GPS Speed Apps free for iPhone/iPad
GPS Speed Apps free for iPhone/iPad

GPS Speed Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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GPS Speed is a simple but smart tracker for iPhone and iWatch

GPS Speed tracks your current speed in km/h, ml/h and knots.
Now you easily can track you trip and see your max, average speed, time of your trip and distance you have made.


- Digital speed indicator
- Km/h, mp/h, knots
- Trip tracking:
- Max speed
- Average speed
- Time tracking
- Distance
- Pause/resume tracking
- Background tracking
- GPS accuracy indicator
- iWatch support

Note: Continued use of the GPS will drain the battery. Recommended to use the charger while using the app.

Thanks for using GPS Speed!
Enjoy it!!


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Varies with device
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Nice! Works great when riding my box on my watch. Posted by

It's easy to see and does NOT seem detrimental to battery life. Actually, two minor complaints: 1) I wish it had a decimal point. When I'm walking 3 MPH is way different than 3.9 MPH... 2) It's got the speed nice and big, but the time is awfully tiny in the corner. What's the point of easily being able to see the speed but I have to put on glasses to see the time. iTunes says there are advanced features for 99 cents, but I don't see a way to access any other features.

Works great on iPhone 4.0 Posted by

I'm also not sure why there are all these negative reviews. I just downloaded and installed it on my iPhone 4.0 and tested it on my train commute to work. The speedometer, odometer & compass work just fine. Keep in mind that any app that uses GPS to determine speed isn't going to be 100% accurate, but this is pretty close...and free.

Pretty good but... Posted by

There needs to be a way to disable the switching from landscape to portrait. I use this app on my motorcycle and it is always flipping around on the screen. In turns, under braking, under acceleration. It just can't make up its mind.

Love it Posted by

Well it does what I want it to do it's pretty accurate and I have iPhone 4 so when ur done make sure u kill the app with multitasking or else it will runn in the background and drain ur battery!

Works on a bus Posted by

I used it to measure how fast the bus driver is going. Thankfully according to the app he's going 10 over the speed limit. I'll be getting to my destination faster! Alright ;)

Simple and works Posted by

Works!! Can't understand why there are a lot of old version feedbacks in the top. It's great, guys! Maybe maps with routes?

Awesome! Posted by

This app works very well as long as you have good 3G service. I have sprint and I use this Snowboarding. Works like a charm!

Great App ! Works perfect ! Posted by

I just tried it and it worked perfectly ! Great work ! I am very curios to see how this app improves over time !

iPad App Posted by

Looks good would love to try the iPad app version.

not sure about this app by solar71 2010-11-09

This app seems to work ok... BUT! I am unabble to stop the app... I turned it on last night, then after about 1 minute i hit reset and closed the app. This morning my iphone is at 17% battery, last night it was at 100% I go into my memory app to see whats running in the background. This app is listed. So i go into the app and its still running. I hit reset, but it just starts over again. PS : i have 4 gps apps and i ran them all... Once i exit them, only this app is still running. I hope there is a way to turn it off... Because right now i have to turn my iphone off completely to get it to stop. Thanks

Battery useage ! by MJEVERYTHiNG 2011-08-06

I downloaded this app to test the speedo on my scooter and check top speed. It's neat how it puts a red dot on your top speed. I agree with other reviews though, battery usage is insane. Even when the app is closed and location is off for that program iPhone battery life goes down the toilet. I used it, then had to delete it because of excessive battery drain.

Battery killer by mgeorge144 2011-03-28

Once installed on my phone, my battery would lose 2% every 5 to 10 minutes, even in idle state. This was with the program not running. I removed from my phone and my normal battery life is back. Buggy garbage program in my opinion

Speedometer doesn't work by Morac 2010-05-24

While travelling 70 MPH in a car the app sometimes said I was going 10 MPH and sometimes it said I was going 140 MPH. It was never correct. Also the miles travelled is wrong.

Stupid by Cwilder255 2013-05-31

This app has failed me, speedo don't work. I just finally paid the .99cents and it still don't work. I'm very angry and disappointed

Works ok by Ininoutb 2011-12-24

Works fairly good is off some times what I really want is to see what the pro version looks like and how it works no one has reviewed it yet

Why max out? by Osaka Joe 2010-09-17

Screen "shakes" crazily above "maximum" speed. Not helpful from an airplane seat or high speed train.

Does't work on iPad 3G f/w 4.2.1 by M461C 2011-01-29

Installed in iPad 3G w/ iOS 4.2.1 non-JB. Clicked open, and then it's automatically closed.