GRE Vocab Genius Apps free for iPhone/iPad
GRE Vocab Genius Apps free for iPhone/iPad

GRE Vocab Genius Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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GRE Vocab Genius Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
GRE Vocab Genius Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
GRE Vocab Genius Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
GRE Vocab Genius Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
GRE Vocab Genius Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Recent #1 Ranked Education App - Improve your GRE vocabulary FASTER than with any other vocab app. Applying the latest in cognitive science techniques, Brainscape helps you efficiently learn over 2,000 “dynamic flashcards” covering both vocabulary words and their roots.

Rather than creating frivolous games or distracting quizzes to try to make learning “fun,” Brainscape provides a scientifically optimized algorithm to repeat flashcards in just the right pattern for your brain’s maximum absorption, based on YOUR confidence. Brainscape makes sure that your study time is used as efficiently as possible, because – let’s face it – you are busy!

GRE Vocab Genius includes:

• Nearly 1,900 flashcards for some of the most useful yet difficult vocabulary words found on the GRE, complete with definitions, sample sentences, and synonyms
• Over 300 “word elements” flashcards for common prefixes, suffixes, and roots
• A customized flashcard repetition algorithm that cuts your memorization time dramatically
• Convenient “browse” and “search” functions that allow you to easily find cards you want
• Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress

The Brainscape team is made up of former executives from The Princeton Review and Kaplan, as well as cognitive scientists formerly with Columbia and Yale. Our mission is to make learning easier and more convenient.

Feel free to check out our website (, where you can create your own flashcards and study anywhere. Good luck!


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If you are considering getting this app but are wary of the large price tag: DON'T HESITATE. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I'm preparing to take the GRE for the second time, and first used a set of Kaplan GRE flash cards with their books. Not bad, but not great. When I took the test, I certainly saw some of the 500 that were in the box, but there were a lot more words that I had never seen. This time around, I knew I wanted something with more substance. This app includes SO many words (so definitely not for those cramming for the test), but is well worth it for those with lots of time before the big day. I find myself pulling out my phone everywhere to flip through some cards, and you REALLY learn them with the smart algorithm used to determine card repetition. I would suggest buying the app to anyone taking the GRE. The cost is still cheaper than a big box of flashcards anyway. Also, the app has a useful word elements set. If you go through that one first, you'll really be able to understand and fully comprehend the vocal words you encounter! Could not recommend more highly! I'm excited to take the test to see the vast improvement in score.

Better than other GRE vocab apps Posted by

This app has no quizzes or other fancy bells and whistles to palliate the sting of a cadaverous vocabulary. But it has what is necessary to get the job done. This app is great for learning new words and actually retaining them for later use in conversation, writing, or tests like the GRE. The system of rating words on 5pt scale from "don't know it" to "mastered it" allows the program to give you difficult words more frequently, thereby increasing your exposure to the word in a flash card based system. If there was no algorithm, it would be like using physical flash cards, which is tedious when you reach the point of moderate knowledge of around two thirds of the words. The algorithm puts the cards in tiers, allows you to focus on the difficult cards but still get exposure to the stuff you are only partially confident with. The only thing I wish to be added is a setting to choose between the two types of cards--word first or definition first cards. I saw someone else complain about this, and there is a temporary solution. If you want to rarely see definition cards, simply rate them as mastered, and they'll rarely pop up.

Close to Being Perfect Posted by

This system is the best of all the vocabulary building apps that I have tried--which is almost all of them. The confidence rating is both innovative and effective, and works better (in terms of helping you learn) than the method most other apps use, which is a binary 'correct' or 'incorrect.' While I love the core of this program's functionality better than any of its competitors, there are a few features I've enjoyed and benefitted from in other apps that I would very much like to see added: - Audio pronunciation of the words as they are presented (as an option) - A second example sentence for each word - The connotation of each word - And, lastly, though I haven't seen this feature anywhere else, I would really love to see a quick breakdown of the words etymology, or even just an illustration of its root elements.

Effective app! Posted by

Tried a few free flash card apps. What distinguishes this from those is the adaptive method of learning. By self rating your understanding of each word, the logic will then continue to rotate that word into the mix at a frequency commensurate with your rating. That method may not be so effective if you are inclined to cheat at solitaire. There are a few criticisms about the lack of audio to assist with pronunciation. Though it would indeed be nice to have that feature, the written pronunciation is usually intuitive enough. Also, the word choices seem appropriate for the GRE--they are challenging. If you are looking for something to help with your exam-don't be miserly. This is well worth the $5.

