FREE Solitaire 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad
FREE Solitaire 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad

FREE Solitaire 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad

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FREE Solitaire 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
FREE Solitaire 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
FREE Solitaire 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
FREE Solitaire 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
FREE Solitaire 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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24/7 Solitaire is 100% FREE, AD FREE, and comes with 9 great solitaire card games: Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, and more!

Be the best all by yourself with 24/7 Solitaire's beautiful, easy-to-read cards and an easy-to-use interface. Compete against your own high score and review your progress using 24/7 Solitaire's in-depth statistics. There's no greater value--and no better collection of card games--out there!

• Classic Solitaire (Klondike)
• Freecell
• Spider Solitaire
• 9 GREAT games in all!
• Playable in landscape AND portrait mode
• Undo Button


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Varies with device
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24/7 Solitaire Posted by

Love the game, I play for hours. Sometimes, I quit for awhile like with other game apps, but come back this one most. Anyway, when you show our stats, can you show our previous times? And then maybe show ones whose time are real low? Like has anyone ever finish under 60 seconds? That would be interesting and also some competition that is part of our natural skills. Thanks- Deb

24.7 bingo Posted by

The app is good. The problem I find is that the deck and draw pile are on the wrong side of the play area. They should be on the opposite side of their current locations. I have to use my left hand to draw from the deck since I am right handed and that action causes me to cover the play area and therefore, making me miss critical moves. Other than that issue I enjoy the app.

Player Posted by

Very nice game. The only problem I see is the location of the deck, I could play one handed if the deck was on the right side instead of the left. Also sometimes when I slide a card from the deck to be played my finger accidentally touches the new game button. Of course this happens when I am I progress of setting a new time record.

Great Version of Freecell Posted by

I like this version as it lets me pull a letter back from the top if I need it. I have the different app on my phone and it tells me after I win, what my cumulative percentage of wins is. These two would be a nice addition to this version.

Faster home time Posted by

Love this game especially free cell, but would love to see cards move into home faster. It takes a lot of seconds to get home which lowers your winning score. Many other games make a lot more noise and gets home faster. You can do it!!!!!

Our favorite! Posted by

This is my family's favorite solitaire game, hands down. I like the smoothness of the graphics, and the game play is reasonably good, as far as I can tell (I'm pretty bad at solitaire, actually, but still find it entertaining!).

Awesome App! Posted by

Love to play Solitaire? Then this is the app for you. It has seasonal cards as well as a general one and has many types of solitaire to choose from. Spend a few minutes or hours either way you are guaranteed to enjoy this app.

Wonderful way to unwind & pass time***** Posted by

Gr8 game. So many different ways to play and excellent for relaxing and passing the time ,like while waiting in your Doc's office etc. I think they should add music! I truly enjoy this game!,,

Favorite Card Game App Posted by

I've downloaded many solitaire apps & this is by far my favorite. The cards are easy to read & not too busy. I wish it had a "hint" button for those hard to solve puzzles.

Thanksgiving Solitiare Posted by

This game is lot of fun and enjoy. Each holidays have solitiare. The mahjong game is not work my iPad 2. Mahjong is lot of fun. Maybe software is wrong for ipad 2.

Good Posted by

How nice of this developer to actually offer a free game with NO ADS!! Nice graphics on the new iPad. Would like to see more games as it is a nice app.

Solitaire Posted by

What a great download! No advertising & all of the different solitaire games you could want.

Nice Posted by

Was hoping to find double freecell. Would have given it a five. Otherwise very nice app.

24/7 Posted by

And has all versions of the game better than playing on the computer

Games 5, Updates 1 = 3 for Rating by Maya's Cici 2014-08-23

The games are the best I have found, and if that was all I was reviewing they would receive 5+ Stars...all day, every day. Unfortunately, humans are involved and through lack of ability, which I doubt, or desire, some issues still remain to frustrate your fans. 1. When I start the app, it always opens upside down. Approx. 3/2013, you instructed me to turn my laptop/I-Pad 180 degrees until the app reversed. It works, but I had hoped you would have fixed this issue by now. 2. Same as Annabelle (July 5, 2014): Clicking or sliding a card intended for one stack, and the "game" slips it elsewhere. 3. Under the directions for Yukon, the 3rd one states, "Click the 'stock" cards (bottom right) to add them to the table." There are NO CARDS to click on. 4. The games always greet me with "Henley 33". Is there a way to change this, or do I need change my name? I would be happy to pay for an upgrade, if I were assured I would not have to turn my computer upside down every time I wanted to play a game, or if it called me anything but Henley. These issues started as funny little quirks, but after a year+ and TWO shoulder surgeries, I'm losing my sense of humor. :) What can be done to get your rating back to the 5 it deserves???

Green screen by Suznmy 2016-12-18

8/18 Been using this for app for a while now but all of a sudden all I get is a green screen. Deleted the app and reinstalled but still no luck. What's up? 12/16 and right back to the green screen. If you aren't going go supper your app then don't bother with the 'app support' button. I would like help with an issue NOT ads for Amazon.

Was good... by Zebra808 2013-09-20

I play this game all the time but since my iPhone updated to iOS 7, the screen won't rotate so I can't see the cards that well. Hopefully it will just get an app update and all will be back to normal - otherwise 'delete'.

Poor positioning by Mr.G145 2013-11-18

The "New Game" command box is in a poor position. It is at the bottom of the window so games restart frequently when moving cards to the lower part of the window. It needs to be placed in a location where cards are not placed.

Okay but frustrating by annabella48 2014-07-05

Double tap to move a card and it will ALWAYS go to a card you don't want instead of to the suit you want. You have to slide it over, and even then it will try to attach to something next to the card you're trying to put it on.

Solitaire by Sandy Van 2013-02-05

Nice layout. It would be nice to have automatic touch for the cards that play. The deck on the left upper side are really hard to read during the play. Sandyv

Green screen by Suznmy 2016-08-12

Been using this for app for a while now but all of a sudden all I get is a green screen. Deleted the app and reinstalled but still no luck. What's up?

Lynn by Gorhpyalc 2012-09-15

Miss having no score keeping. Like the vegas style that has ongoing scoring

PLEASE by msphotoeye 2016-12-29

Please update this for iOS! It's my favorite solitaire game.