Gun Movie FX Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Gun Movie FX Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Gun Movie FX Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Gun Movie FX Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Gun Movie FX Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Gun Movie FX Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Gun Movie FX Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Gun Movie FX Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Gun Movie FX is an easy to use professional quality gun effects app. Create action movies with your choice of 70 high quality muzzle flashes, sound effects and much more.

Position gun flashes and other effects quickly and easily with our simple effects editor. Other effects in this app include blood spray and splatter, bullet hit effects, flying shells, smoke bursts and many different movie sound effects.

New for version 5 is SNIPER FX. Add a scope overlay for a realistic sniper effect.

Build custom gun effects using the CUSTOM FX builder. Pick from any of the 70 included muzzle flashes and gun sounds to create your own custom fx.

See what this app can do by visiting our YouTube channel!

Make sure to visit and "Like" our new Official Gun Movie FX Facebook page. "Like" us to receive all the latest news and updates on Gun Movie FX!

Also, check out the Gun Movie FX website at:


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New update need some fixes and changes Posted by

I love the new look of the update, and improve begun sounds as well as some new stuff. However, the actual gun effects should not have to be added to sound or vise versa. It was much easier to just choose an effect and then go from there without having to add sound afterwards. We need the first person stuff back as well as some of the old blood effects, like brighter sprays and what not. The gun effects by themselves also need to be longer than one frame. I like the idea of doing the custom thing that way people can do their own thing but I usually just use the default ones anyways. Once again the new update is cool but bring some of the old stuff back as well as add sounds to the effects so we don't have to do it.------ADDED THOUGHTS AFTER USING APP FOR A SERIES OF VIDEOS: using the custom FX option is very nice because it adds sound took a muscle flash and then you don't have to re-add it every time. That way once you save a bunch of custom ones you don't have to add sound again. I would also say keep the new blood effects but bring back some of the old ones, and maybe add some new ones I'm a really big expendables fan and like that kind of stuff lol. The new gun sounds are also very good if you can add more that would be awesome. The only other thing I can say is some fixes with the lag when previewing before saving the video.

Awesome but forgot stuff. Posted by

They took away the first person muzzle flashes which is so disappointing. Also they took away the light fx which is also disappointing because I used them to put light fx on the walls when I shot the gun and now it's looks a bit fake when I shoot. And they also look away colored blood. :( Help: guys to find the lasers just scroll down on the fx options. It'll be on the very bottom. And I do like the new blood fx because I have been trying to get those type of blood fx with the the blood fx I had with the old update and now it's better but I would like the old blood fx with the new ones at the same time so I have more options to choose from. And new muzzle flash fx are amazing because there is so much more and they are bigger than the last ones and an action movie youtuber says it's good to have big flashes. if you ever ad the first person flashes back, can you also make them bigger to. I also hear people complaining about bringing back the old muzzle flashes so if you could put the new and old flashes together along with the old and new blood fx, that would be awesome thanks.

Sound effects are lame. Posted by

Let me first say, this app is awesome, it's a mobile video editor for your device, and it's fun to use. Let me ask for some improvements however, I suggest you guys add things like blood splatter effects to walls that are anchored there (when you move the camera it stays where it's at) I also think you guys should start researching/testing more realistic blood sprays, splatters, etc. because the blood is why I rated this 4/5, I also think for your sound effects for gunshots on pistols should be updated, to be honest they sound like cap guns and not real ones. So I think that the developers should research and buy sounds from the sound library, and start to develop the blood better. Because I loved it at first, but after a while I noticed that compared to more professional blood and gun effects used in youtube channels such as Corridor digital crushed the competition. So please for the next update make it a big one, because if not, this app should be worth $1 not $5, (seriously guys lets make some improvements)

Please read this review. Posted by

Hello. I love this app and use it for almost all of my movies. It's realistic and fun. Everybody needs this app. It's an essential. The in-app purchases are worth every penny. Now you're probably wondering why I gave it a 4/5. Well, although the app is worth 5 stars what we all need is a Spider-man web shooter effects app. I would pay so much for one and I'm sure there are others like me. If it's too hard to make a whole new app then please just update this app and make it as an in-app purchase. I have been searching everywhere and I can't find a working way to give videos web shooter effects, and the first app that I find will be the one I buy. Please consider this review. I am a huge fan of both this app and Spider-man. I am going to make a a Spider-man film and would love to use your wonderfully brilliant effects. Thank you. Anyone who's anyone needs this app. Absolutely brilliant.

