FX Photo Studio Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad
FX Photo Studio Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad

FX Photo Studio Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad

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FX Photo Studio Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
FX Photo Studio Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
FX Photo Studio Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
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Special price. Back to $29.99 shortly.
FX Photo Studio Pro is the creative powerhouse for everyone who likes to take photos. You get over 170 high-quality photo effects and filters that will change your photos in a single click.

- Mind-blowing variety of over 170 photo effects & filters
- Dozens of photo frames and borders from classic to lomo style
- PRO image editing tools and color controls
- Masking with effects and Color splash tool
- Integration with Aperture, Lightroom, iPhoto, Photoshop
- Intuitive user interface
- Sharing via most popular social networks and more

Combine and layer any of the 173 effects and 40 photo borders to create the perfect looking image. A completely customisable interface allows you to preview each effect, compare original and resulting images, label favourites and even save combinations of effects as presets.

You can apply as many filters to one image as you like, save mixes of effects to presets and even share these presets with other photographers around. The new masking and color splash tools allow you to apply effects and colors to a part of the image only, giving even more creative freedom to your photography. Effects include: Lo-Fi, Grunge, Art, Vintage, Vignettes, Sketches, Hollywood FX, Cross Process, Glow, Black & White and more.

With a set of professional editing tools you can improve and enhance your pictures even further. Customise exposure, brightness, saturation, contrast, temperature and hues; sharpen image; adjust shadows, highlights and more. FX Photo Studio PRO supports image resolution up to 40 megapixels and variety of photo formats, including RAW

Created by usability and photography professionals, FX Photo Studio’s user interface ensures that editing your photos can’t get any easier. The elegantly simple design provides easy access to every tool you’ll need, without cluttering your screen and allowing you to focus on your image.

• Import pictures from Aperture or iPhoto library
• Load images from any folder on your Mac or digital camera
• Export images in a variety of formats to iPhoto, Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop

FX Photo Studio PRO also lets you print images instantly, e-mail or share via most popular social networks: Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and Twitter.


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Great Effects / Filtering Image Program Posted by

For a simple total image filtering / effects program, FX Photo Studio Pro is a wonderful easy program to use. Typically I tend to shy away from any photo programs mostly because I use Adobe Photoshop for 99% of my photo editing, but this program really jumped out at me for the multiple filters that it has. There are times when I just need to make a simple adjustment to a photo and add a specialty filter or effect to it. FX Photo Studio Pro gives you the ability to do this quickly and easily. First you drag your photo or image into the program. If you can’t drag your image in, you can load your image by clicking the load image button. Once your image is loaded into the program then the fun begins. You are given a view of the original image along with a preview of what the filters or effects would look like if you added them to your original image. If you add an effect and don’t like how it looks you can undo it. You can also add multiple effects / filters to an image unique looks. To apply an effect you just select the effect you like from the options at the bottom of the screen. Then you click the “Apply” button to the right of the original image. After you have completed an image you can save it to your desktop. When you do you have the option of changing the name of the original file so you don’t rewrite the file. You can also share your photo with Facebook, tumblr, flickr, twitter or by email. Pros - Lots of filters / effects for a cheap price compared to what filter packages cost for Adobe Photoshop - Easy to use Cons - Effects are limited to the entire image. You can’t select portions of the photo to place effects, but then again it is a simple effects / filter program. This is a great photo / images effects / filter program that is very easy to use. I don’t know of anywhere else you can get as many filters / effects in this program for this price. I highly recommend it.

Very good at what it does, but limited Posted by

This program is great for doing the sort of cropping and color correction that can "save" a photograph or customize an image. It has easy to use controls to adjust color balance, temperature, hue and the like. It supports all of the standard formats and is a good addition to the casual or semi-serious photgrapher's arsenal. I particularly like the option to have the original and modifed image side by side and I have found the preview function, on the high quality setting, to be quite close to the final rendered version. It is not. and I do not believe it is intended to be, a replacement for Photoshop, but there are some tweeks that would earn a 5-star rating. Right now, you can only rotate in 90 degree increments. Many photographs would benefit from a slight adjustment and a free rotate function would be incredibly useful. Likewise, any changes you make are made to the entire photograph - there is no way to mask, dodge or burn. Again, I do not think that such functions fit in with the "vision" of the program, but you should be aware of this limitation Bottom line is that this a very good program for someone who knows what they were trying to achieve when they took the picture, or wants to create an artwork from the photograph, and also wants a simple and easy to use interface.

