Haze Apps for iPhone/iPad
Haze Apps for iPhone/iPad

Haze Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Haze Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Haze Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Haze Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Haze Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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* Editor's Choice and Top #1 Weather App World Wide — Designed & developed by Taptanium in partnership with Robocat *
Put some color on your forecast with Haze, an amazing weather app with fluid animations and an audiovisual interface that is both beautifully simple, yet powerfully addictive.

Haze is build around the idea of giving you a radiantly crafted forecast at a glance. Swipe through temperature, sunshine hours and rain chance or dive even deeper and get detailed information about the weather. Swipe down to get a 5 day forecasts and unlock multiple colorful themes to personalize the look.

= Features =
+ A beautifully crafted audiovisual experience.
+ Awesome motion tilt & slide navigation. Gyro-driven wind compass.
+ Works world wide. Supports both ºC and ºF.
+ 5 day forecast.
+ Background animation shows tomorrow's trend.
+ Sunshine hours, UV, cloud coverage, sunrise and sunset times.
+ High and low temperatures for the day, windchill, windspeed and wind direction.
+ Precipitation chance & amount, humidity levels and atmospheric pressure.
+ Exact location based weather data from wt360.

= Support =
If you have any questions or comments please send us an email at [email protected] Note that if you leave a support question in the comments we won't be able to write you back, so just shoot us an email instead.


Current Version:
Varies with device
4.23 MB
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Brilliant execution of a pleasing, minimalist weather app Posted by

Haze isn't a replacement for a full-blown data driven app like The Weather Channel or even Yahoo Weather. Rather, it's a brilliant execution of minimalist design and layered information management. You get minimal information on launch. Deeper dive is available one tap away, and ancillary information is available swiping. The thing is, it gives you what you NEED to know during your most often use case of checking the current weather temp, then offers today's highs/lows, etc at one hit away. The only criticism I'd offer is that the orbiting info that pops up on a tap needs more visual hierarchy to make the information more glanceable. If they solve that, they have almost the perfect minimalist weather app! Nice work!!

Weather Simplified Posted by

If all you want to know quickly is today's temperatures (current, high, low) and whether or not it's going to rain (plus how many actual hours of sunshine you'll have today), then this is the app for you. Quick and Simple to use, immediately find this information out with this app and then move on to the rest of your day. No wasted time poring over detailed analysis of the weather and extraneous data; just quickly get the information you need for today in seconds and get on with your life. I want to know temperatures and if it's going to rain as I get ready for work, and I don't have time to waste.

Beautiful, accurate weather?! Posted by

I live north of Los Angeles, and this is by far both the most accurate and beautiful weather app I have used...and I have at least 5 on my iPhone at any given time. Nothing fancy here. Other weather apps have a lot of great features that this one doesn't...but that does me little good when they report the temperature 10° (or more!) off. Your mileage may vary. I would prefer 90°, but when it's over 100° here, I think I'm better off knowing the truth and staying the hell out of the sun. Thanks, Haze! :)

Beautifully Simple, Stunning UI Posted by

As a design addict and graphic/web design wannabe, I was immediately drawn to Haze's subtle, calming and wondrous colors and interface. It does the job without any of that fancy-smancy stuff frequently seen in other weather apps. When all I need is to quickly check the temperature, I don't need animated backgrounds of the sky. Haze definitely deserves five stars. It has replaced the stock weather app and is the only weather related app I currently (and will ever) need. Great job developers and many thanks!

You don't need a weatherman… Posted by

Look, I work indoors. The weather doesn't affect my life very much. I don't need maps & hourly forecasts. I just want to know at a glance what kind of day it's going to be: long sleeves or short sleeves, leave the jacket or take the jacket, umbrella maybe. If you need to know what the temperature was 5 minutes ago and what it's likely to be in 10, this is not the app for you. But if you want to get the gist of the weather in a glance and a tap, this app is perfect.

Simple Posted by

Haze is a very simple weather app, which makes it quite easy to use. The amount of elegance that comes from Haze is much greater than that of Apple's stock weather app or any other weather app that I have ever seen. If you have ever used "Rise", (an alarm clock app) Haze is very similar in design and functionality. Haze is a very useful app and I like how it shows you interesting, weather related facts. Haze is definitely worth trying today!

Why all the hate?? Posted by

Totally great app, especially once you learn how to use it properly. It'll tell you everything, down to whether or not you need an umbrella! Could use an update to give more detailed info about the days ahead, and if you live somewhere that it snows it still doesn't tell you that. It's a new app tho, so I bet those will be coming out soon. It's my favorite, bc it tells me exactly what I need to know to get dressed/prepare for the day.