Amazing Posted by

I've had this app for a while and I love it. Now the only reason I'm writing a review is for suggestions so the app can be better, so this isn't constructive criticism because what you guys are doing right now is amazing. First I would love to see explosion fx. I mean it wold be awesome to se and be really easy to put in. Second I would like to see flying bullets. By this I mean like the matrix where in bullet time you see all the bullets in slo mo causing ripples in the air. Third I would love to see limbs flying around. This would also go well with the explosion fx. One of the harder improvements you could make is motion tracking. Some people like having there films with a shaky cam so when the fx are put on th cam just makes the fx go all out of place. My final suggestion is fire like a natural fire or a flamethrower fire. Thank you and I hope you read and take account of these suggestions

Best Gun App Posted by

This is definitely the best gun app on the market. This app's new update improved the UI a lot, making it more organized and prettier. With this new update, you can add muzzle flashes and gun shot noises down to the last millisecond. You can also easily import and export videos from and to your iPad/iPhone photos. You can even add details like blood squirts, sniper scopes, bullet hits, and shells falling. And if you need help in any particular section e.g. putting in sounds, there is an easy to use help section, conveniently marked with a "?" After you finish your scene, it will automatically place it in the gallery and from there, you can send it to your photos, watch it, or delete it if the scene doesn't fit to your liking. Overall, the update has really perfected this already great app, giving the user more customization over their scene and adding more features. 10/10. Great app.

Awesome buy can you add? Posted by

Hi! This app is great and has helped me so much but im asking if it wouldn't be to much to add an arrow effect in, it would most likely go under the star where the lasers are. You would have to purchase the effects from the gunfx store and it would have different versions of the arrow shot and possibly even different colors! But if not then they should just be black (im talking about the end veins of the arrow) that would be amazing!!! And it would make it even better if you have an effects that is with the arrow to make it look like someone has an arrow in them, this could also have many different things like how far it's in or what angle it's at! I hope you can take this into consideration, it will help alot with my up coming film

Best fx app Posted by

I really love this app I've had it since the day it came out no joke. It has improved a lot and helped me make films I've shared it with way to many friends, but I never got the chance to through in my suggestions 1:add blowback fx (the rack,slide,chamber,revolver of the fire arm prop move in a raped backward and return movement 2: I love the new most recent flare but I don't really like the sound I think there should be a flare with no sound and one with more realistic sound 3: I think you should improve the shell fx it is very cool but unrealistic I suggest for everybody to purchase this app I hop that some one reads this and makes a change according to my suggestions thanks for the great app

By far the best update! Posted by

As stated in the title this update completely changes the Gun Movie FX app by replacing the old UI with one that is much more pleasant and organized. But the best plus to this app is the removal of the numerous in app purchases for the different effects. I felt like I was being gouged if I wanted to have all the sounds, blood splatters, and muzzle flashes in the app, but now everything can be used with the one time purchase of the app. The app also allows you to design your own muzzle flashes and couple them with a custom sound, giving you much more freedom in producing your effects. Overall this app is now perfect and much easier to use. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Need to fix new update Posted by

I love Gun Movie FX but the new update ruined it. I love how it is more organized and I love how you can add different gun sounds (the original pistol gun sound was really annoying). But the gun flashes look cheesy. It is just for one frame. The old update it was more than just one frame. I bought almost all the In-App Purchases and now all of them are free? Come on that is a complete waste of money. Plz fix your new update. Please don't turn such an amazing gun fx app into a bunch of garbage. And what happened to the first person gun flash. I love making first person action films. Please don't let me down I am just a fan of your amazing app. Please. Thank you:)


the new update is a downgrade, not only are all my imported videos upside-down, but the frame rate drops as well! Also the videos I import are extremely zoomed it! IM SO ANNOYED I only gave five stars so it is more likely to be seen PLEASE FIX UPDATE: NOTHING GETS PLACED WHERE I PUT IT I HAVE THE BOX IN A CERTAIN PLACE, WHEN I PRESS THE PLUS IT PUTS IT IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLACE ALSO THERE IS EXTREME LAG IN THE APP UPDATE: Ok so I found out that it does this with videos saved from other apps, i tried deleting and re-installing the app and guess what, I LOST ALL MY PURCHASES SUCH AS THE LASER EFFECT PACK AND THERE IS NO WAY TO GET IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome Posted by