vey useful for non pro Posted by

I am not a professional photographer. But I'm getting married this year, and we are doing pretty much all of it ourselves. I needed to process an engagement photo to send out with our invitations. The big problem is that my face is very red, irish descent, just this side of a tomato, and my bride to be is asian, and very white beneath her makeup. Using the masks I was able to remove enough of the redness in my face so that we looked nice together. Also, I lightened a few harsh shadows from our outdoor photo. It took me just about a half an hour to get up to speed with thee easy to use interface. And we were both pleased with the results. The program is very easy to use. I have used it since to prepare photos for the reception hall and for a slideshow and I have used just a few of the effects on a couple of photos to make the slideshow pop. Here's my take. At least for a non professional photographer or someone who enjoys taking pictures but maybe doesn't have the time it takes to really become a true master of photoshop, and definitely for someone who just wants to make their pictures look as nice a possible before sharing, I think this is a really great and useful app. Thanks!

FX photo studio pro Posted by

I was very pleased with the app. It isn't Adobe CS6, nor did I expect it to be, but it gives very good value for the money and for most users. For people who just need a little tweaking, it is lovely and fast on adjusting exposure, contrast, etc. (which is really all most users will need), and it has a nice little selection of frames to add--if you want to create frames from scratch, you need imageframer3 anyway, but these do the job for people who just want to add a little unity to the gallery they're about to share. The working size of the pic is good enough to really see the detail of the changes you're making so you can decide on the fly if you're getting what you need. This eliminates the learning curve needed for the more advanced programs while giving you as much control as any non-professional is going to need. I read lots of the reviews below, and really, people, don't listen to the ones who expect to get everything CaptureNX or CS6 will do for this price. For everyday use it is easy to use, very intuitive, uncomplicated, and as I said, very good value for the money.

Best collection of filters Posted by

This is by far the best collection of photography effects and filters out there. I also have Camerabag, Snapseed and Analog, but this one features more effects than these apps together. I see no reason to buy the basic version, when you can get pro for this price. Don't expect Lightroom features in FX Photo Studio, but you get just the right tools for hours of photo fun with effects and filters. I've tried camerabag and fx photo studio trials before the download and even though camerabag has some descent features, you can't beat the price and tools of this one. Speaking about effects, obviously not 100% of them are for everyday usage, but you get over 200 of those plus a possibility to mix them and create presets, so even 10-20 filters are more than enough to make pictures look awesome. I also support devs actions in bringing more editing tools, like sharpening, levels, and so on. There were almost none at the beginning, but now even the adjust menu is well worth over $10. So definitely give this app a try if you want to add some new flavors to your photography.

Mostly good, some bad Posted by

Understanding that this is a less-expensive filter app, not photo editing, the software is worth a try. Most of the other reviews have good comments, so I won't rehash. I will post my likes (two) and my dislike (1). Likes 1) Unlike another filtering app, this can see into iPhoto library. A big plus for those who don't have the big dollar photo editors. 2) This can open Canon raw files. Not sure about other raw, but that is sure handy that I don't have to convert to anything first. Dislike 1) Most of the filters I would never use. While there are some neat ideas, really they are more for theatrical or advertisement applications. I mean, I can warp my face in PhotoBooth. That 'other' app I spoke of earlier has more filters that enhance photos like actual lighting, filters, camera settings naturally would. Again, for the cost its nice. I paid $20, probably would not pay $40 for it.

FX Studio Pro Posted by

This app’s superpower is transforming mediocre photos into art. I played with it for about 20 minutes and loved the results. I made a cool background from a boring photo of a table lamp base, added a favorite quote and shared it to Pinterest. Then using a photo of stacks of plastic pipe on a truck, I made a dynamic graphic and pushed the colors up to neon yellow, red, & green. Remember the viral image of the white/gold ~ blue/black dress? The pipe photo now looks to me like stacks of brightly colored tennis balls more than the open ends of lengths of pipe. I wonder which one you’d see? I can’t wait to try this app on some of the great photos I got with a new prime lens. Food photography, baby pictures, and exterior landscape shots are the three that are up next. The filters options seem endless, but as another review mentioned—you can save your favorite ones for an efficient work flow.

