HSK Level 5 Vocab List - Study for Chinese exams with PinyinTutor.com Apps free for iPhone/iPad

HSK Level 5 Vocab List - Study for Chinese exams with PinyinTutor.com Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Vocab List HSK Level 5 contains the complete set of vocabulary for HSK Level 5 exam. With English translation and clear spoken Chinese, it is an ideal application for Chinese learners studying for the HSK exams. This app is optimized for iPad for full screen reading. It is currently available for free with non-intrusive ads at the bottom to support our development.

Each Chinese word is provided with an English translation, native speaker recording and writing in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

This application has the following features:

★ User friendly interface to preview vocab terms in full screen
★ Click on the pinyin to have the Chinese word pronounced to you accurately
★ Beautiful page turning effect
★ Covering all HSK Level 5 vocabulary

PinyinTutor.com is building one of the leading app suite for learning Chinese as a foreign language. Don't forget to check out our Pinyin Chart and PROnounce apps.

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Please understand that this is an ongoing development. If you have found any issues or bugs, please let us know by email, [email protected] We will solve them with free updates.

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HSK Level 5 Vocab List - Study for Chinese exams with PinyinTutor.com Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Useful, with 1 drawback Posted by

Overall it is very accurate, with many nice functions including audio and list sorting. However, there is no way to quickly turn to a specific page besides just flipping pages one by one. Troublesome if you want to quickly review a word somewhere in your list, especially so for Hsk 5 and up where the vocabulary lists are more extensive. This is an important and overlooked feature that will hopefully be fixed in future versions!

Ok app Posted by

After using it a few times, I realize the app so far is just a list of words. But a helpful list to have. I have a long way to go in my Chinese studies, only being at HSK level 2 or so.

Good app Posted by

The app is very good for review of hsk vocabulary. It would be helpful if the Han Zi can be increased in size. Other than that its functional and useful app.

Very good Posted by

Very good tool to learn the words for the hsk. English translation with pinyin and audio. I recommend this to anyone learning Chinese or studying for hsk.

Good Posted by

Exactly what you would expect it to be. Nothing fancy, just the lists with the options to view them how you want.

太好! Posted by


Great! Posted by

Exactly as described, a great app for drilling long word lists.

Basically useless by Daidaniu 2015-07-07

I wanted to study for HSK5. It's not a flashcard deck, it's just a list. So they are all in order by alphabetical pinyin pronunciation, and cannot be shuffled. Also no usage/example sentences. I'm not sure how you would use this to memorize characters or study for the HSK.

Great list by Guxxi333 2013-08-30

Very helpful for the HSK!