Hua Mu-Lan - Interactive Fairy Tale Book iBigToy Apps for iPhone/iPad
Hua Mu-Lan - Interactive Fairy Tale Book iBigToy Apps for iPhone/iPad

Hua Mu-Lan - Interactive Fairy Tale Book iBigToy Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

Hua Mu-Lan - Interactive Fairy Tale Book iBigToy Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Hua Mu-Lan - Interactive Fairy Tale Book iBigToy Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Hua Mu-Lan - Interactive Fairy Tale Book iBigToy Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Hua Mu-Lan - Interactive Fairy Tale Book iBigToy Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Hua Mu-Lan - Interactive Fairy Tale Book iBigToy Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Hua Mu-Lan - Interactive Fairy Tale Book iBigToy Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Chinese traditional story "MuLan" available on your iPad.
This is totally new reading experience: illustrated audio books with interactive animation on each page.

Classic story in new multimedia form: realistically designed story book, with unique sound and animation. Your children can interact with characters inside. It tells the story of Mulan joined the army instead of her father... incredible digitally-redesigned pages with every detail inside.

This interactive audio book features:

• Stunning animation effect on each page: Hua Mulan riding horse, archery. The stars, the moon on the sky in the evening, and the bird flying in the sky and etc. special effects, make the person at the scene.
• Revolutionary redesigned interactive animations. Example: Drag the scenery outside the window gently, the scenery will move with your finger’s movement; Click on the sword in the hands of the businessman, sword will withdraw sheath.
• Professional audio narration.
• "Sleep mode" to dim the screen while playing audio.


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很喜欢这个应用 Posted by


花木兰 Posted by


不错的应用 Posted by


love it Posted by

very useful and funny. by sdafsa asdfas

非常不错哦 Posted by


Don't show your kids by DrC! 2012-08-25

While nice to look at, the translation is terrible and the voice over is torture to listen to. Don't show this to your kids! Your toddler will latch on to it because of the way it looks. So you will either feel like a terrible parent when they listen to it, since it is a horrible way to learn English , or when they get upset when you tell them that you deleted it.

Don't get if your child is learning to read. by Hanschens 2014-02-22

The graphics and everything for this game our wonderful. However, the grammar is not. Whoever wrote or translated this did not do a good job. It would have been so enjoyable if they had. The app seems to be geared towards children learning to read on their own and if that's the kind of app you were looking to find, you are going to have to look elsewhere.

Please fix the Engrish by ineedareed 2011-03-22

Seriously, engrish in a child's book? Come on. Find an editor before you go to all the trouble to translate a book and lay down a recording of it. This would be funny were it not for the children who have to decipher what is trying to be said. "Mulan thought over the this thing all night and came up an ideal finally." This is terrible!

Great art, bad English. by LouisLa 2011-03-22

The art is really fantastic, especially considering that there is a flood of freebie low-quality Chinese-made children's book in the App Store. Unfortunately, the English translation is poor. If they went back and paid a good English copywriter to revise this, it would be a solid 4 stars.

Very disappointed by Gccl 2011-02-11

The graphics were good but the language used in the book were improper. To be specific, we note the book used "good body skill" to describe martial arts and "what the heck is going on", both of which were not proper. This book should be re-written for proper English.

Should have read description by Mystikal_grrl 2014-02-09

I wanted an interactive story for my daughter;however, the English and grammar are AWFUL. I should have read the description to see how bad the sentence structure was. I wouldn't be harping on this so much if it weren't geared towards children who are learning to read!

Not good. by ArcadeDweller 2011-05-02

This virtual book has great illustrations, but the story is written (and read) with lots of grammatical errors. It's not good for kids (or anyone else) learning to speak English, and the mistakes disrupt the flow of the story for people who already speak English.

Hua Mulan by Beverly German 2011-05-30

I like this story but I do not like this version. The grammar is not correct, therefore it is difficult for my daughter to understand what is happening in the story. I am going to erase it from my iPad and look for another version. I do like the illustrations.