My small thoughts Posted by

I bought FX PRO to do enhancements with my photography. I am a freelancer photographer & always try to catch with various apps to help my business grow. Some say not fair, but I do majot editing in a PRO app. I regularly use Vintage Effect,Hue & saturation & TiltShift adjustments, they are Perfect. & As a person who puts eye on new Apple products like iMac, I tend to believe FX PRO will do good work with it..

Awesome Posted by

This is a really good app and I would recamend it to anyone. It has really awesome effects that make the picture look all vamped up, or look like it's in an old picture frame. Another cool feature is the crop tool. I know that sounds lame, but if you use the crop tool on the iPod, iPhone,or iPhoto the picture gets all grany, well here it looks even better if you crop it the way that you like. :) Way beond 5 star app!

Amazing Posted by

I have a Windows, and I use Sony Vegas to edit photos. Of course you cannot get Sony Vegas on a Mac. But, to all those SV users, you don't need SV on a Mac if you have THIS. This is so much easier, smoother, and the picture comes out in amazing quality. Best photography app in my opinion. Download and install this application. Now. I wonder why it doesn't come preinstalled.

Good for what it is Posted by

I love using this app, it’s great for adjusting filters and whatnot. However, I feel that the application would be much more worth its value if smaller adjustments such as red eye or blemish repair were to be included. I do not expect this application to have the same features as adobe photoshop, but perhaps those of the average pharmacy photo kiosk.

the learning curve Posted by

I am very pleased with FX PRO I am very new at this but I am enjoying the learning process. I have discovered that the computer components are just different tools for the artist. The photos are photos but they can become anything. Working through the manipulation process I have a new art form to enjoy and play with.

Where are the iPad effects? Posted by

I have this app on my iPad, and i see some of the effects is not included in the Pro version which it should have. For example, where are the Frames? Or the other extra paid feature an iPad. It should be included everything since this is the Pro version with this price.

Good this is still supported Posted by

Most of the effects look decent, and though it's a lot of them, it's always not enough. Hope the app always adds new ones (current status: 2.7 – still haven't) Wish I could sync it with the iPhone version. Still wish-

What about Overlays? Posted by

Love this software - but I can only execute the series of Overlays FX on the iPad version. Where are all those Overlays? Why are they available for the iPad and not the Mac Version???

FoXy app Posted by

Love this app. I use photoshop everyday for my clients' projects but I use FX for my personal projects. Great results on my Mac, Macbook Pro and my iPad.

Okay photo editor Posted by

This is a pretty decent photo editor, my only problem is a lot of these filters and effects you can find on a free photo editing website

Great App for Photos Posted by

I use this app on my iphone and my desktop, it's fun and easy to use, and it's a great investment!

love it Posted by

great app - great on ipad/iphone too. more filters always welcome but 10/10

Filters are severely lacking by YahYah24 2016-02-12

This application does what it says it does, so it’s fully functional in that way. It’s designed well, it’s pretty intuitive - based on the limited time I’ve spent using it so far, my experiences from which are the reason I purposely opened the app store to specifically write this review for this specific application. The filters in this application are severely lacking. I paid for an application I could use to edit my photos. More directly, which could apply filters to my photos I could not easily apply and/or create myself. Let me put it bluntly to potential purchasers: I am fully capable of turning my photos completely green, or completely blue, or completely red, or completely yellow. I’m completely capable of blurring my photos, or using instagram and using a radial blur, or iphoto and applying a vignette. I guess what I’m saying is, there should be a wider variety of more professionally tailored filters available to the user for an application that costs $20.00+ . There really aren’t any simple filters which a user can apply to a photo of a person which will make minor, but necessary, edits. Edits like reducing shadows, or reducing over-exposure issues… filters that would be more practical and useful. Barely any of these filters can be simply and easily used when there is a person in the photo. For landscape photos, or photos of inanimate objects this application is much more useful. I won’t be giving the application a 1 star rating. It’s not useless. It definitely has value, and I hope the coders work to improve the filter selections for more practical uses. The application is just really not all that useful, at this point, for family photos or photos when people are the main subject(s). What I like about the application, aside from its general design and overall presentation, is the “edit mask” option. That’s really smooth. I got to know that option during my last edit and I have to say… this is a fantastic function! Drag and drop from iPhoto is pretty fantastic, also, as not all applications allow this. Overall, it’s a useable application I can put to use when editing my landscape photos. But if you’re looking to edit primarily “people” as your subjects you may want to head into this purchase informed about what these filters provide for editing capabilities and what they don’t… and how easy, difficult, or time consuming it could be to get these filters to function inthe capatity you may need. Once you get a filter set to your specifications you can “add a filter”, and that’s a pretty great function, too.

