He Likes The Darkness Games for iPhone/iPad
He Likes The Darkness Games for iPhone/iPad

He Likes The Darkness Games for iPhone/iPad

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He Likes The Darkness Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
He Likes The Darkness Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
He Likes The Darkness Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
He Likes The Darkness Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
He Likes The Darkness Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Jump on the platform, don't touch on enemies!
Go to the top, become the leader of the world ranking!

- 5 characters
- Online leaderboard
- 100 levels

- Don't touch on enemies, don't fall!
- Collect stars to open the portal to the next level
- Collect coins to unlock new characters

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- https://www.facebook.com/takenewgamesofficial
- http://twitter.com/TakeNewGames


Current Version:
Varies with device
55.64 MB
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Great but... Posted by

Fun game, I loved it. I got it Saturday and played all of the levels by this morning. It's pretty challenging but not frustratingly so. Should give options to turn off music or sound though as that gets very annoying after awhile, although I do love the music and it fits the game really well. The alarm buzzer was a bit annoying but not as bad as everyone says. It only asked me to review once so I'm not sure what everyone is talking about. All the levels were passable, too. Some just by luck, but still passable. The controls are a bit glitchy but have some patience and you'll figure it out.

Great game with some bugs. Posted by

It's a very fun game, but you need to fix the script so that it properly recognizes you've fallen off the screen so you don have to go back to the choose level screen to restart. That or add a restart button. And also, the last level of running is impossible. Maybe you have to jump on the right pixel to make it back up, but I'm not that meticulous. Otherwise it's a great start! Great job!

Good but glitchy Posted by

Fun, but glitchy. Sometimes you fall off the board and don't die, or you jump on a block above spikes and die when you shouldn't. Really fun tho. Now I realize level 45 is unbeatable... The platform is too high to reach and you can't beat the level. Come on!

Love it! Please fix Running-39 Posted by

I absolutely LOVE this game, but the stage Running-39 doesn't fit my screen so I can't access the control buttons and can't play it. :-( I want to play this game until the end and then I want MORE! More stars to turn off! HELP! Please... Thanks!

Cute Game Posted by

It's a fun game! The music fits the game very well but can get tiresome for extended play periods. Some levels are quite challenging and the controls could be better but all in all I'd download it again if given a second chance.

Theme music Posted by

I like the game so much, but please change the theme music because its already used in "Oops, it's raining!" game on the AppStore

Great Posted by

But for some reason 54 gave me some trouble.. Still had fun, can't wait for more levels in future updates


I got this when it was free and when I started to play it I loved it right away

Funny Posted by

It's a Fun game but not free

Horrible Controls by Texcube 2014-07-29

The game is only getting 5 stars because the developers use the sleazy approach of practically forcing you to give it 5 stars. They are weasels. When a game does that they get 1 star from me because the reviews lied to me. In this case, the game deserves 1 star just because the developers are horrible at producing something worth playing. This game isn't fun and they know their game isn't fun. With horrible controls and an annoying timer sound they should not quit their day jobs. Yep if the developer is reading this ... You made a terrible game. If it hurts your little feelings then so be it. You deserve it for using the GIVE US FIVE STARS WE DONT DESERVE route.

Not bad but they practically force you to rate it by X-Calibar 2014-06-27

Sounded like a great idea, but the "dark" is not THAT dark, eliminating that challenge; granted I only played 7 levels of jump. Because the "please rate this app" kept popping up, and when I got fed up and said don't ask me, it immediately quit. Really? Oh and there's this fire alarm horrible timer sound in each level if you are slow. When I tried to cut it off, it asks me to use my Apple ID password, supposably so I can review it and give it 5 stars. The game's not bad, but forcing the user to rate before he's even gotten a chance to experience anything is ridiculous.

Wld be good game, but… by PeteandNiki 2014-10-09

1) Allow me to turn off the obnoxious music and keep sound effects on. I do not play it because of the music. 2) Change the irritating tone of the timer buzzer. It's tolerable, but I don't want to tolerate it. 3) Stop asking us to rate your app all the time. That just makes us want to give you zero stars, if we could. If and when we want to rate your app, we will. We do not need your constant nagging to do so. Thanks.

Plz by Xeno12345654321 2014-01-21

Plz I would like options to turn off the music and leave the sounds on. Plus, I would die on the spikes despite landing on top of crate and my entire body land on top. Also last lvl of running is impossible. I can get all the stars but I would be unable to get to the portal. Test it out and see plz

reviewing because it keeps asking me to by CatPhx 2014-07-26

The game certainly seems nice enough, but the alert sound that happens with five seconds left, and likely to always hear with touch controls, is even more annoying than a smoke detector that need batteries. I'm sorry, but I don't want to hear a sound that annoying every minute.

Cute, but unoriginal by cvb777 2013-12-05

I really wanted to like this game. The premise and characters are cute. However, it's not really that imaginative of a concept, and the on screen movements are clumsy and frustrating.

Spelling by A gymrat 2014-01-07

On the title page it says: "He like the darkness" instead of "He likes the darkness."