Focus - Productivity Timer Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Focus - Productivity Timer Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Focus - Productivity Timer Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Focus - Productivity Timer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Focus - Productivity Timer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Focus - Productivity Timer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Focus - Productivity Timer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Focus - Productivity Timer Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Meet Focus - The time manager that helps you beat procrastination and get your stuff done.

Focus is the best tool for students, professionals and creatives to be more productive while working on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and the Mac. The useful productivity timer will win you over with its comprehensive set of features, attractive design and ease of use.


Use Focus to improve your productivity and reach your goals. The app assists you in planning, executing and controlling the success of your projects. And it will boost your motivation!

You can benefit from Focus while working, studying, reading, cleaning and in many other areas of your everyday life.


Focus syncs your work activities with your tasks. That way you’ll be perfectly organized on your path to success.

Check what you’ve already done! Extensive and motivating statistics help you estimate your progress so you don’t lose sight of the big picture.

The name says it all: Focus draws your attention to the most important things. You’ll intuitively master its collection of features just by using them.

Focus utilizes a clear, tasteful layout that perfectly harmonizes with OS X Yosemite. This makes completing tasks a breeze!

Focus is powered by state-of-the-art technology to offer you a first-class user experience. iCloud keeps your tasks and sessions in sync while you can use Handoff to pick up your current session on another device. And you can use actionable notifications to start or extend a session without opening the app window.

Focus includes a lightweight and interactive menu item that shows the current progress and your active task at a glance.


Focus is ad-free, is optimized for OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan and is only available on the Mac App Store.

Focus is continually updated and improved.

Like Focus? Then we would appreciate it if you would help other users by rating it in the App Store!


If you have any questions or ideas relating to Focus then we would be thrilled to receive your message at [email protected]

Follow us on Twitter where we share our progress and updates @focusappio.

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Varies with device
30.50 MB
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Quite Interesting…. Posted by

I must say, this is interesting… I came across this app recently, and first purchased it on iOS. Being able to set up your Focus Sessions, Breaks and Long Breaks via keyboard shortcuts has helped me quite a bit when working at the computer, as it “gets me” out of the chair to do something else instead of sitting in the chair all day long. The interface is very clean, and when you are really in work mode, you can easily extend the Focus Session time. It took me a little while to figure out how to effectively use the interface (i.e. do I start the Focus Session first, then start the task I’ve input, or do I start the task and then focus on that, etc.). So far, the one way that has helped me use the app better is to 1) input the tasks you would like to complete, then 2) click on the “Play” button next to the tasks, which starts the Focus sessions. While in the Focus sessions, complete those tasks. Then, take your break, and repeat. Lastly, I’m still attempting to understand the “Activity” area, as it shows when tasks were completed, but it doesn’t say how long it took you to work on those tasks (which could be very helpful). But all in all, a very good app. It does have its quirks (which involve overall usability), but once you understand how the interface works, you really can put in some very good Focus sessions.

The best pomodoro timer... Posted by

…and I’ve tried several. Including an actual pasta timer. I love that the app looks so clean and streamlined. Everything is in one place and you can hide whatever you’re not using (in my case, the “task view”), so you can focus (no pun) only on what’s useful to you. For me, this means the actual timer and the activity view. I also really like how the app keeps such good track of your stats: you can see how well you’re doing, how well you did yesterday, last week, etc. You can also see when each session started and ended, which is great if you’re doing long, 50-minute sessions, which you sometimes pause. There’s also a color-coded system (with red, yellow and green lights) that relies on the number of sessions you set for yourself for the day, and positively reinforces your efforts if you’re as scatterbrained as I am. Another great little detail is the customization of the menu bar, wherein you may have a countdown clock represented by numbers and/or by a small circle (or you can just disable it if that’s not your thing). It’s a very unobtrusive way to see, at a glance, how much time you have left in the current pomodoro. In sum, thank you for this!

Much more than a Pomodoro app Posted by

I use Focus for things I would never have thought of before I bought it. Obviously, I use it as a productivity timer. When I do homework, I do the 10+2*5 method of working 10min, resting 2, repeat 4 more times. But I also use it for when I am having a lazy day around the house. I have a Focus for laundry day. My “productive time” is 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of “rest”. In actuality, I start laundry, start my focus, then play video games or watch tv and during my rest period, I fold and hang laundry. Repeat until done. As much as I love Focus, the only two things I would like to see in a feature version are repeating sessions and a hard stop time. I do laundry every week so it would be nice to just have one ready to go when I complete one. Same goes for homework. I do it every day and it would be nice to have it repeat once I complete it. I would also like to see a hard stop time. Say i am going to only do homework for an hour. Instead of setting a long break, I would rather just end the task. That gives me a goal to work towards. Even without those features, this is an amazing app that helps someone who is easily distracted, like me, focused.

