Flight Unlimited 2K16 - Flight Simulator Games for iPhone/iPad
Flight Unlimited 2K16 - Flight Simulator Games for iPhone/iPad

Flight Unlimited 2K16 - Flight Simulator Games for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

Flight Unlimited 2K16 - Flight Simulator Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Flight Unlimited 2K16 - Flight Simulator Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Flight Unlimited 2K16 - Flight Simulator Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Flight Unlimited 2K16 - Flight Simulator Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Flight Unlimited 2K16 - Flight Simulator Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Flight Unlimited 2K16 - Flight Simulator Games for iPhone/iPad

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Free for the next 12 Hours! (Normal Price $3.99)

"One of the most gorgeous games in the app store"
"It looks like an Xbox One or PS4 Game"

Soar across the beautiful skies of the San Francisco bay area, Las Vegas, and Switzerland, in Flight Unlimited 2K16. Flight Unlimited utilizes advanced streaming technology to provide some of the best visuals in mobile gaming.

The HD scenery is a first in mobile flight simulation and covers an area over 10x larger than its predecessor. The scenery is so detailed you can even find your house.

The campaign tasks with you missions such as rescuing a prisoner from Alcatraz, B2 Bomber surveillance over the Swiss Alps, landing your Cessna on the Golden Gate Bridge, and more!

Over two years in the making, Flight Unlimited has been redesigned from the ground up. The flight model was developed by an aviation expert.

The game features Ultra high definition satellite imagery of the San Francisco Bay Area and Switzerland. Never before has this level of detail been provided in a mobile Flight Sim. Flight Unlimited is pushing the limits of graphics on mobile devices for aviation games.

Buzz the Golden Gate Bridge, take a fly-by of Alcatraz, scream past Levi Field, and even take a look at the future home of the world champion Golden State Warriors.

- Ultra HD Satellite Imagery covering over 500 SQ Miles.
- 4K HD Cockpits for each aircraft modeled from the ground up
- Campaign mode with GTA style missions
- The only mobile Flight Sim with Volumetric Clouds
- 24 Hour Day/Night Cycle
- Weather effects
- Trigger failures such as engine trouble and detached wings
- Landmarks such as Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, AT&T Park, Oracle Arena, and more
- 13 aircraft each modeled with accurate flight physics. New aircraft released weekly.

Flight Unlimited 2K16 - Flight Simulator Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
2.79 GB
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Great! Posted by

Compared to the first two entries in the Flight Unlimited series this one is head and shoulders above the others. The planes and scenery are both beautiful and detailed. The weather effects are really great too. You can customize your flight experience in great detail before you take to the skies in the plane of your choice. I would call this more of a flying simulator right now. It's really about flying and looking at the beautiful scenery not really replicating an airline and that's fine by me. There are promises from the developers of new content coming in 2016, so with a little patience I only see this app getting better and better. Thank you Flight Unlimited team!

Must have for any flight sim fan Posted by

This game is great in that it offers something different than the others. Right now it’s my favorite of the bunch. It’s easy to pick up and play and you’ll be hooked from the first mission. The graphics are amazing for mobile. At altitude the scenery looks real. There’s a good mixture of flyable locations including the Bay Area, Las Vegas, and Switzerland Mountains. It also offers the best mix of aircraft I’ve seen. They have some unique ones such as a B2 Bomber and a hang glider with an engine. All in all it’s pretty neat and a must have for the graphics alone.

Super Neat! Posted by

Easily the best flight game visually that I’ve played. The scenery looks real and I even found my high school! It has a good number of planes and even an F18. The missions are varied although there aren’t too many of them. The coolest mission is one in which you pilot a radio controlled motor glider and have to land at Alcatraz to pick up a prisoner. Otherwise the missions are generally landing or Point A to Point B based. The developer seems to update the app somewhat regularly which is a great sign.

Best Flight Sim Ever Posted by

I was hooked after the first mission, really cool. Might not be as realistic as the others but the missions are awesome and the graphics are really second to none. The scenery is so expansive, the other games have large areas but they’re really low quality. Switzerland is so high def it almost looks real up at altitude. If you’re into graphics and a fun game this is the one.

Scenery is amazing and the rest is cool Posted by

The scenery is pretty eye catching. Especially the switzerland part. There are aspects of the Bay Area that leave a little to be desired. It’s kind of weird to see super high def SF scenery and then the East Bay looks a bit muddy. Great selection of planes, the best of all the sims. I wish there were more missions but so far the Alcatraz one is pretty awesome.