Awesome!!!!! Posted by

This is by far the best vocabulary learning and study app I have seen yet! I've tried others and learned a lot, but this one is THE BEST!!! The fact that the flash cards are created for you is way better than learning a word of the day and making them yourself. Also, I love the fact that it changes the method it uses to test you. It tests you by flashing the word first and having you guess the definition, then sometimes it will give you the definition and have you guess the word. I can't say enough about it. Just get it if you want a great study app for learning vocabulary. Thank you for this app!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

Helped a lot Posted by

My test is in 2 days and late last week I realized, despite studying for around an hour a day, that my vocab just wasn't diverse enough to have prepared me for the GRE. After using this app for 5-6 hours a day (intense, I know) I finally feel like I'm ready, and this really is the reason why. I like how it quizzes you by giving just the definitions and making you guess the word, which is important in determining those "fine shades of meaning" tested on the GRE. I only wish there were more words, and that you could customize your own deck of cards with just definitions that you often confuse, but otherwise I loved it!

Adaptive Posted by

It's much easier to study a few words at a time, and then to expand the list as you get better. This app, unlike others allows you to do exactly that. When you start on one of the 10 word lists, you are shown approximately 3-5 new words. Depending on the rating you give the words which tells the app how much you know the words, it will keep repeating these three words until you start learning the words. This is really helpful since it only gives you more new words after you have learnt the few you started with. You feel like you are making progress as opposed to just having a ton if random words to learn.

Very educational Posted by

This is better than making flashcards yourself. The app calculates your mastery of words and asks you them in a way that will make you remember the definition. I am an educator myself and often use the techniques employed here. For example if you are struggling with word A, it asks you the definition of word a. Then it goes on to a diff word. It follows by asking you if you know what word corresponds with the def of word A. It goes on to a different word. Finally, it Asks you the def of word A again. In short I use this app nearly every day and am already seeing an improvement in my vocabulary.

Great app Posted by

This app has proved to be quite good. If you like studying new vocabulary, the format is standard (computerized random flashcards, you rate how well you know the word and as you learn they appear with less frequency) and the breath seems extensive. While there aren't a lot of bells and whistles, if you are looking to be exposed to some new words with practice, this app is perfect.

Very helpful Posted by

I find this app the most helpful in the App Store for preparing for the verbal section on the gre. With this you won't need paper flash cards b/c it's on your ipad or iPhone. One thing I wish is a sync between devices so I can study any where and on my apple devices wherever I stopped.

Very helpful Posted by

My friend recommended this to me months ago and I put it off to buy physical flash cards.... I finally purchased this and find it to be very helpful. The algorithms they use to repeat cards you're having trouble with works well and it syncs progress across my iPad, iPhone, and the website.

Very helpful Posted by

My friend recommended this to me months ago and I put it off to buy physical flash cards.... I finally purchased this and find it to be very helpful. The algorithms they use to repeat cards you're having trouble with works well and it syncs progress across my iPad, iPhone, and the website.

Bomb diggity Posted by

Very effective vocab retention, with a pretty decent word list. Advertising may be a bit 'disingenuous' though... 1000+ apparently means 1001 study words. I'm not really complaining... This is the best free app I could find by a comfortable margin.

Getting ready Posted by

I just downloaded this yesterday, but it's already quite helpful. The program uses a great algorithm to repeatedly bring up words you're having the mist trouble with. I also like that you can reevaluate your comfort with a word each time you see it.

Very Well Organized Posted by

I checked all most 10 Free & Paid Apps before I started using this. Very good collection and well organized. Only thing missing is the sound, you can not hear how a word is Pronounced. Statistics and progress tracking are best among all Apps!!

Great! Posted by

I've seemed to have gotten this app when it was free (almost a year ago), which makes me extremely fortunate. This app is essentially a better version of flashcards, so it'll really help you study as long as you dedicate the time.

Awesome app, exactly what I needed Posted by

Rarely do I download any apps that aren't free of charge, but this one was worth every penny. No frills or distractions, and the vocabulary is presented in an extremely absorbable manner. I highly recommend it

Extremely effective Posted by

This app is better than any other free vocabulary app, and than real flashcards, and it works very well. Also works without Internet or service access, which is useful on the metro in dc!

Great app indeed Posted by

Very handy app. Used to have flash cards but were too bulky to carry around. So I got an iPhone partly to get this app and so far I love them both

Life's Student Posted by

Great app that's very easy to use and accessible. You can't beat learning a few more words when there's a free minute.