not all that by ghostluvbed 2013-09-01

i'm a designer and know my way around Photoshop but was hunting for an app that would give me all the instant photo effects for social networking - like instagram etc. $20 was pretty steep for the Pro version, but it had good customer ratings so thought i'd go for their top end version and save myself the in-app purchases or upgrades that have become an annoying way of life in apple ecosystem. the effects they give you are just 'okay' - i use blux pro on my iPhone and a few others and like their set of filters way better - hard to explain but they're 'ambiance' based rather than just effect based. for example i can quickly get: - a retro vintage type look - a washed out look - a yellow tinged historical look (or whatever) with this app i can get straight photoshop type effects - yellow, blue, banding etc - but it doens't deliver the entire 'ambiance' thing well at all. (the one exception being tilt-shift). the TRULY unforgivable issue with this release (and the reason i'm not happy with purchase) is the lack of ability to resize your images when done. you can CROP and rotate but you can't resize it - really? really guys? whateva… so i STILL have to open up PS or another app to resize. also doesn't play nice with bulk photos - one could be forgiven for expecting to see a batch of thumbnails - you apply effects then save all - nope. or i can't figure out how to work it. finally once i have an image open, and apply an effect i can't find the way to 'close' the image… you just load another image on top.. strange when i try to open an entire folder of images? i would pass on this app - not worth the $20 if you're in it for the effects. if you want a replacement for a PS type app - might be worth it.

Aperture Integration by Nikontraveler 2013-07-23

I was hesitant to by this product as I was never able to determine work path for Aperture. Presently when I 'Edit with External Program" (Photoshop CS6) Aperture opens the photo in PS. After editing is complete and saved, When I close the photo PS reinserts the edited photo in the originating project with the same file name as predetermined format (PSD, Tiff, Jpeg with Ver X etc) With FX when opening with External Editor (Here is where I wish FX was a plug-in) it opens in FX which is great. But here is where it falls apart. When saving it saves to Aperture Library "Folder" not the program itself. The problem with this is that Aperture cannot find the new image in the folder as the Aperture Index cannot find it. OK so when you "Export To Aperture" it does two things. It exports to an "Untitled" project rather to the original "project". The second thing FX does is to rename the file with a generic title with the creation date. So what I would like is simple. To open FX with a Plug in (Upon Install it could as if a Aperture, Lightroom etc) would like to be installed or leave as stand alone app.) Or be able to open with External Editor then upon saving the file is saved back to the original project with the original file name as a 2222.tif Ver. X Opening, saving, finding, reimporting or dragging image from "Untitled Project" back into original project with a different file name is a pain in the butt. I like the program but using it with Aperture (I would assume for Lightroom also) is clumsy and akward. So either a Plug in or seamless intigration with Aperture like Photoshop would be great

Great App with Sadly Flaws…High Hopes! by ProExplorer 2015-08-22

I am a semi pro photographer, and have used many photo editing apps, encluding PS. Yes I do like this app. two big issues, 1. Crashed in first 20 mins. 2. No text writing….really? On a paid app you have no text writing abilities? I can’t take a app serious with out it, its how I do my signature on work…or watermarking..which it does not have either. One of them is a must…and for a paid app, its puzzling you have omitted it! Yes its easy to use, very friendly I am thinking for beginners, nothing about it at all difficult. Fun, easy and a good wide spread of abilities…I do like that a lot…not sure about the real outcome, have not printed anything and have not attempted to share…it was asking for feedback..so I figured I’d stop and go ahead and say my part…hoping that they figure out quick you have to have textwriting or watermarking if you want to keep a lot of us here…or we have to go to another app to do that part after doing a pic in here…?? I can’t see me doing that for long or very often…but I will hang around and see if you do a udpate with text writing and get the crashing to stop. I can’t say anything on crashing frequency, not sure what first time in first 20 mins is about. For anyone really wanting to play around and explore doing a good variety of things, just start playing around with it, hope for no crash, (suggest you save as you go as I actually did and was glad for having done), and in a good 30 mins, you’ll be pretty aware at all the variety offered…except for that maj issue of no text writing that I could find…sadly.