One of my favorites Posted by

I liked the old Las Vegas game and this one is superior in every way. The flight model finally allows for take offs at any related speed which is a huge improvement. The missions are varied but I wish there were more. This is more of a pick up and play flight game with great graphics as apposed to a super realistic flight simulator.

An astonishing Flight Simulator Posted by

This app is really cool. First of all, it has some vivid graphics (a thing that a lot of these simulators don't have). The app is very easy to use and there are a bunch of aircrafts to choose from. Once you calibrate your device, you can steer smoothly through the sky. I recommend this game to all pilots.

Cool game! Posted by

This game is pretty legit. Reminds me of the old flight simulator games for the pc. I have a few other airplane games for iPhone and this has the best graphics by far. The level of detail in San Francisco is off the charts.

Give me 747 Posted by

Where is the 747? It’s my favorite plane, and in the icon, please add it *update* - Yesss, the 747 was added. The first mission has you land the 747 with it’s engines on fire. Epic! Must download!

I From Iraq Posted by

احلى لعبة حتى موجودة على ps4 و xbox ... Thanks for this game I playing on ps4 and Xbox This game always free

Awesome simulator!! Posted by

Tough to beat a great sim like this--especially for free! *****

Lazy Application by Jason01234567 2017-03-03

The game uses publicly available maps and wastes very little time including 3D structures, the game is boring and f/18 flight simulator from 30 years ago has way better controls and was way more interactive than this crap. Where are missiles? Why do the controls lag, why should I be able to adjust sensitivity, just make it good. This game is a 3 on a scale of 10 but most people do not know what a good quality flight simulator is, because they have never played one before. Modern trash this is.

Seriously don't buy! by PSYWGN 2016-01-14

I have only reviewed one app poorly and now here is my second. Beautiful game, the controls are something you would find on a free game. The absolute worst is that I have a 6S Plus and the game runs but my phone overheated after less than six minutes of play time. I seriously could not even hold it. I have the latest and best phone Apple has out right now and my phone has issues running it. This game should not be on the App Store yet. Oh and the plane selection is lacking greatly.

Needs a lot of improvement by Reese32885 2016-07-17

I hate to be negative but this is not a true simulator. Most of the instruments are useless. The function is glitchy on my iPhone 6 Plus. The cockpit windows are blacked out from the external view. There could be improvements to these features that would make it worth the money but as of now I would have rather saved my money. Doesn't even come close to the realistic experience like xplane or aerofly 2

Frustrating by sstall24 2015-12-29

I got this app recently and I'm so frustrated. My device is a little bit older, but I set the graphics back and restarted my device. It worked, but it's laggy and crashes. And nothing extra ordinary. Is it because it's in its earliest stages? I sent an email to the developers and STILL haven't gotten a reply. Waste of $5.00. I want my money back.

Great scenery but!!! by Alexsst123456789 2016-06-07

Whats with the oversized mountains and only a handful of airports and where's the buildings I can only count a handful could've at least added trees i'm sorry I just can't get past the oversized mountains makes the whole thing look unrealistic maybe you guys should take tips from The makers of Aerofly 2

Weak by Bigdaddy87 2016-05-02

This app needs some serious work. The "clouds" look more like flak bursts, as they are round like cotton balls. The "night" scenery is a joke. On my 6+ I had to turn off every scenery option to get it to run halfway smoothly. Instruments do not work. And on and on...

Fix now or I will delete by Pilotben02 2015-12-24

I was waiting a while for this simulator and was exited for it! But it crashes! I can't download it on an iPhone 4 because it only has 8 gigs and this one is over one gig! You cheated me for five bux flight systems! Please fix it and make it able to work on an iPod 4!

Crashing?! by Coolgrama11 2015-12-22

I haven't gotten to play this game because I wasted 5 dollars to see my screen crash. I've downloaded it on an I pad and an I pod touch, but every time I try to play it goes to, "Loading Sky Environment." Then crashes! PLEASE FIX!!!

Maybe one day it will be better? by Jerfjsjsjs 2016-01-02

I have other flight sim apps that are free and are 5 times better then this. Aerofly (2) is the best. Working gauges, realistic flight controls/feel. Infinite flight is another good one. This one needs lots of work!

Crashing without flying by Bamazeb 2015-12-22

I loaded it onto my iPad mini. Crashes before completing setup screen. Advertised 30% off. $4.99 should be $3.49. Looks like it has potential if fixed.

Don't Buy by Geek 452 2016-01-27

Poor controls that are too sensitive. Poor graphics too coming from an iPhone 6s Plus. Looks like a free game, but without the ads!