Still #1 for Me Posted by

Focus is still my go-to app. for time-boxing/task management. I’ve put together a nightly drawing regimen consisting of five separate components (contour, perspective, two different gesture exercises, and theroetical exploration). Depending on the night, I have anywhere from 1-5 hours. Focus gives me the flexibility to customize the pomodoro. On nights without much time, I’ll do ten-minute intervals for each task. On nights with more time, I’ll do 15, 20, or 25-minute chunks (you can choose any length of time, though). I always take the in-between breaks. While doing my gesture drawings, I use another simple timer app. with repeating one-minute intervals. Of course, this method (or one you come up with on your own) could be applied to any routine. I just use it for art. Between full-time work and school, plus severe ADHD, it can really be a struggle for me to stay on task, even when it’s something I enjoy. I’m exhausted, and need motivation and externalized reminders of time to keep me moving. Focus has been tremendously helpful with this.

Incredible assitant to productivity Posted by

I run the Focus App on my computers, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch throughout my workday. It is an incredible app, so much better than just a timer. Using iCloud all of my devices sync my timer seamlessly. Working in discrete chunks of time with short breaks increases productivity by such a degree, and not having to fight with a timer, but rather having a single timer go across all devices with no effort at all (even showing up in the task bar), makes the experience truly irreplaceable for me. I cannot recommend Focus, especially used alongside OmniFocus highly enough.

Best Posted by

Tried a lot of pomodoro apps and found this one to be the best. My criteria are 1. Seamless sync (“handoff-style”) between OSX and iOS. I need to be able to pick up the phone and see when my break is over. Non-negotiable. 2. Design. As an app that surrounds me all the time, I want it to immaculately designed. Also non-negotiable. 3.-10. <nothing> 11. Task management integration. I’d like to see OmniFocus integration, but can live with what it has today. 12. Any other functionality. There are minor bugs, in v3.0 (0300070) but they are immaterial.

best pomodoro-style app! Posted by

I love this app — I open it when I begin work in the morning, create new tasks for any of my new goals for the day, and then use the timer to get all my tasks done, one manageable segment at a time. I do wish different tasks could be assigned their own time segments, so that with tasks that can get out of hand (like filing email), I could use shorter segments to limit my time, without having to go in and change the general setting each time out.

Clean interface, seamless handoff Posted by

Clean interface, seamless handoff between my Mac, running El Capitan, and my iPhone. I don’t use any extra features, just that, and it works very nicely. The handoff, for me, is worth the extra. I can start a session on either device. I can hit “Start a Break” on my laptop, where I’m often working, walk outside for a breath of fresh air, and have my iPhone remind me five minutes later that the break is over. Lovely.

Loving it! Better than other pomodoro apps. Posted by

I came from Pomodoro Time Pro and it’s been a way better experience! The syncing between iOS and OS X is much better through iCloud. I use a separate task manager, so entering tasks in both applications is a bit redundant. I wish Focus could sync with Flagged tasks in OmniFocus, but I don’t see that ever being a reality.

This may be best pomodoro timer on the app store, but the bar is low! by utisz99 2014-01-05

I agree with the comments saying that the price is pretty steep given the features. I like the app, and feel that I have clearly benefitted from using it over the last few days, but certain aspects of the application are very far from polished. My biggest complaint is that I purchased both the OSX and the iOS app thinking that my tasks would sync over iCloud, but they do not! Only the iOS version has iCloud support, so the tasks you add on OSX do not know anything about tasks you add on your iPhone, and visa versa. Not only was this really dissapointing, and amaturistic, but I found this incredibly misleading. On the company’s website, the way the photos of the desktop and mobile versions are juxtaposed really strongly implies there is some syncing going on here. I never would have purchased the iOS app had I known there was no syncing of tasks. I hope the developers push for adding this feature, but the website seems to be rather dismissive and evasive about whether or not they will. I have lots of minor complaints about the design, and lack of features for a $10 app, but many other reviewers have already listed them. One thing that is sorely missing is some detailed tracking about task completion. The application pictures show a bar-chart button, implying you can track your progress, but the statistics they give here are so coarse that they are more or less useless. I want to be able to track my progress over time (as a bar-chart would imply), not just know how many tasks / sessions I’ve completed today and in total.

