Future Ludo Games free for iPhone/iPad
Future Ludo Games free for iPhone/iPad

Future Ludo Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Future Ludo Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Future Ludo Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Future Ludo Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Future Ludo Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Future Ludo Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Before us, you play Ludo (Airplane chess, Flying chess) is on the paper, in the sky or on the earth. Now we bring you to space, bring the war to universe.

Right now!
Fly your mothership to space and combat with differnt races.

Game rule:
1. Roll the dice to decide the play sequence.
2. Roll even number to arise your spaceship, such as number 2 rise 1 spaceship, number 4 rise 2 spaceships, and number 6 rise 3 spaceships.
3. Each time only allow to move 1 spaceship.
4. When spaceship moves to same color, you can jump.
5. When spaceship moves to the fly path with same color, it can fly.
6. When spaceship moves to a square, but this square have an enemy spaceships. It will intercept enemy and destroy enemy spaceship.
7. Spaceship can intercept any number of enemy spaceships. So you can use one spaceship to destroy up to 4 enemy spaceships.
8. All of be intercepted spaceships will go back to mothership.
9. When 4 spaceships arrive center, he will win the game.
10. When player rolled number 6, the player will obtain one bonus turn. But when he rolls number 6 three times, all of his spaceships will be destroyed and go back to mothership.

Please comment, we will add and improve on next version.


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good game...makes it more interesting Posted by

My son loves this game with the space ships and all that shooting and such....awesome idea! However, he is frustrated because sometimes he likes to play these games with me and he can't with this game. You have one human vs. computer but you don't have the ability to play human vs. human on the same Ipod. This is the only thing keeping you from getting a five star rating....awesome game!!! :)

Modern ludo Posted by

I, too,love this game, my most often played game, however, options to play against family on the same machine, as you would have with a real board game, do not exist. Pity.... Also, I occasionally have been in the middle of a game,when it freezes on me. My only option is to delete the game and reinstall it, meanwhile, I lose my playing history. Please fix! I do not want to give up. Like it too much!

Great!!!!! Posted by

This is very addictive!! But there is a typo when you win and it says losser not loser. You guys should fix it. Otherwise great app!!

The best game ever Posted by

This game is the best!I play this almost every time! You have to get it!

Addictive Posted by

This is fun, fast paced, challenging, strategic.

Na Posted by

Great game!! I love it.

Future Ludo Posted by

Fun game 5 stars

Ludo??? More Like Ad Ludo!!! by Obama's My Daddy! 2013-04-18

This "game" stinks!!! There's an Ad banner across the top of the screen, the bottom of the screen, popping up randomly all over the screen during game play, and popping up when I touch my game piece (which launches the web and takes me to a site that's trying to sell me crap). If you're looking for a REAL 5 STAR Ludo/Sorry type game, get Fluke.

1 Player Only!!!! by Spoons10696 2011-07-24

How about adding in the description that you need to pay in order to play anything other than 1 player mode. Advertised as free but useless if you wanna play with others. Deleted immediately!!

pay for multiplay by insectzk 2013-12-29