Fuel - Fuel Cost Calculator & MPG, Mileage Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad
Fuel - Fuel Cost Calculator & MPG, Mileage Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad

Fuel - Fuel Cost Calculator & MPG, Mileage Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Fuel - Fuel Cost Calculator & MPG, Mileage Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Fuel - Fuel Cost Calculator & MPG, Mileage Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Fuel - Fuel Cost Calculator & MPG, Mileage Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Fuel - Fuel Cost Calculator & MPG, Mileage Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Fuel - Fuel Cost Calculator & MPG, Mileage Tracker Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Want to know how much fuel your car is using? What kind of petrol costs your upcoming trip will involve?

You can work all that out quickly and easily with Fuel. You can manage multiple vehicles with this application, set your own fuel types and record each time you fill vehicles.

Total mileage and difference from last top-up are possible so there's nothing to stop you calculating exact costs – per kilometre or per year.
The app also enables the creation diagrams for usage and prices. It's easy to use and comes with a clear menu.

Features at a glance:
• Units of measure adjustable to meet the desired format
• Statistics/diagrams on consumption, fuel prices, and vehicle costs
• App requires no internet connection
• Option of creating more than one vehicle

For suggestions for improvement, general suggestions and occurring errors please send us an email. The address you will find in the app. Thank you!

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Great app, does exactly what it says with no hiccups Posted by

Does everything it says it will - every time, no hassles. It may not be pretty but it is functional and delivers what is supposed to. The only odd thing I have found at all is in not sure how it calculates the mileage - it is always just a hair different than the math I do with the calculator on my phone. Kind of humorous though

Fantastic and simple to use! Posted by

This is my 3rd week and I'm happy with the results. Living in Mexico I had to use liters but I measure my fuel economy in MPG, so I just selected the British MPGs in units to get the correct measurement. It would be great if this app could be synced with the Autoumatic device, to monitor in real time.

Fuel Tracking Posted by

Good App. Very easy to use but sometimes the App times out if you start entering data at the beginning of your fill up and you don't save it while waiting for the fill up to finish. You then have to re-enter the lost data. This would be a great App if it had a field to store location!

App does what is advertised! Posted by

I used to keep track of my mileage on paper and was wary of going to an online system. It is unfortunate that the Dropbox sync is no longer supported, but so far I have not lost any data! I recommend this simple app if you want to keep track of your gas mileage!

Great app Posted by

This app is just what I was looking for to quickly track my fill ups. The only flaw I found is that I am unable to add my trip meter reading. I use the trip meter as a verification method to insure my data is accurate. I wish that was an optional feature.

Best of the best. Posted by

Fuel entry is as simple as it gets and the amount of info that you can store is comprehensive.Hands down, this is the app to beat. The new version is much nicer looking and there is simply no better way to track everything for your vehicles.

Most valuable app purchased Posted by

Fuel is "that one app" I bought 4 month ago and still use to this day. Can't say enough good things. The author continues to make great improvements to the app, adding functionality and sprucing up the interface.

Meets my needs ++ Posted by

Only using it for keeping track of mileage and costs on 2 cars. Handles that easily. Like to see it transfer the gas purchase costs be accumulated and entered by week or month or quarter into the Costs tab or reporting.

Simply must have Posted by

This app is an equivalent of weight scales in your bathroom. As long as you have it - you are in control of your consumption. Until then you will be wasteful with your gas.

Perfect app for tracking vehicle expenses Posted by

I've used many other MPG apps and have been disappointed that it hadn't been updated with support for new phones and iOS8.

​5 Stars Posted by

Best Car Manager App in the iOS App Store (clean and easy to use)

Fuel App by Chrisbone24 2015-12-02

Been using Fuel now for just over 2 months. It's a great way to keep track of costs, mileage etc. what else is there to do while filling up... This app really makes me want to get better gas mileage with each fill-up. The way the app breaks down the averages is nice and easy to read and understand. My only negative is you have to enter the cost info twice on every fill-up, if you want to see the graph showing costs. No huge deal, but you'd think it would enter that info in the cost category when entering all the fuel fill-up info, strange that it's set up that way. Hopefully a simple update will handle this. Enjoy and thanks for reading...✌️

Not good if you cross the border by The_Broon 2016-06-04

This app works perfectly if you stay in the US. If you drive to Canada and fill up, you have to manually convert litres to gallons and km to miles before entering the data into the app. If you switch units in the app, it simply changes to unit but doesn't convert the data already there to the new unit, which throws all the calculations off. For example, enter units in miles and gallons but display mileage as L/100km and the calculation is way off. So it's a great app as long as you never change units and do your own calculations when required. Not recommended if you cross the border into Canada

Keeps track of one fill up by Deb54166 2015-10-04

I got the app; the next time I filled up, I entered the mileage, cost, and amount in and saved the info. The next time I filled up, I tried to enter the new information in, but was not given a new area to fill, just had to type over the old information. Sure enough, the old information was replaced by the new information, so no mpg or other stats show up. No record of separate fill-ups kept. Less than useful since entering the info is wasting time.

Got it free.. by Bahnjee 2015-12-08

...still not worth the cost. Doesn't allow editing previously entered data if you make a mistake. Doesn't allow editing the date (which is necessary if you're entering data after the date you incurred the expense). Worst of all... Upon launch after an update, all my past data was gone. Sure you get what you pay for, but sometimes you actually get less. Wasted time and effort on this app.

Good, but could be better by Will make choice later 2016-08-03

I like the app but it could use a couple features that would make it better: 1) It would be nice to see total dollars spent on gas. 2) On the Fillups page I think I would rather see cost per fill up instead of $ cost per gallon. 3) Also, it would be nice to see total cost dollars spent.

Have seen better than this by MacReza 2015-12-20

Take a look at Car Logbook app to get some sort of an idea. Please also add more currency units, not all the people with iPhone reside in the US. Also add scan/photo of the fuel slip for the records. Other than that it's a pretty simple not yet very useful app

Nice if everything worked by SouthSeaPirate 2017-02-12

I have four entries so far, and nothing shows under costs, statistics, or graphs. Good to keep track, and honestly only wanted to see my total monthly cost... it cant even do that. I ended up writing everything down instead. So all in all, just wasted my time.

No location by jw in mo 2016-11-18

No place to enter location of fill-up. Makes app worthless as far as being able to replace my gas book. This would be a must for business purposes. Even a notes area for each fill-up would be better than nothing.

Not recommended by Rippedoff-user 2016-03-27

Originally paid for this app to get a basic app for fuel tracking. It had a bug that did not convert mpg. When updated iOS was updated to a version I can't use. Did not get refund. Threw away $.99.