Get Prepd Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Get Prepd Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Get Prepd Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Get Prepd Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Get Prepd Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Get Prepd Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Get Prepd Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Prepd makes it simple to prep your lunches for the week ahead. We partnered with professional chefs and nutritionists to a library of recipes tailored to fit a broad range of diets, appetites, and health goals. The app is designed to work perfectly with the Prepd Pack: our premium lunchbox. All available recipes are designed to fill the modular containers of the Prepd Pack, perfectly — making meal prepping less complicated, and, by eliminating unwanted food waste, more efficient. But of course, you don't need to have the Prepd Pack to use the app. Find calorie counting difficult? Relax — the Prepd app does all the math for you. By filling your Prepd Pack (and tummy) with our mouthwatering recipes, you’ll gain instant access to precise and in-depth nutritional information. All collected data is stored within the app and can be synchronized with Apple's Health App, giving you meaningful on-demand feedback about your diet.


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Vegan/ vegetarian options Posted by

I have been waiting for this app for so long and I'm so excited! I have a couple of suggestions right off the bat on how to improve the app, especially for dietary restrictions. In the "explore" section I would love to be able to search by more than one category at once, such as "gluten free" and "vegetarian" at the same time. With 29 vegetarian options there is some good variety, but so far there are only 6 vegan options. I know there will be expansion on recipes with time, but something that I would like is for the ingredients that are not vegan in vegetarian dishes to have vegan alternatives listed that would not compromise the integrity of the recipe. For example, on the Meatless BBQ Box, i could replace yogurt with coconut yogurt and cheddar cheese with a soy cheese alternative, but I'm not sure what I could replace egg with as a binding agent... that would be helpful to have suggestions for. Overall, I'm so excited for this app and I can't wait for my lunch boxes to be delivered!!

1307kcal meal?? Posted by

I was looking forward to getting this app to see all the wonderful delicious and healthy recipes. However, i'm a little upset at the calorie count of some of these recipes. I thought the whole point of Prepd was to help "control what you eat" at "the most difficult time of day" if I'm gonna make one meal of 800 calories, for me it kinda defeats the purpose. (Sooo unsure as to how the Vegan Box is 1307kcal?) To end on a high note, I can't wait to receive the Prepd box, and I'm looking forward to more recipes!!

Good Start Posted by

Offers some great ideas for meals and you are able to change the portion if you are prepping for more than 1 of the same meals at a time. However I wish the calorie count was done a bit differently so it showed you separate counts (i.e the soup calories and the cracker calories) so that you can either mix and match or if you decide not to make a "side" (ex. the mini peanut butter banana sandwich) you would have a more accurate calorie count if your tracking your calories.

Awesome Options Posted by

I know the app is still a work in progress (they're adding more options) but I set up my profile already and was floored with the selection of fast, healthy recipes. I'm motivated to stock up on more containers and bulk prep in them along with my other bento boxes. Fast navigation with no bugginess. Well worth the wait!

Excited and a few recommendations! Posted by

Would be cool if you could mix module sizes to create your own meals. Excited for the allergies to be included in recommendations and would be great to see ability to choose multi-allergies. Is there a place to input which modules you have so it takes that into account when meal planning ? Excited to put it to use!

Wow! Terrific design & Functionality. Posted by

Not many apps are as complete as this one and still remain simple and user-friendly. The well-engineered lunchbox is replicated with the equally well-engineered app. While waiting for our Prepd shipment to arrive, we can still get into the recipe browsing and ingredients procurement. So much fun! Thanks, C/W/L

Want to use with Trello Posted by

I wish you could select the text and copy the ingredients list from within the app. This would allow you to paste into the checklist feature in Trello for my weekly meal board.

Love This App!!! Posted by

I was able to beta test this app and really love how simple it is to use. Can't wait to use it with my Prepd Pack when it arrives in a few weeks!!!

Great! Posted by

Not at any issues with the app crashing. It is smooth and the interface is clean. Forward to using this more often when my Prepd lunch box arrives!

Exceeds me expectations Posted by

A lot of content, easy to use, can't wait to receive my prepd pack.

