They just disappear, and I need to type them in again. I'll look forward to future updates and will probably give it another try in a few months.

Has potential but.... by Johnny Luke 2010-09-27

Very minimal feature set and without any sort of alert or reminders, kind of useless. The desktop application is the same. The first time Sync was difficult to figure out and the Help file was - well - no help. I'd keep an eye on the company and see what kind of features they decide to add in future releases since I believe FireTask has potential. I mentioned a suggestion of an alert functionality in an email corrispondence but was never answered. Personally, I spent the extra money and purchased OmniFocus which - once I spent a small amount of time learning - really love. Well worth the extra time and money.

Relatively expensive & Lacking... by Ohm62 2011-01-13

3 stars for the effort + 1 for the clean presentation + 1 for workflow (in tray in particular) - 1 for lack of calendar view - 1 for deceiving calendar pict in preview that suggests there might be one (only place this calendar actually shows up is upon task entry, for term date pick) - 1 for not allowing entry/display of start date nor % complete. What is a project aware task manager worth without any way to time slot tasks and track progress!? - 1 for pricing way beyond capabilities (relatively to similar products, namely Project Planner or Appigo ToDo)

I loved this app until today- it deleted all of my data and won't work in landscape mode! by vallygally 2012-03-28

I just spent a ton of money on this app for my ipad, iphone and 2 macs!! I just spent hours entering data on this over the last weekend and today... Now you all do this? I am really hoping you will provide a refund for my money? I am also sickened because I already passed my recommendation of this program on to a number of my colleagues, friends and clients. Better yet, please just solve the problem and give me my data back? Maybe I should have attended to the fact that you did not update the date of your copyright... :-((

Potential but look elsewhere by MicroZealous 2009-06-22

Nice looking app but over-priced and undersupported. Feels like a "one man wrote it" app. As others state, it's not working in 3.0. NO EXCUSE for this. The SDK has been available for 6 months. Sporadic, few new features updates. Has potential, but no sync to an external source like RTM. When you charge .99 for an app, I can understand these shortcomings. When you charge 4.99 like this app, the missing prices, slow updates an OS incompatibilities are UNFORGIVABLE.