Wow, this is one cool app. Import movie into the app, add the effects, save to camera roll, transfer to computer. Just that simple - I love it. Works really well for stop motion videos from the computer also. To the developers, love GunMovie FX and Portal FX, awesome job! Haven't tried Lightsaber FX yet, but I'm sure it's great. You all wouldn't be working on an Explosion FX would you? That would be the cats meow. Tracking would be nice, but not necessary, we could put the explosion in frame by frame as it ignites and fizzles out. I'm really hoping you're all working on Explosion FX next. :)

Bullet hit fix suggestion ASAP please! Posted by

Hey, I've used this app for a LONG time and i really enjoy it! I've bought the bullet hit effect today and planning to shoot my shortfilm next week! Can you please fix the pixels when the hit goes off. I can really notice it in the dirt hit fx. Please change the square shapes if possible! It sort of looks like an old computer game explosion. Looks good from a distance but needs some minor tweaks. Overall a GREAT app, really satisfied with the costumer service from reading reviews and learning from them! Thank you guys! Ty

Great but... Posted by

This app is one of the best editing apps I've ever used on the App Store I just have recommendations though for the first I would recommend getting better audio for the gunshots. Like from actual ranges, the Audio sounds like it was made five years ago and A higher resolution for all the FXs to keep up with the iPhone's camera in some shots the gunshots look unrealistic. Also for lighting I would like you to add circular lighting so they're not just squares it would help it look more realistic.

Great. BUT needs more fx Posted by

First the best you will find but the part where you have t but the packs is fine that's how they get the money so they can get mooore packs for YOU and some people say you lost stuff hit restore purchases or your trying to get it. Free I have used it for ever I say but needs more packs yes i know they are getting the best qualitiey stuff for us but it takes so long also the ripoff is this ipshould include SOME pyro fx like maybye for money tooo so we both benefit


I'm a kid and I love action movies when I read the reviews I thought it was gonna be bad but I downloaded it anyways.... AWESOME app get it so good for actions movies the reason why so few reviews and so few good ones is because it's so good everyone is busy using it to right a review only problem is the new update keeps crashing so all wait tell next update to use it again or redownload get it tho it's awesome!!!

A must have for action movie making Posted by

Very impressed with how this app has turned out. I bought this a couple of years ago and have used it to make short action movies. This has turned out to be one of the best, if not the best, gun fx app out there. It saves so much time compared to using software on a computer and the FX are very realistic. I would highly recommend this if you plan on using it a lot or even once in a while with friends.

really important message... To me Posted by

Hey guys I love your guys app it's very realistic effects for a iPhone now I will say... I'm a big Godzilla fan if you added atomic breath effects (for Godzilla) and lightning effects (ghidorah) and the Lightning effects should have multiple colors (green,orange for ghidorah, and blue) and should be only blue for atomic breath. If you do this I will give you 5 stars thank you for listening

Very nice Posted by

I use this in all my videos love the app. Your next update should have bullet impacts and bullet holes. I would buy that in a heartbeat Update. So i downloaded the in app purchase of bullet hits. I was really disappointed on it. I know this is a app on the ipad but your muzzle flashes are quite good. But the ground hits look like they were maide in paint. Please fix

Amazing app but....Bugs.... Posted by

is there something wrong with my iPad or is it just the app??when i started recording,it automatically stopped and jumped over the editing.i repeated and it just keeps happening!i tap the record button then wait 0.50 secs or 1 sec then it will automatically go to the editing.pls fix,this app is really goood!PLS FIX IT FOR MEEEEE!!!

I used to love the App But now........ by JCHStudios 2016-06-15

I am the creator of JCHStudios on YouTube and I have been using this app for several years but I hate the new updates. First and foremost I have been using the light flashes that I have been using for when I have the Lego Lightsabers hit against each other and it so obvious when the flashes are missing PLEASE GIVE THAT BACK, PLEASE!!!!!!! I CAN'T EMPHASIZE THAT PLEASE ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Secondly the new fx are terrible I WANT THE OLD VERSION BACK !!!!!!! ONCE AGAIN I CAN'T EMPHASIZE THAT PLEASE ENOUGH!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the app before but when you work on a Lego Star Wars movie for 3 months you get mad when half way through the film you have spent so much time on the fx change and you have the issue that the fx downgrade so Badly you don't know what to do!!!!!!

