HUDTube Video Player for YouTube and Vimeo Apps for iPhone/iPad
HUDTube Video Player for YouTube and Vimeo Apps for iPhone/iPad

HUDTube Video Player for YouTube and Vimeo Apps for iPhone/iPad

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HUDTube Video Player for YouTube and Vimeo Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
HUDTube Video Player for YouTube and Vimeo Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
HUDTube Video Player for YouTube and Vimeo Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install HUDTube Video Player for YouTube and Vimeo Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download HUDTube Video Player for YouTube and Vimeo for iPhone/iPad
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Drag & drop YouTube, Vimeo or local clips into HUDTube and enjoy browser-free watching! 

Have you ever wished you could watch your favourite videos from YouTube or Vimeo in a separate window, adjust it’s size or just easily loop the video you really, really love without downloading it? We had the same dream and decided to make it come true. Now your wishes may come true too, with HUDTube. 

* Give your browser a rest

HUDTube is simple, but it has all the stuff you need to really enjoy browser-free videos. You just drag YouTube, Vimeo or local clips to HUDTube dock icon or its window, and it’s done. Or if you want, you can instal plugin for Safari and Chrome and you just click one button. But don’t think that it’s all to it. As your clips are now outside the box you can:

⌘ loop your favorite music videos to watch them over and over again without looking for the browser’s tab and clicking play every time the video ends,

⌘ decide about the sound level (just use media keys to adjust volume up, down or mute the video), 

⌘ play with the size of the video's window and its opacity, 

⌘ leverage HUDTube's incredible memory and play previously watched clips with just one click - no more firing up your browser tab to search what you want to watch,

⌘ manage your video playlist – create, edit, search - play,

⌘ control the stream quality – you better stay with SD on mobile network and rock with 1080p when watching videos at home.

* Freedom is about making your own decisions

While HUDTube puts itself in your menu bar, which is super useful, as you can drag and drop there video’s url at any time, you can also put it in the dock, have HUDTube window always on top or let it run in the background (or minimized). You can also import links by using dedicated plugin for Safari and Chrome.

* Why buy?

① to let your browser run uninterrupted and fast while watching tons of videos

② to keep your workflow clean while listening to conference videos

③ to freely watch walkthrough videos for your favorite games

④ to loop your current earworm – and never care about clicking "play" over and over again

⑤ to relive your browser – you won’t find flash around here

⑥ to have your most loved videos always within your view, even while you're doing something else

HUDTube Video Player for YouTube and Vimeo Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Good App…with room for improvement Posted by

Overall, I am really impressed with this app. Small memory footprint and works as advertised… My only caveat is that you cannot 'move' or 'delete' videos from the Inbox… Please add this feature to your app, and I'll gladly give it 5 stars... [USE @ YOUR OWN RISK] Found workaround to '(re)move' videos from the inbox [USE @ YOUR OWN RISK] I figured, the inbox list HAD to be somewhere… found it in my user 'Home' folder ~/Library/Application Support/HUDTube/Library.plist The Library folder is hidden… I used Terminal to get to & open the (plist) file… [Make sure you QUIT out of HUDTube AND make a BACKUP of the plist BEFORE you make any CHANGES] I have a little programming experience (BASIC) and have xcode installed on my mac. I opened the plist file with xcode and was able to make changes to it which removed the videos from the Inbox BUT left them in my custom playlist… You can find the 'inbox' (plist opened in xcode) by expanding the Key 'playlists' then 'item #' entries and looking at the 'name' String for the entry "Inbox" (mine was playlists…Item 0) You can remove items in the inbox by, well…deleting String entries inside the 'items' Array (its all labeled in xcode). [not confirmed] It appears that (inbox/playlist) entries correlate to the (Key) media…Item #…mediaID NOTE: It seems you cannot delete the Inbox, it will just recreate itself on the next run… This is (technically) a good thing since that is where any media you drop defaults to anyways… It would just be nice to natively delete entries within the program… Figured I would share this…but...I have not tested this extensively enough to know it won't cause any problems… [USE AT YOUR OWN RISK] But, if you just want to clean out the inbox and aren't intimidated by xcode, try it out… It (HUDTube Video Player) is a GOOD program… it just needs a little tweaking...

Great app - esp. with playlist support improved in new version Posted by

It seems A lot of the gripes re:playlists seem to have been addressed in this latest update, and I'm using it quite a bit now! You can drag-and-drop between playlists, delete from playlists, and rearrange playlists easily, making it a great way to create and manage video playlists seamlessly from a mix of several online sites and locally-stored files you might want to add. So it definitely seems that the developer addressed the playlist issues previous reviewers had. As with the previous version, it uses much less memory and CPU than Adobe Flash, and video playback is smoother than HTML5 or Flash, and also works better with multiple monitors and desktops. No more exiting full-screen when you go into mission control in Lion! Only think missing that I would like to see is the ability to drag-and-drop a video onto a specific playlist in the Playlists Manager. Excellent app, and thumbs-up to the developer!