Hmmm?? I'm disappointed... by Sfhoneybee 2016-11-18

I ordered a "PREPP" box --2 months ago(?)... I "guess" it's shipping soon(?)...I'm secretly happy I DID NOT buy this as a gift for a Friend. I went with my better judgement and thought I would try it out first. Honestly... I guess I only have my self to blame for being disappointed. It's NOT that I haven't received it yet...I have just lowered my expectations a lot... so no big deal whenever it shows up... It's that I believed the hype. They just launched the "PREPPED APP." It looks like they have "75 tested recipes listed. I scrolled thru them trying to get an idea on my "future meals". The meals "look cute" in the photo...BUT-- NOW. "Touch" the Nutrition Button on the top right side. The button expands and gives you in greater detail more nutrition information. I remember the PREPPED BOX being promoted as "healthy alternative to grabbing junk food for lunch, great portion control, {I'm paraphrasing --but THOSE were the reasons why I bought it}~ Getting back to the Nutrition info provided. One of the Breakfasts listed has a little shy of 1,400 CALORIES

Forget the App How about the Product by Ulfur Brodir 2017-02-08

The app is decent and but the product never seems to get to the crowdfunders. The product delivery is months and months behind shipping and that is not really an issue, when you crowd fund just expect delays. What is unacceptable is when the campaigner after promising a delivery at long last goes completely dark and does not respond to questions or emails. It is bad customer service and if they are trying to start a business based on this product and the almost 3 million raised between Kickstarter and Indigogo they are not off to a good start. I would not bother with the app or ordering the product until their site says " In Stock" believe me the 4 to 6 weeks is a lot longer wherever these folks are from. All of this could be resolved if they just remained in contact with their customer base and were honest.

Sync between devices and with HealthKit by iwritelight 2017-01-11

Prepd should improve compatibility on a few fronts: - your marketing/photography shows use on an iPad; today this is not possible. - Prepd should sync with HealthKit; this will log calories for me. - Prepd should sync across multiple devices; if I (in the future) use my iPad to plan my meals, but my phone to purchase groceries then I'm not fully supported by this app. - I'd like to see my grocery list be sync'd or exported to a reminders list or somewhere i can aggregate all of my shared to-do lists.

Needs Health Kit support by .VersaVice. 2017-01-05

The main reason for me to use a food app would be to combined the data with my Health app to better track my overall progress. The recipes in here are creative but most have very expensive or harder to find ingredients. Please consider having a good mix of more simple lunch recipes, also some healthy but affordable salad options. I personally don't see myself using this app without health kit and more basic lunch recipes.

Disappointing by KellsBells920 2016-12-15

The recipes have not been updated since the app launched. Some recipes are VERY high calorie (1300-1600 for lunch). Many recipes' calorie listings appear to be incorrect. You cannot list ingredients that you are allergic to. This app is supposed to accompany a lunch box that has been delayed over 6 months with inadequate communication. Don't waste your time.

App does not work on older iOS versions by jmpshotking 2016-12-03

iOS 9.0.2, 9.1, 9.2, and 9.2.1 confirmed not working. And not available for the iPad at all. Not a very available, universal or useable app. Seems to be rushed, even though they've had almost a year now...developers seem to be wasting Kickstarter backer's time and money.

Unusable app by da91392 2016-12-21

This app instantly crashes, making it unusable. I'm on IOS 8 or 9 I think which isn't unreasonable. Extremely disappointed.

Waited so long for this by Kamaytu 2016-11-22

Every time I try to open the app it crashes. I thought it might be my phone space but even deleting items doesn't help.

Reviewer by Ksb1008 2016-11-23

I have never managed to get this app to open. It crashes every time. Deleting and reinstalling has not helped.

Poor Design by SteveDiD 2017-02-07

This app does not deliver what was promised. No special diets and many of the meals are high in calories

Still won't open on iOS 9 by Francomophone 2017-01-02

Version 0.8.1 released on 22 December still crashes on startup on iOS 9. Unusable.

Doesn't work by Rly rly dissatisfied 2016-11-20

The app crashes when I try to open it