Grocery List - Remember To Buy Apps for iPhone/iPad
Grocery List - Remember To Buy Apps for iPhone/iPad

Grocery List - Remember To Buy Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Grocery List - Remember To Buy Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Grocery List - Remember To Buy Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Grocery List - Remember To Buy Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Grocery List - Remember To Buy Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Grocery List - Remember To Buy Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Abandon the paper list and all other complicated applications that end up hindering rather than helping. "Remember To Buy" was designed to be a more practical grocery list and make your life easier.

You need this app if you know the value of:

• Time: a well-planned shopping list saves precious minutes and hours at a store.
• Money: when you know what to buy, do not risk wasting money.
• Happiness: you'll be happier without the frustration caused forget to buy something.
• Environment: paper shopping lists are made from trees. Our grocery lists are created from beautiful lines of program code.

Key features:

• Smart grouping, group your products by aisles with the help of colors assigned to the items.
• Multiple shopping lists organized into the convenient list of lists with the preview of their contents.
• Share your grocery lists via text messages, emails or copy and paste wherever you want.
• Delete all checked items.
• Turn off the auto screen lock option in the app settings.

Grocery List - Remember To Buy Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Shopping necessity! Posted by

I really enjoy using this as my shopping list. It also remembers purchased items in the past. I just wish my shopping items and past items would alphabetize themselves. It makes it difficult when I want to add a past purchase to my current list.

One minor change needed Posted by

I have been using this app for several years and I really like the simplicity of it. One minor change needs to be made: there needs to be a way to edit an entry. If I have misspelled or need to add a brand name etc. there's no way to do it.

Love it! Posted by

I use this all the time to make my grocery lists. Very easy to use even in the store! I can add to my list anytime and mark things off as I leave the store! Id love to add to my list from either my iPad or iPhone and they both sync!

Spelling Corrections Posted by

This is a very handy simple ap that gets the job done without a bunch of bells and whistles. It would be nice to delete an item or correct the spelling. I've used many other similar apps, but this is the best.

Excelente Posted by

Super pratico , assim que lembro de algo já anoto .. pela facilidade de ter o celular sempre a mão . Adorei a facilidade de abrir boca lista ,adicionar e remover itens !! Perfeito !

SO FAR SO GOOD Posted by

Just downloaded the 'Buy' app and it looks very sleek and easy to use. Been using 'Grocery Gadget' for years but their unethical practices turned me away.

Clean and simple Posted by

This app is nice and clear and easy to use. It works like a paper list, except it is usually with you on your phone and not at home forgotten on the table one wherever.

okay Posted by

it's clean.However,when you first input an item in Chinese,it's okay.But when you want to add another item in Chinese,it couldn't be typed in Chinese.

Everyone needs this! Posted by

So many uses! No more forgetting to bring the list, no more trying to remember that one item that you forgot to buy. This is a fave.

Very straightforward Posted by

Go ahead and download!

Buy a Vowel... by GNR4VR 2016-11-27

App is seriously lacking. 1. No way to EDIT or DELETE commonly misspelled entries. 2. Obvious "NO Common" Grocery and/or United Grocers Dictionary to 'pick up' on the entries you are adding. 3. No way to categorize your list without starting separate lists.(Non-Food / Food.. Etc.) At the very least that should be what this app could do without out a way to edit or delete an entry. If you are a man or a woman that runs a house this app is not for you. It will not save you time! It will however drive you crazy!! If you are single the simplicity of this app is handy. If you don't mind spelling errors & don't mind trolling the store aisles back n' forth for all that you are gathering. For the developers - These requests from myself and others seems simple enough... How about an update to your app to make these things a reality for your users?

Save your $$ and space! by KatieS32404 2014-06-13

Everyone has shopping list apps like this. Provide us with a list where you can choose a "buy" category of a massive list of foods the foods we might use to save in a memory bank. Then when we go to the store or prepare our list, we have that library of food to look at to stimulate our brains into a creative state to help is with our list. This is no help! Apps like this are a dime a dozen! For sure not the $2.98 I just dropped!

Keyboard by incineration 2014-01-19

Its simplicity is also its strength. Easy to add an item and its quantity in a few taps. Purchased items move to the bottom of the list automatically. The history menu and send as email will come in handy too. But after adding an item, the keyboard will be reset to English and you can't change it back anymore!

Super simple by Sparefamily 2016-09-27

If you want a list or lists, the Reminders app for free on the iPhone will do. This app has no special features worth paying for. Doesn't scan items, search items, set prices, offer coupons, sync with others or anything. It's just a list...with the ability to share via text.

Annoying ads now. by Someone silly 2015-02-12

I used to use this app every week. Until they added the ads in this update. There's not even an option I can find to pay to disable the ads. I click the ad by accident all the time. So now I am deleting this app and finding a new grocery list app to use. Thumbs DOWN.

Annoying ads now. by Gasping For Ariel 2015-02-12

I used to use this app every week. Until they added the ads in this update. There's not even an option I can find to pay to disable the ads. I click the ad by accident all the time. So now I am deleting this app and finding a new grocery list app to use. Thumbs DOWN.

I like it, but.... by NeilandSara 2013-12-04

I wish I could rearrange the order of the list. I like to group the similar items together according to where they are in the store. It's annoying when you leave the dairy section only to realize that you have yogurt hiding somewhere in the middle of your list.

Easy to use, but.... by Doc474660742 2014-01-28

This ap is easy to use, but you can never quite see the full list. Items at the bottom keep slipping back behind the options at the bottom of the screen. There is also no edit option to change quantities so you have to create a new item.

Good app. Missing a couple of features. by elite192 2013-12-04

Good app. Missing a couple of features. Multiple lists, not everything is in one store. Ability to sort items and sort lists. Ability to move items where you want on a list or move to a different list. Thanks.