This is a true beginner App, not “Pro” at all! by csNumber01 2013-11-27

One of my favorite all time Quick Enhance/Fix Apps was Dr. Franklins Photo Effects. I spent no more than what I paid for this App more than 5 years ago and it no longer exists, and was only available for Windows at the time. As a Professional Photographer, the time saving element of such Apps makes for a much profitable Workflow, and makes for some very satisfied Clients. I downloaded this App a few days ago hoping it would be close to Dr. F’s App. But this App misses tha mark big time on several counts. First, and mainly, the Borders are weak as few use the “Hard Frame” border treatments, and the selection of “Creative” borders are few and the is no way to “Customize” pretty much anythig once you apply a Border. You cant Scale or Crop the Image or change the color of the Frames. This is major along with many of the effects are very limited in how you can adjust them. For instance a simple glow or blur effect is applied and automatically centered. If you subject is Camera Left, there is no wahy to move the effect to get the result you need. All of these feature were present in the aforementioned Dr. Franklins Photo Effects. This pretty much makes the App not worth the asking Price and not worthy of the “Pro” label attached. The slider adjustments are adequate and work well, but these adjustments can be made in many programs. .99 cents would be more appropriate for a limited App of this nature.

Not all the effects available by Slackmeister 2011-05-28

I initially bought the iPad version initially which I paid $2.99 & it had 185 filters but the maximum size was limited only to 2048x2048. When I saw that they had the Mac version that supported much larger images, I debated between this version and the non Pro version cause it was kinda pricey for the same features. Their website was vague on what additional feature set you're getting for the $20.00 difference between the Standard and Pro version. I figured that you'd get a lot more between the $2.99 iPad version and $39.99 Pro Mac version. What a let down to know that there are less filters than the iPad version. The Pool water and crumpled paper effects are not even there. They don't even have the Frames/Borders filter or a way to customize the background textures for the effects to call this a "Pro" version. It is totally overprice given that it does exactly what the iPad version with less filters. The only thing more that you can do on the Pro Mac version is the ability to handle larger images and different image file format support. Maybe when they add the ability to use custom background images, layering and additional frames that I'd up the rating.

Not "PRO"! by not_for_me 2013-11-29

This a toy photo editing app, not a "PRO" app and I for one am getting a bit tired of that term getting used for marketing in such baltantly misleading ways and feel that developers that do it should be called out for it. A "Pro" photo app should at least be capable of resizing the image with control over pixel dimensions along with dpi (i.e. 8x10 inches or the equivelent pixel dimensions at 300dpi or 72dpi, etc.), not just a simple crop. A "Pro" photo editing app needs to have layers support - even if the number of layers is limited, at least SOME layers! A "Pro" photo editing app would allow for much more control of the color and contrast of the image and have sharpening, blurring and doging/burning tools, not just a lame sharpening slider that destroys the image. This app is for kids that want to post images to social networks not for image makers interested in "Pro" functionality! Just a waste of money for me - I'm deleting the app and would love a refund. The name "Photo Studio Pro" is misleading and MacPhun should be ashamed for using it for this very basic effects app.

Good, but.......... by SolisLacus 2011-05-25

This is a nice compliment to Lightroom or Aperture, with a good variety of effects. It's not useful for EVERY photo, but when used sparingly it can really add zip to a portfolio. I like being able to work with really hi-rez images and in RAW when I choose. Unfortunately, I have one big problem with it- not all the effects that are in the iPad version are here in FX Photo Studio Pro. One of the reasons I purchased this pricey app was because a shortcoming of Lightroom is its absense of frames. What a disappointment to find that frames were not included here, either. And many of the other nice effects in the iPad version are missing as well. When they include frames and some of the other missing effects, I would be willing to give it four, even five stars, in spite of its high price. As it is now, I'm not sure it's worth the $$.

