Fitbit Finder - Find your lost fitbits app for iPhone/iPad
Fitbit Finder - Find your lost fitbits app for iPhone/iPad

Fitbit Finder - Find your lost fitbits app for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Fitbit Finder - Find your lost fitbits app for iPhone/iPad

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Find Your Lost Fitbit Fast! Need Some Help Finding Your Fitbit? Find Your Fitbit in Minutes! Try The App Now! Over 25,000 lost Fitbits have been found in minutes with Fitbit Find! Lots of 5 star ratings!  FITBIT FINDER REALLY WORKS - "Spent 4 days looking before buying it. Spent less than 5 minutes looking after I bought it." – Susan73 - "This found my Alta after we got 9" of snow! Amazing!" - ABob2001 BENEFITS OF FIND MY FITBIT • Find your Fitbit in minutes. Not days or hours! • Avoid spending $100+ to replace your lost Fitbit. • Make finding your Fitbit fun, not stressful. This app uses the Cold, Warm, Hot game to find your Fitbit!  • Use the app anytime you misplace your Fitbit. • Extremely easy to use. Anyone, any age, can navigate the app in minutes! • App support 7 days a week. Contact us if you need help! We are so confident that you'll find your Fitbit we offer a full refund for the cost of the app if your Fitbit isn't found. You have nothing to lose except your Fitbit! Downloading the app before losing your Fitbit is NOT required, HOWEVER it will help you find it much faster when you’ve lost it. As every minute counts before the battery runs out! Download today! Walking slowly is the key to finding your lost Fitbit FAST! Share your story on how you found your lost Fitbit in the review section! We would love to hear from you! WHAT OUR USERS ARE SAYING "Found it" - "My husband lost his new Fitbit Charge. We looked everywhere with no luck - finally I got this app - set it up and found the Fitbit in less then three minutes - this is an amazing app" "Fantastic product" - "Worth every cent. I lost my fitbit surge. Did not have a clue where it was. By using this app I was able to locate it in the pocket of a pair of jeans in my closet." HOW IT WORKS Fitbit Find gamifies finding your lost Fitbit by playing the old Cold, Warmer, Hot game combined with state of the art Bluetooth technology! • Launch the App • See your Fitbit in the App.  • Walk around very slowly. As you move closer to your lost Fitbit the indicator will change from Cold to Warmer with a distance estimation • When you are about 2-4 feet away from your Fitbit the indicator will display Hot. Simple as that. You found your Fitbit!! Fitbit Find works with your Fitbit Alta, Blaze, Charge, Charge HR, Charge 2, Flex, Flex 2, One, Ultra, Surge. The app cannot find a Fitbit that - - Has a dead battery  - Is more than 75-100 feet from your iPhone or iPad.  Bluetooth signals can travel through walls, floors, and ceilings. Your Fitbit could be in a room directly above or below you. Don’t forget this! Detailed Instructions are included in the app. For email support send us a message directly at [email protected] and someone from the team will get back to you right away! FAQ page  - In the App! FEATURES • Finds any Fitbit that is actively broadcasting a Bluetooth Low Energy signal • "Cold, Warmer, Hot" game to "Find my Fitbit" • Works indoors and outdoors! • Works with iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus • Works with iPad 3, 4, iPad mini 2, 3,iPad Air, iPad Air 2  Fitbit is a registered trademark and service mark of Fitbit, Inc. Fitbit Finder is designed for use with the Fitbit platform. This product is not put out by Fitbit, and Fitbit does not service or warrant the functionality of this product. Use of our app and services is at all times ”at your own risk.”. We are not liable to any user or third party, for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use or inability to use the app and services.

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