Beautiful Design Posted by

Not only is the functionality of this application detailed that I see everything I need for the weather on a daily basis, but I also find myself often "checking" the weather many times a day just to play with and see the flowy, beautiful design of the application and its unique features. I have to simply admit that the developers of Haze did a superb job if they succeeded in making a weather application fun and good to look at. :)

Love it for what it is Posted by

No, this is not an in-depth, analytical weather app -- go to Intellicast for that. Rather, it is a sensual, intuitive experience -- remember those glass tubes with different colored spheres that indicated the temperature by which one was highest in the tube? or those clocks with no hands? It is meant to be a visual, tactile interaction. It's different and that's why I like it. Thanks for the lovely gift, Starbucks!

Great app, but take note... Posted by

This app is great. The temperature is always correct and it is extremely simple to us. Only problem is the fact that the app has a nasty habit of not updating the temp mostly in iOS 7. I found that if you close out the app completely (and remove it from the multi task page, and then reopen it, it works perfectly).

Haze Posted by

I love this app it's much more reliable than the app that comes on your iPhone when you get it. Thanks to haze I now know what to wear on which days of the week. Not only that but the app is very well put together. I definitely give this app a five star rate!

Clean and elegant Posted by

I like the app's simplicity. The choice of colors makes the apps experience unique. I would like to see weather maps added. I find the app has a more elegant experience than the weather app include on the iPhone.

Its mesmerizing Posted by

Much more calming in the morning, vs the slew of ads that come with other apps. As for adding radar and all that jazz, no. It would ruin the design. Download a different app. I love this concept.

Amazing Posted by

This feels like a lot of talent wasted on a weather app but nonetheless the app is amazing. I definitely prefer haze over the iPhones normal weather app.

Where were u in the 70's Posted by

Trippy, visual nirvana As simple as this is, it is way cool. Details are low, but for a quick fix, it hits the spot. Def. better than native iOS app

Love graphics Posted by

The graphics remind me of iOS 7 But it doesn't give you all the information you need But some of the information it gives you is wonderful

Design focused Posted by

Aesthetically pleasing. Very minimal and accurate. Flows very nicely with iOS 7, and seems to have been built and designed around it.

Update? Posted by

New iOS states that this app will no longer function, unless the developer updates the software. Any chance of this happening?

Simply beautiful Posted by

My only complaint is not having anything explain what all is on each page, and a version optimized for iPad mini.

Great app Posted by

I love this app the colors are so cool & it's much better more accurate then the iPhone weather

Inaccurate data and missing functionality by jBlend40 2014-07-10

Although this app has a great interface and concept, the bottom line is that the information is not accurate. For example, it tells me there is only 40% cloud cover, a 37% of rain, and zero inches expected when there's pouring rain and lightning outside! Seriously? And yes, the temperature is usually off by a few degrees when compared to Yahoo! Weather, which has been a very reliable app for me. Lastly, there's no way to manually refresh the data. Sometimes, when an app isn't pulling the latest info using its auto refresh, I've found a manual refresh usually helps. This is missing from Haze. I wish this could be my default weather app because I love the concept and interface. But when the data is not correct/reliable, there is no point to using it. If these issues can be resolved, I will use the app again.

Pretty. Simple. Not Accurate. by Bjones'n 2014-05-04

Beautifully simplistic, but my biggest beef is that it's not accurate. Current temperature where I live is 73, but Haze says it's only 64. That's off by too much for me to use the app, as well as the micro staggering of the days circles is extremely annoying and makes it difficult to easily process the data. Moving it around all the time at such a small level doesn't help the user. I would much rather know where the info is going to be every time, to keep consistency when obtaining it. The colors and the subtle movement in the background is enough to signify what's going on, you don't need to overdo it with a third effect that doesn't work. Also, what's with the enlarging butt crack effect when pulling the screen down to access the menu? It's gross.

Needs to be less cryptic by cemunger 2014-02-13

It looks all neat and graceful, but you need an owner's manual to use the darn thing. "Ok, there's a picture of the sun, and it says '3hr'." Not sure what that means to me. It's cloudy out. Throw me a bone here. Put some little words there that tell me what I'm looking at. The temperature screen is easy enough to figure out on account of the little degree symbol by the number. I want to like this. I really really do. It's just a little too cryptic. Other apps aren't as pretty, but you can do things like tap on something that says "36 hour forecast" to see a 36 hour forecast. Giving it 3 stars because it looks great and has potential, but I'm uninstalling it. Sorry, Haze.

Not Accurate !!! by jsejre 2014-06-09

The temps are off for all the days and sunlight hours are totally wrong according to several other weather apps I have and I know they are accurate as it shows sunlight hours at 13 and it's been cloudy all day, 9,11,11,6 for the rest of the week and it's supposed to be the same every day. Rain says 23% and it rained most of the day today.They may want to find a different weather provider. I contacted the developer but never received a reply so I contacted Apple and was given a full refund. All these great reviews must be employees and relatives as it's totally incorrect data !!! Do not purchase this app unless you like wasting your money.

