iMom Gold Edition • Pregnancy & Fertility Calculator app for iPhone/iPad
iMom Gold Edition • Pregnancy & Fertility Calculator app for iPhone/iPad

iMom Gold Edition • Pregnancy & Fertility Calculator app for iPhone/iPad

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How to install iMom Gold Edition • Pregnancy & Fertility Calculator app for iPhone/iPad

Download iMom Gold Edition • Pregnancy & Fertility Calculator for iPhone/iPad
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** iMom Gold Edition is the world's most comprehensive application designed for the future Mom **

** The only one of its type that may be used for more than one pregnancy **

** The only app that provides a great Chat where you can compare your experience with hundreds of thousands of Moms around the world **

** The only one in the world that provides you the same tools used by professionals, that are always synchronized to your pregnancy **

** The first of its type that allows you to monitor your blood pressure **

Developed in collaboration with qualified Medical Practitioners at an international level, offering everyone the opportunity to monitor and check the progress of their pregnancy from their iPhone.

The sales leader in Italy, it has also conquered the hearts of many, many Women in Europe and South America.

** If you are planning on having a child and want the best, download iMom Gold Edition, the app with the gold icon! **

iMom Gold Edition can help pregnant woman in a variety of ways, ranging from purely clinical advice to psychological, nutritional, aesthetic and general tips.

iMom Gold Edition is not meant to substitute a healthcare provider but assist them in dispelling many myths and false taboos that Women around the world are faced with during this delicate period in their lives.

• Revolutionary and captivating device for Women
• Useful advice and support, fun and intuitive for Mother

Functions for Women include:
• Automatic management of the menstrual cycle
• Statistics and forecasts for ovulation and fertility
• Daily register of symptoms and states of mind
• Tracker for sexual relations
• Notifications for contraception
• Display of luteal phase
• Super pregnancy modality

Functions for Mother include:
• Detailed information for each week of pregnancy
• llustrations of the fetus in each of the 9 months of pregnancy
• Calculation of expected delivery

• Pregnancy re-dating setting
• Display of duration of the cycle and pregnancy testing
• Agenda
• New Pregnancy Countdown feature
• New Hypertension in Pregnancy feature
• New Synchronized Fetal Biometry feature
• New Synchronized Fetal Doppler feature
• New feature for monitoring number of pregnancy weeks
• Register of symptoms and states of mind
• Data registration
• Pictures in 3D and 4D ultrasound
• Recommended Foods
• Hydration
• Yoga in pregnancy
• Counting kicks
• Register contractions
• Baby bag for purchases

** iMom Gold Edition, a new opportunity for those who are giving birth to a new life! **

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