Great app but needs some extra options Posted by

I'd give it 5 stars if it were a) scriptable (but I'm probably in a small crowd here), and b) if I could save different apple tv units and their passwords so you didn't have to enter them EVERY time. Also I do get errors on the apple TV "An error occurred loading this content. Try again later." sometimes. The error occurs with formats that at other times work perfectly. Nothing a little reencoding of the video won't fix though. Other than that, it's great. Totally worth the money (considering that while all my iOS devices can stream video from every video player, my Macbook Pro Retina cannot…). Tim

Great app for quickly viewing videos Posted by

I never used it for AppleTV so I can’t comment on that, but as a simple YouTube (and local media) viewer, it’s pretty good. Some features I like: - Chromeless video playback - Floating/Translucent window options - Playlist support* Some things that could use work: - Playlist support is kinda wonky at times - Vague errors when a video cannot play (common with copyrighted/older content) - Weak Script Support (but still somewhat scriptable) TLDR; Is it worth the price? Maybe. I use it to view videos unobtrusively as I work every day, so I say “YES!"

Once you start using it, you realize how essential it truly is. Posted by

This was a great idea with version 1, and now it's getting really polished. Essnetially, it's a "read later" tool for video. If handling text this way has become a comfortable part of your flow, this will fit in very nicely. It won't take long before you realize that it's an essential bit of kit. It's a really solid piece of work.

Low cpu consumption Posted by

As a programmer I usually use xcode, iPhone simulator and other cpu sucking programs like photoshop. This online video client don't really take up any cpu power. I recommand this program for everyone, plus you can set it to transparent so you can put it as a background when you are at work.

Great App! Posted by

I downloaded this app b/c I needed somewhere to store a bunch of videos that I love. It's super easy to use & really helpful. I also like the transprency. Definitely recommend this app.

GREAT!!! Posted by

Great app! Just wish I could delete items from my inbox. It's getting kink of cluttered. I'd also like to be able to download the videos for offline use.

Нет поддержки Apple TV!!! by Никита из Перми 2014-06-20

В последнем обновлении исчезла поддержка стриминга видео на Apple TV. А именно в этом и была суть этого приложения. Какого черта, господа? Это было действительно полезное приложение, уникальное. Можно было кинуть видео на окно программы и стримить его на Apple TV, а теперь этой функции нет. Кроме того, есть баги, которые никто не исправляет. Некоторые видео с YouTube не поддерживаются. Громкость постоянно при запуске установлена на 50%. Это неудобно. Либо сделайте поддержку Apple TV, либо верните деньги! Приложение без этого - просто бесполезно.

AppleTV Streaming removed???? by Rodolfo 2014-03-29

Guys, this is the whole reason I brought your app !! --This is THE key feature of your product-- On the software practice side, you are breaking an important rule. YOU CANNOT JUST REMOVE A FEATUR. You can do that in a new version I.e. “2.0” or “Lite” but not in your commercial product. In addition, you exposed a fail on the Apple Store: My computer is set for automatic “updates”, You should informed to Apple that you were going to DOWNGRADE you app, and the Apple store app should not allow automatic updates for this kind of situations to ALLOW users decide if they want to trash their money (In this case $6.99) or not. Sorry Macosocoe guys, I want my App back or my money back...

Amazing. but... by SincerelySilent 2011-10-31

This is a app that I dreamed of, no joke. I give it 3 stars because… - The play/pause is laggy - Top bar with close/minus/max stays for to long and sometimes gets stuck there - When I hover over the video it does not show the bottom bar with time left for video and play/pause button. - Also we should have an option to have the icon either in our dock or menu bar both is very crowded and seems forced. Otherwise it really is a wounderfull app, and has potential, if the developer wants it too.

Wasted My Money by LucasInPhotoshop 2014-03-14

The quality that was presented on my Apple TV was terrible. I have internet speeds of 50+ Mbps and this was still terrible quality. I wish that I had believed the reviews before I purchased this. If it actually worked, I would agree this would be an awesome product. If you are using videos already compadable with iTunes, it works flawlessly but then there would be absolutly no point in buying this product because you could just open it in iTunes.

worthless by G searcher 2011-09-17

paid $6 for the app and the only thing you get is the little "drag movie here" screen. I dragged a movie clip into it and it played it. you can make the screen bigger but all the drop down windows and toolbars you see on the ad are not there including the one associated with the drag movie here black square. very disappointed!

No ATV Support = Useless App by Niwrik 2014-03-28

I sure wish I had read the release notes before allowing the latest update to download/install. ATV streaming support has been removed. That was the feature that prompted my original purchase. Without that, this app doesn’t do anything really useful that 100 other apps don’t already do.

Broken App by Blue545 2016-04-23

Wow, thanks guys. All I really wanted from this app was the browser extensions and they don’t install. “Safari Can’t Find The Server” appears when you choose to install them. Wasted $7, and in true App Store fashion, there’s no way to get your money back. Crooks.

Doesn't Work by bclob11 2013-12-18

So far this app hasn't worked once for me. It will play on my computer and when I try to send it over to my Apple TV it just has a loading screen on my TV and never ends up loading. I wouldn''t waste your money if I were you

Full of bugs by ngtb 2014-02-13

The video window keeps disappearing even though it still appears in mission control, I have to force close and open it again in order to keep watching. Sometimes it crashed for no particular reason. I am using it on Mavericks

Good idea but buggy with full screen apps / multiple desktops by KarlRendon 2012-11-29

The idea is good and indeed a video streamed through this does not peg the CPU like flash does, so that's great. But the window management is buggy at best. Sometimes the window appears on full screen apps.