Pretty and generally functional by rain1313 2014-01-14

This is an attractive and useful weather app. For those who haven't found it (they probably should have put it in the tutorial): tap the main icon for more detailed information. That said, like others I would like to see more detailed forecasts and especially multiple locations. A "rotate color scheme" setting would also be fun, but maybe that's just me. Overall, not going to be my only weather app, but fun and useful. Edit: like others, I've noticed that the precipitation is off, sometimes badly off. I have to take a star off for that.

Great for a quick look at the weather by jericho13 2013-09-16

It took a few days of regular use before figuring out the best use of this minimal display weather app. The temperatures seem to be correct for me but not so much for other reviewers. My problems are with the precipitation information, in that they're rarely correct, even when there's a thunderstorm, it shows no inches of rain, no umbrella, and the wrong percentage. Still going to work with it for another week or so, using another app as a comparison for information.

Stylish, but still needs some work by docksan 2013-09-12

Visuals are very appealing, however, as mentioned, not very practical. Why do I need the precip percentage in increments of 1? How can today have 9 hours of daylight and tomorrow has 12? Back end needs some work and a little better documentation on what the app Is supposed to tell you. I've never seen any weather report list 13% chance of precip, even in Oklahoma, the weather forecast capital of the world. It's always in increments of 10.

The bimbo of weather apps by kitty's dancing shoes 2014-01-29

This app is pretty, but pretty useless unless you're just looking at temperature. Why is there a fishing hook on the humidity page? Why is there a 2h on the sunset page when I'm more than 2 hours from sunrise and the next day should be 10 daylight hours long? I don't know, and neither does haze--the tutorials are gag-worthy PR wastes, and clicking "support" sends you to a self-congratulatory web page. So lame.

Tutorial Needed by SE79 2014-01-08

While I like very minimalistic things, I don't understand what all of the icons mean which makes parts of this app less useful. I've gone to the developers website numerous times to try to find simple information but all they have are some videos of the app. Please include some sort of guide, tutorial, or help feature for those unfamiliar with features.

Lacks functionality by johnnydangr 2013-09-14

The design is smooth and pretty, but has key drawbacks for a weather app - No detail for future days. Why can't it tell me sunrise and sunset for tomorrow for example? - My only app that can never find my location at home. This keeps showing errors and weather for my work location. There is no way to manually enter a location. - No radar. Not even a link.

Could use some things by Nerpaherp 2013-09-24

Perhaps a weather map with what oncoming weather is expected for the week. That'd be nice. :) I'd rate it higher but I'm honestly being a bit generous. It's stylish and the weather facts are cool but it's pretty plain. Touch it up a bit and I'll give it 4 stars. Touch it up more with more features, I'll def give it 5!

Totally Blows by Acadia21 2014-09-05

So I'm at a Cubs game and it's pouring. Well this is telling me it's partly sunny and no rain. Not the first time nor the second, nor the third, nor the ... You get the picture. Deleting now and don't bother downloading it. I'd like to see these people who rated it a 5 where weather occurs.

Can only set for a single city!? by Clean White Meat 2013-09-29

Works well on my iPhone5, I like it, I use it, it's simple beautiful and has everything I need except 1 absolutely critical shortcoming: you only get forecasts for the city your in, not the city you're going to, since there is no setting to add any locations. -2 stars for that major oversight.

A bit strange but beautiful by jamosc 2015-08-30

The app is not as useful as The Weather Channel or Intellicast, but it is more aesthetically pleasing for certain. Needs an iPad version. Needs a major update as well. Nothing new in 2 years?!?

Looks nice doesn't work by H20SunFun 2016-02-15

I just paid $2.99 for this app, downloaded it on my iPhone 6, and it will not load my location nor will it give me a weather forecast. One star not two...because it does not work. Very unhappy!

It's fine for what it is by Badmojoman 2013-09-07

Pretty, does a decent job with current temp and humidity. No functionality for looking at other locations (for travelers) and limited value in looking at upcoming days.

E by ErnstNext 2015-04-19

A very beautiful app, but I really wish I could tap on upcoming days to be able to view detailed weather forecasts. Please add this functionality!

App needs native iPad version. by MiamiC70 2015-04-25

App needs native iPad version, also there has been no effort from developer to add severely needed features or updated in years!!!

Pathetic by Spokenwithhonesty 2014-04-15

Where's the long range or even today's forecast? App only states temp and humidity. App is simply ridiculous. Uninstalled.

Goat by Papgoat 2013-09-07

Lovely app, love the look and sounds just wish u could look at the weather for upcoming days, more than just the highs ne way.