Foresee: Your Personal Activity Forecast Apps for iPhone/iPad
Foresee: Your Personal Activity Forecast Apps for iPhone/iPad

Foresee: Your Personal Activity Forecast Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Foresee: Your Personal Activity Forecast Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Foresee: Your Personal Activity Forecast Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Foresee: Your Personal Activity Forecast Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Foresee: Your Personal Activity Forecast Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Foresee: Your Personal Activity Forecast Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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WEATHER APP + ACTIVITY PLANNER... Foresee intelligently predicts the ideal times for your favorite activities so the weather doesn't catch you off guard! "Foresee is definitely an app that will help you make the most of your day." - AppAdvice FORESEE ANSWERS QUESTIONS LIKE THESE... “I like to run for an hour, three mornings a week. When will it be cool outside and not raining?” “I walk the dog nearly every morning, but would like to know the night before if the weather will be good...” “Which mornings later this week will be best to go hunting?” "I need it to be dry before I work on the yard... which afternoon will be best this week?" "I want to know which days the afternoon weather will be best to stay inside and read a good book!" BEAUTIFUL & INTUITIVE… Foresee features an attractive, minimalistic design that’s both rich with features and easy to use. Quickly assess current conditions for the day as well as your schedule for the week ahead. WHEREVER YOU ARE… Going for a morning run from home? Heading to the beach for the weekend? Disney World? Trying to exercise while traveling for business? Wherever you are and wherever you are going, Foresee helps you plan ahead. Schedule custom activities and events in multiple cities and places around the world. Even apply attractive themes for each one! Note: multiple locations and premium themes are available with a Foresee Premium subscription. POWERFUL ACTIVITY PLANNING… Create personalized one-time or recurring events - each with weather preferences important to you. Accurate hour-by-hour weather data is available seven days ahead, but activities and events can be added for dates into the future. Have an outdoor event coming up in a couple weeks or next month? Simply schedule it and Foresee can notify you when reliable weather data becomes available. Note: ability to make events recurring is available with a Foresee Premium subscription. INTELLIGENT NOTIFICATIONS… Foresee will do the work behind the scenes to analyze your activities and weather preferences and notify you at a time of your choosing. Don’t let the weather catch you off guard! Rely on Foresee, your personal activity forecast! GO PREMIUM! Foresee (basic installed version) enables you to set up one location anywhere around the world and create a one-time activity with the default theme. Unlimited locations, unlimited recurring activities and unlimited themes are available through Foresee Premium, a monthly subscription available for $1.49 per month with a free 7-day trial to start with. You can subscribe and payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renew may be turned off by visiting your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. •••••••••• FINAL NOTES… To our wonderful fans who have purchased an earlier version of Foresee… Please email us first at [email protected] - we ask that you do NOT post a negative review in the App Store. We'd like to thank you for your support and for a limited time, we are able to provide you access to the Premium subscription. To provide the ability to build and evolve the app, we’ve chosen to unlock unlimited access to all features via this subscription. This helps cover the cost of weather data and ultimately helps us continue to do what we love to do. We hope you enjoy the new features and continue to use Foresee. Also, Foresee uses Location Services and your device's GPS to detect your location in order to receive weather data. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Responsive dev, extremely promising app Posted by

There were a couple concerns I had with obtuse navigation, and a feature suggestion regarding extending the timeframe spans beyond the existing 8 hours for activities that could be done anytime during waking hours. When suggesting these things to the dev, a personal reply was sent back thanking for the feedback and updating me on the progress toward my requests. What dev has time for that? Thanks for the personal support and taking the time to reply... An active dev really is the difference between a successful app and one that fades off into the coulda-been sunset. Really looking forward to future enhancements, this has great promise to be a day-changer.

Great app but costly? Posted by

I have enjoyed this app for years and was disappointed at the pay gate, but it is a beautifully designed app that works great. Simple weather for my activities when I need it. The enhancements are worthy of a charge. I would like to see it more in line with other weather apps. A few bucks to buy and a low-dough annual subscription. I don't think the developer is greedy, he's just trying to pay for the weather data and earn some income from his hard work. All in all it is a good app, and may just be worth the monthly fee to many. I'll try it for a while anyway.

Great app! Posted by

I love the concept of this app and have already set it for mowing and letting me know when the best time for Pokemon Go hunting will be. However, it needs the ability to set an activity not just for certain dates but to occur whenever the weather is optimal for it IE. Walks appear in the planner whenever the weather matches your preference rather than setting specific dates for it. Also the time setting needs to be fixed. Currently you can only set an 8hr window.

Unique Weather App Posted by

There's hundreds of weather apps out there for iOS. What I love about Foresee is how specific I can make the forecast for me. I bike to and from work every day. With Foresee, I can get a tailored forecast specific to that activity. I can even get a push notification 15 minutes before I usually leave! That way I know exactly how to prepare for my ride with almost no effort since the custom forecast is sent to me.

Love It! Posted by

This is a unique app that elegantly combines the features of a weather app with an activity planner. You can schedule an activity and pick a date, time range and up to five weather related preferences. Your activities with a summary of the weather conditions appear in a sleek looking timeline, plus you get notifications when the time is near. I use it for my morning bike rides every day.