This app is a big disappointment. by Marwellus 2013-05-01

Quantity does not equal quality, and this app is a good demonstration of the old maxim. 2 stars for the learning engine, which is great. But the company did not invent spaced repetition, it is merely applied (across all of the company's apps, in fact), so 1 star for that. 2nd star for the 5 levels of mastery of words. That's how I've been doing it for a long time and I consider it to be the optimal scale. Everything else is bad. Almost 2,000 words is ridiculously too many given how they are presented - as a confused mess divided into 10 buckets. Anybody can put together this many words and claim those are GRE. The lack of organization and customization turns the possible great advantage of the volume into a great problem. Again, the words are not organized in any meaningful way, not even according to difficulty - the first group of 200 words contains difficult words that do not appear in any other list of GRE words I have. It is not possible to select the words I want to study and go through those. It is not possible to group the words into meaningful clusters like difficulty or theme or the order in which I happen to study the words following materials I purchased elsewhere. There is no audio pronunciation. No synonyms. No antonyms. There is 1 short usage sentence. This is good, but 2 (short) sentences is much better, 3 optimal. To sum up: the app is nearly useless for actual studying because you quickly realize that you are not going to master 2,000 words (and the words need to be mastered for GRE) in a few months available. Going word after word in the order set up by this app feels arbitrarily stupid, like flipping randomly through a dictionary. Since you cannot prioritize the words, you are, in my opinion, likely to drop the app. I did.

Good interface, not worthwhile by Carchao 2014-03-24

Now, I know this app has a great interface, is very user friendly, and really helps you learn words. But the entire reason I wanted this app was because I want to study vocab words that have a high likelihood of appearing on the GRE- and study in an efficient, pointed manner. This app is terrible with that. It includes 1500+ words - who has time to memorize that many? Many of the words are too obscure to appear on the test. I even did a little test- took a random sample of words I didn't know from ETS real GRE tests, and out of the 1500 words on this app, only around 10% appeared on flash cards. As a comparison, I did the same test with the Barron's flash card app- and it had almost all of the words. Best part of all? Barron's had only 500 flash cards. Now that's what I call a good use of my time. Conclusion? This app is a waste of time and money, and will only lead you astray when studying for the GRE.

Not very effective so far by Whathasntbeentaken4576447 2012-01-04

I have a strong vocabulary and have done well with studying GRE vocab in the past. Nevertheless I'm finding it incredibly hard to make these words stick, although I'm usually good at memorization. Perhaps it's psychological, but if I rate words a 1 or 2, I can rarely recall the definition. Sometimes words will have up to three (often very similar) definitions, which just complicates things. I don't know, maybe you need to study for hours a day for this to be effective.. I'm not having good luck with it in the 2 weeks I've had it

Very good and convenient by Gercek Boz 2014-07-03

The application is very helpful to learn and memorize new vocabulary, however there should be couple of feature in order to be able to say "it is awesome" 1. It should include "sound" shows exactly how to pronounce, I am really fed up with shuttling around different apps 2. It should have "preeceding page" button to go back exactly the previous page, not the main screen all the time. 3. There needs to be a "test" to assess the level of learning.

I had a little higher hopes by Hays.Donald 2011-07-31

The app needs a pronunciation feature so I can hear the words. I also wish they would make a slide for the roots of the words so I could understand why the word actually means what it means. Some of these words are completely new to me, which is great, but it's hard to memorize them without a reference to my previous knowledge. The app works fairly well but isn't worth the price. 2.99 or lower is closer to the right price. Also, no iPad interface is a bummer.

Annoyingly stubborn by Fishmelo3 2013-07-18

Great job showing cards again based on confidence, however the settings are annoyingly non flexible. For example a lot of the times it will prompt the definition of a word rather than the word itself, something I care a lot less about since I want to take a standardized test when I will always see the word and not the definition first. Really annoying that I cannot customize the learning process better considering I spent $7.

Pretty basic app by Matthew Dixon 2011-03-19

I was hoping for something better. This app would be so much more useful if it allowed the user to make a list of favorites, take notes on the "flashcards" (ie. mneumonic devices), and provide a testing interface that simulates the gre. Also, when I go to word list, there are quite a few duplicate words. That makes me wonder what the actual amount of new words are included in this app. I hope some updates are made.

Waste of money by First review everr 2012-04-18

shortcomings: 1-no audio for pronunciation sake 2-there is no way to study the words alphabetically 3-after studying one set once, you cannot use flashcards if u want to change the difficulty level ; the only way is to do it through list Overall it's a very badly designed app and very inflexible Use gre flashcards app instead which is free and way better than this

Coould be better by Me8..549. 2014-08-16

The price seems too expensive for what the app offers. I have downloaded other apps where you can see your daily progress and take tests each day. This app gets too repetitive and not being able to listen to the correct pronunciation is a total bust.

This app doesn't work in my iPhone 4S by Sal459 2013-06-07

This app crashes when I open in my iPhone 4S. It did not work at all.