Nice but lacking. by José Reino 2017-02-26

I find that it's a nice application to set focus time and breaks for particular tasks, in any of your devices. The problem is that even though you can specify the actual task that you are going to work on (as if you didn’t know) "Your Activity” log doesn’t specify which task you were performing, only how many sessions and number of tasks completed, which makes it quite useless in my opinion. What is the point of being able to specify tasks, but not being able to review how much time you did focus on each one? it defeats the purpose, it just makes it a simple but expensive to do list with a timer. Or a timer with a to do list, but missing the useful conexion between the two; specially if you use it for recurrent tasks, one-time tasks don’t need a log that much, even though, it would still be useful to know how much time they took. I mean, focus time is not the purpose but the means. I hope they add the obvious missing “feature" to “Your Activity”… and that they don’t charge me again when they do...

It’s just ok. by jemmons 2014-01-17

Focus can be counted on to count down 25 minutes and look nice doing it (if you like minimal design). But there’s a lot of work to be done here. The interface, while simple, is often baffling and very un-mac-like. Information is hidden and difficult to find. If the app window is hidden or burried, there’s no hope seeing even the amount of time left on your timer (menu item or animated dock icon seem like the obvious answer here). All and all the app feels like nibware thrown together as someone's sophomore “I just learned Cocoa programming” project, not a featured app costing $10. The developer does say "It isn't perfect yet, but that may change over time. You can support the development and write me some feedback or leave a review on the App Store.” Maybe the $10 is a vote of confidence in the developer? Or a way of funding future development and improvements? But as much as I would like to see this app improved, I can’t recommend the $10 price of entry until some significant polish has been added.

Waste of $20 by Vilest1 2015-11-20

I’ve been reviewing productivity apps for the last few days and trying to find a good one for my workflow. This one wastes my time and attention with needless animations and what I consider to be a poor interface. There is no menu drop down, it just pops open a window that shows you substantially the same information as the icon, and it takes an extra click to the preferences. Adding tasks is VERY strange and non-intuitive, it feels painful. You cannot delete a task, only complete it. There is no way to prioritize, estimate or organize your tasks. This is not a PROJECT MANAGEMENT app, it’s a todo list with a timer that doesn’t integrate with any other todo system, text files, reminders. Oh yea, if you want the handoff, etc. you have to buy the $6 iPhone app. Terrible. I wish I could get a refund.

Will be great — with some work by gtdenthusiast 2014-01-05

I’ve been looking for a good pomodoro timer app, and tho’ I knew buying this that it’s not going to answer all my demands, I think it will if the developer is responsive to people’s requests. The design is gorgeous, and I love the task notetaking feature (don’t confuse this with a full-blown task manager: it’s more to log your pomodoro work than anything else). What I’d like to see in future releases: - full keyboard shortcut implementation (this is crucial) - menubar option (ditto) - and CSV export for tasks. I’m sure the developer is already thinking about some/all these things. Implentation of them will make the $10 pricetag well worth it for those of us who parcel our workdays into 25 minute chunks.

Really lacking in features for the cost by MixPixMcManus 2014-01-03

I bought this app because I’m desperate for a good pomodoro app and I liked how simple the interface looks. As it stands right now though, i regret spending $10 on this app. * I’m happy to spend $10 on an app, but there is not $10 worth of features here. The app is a timer with a simple task list. There is no integration into other apps or even other parts of the sytem * I’m struggling to find a reason for the task list. I use Things and there is no compelling reason to use the task list * There is no keyboard shortcuts for any part of this app. You can’t even press enter on the add task popup to add the task. Ugh. Writing all this out really bums me out. 10 bucks!

good idea, inflexible by Balmerpaul 2014-04-06

Very disappointed that the session lengths are not easily adjusted—you have to go into the preferences to change for the entire app each time. It has a very inefficient interface—can’t initiate a session by clicking on it, have to go up to the menu bar each time. I would be happy to pay $10 once they’ve made it just the slightest bit adjustable. Not worth it for this version.

Energy Hog by Setab_too 2016-10-01

I really want to like this app! More notably, though, I really want to be able to use the app. Focus uses so much energy that I have to quit the app out of fear that my computer will overheat. Please fix!

I would not buy this again - so you shouldn’t at all! by TWMSD 2014-01-14

If you have $10, crumple it up and throw it out the window, you’ll be better served.