Superb Posted by

Finally, a dependable weather app that I can use to plan my weekends at the cottage, intuitive notifications, and up to date weather stats. Easy to read layout that allows me to skim the weekends outlook while short on time. Nice work, keep the features coming!

Great App! Posted by

The app works exactly how I need it. The app shows me which days this week are good for bike riding between 2PM and 8PM. It's perfect. I also like the detail it gives to why a certain time period is outside of your requirements.

Learning about weather is...there are no words! Posted by

I can't put it to words but my gut & mufti tops tell me I'm gonna LOVE learning how to prepare for weather or just learn what it is! Favourite app currently. In several time zones too!

WOW Posted by

AppAdvice had an article on this today so decided to try as was only $1.99. Nice to have calendar and weather all in one. I am impressed. Thanks to the developer for making a nice app.

I didn't know how much I needed this app! Posted by

I need this app to get the weather for outdoor chores and to schedule activities like yoga which I have every intention To do but somehow never get around to doing.

Welcome Back! Posted by

I've missed this app and am so glad that it's back! Helpful to know in advance if it's going to be perfect weather for your favorite outdoor activity

Residual Crippleware by Paurian 2016-11-03

Building a business model out of crippling software until people pay to unlock it on a monthly basis in an attempt to build residual income is bad business. There are "features" that used to be in the original release of foresee that this release of foresee locks away unless you pay a continuous monthly fee. It's not quite extortion, but it doesn't smell right. The new interface is hard on the eyes in comparison to what the original used to be. I just wanted to change the background to make the app not hurt my eyes so much - but that requires a monthly fee. I tried to make a recurring task like the old one did flawlessly - but that requires a monthly subscription, too. Ugly as sin and lame as a sloth unless you pay a monthly fee!? I hope the developer gets the picture that this behavior loses in the end.

Right Idea, Poor Execution by decolley25 2016-08-30

As others have noted, the 8 hour window doesn't make sense, I don't run at the same time everyday so I need to know when the best weather is available according to my needs, not the apps restrictions. Should determine dewpoint not humidity as relative humidity is a mostly meaningless measurement. Search function for an activity would be nice instead of having to scroll through an entire list of icons just to find a sport. Notifications would work better if it would be possible to get an overnight reminder that says what the weather will be like the next time an activity is due, instead of just reminding you the activity is due. Positives: clean, attractive interface. Thoughtful idea.

Really doesn't do more than check weather by oceanlei 2016-08-05

As mentioned by other reviewers, the restricted 8 hour window doesn't make sense. But since it basically only tells you if the weather meets your restrictions for the time you require, rather than actually recommending a time, it doesn't do anymore than I can checking the weather. It doesn't help squeeze multiple things into a temperature range (texas heat). Can't put both before and after work as choices. It actually would be nice if it would recommend times fort multiple activities and allow broken time frames, but you give it a time frame and conditions, and it said yes outer no, it will be less than 80 degrees and not raining.

My Forecasts is better by Anonymous576 2016-08-09

It's ok if you have a specific tine or date range for something, but My Forecasts is better at setting up general ongoing alerts for when the weather will match your outdoor activities. My Forecasts lets you set up multiple activities and then tells you when the weather will be good, ok, or bad for them - a week in advance. This is an ok copy of the other app that has been around for a few years already.

Why location first? by JSchnee21 2016-09-16

The calendar should come first. Choose a day and time window for the event. THEN choose the location(s) where the event will be held. As a parent busy with kids activities I'm constantly driving from city to city, state to state, trying to gauge the weather in a particular location for a scheduled activity. Having the activities partitioned under specific locations doesn't make sense.

Hate It- Garbage by AppReviews101 2016-08-09

Preferred everything about the first one. The layout, Color and usability. This new one: hate the color, the hue, the font and font size. Should have simply added the details to the old version or simply bring it back. I actually still had the old version but now that I have purchased the new version, it does not work. I will delete both.

Nags are unacceptable by CLH-USA 2016-08-27

I've been using this app for less than two minutes and have a nag dialogue box to rate it that won't go away. I've restarted the app 7 times, but no help. So I'm posting a 1 star review. Moreover, every time I see the rating nag, I'll renew it. You're welcome.

Premium sub fit something you already paid for? by HumbleWisdom777 2016-11-01

Hell no Why pay someone else (Developers), for the privilege of sucking more money out of us for a subscription for a product of theirs we initially bought and helped to support the developers in the first place? If that's not ironic gratitude for you I don't know what is

Don't buy by Cookkkkieckliker1122 2017-01-22

This would be an okay app if all the features weren't locked up. I would even find if it was 99 cents just once. But I am not paying that much a month for a marginally useful app. Don't waste your time.

Useless by Impulse08 2016-11-12

Picks whatever time you tell it to and then never alerts your. Might as well just look at a better weather app and plan it myself which is what this tool does.

Hopeless by Met4lgear 2017-02-13

It shows the weather untruly - when it rains in my region, this app shows sunny weather. Inconvenient alerts. Just wasted my time.

Should be free by scully94 2016-10-05

Needs UI and UX work, too many steps to set up a task.