What happened to the laser fx and my other in-app-purchases??! by Ecl podcast 2016-06-09

A while ago I bought this app, along with some of the in-app-purchases, and it worked just fine. I was pleased with the videos I made, and would have recommended it to my friends. However, when I downloaded the new update, the features included with the in-app-purchases were nowhere to be found. Also, when I saw that the update included a new feature called "Custom FX" I was hoping that that meant I could overlay pictures from my camera roll onto videos, but unfortunately it was simply a selection of pre-loaded muzzle flashes and sounds that could be combined in different ways, and while this is a good addition, I would prefer the ability to import pictures from my camera roll into the app. All that aside, this is a overall good app, with a large selection of options, and a decent amount of customization, however I would like to have my in-app-purchases back. Please fix!

HATE the update!! by JcSMASH 2016-06-27

The app crashes like crazy and never works. Just when you think it might work the stupid app crashes a third of the way through the building process of the video. Also their are no lasers, the gun fx aren't as easy to choose anymore and quite annoying, and the whole process of making your movie is tedious and useless. It is useless because the stupid app doesn't work ever. The fx look great but the app doesn't function well at all. The blood fx are trash as well. It looks like a red cloud vaporizing and doesn't give you the satisfying effect that the last update had. The sniper fx are cool I love that part, but that is like the only good part to this app other than the gun flashes. Definitely need to find a way to fix this in the next update!!!

Bugs! by Rusty1927 2016-07-06

This app is great and I have used this app plenty of times before the update. Since the update, there are 3 main issues which have caused me to no longer be able to make videos with this app. The first problem is that the sounds for the video and effects are way off compared to what u see. It needs to be fixed! Also, it is extremely laggy on all my devices if the video is even 3 minutes long! I can't even change the size of an effect or hear any noises at that point! Lastly, I was making a 4 minute long clip and it took a while to make because of all the lag. Then when I clicked finish, it took 7 hours to load! This is ridiculous and these things have ruined the app. You need to fix these problems ASAP!

Ok just listen to me by Kylefletchdr 2016-06-10

Look I love the new design of the app, but it is a little laggy at moments. I wish u still had some of the in app purchases because I purchased all but one and now I basically wasted my money. My main complaint is the blood that squirts out side ways, it does not work like the one were the blood shoots up. If you made it more like the one were it shoots up, that would be great. Pros about the new update is the great layout, and the new blood squirts besides the one I already stated. It's a more realistic take on the app and I love how you can edit you own gun flares and sounds, that's one of the best parts of the app. All in all B app, just fix a couple of bugs and be an A+ app overall: 84%

Hate the new update. by GiulianoG4 2016-06-10

I honestly think I would like the update a lot more if it wasn't for two things. First I hate how when you do a gun shot, the audio from it and the visual are not together anymore. It's so much more complicated and time consuming which is really annoying. There should be an options menu where you can choose the sound of the gun effect. My second reason is the blood. The blood has gotten so much more worse. It's just a mist now and isn't realistic at all. The old version had a variety of different bloods which was nice and I would prefer those over the new blood effects any day. Other than that the update is fine but those are two main effects that have ruined the app for me.

Now it's CRAP by Grunt 3 2016-06-27

Before the update, I was quite impressed with the realism of the animated muzzle flash FX and high quality of the blood (especially the variety of colors). Now, this once amazing creation has degraded to absolute garbage not worth the slightest download time!!! Please bring back the old ANIMATED FX as well as ANIMATING the newer additions. I have been using this previously unparalleled app for a while now, which is why I couldn't be more disappointed with the cheap update consisting only of "stickers". You have 5 stars waiting for you when the quality is once again presentable, Sincerely, A long time user.