Disappointing, don’t be fooled by sample pics! by Chucky23dyy 2014-08-30

I’ve been using Camera+ for some time on my phone and LOVE the filters it offers. I was hoping to find a similar app for my Mac as using the phone to enhance multiple images is time consuming and tedious. Camera+ is not available in a standalone version :-( Came across this and from the sample pics it looked awesome. Downloaded and it is very disappointing. 95% of the filters are lame and the couple I liked were easily available in much cheaper programs. No HDR and the vast majority of the filters look like something from 2007. Don’t be fooled by the sample pics…those were enhanced in some other program and then imported into the program to make it look like the filters were applied to those images in the app. AVOID THIS APP! I genuinely feel ripped off!

iPad Version Has This Beat by SJP-iPad 2011-05-29

I purchased this application for my iPad at a fraction (a very small fraction) of the cost of this app, and was so pleased with it that I broke down and paid the big price tag for the Mac Pro version. I must confess that if I could keep only one - the Mac Pro version or the iPad version, I would keep the iPad version. It offers more options, filters, and just seems to do a better job altering the photographs. My only hope rests in the possibility that upgrades to this Pro version will bring it up to and beyond the one already offered for the iPad. Simply put, if you have the iPad version, you will not be impressed with the Mac Pro version.

Be wary of spam by m0j0TX 2016-06-01

If you buy this app, the author will spam you with notifications to buy their other products. For instance, I just received a notification promoting their Aurora HDR Pro software, allegedly "for free," but when you actually give them your email address and try to download it, it's just a demo version and priced nearly twice what the same apps sells for here in the App Store. I'm unintalling all of these Macphun apps, and I regret ever giving them my email address.

Nothing more than an iphone app can do by Happymeandu 2014-08-07

I am an ammature photographer but I found nothing on this program that was useful. Everything that could be done on this program, can be done on an app on an iPhone (only the app would be 99 cents at the most). DEFINITELY not worth 20 dollars. All it has are effects, nothing particuarly impressive. I would suggest downloading the app "after light" on an iphone instead. It has everything this program has. Not worth it, disappointing.

App keeps crashing by sunflowergirl20985 2016-04-30

I wanted to like this app. I spent $20 for it but had to delete it the same day. It keeps freezing and crashing (not only the app freezes, the entire computer does). This makes it impossible to use. Since I don’t want my computer to break, I will be seeking a different photo editor.

Please give me a refund by Alexis Schuette 2016-06-17

I paid like twenty dollars for pure garbage! Most of the filters turn the picture into complete trash and the only useful tools that come with the app are tools that anyone can access through the photos app that comes with any apple computer. PLEASE GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK

Needs text by batman7970 2014-03-05

This app deserve 2 stars, but I gave it a 3 because I use it. My point is I want, you want, we want text. The iPhone app comes with text. This app is so called, “Pro.” Without any text. Text is a must have for me. 4 stars with text. 5 stars with many other options.

It's bad… real bad by Trent Young 2013-03-09

I am so sorry I ignored the one star ratings. Poor implementation and the filter's are akin to garbage. I would NOT buy this app at .99 cents, much less $20. Yes, I can afford to lose the money, but what an embarressment to have on my computer. ~ Trent

Waste of $$$$ by 1 unhappy customer today 2015-12-21

Your not able to enhance clarity, details or sharpness of the photo only overlay with a filter. App says to purchase other apps made by the same company in order to make photo sharper. I purchased a $2.00 iphone app that works better than this garbage.

Freezes! by isabellapav13 2017-01-19

This app would be great if it didn’t freeze in the middle of your work, CONSTANTLY! You need to force quit and begin again. Only takes 5 trys before you can sucessfully edit (while holding your breath)!

Meh….. by ominoreg 2012-03-17

It's instagram on steroids. Nothing wrong there; except instagram is free. This app cost me forty bucks. It's a ten-dollar app; no more than that. Sorry to be the downer in the pack.

Application Freezes by m2ctcjrm 2013-04-21

I've tried several times to open this program and it continues to freeze when I try to upload photos then shuts down. This program has some serious issues. Don't waste your money.