Great app, saving won't work by R4nd0mNumb3r51nMyN4m3 2014-11-30

I got this app a while ago, and I love it. It is easy and quick. The noises are a little unrealistic, but overall the effects are some of the best that you can get for an iPhone. My biggest complaint is that I recently made a video that took me 2-3 hours, and now it won't save. Nothing will save for me anymore. Even if the video is only a couple of seconds long, nothing is saved. Yes, I allowed the app to access photos. Yes, I have enough memory left. This is a great app, I'm just unhappy that I can't save :(

Bought in-app purchases for nothing by SoughtFoo 2016-07-15

The app it self is good, and it's features. HOWEVER I bought the blood fx, the shotgun fx, the silencer fx, the laser, and impact. Each like a dollar, and then they add all of it for free. The app is great, get it. Cause every in app purchase is given. You have to make your custom fx to get different color blood and such, so they didn't take any thing away, they just made everything free. Only reason I give it three star is that I'm just mad I spent an extra 5$

Meh by VonKlaus96 2015-10-12

Well I've used this with projects and pure fun but here is my review. Pros: A lot of effects (if you pay for them) Cons: -Bad sound effects -Camera isn't scene changeable (ex: Vine) -I hate having to pay for everything I don't want to spend 20$ or more total It's really not worth the money if it was .99 and some of the Addons were free (not all like in this one where EVERYTHING needs a purchase!) -The blood is obvious pixels

Ok by Raptors piano 2016-11-20

This app is really cool the only thing that I thought was wrong with it is I download it when I first discovered it and I bought all the animations and then the next update come out and they were all free and then the next update come out and then you have to buy all of them over again which made me really mad and really is appointed in the app developers because I spent all that money in your app and now you want me to spend more money at it

Where'd it all go? by RevWik 2016-10-11

I used to love this app. It did everything I wanted, and more. But then life took me away from playing around with this stuff. I came back recently, and the fx are all gone! I've tried downloading it again ... nothing. I've emailed the creators ... nothing. I even tried to buy it again (yeah, I loved it that much), but I can't because the App Store remembers that I've bought it already. I'm very disappointed.

ARE YOU SERIOUS by Michael3312004 2016-06-30

I delete this app for more space then I redownload it today to make a movie and my favorite fx was lasers AND NOW THERE GONE Unacceptable you ruined my chance to make a movie AND I PAYED OVER $20.00 FOR FX AND YOU MAKE THEN FREE!!! That ridiculous I demand a refund immediately this is bull cr*p Give us back the lasers and every thing else that was in this app including our money back, YOU JUST MADE A BIG HOLE IN YOUR CAREER!

New Version Review. by Hectoric 2016-10-28

The new version of Gun Movie is really clean and nice! But they kinda ruined it with no first person muzzle flashes or free bullet hits anymore. Was expecting a lot more. I suggest the developers should put back the fps muzzle flashes, not create a whole app based around a gif of a gun (that costs 2 dollars). I also really recommend making this app free because of everything in the app is almost buyable. Thanks

Not worth it by Mcmattia 2016-10-25

This fx app was good when it was free and all and there were some things that you had to pay to unlock like lasers and stuff but this is getting ridiculous not only do you have to pay for the app but when you get in you have to pay for EVERYTHING for gods sakes you even have to pay for the blood. The only thing you get with this app is a mouth full of disappointment.

Used to be a good app. Now has terrible crash bug. by CECommunity Productions 2016-08-23

The only reason I'm giving this 3 stars instead of 1 is because this app used to be great. I could edit my videos worry free. Now they add all these cool FX, I open the app, and I'm excited, I begin editing a video, 10 minutes later it crashes. This is not a one time thing. It happens ALL the time. Fix this.

Disappointing by --BRUH-- 2016-10-27

This app is very bad for a $5 game, i bought this two years ago and it was very fun with lasers you can unlock and all that now its just like you have to pay for blood even though last update let you have everything for free and on top of all that its very glitchy and it crashes half the time. Waste of $5

Restore blood effects by Killerj85 2017-03-26

Paid for this app around a year ago and blood fx were included in the app recently downloaded again and blood fx have to be purchased nope definitely not cool The app is awesome but it's a total cop out to charge someone for something they have already paid for please restore blood fx thank you

Lost add ons by The barbarian2 2015-09-07

I bought this app for my iPad mini and it worked so well that I decided to buy add ons. But a year later when I bought an iPad Air the add ons are gone. And it wants me to purchase them again. This is very aggravating and disappointing. Please fix this. P.S. I had multiple add ons.

WHAT THE HELL by Do this favor 2017-02-10