iMovie Apps free for iPhone/iPad
iMovie Apps free for iPhone/iPad

iMovie Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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With a streamlined design and intuitive editing features, iMovie lets you enjoy your videos and tell stories like never before. Browse your video library, share favorite moments, and create beautiful movies that you can edit at resolutions up to 4K. You can even start editing movies on an iPhone or iPad, and finish them on a Mac. And when your movie is ready for its big premiere, you can enjoy it on all your devices in iMovie Theater.

Browse and share video
• See all your video clips and photos organized in one place
• Quickly share a clip or a portion of a clip
• Background import lets you begin watching and sharing video instantly

Make Hollywood-style trailers
• Choose from 29 trailer templates with stunning graphics and original scores by some of the world’s top film composers
• Customize movie studio logos, cast names, and credits
• Select the best videos and photos for your trailer with the help of animated drop zones

Create beautiful 4K and HD movies
• Edit movies at up to 4K resolution with video from iPhone 6s, GoPro, and other Ultra HD cameras on compatible Macs (1)
• Support for 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second for smoother, more life-like action shots
• Import movies and trailers created using iMovie on iPhone or iPad to finish them on your Mac
• Enhance your movie by adding titles, transitions, and 3D globes and travel maps
• Speed up and slow down the action with fast-forward and slow-motion effects
• Create sophisticated picture-in-picture, side-by-side, and green screen effects
• Create a soundtrack using built-in music and sound effects, songs from your iTunes library, songs you’ve recorded in GarageBand, and your own narration

Fine-tune every clip
• Instantly improve the look and sound of your video using one-click Enhance
• Give your video a boost with easy-to-use color controls
• Stabilize shaky video for a smoother picture that’s easier to watch
• Automatically zoom in on faces and glide across panorama photos with the Ken Burns Effect
• Choose from 48 fun video and audio effects

Watch anywhere with iMovie Theater
• Fill iMovie Theater with posters as you share clips, movies, and trailers
• Access iMovie Theater on all your devices with iCloud
• Enjoy iMovie Theater on your HDTV with Apple TV

Share with friends and family
• Email videos with Mail Drop when signed in to iCloud
• Share directly to YouTube at up to 4K resolution
• Publish movies directly to Facebook and Vimeo
• Share any video frame as an image

iOS Developers: Create App Previews for the App Store
• Import iPhone and iPad screen recording videos captured with QuickTime Player
• Highlight features with 11 animated titles designed to showcase apps in action
• Export finished videos using the App Preview share option

(1) 4K export requires a Mac from 2011 or later with at least 4 GB RAM. Full-resolution 4K playback is supported on iMac with Retina display and Mac Pro (2013 or later) when connected to a 4K display.


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Works Perfectly. 5 Stars. …BUT! Posted by

I apologize for any negative tone to this review. Everything works very well. I love the program and have found it useful in ways I don’t think Apple ever intended; like removing the audio track from a movie and exporting it as an MP3 file. (Add film clip, detach audio, delete video portion, Export to desktop/iTunes) I’ve made it a point to learn all the quirks in iMovie after having checked out so many other free/cheap video editing programs available for the iMac & iPhone. It’s the best of the bunch. It’s hard to determine what makes Final Cut Pro any better. iMovie has all the same functions of FCP(seemingly), and its Free. There are many things I’d like to change or tweak regarding the way iMovie works: There is no way to customize the layout. This is my main complaint. There’s no way to “Hide” the Content Library window. The ‘Theater’ is useless if you sync a device using iTunes. Under the dropdown menu, when selecting iMovie Help, good luck finding any useful info. iMovie on iPhone - When making a video using still images, there is no “Select All” option. This means you have to add frames one at a time. There is no option to adjust default settings like how long a single photo/frame runs. It defaults to 6 seconds, and if you don’t want 6 seconds, you have to adjust every frame one at a time. It’s very time consuming. The app is capable of creating videos as good as the iMac version, but you have to be willing to do fine-tuning using your touchscreen. The fine details are tricky; especially the fade in/out of the Ken Burns effect. Who is this Ken Burns anyway? Also with the iPhone app, we are allowed to import videos only from the Photos app, but inexplicably not the Videos app. I’m sure there’s a reason for this but it’s so odd, it really demands an explanation. Any video I have stored in my Videos app can be copied to my Photos app fairly easily. Why require this step to do so? There are several other little things I could mention but honestly, the program works very well if you can get past the annoying details. I can’t imagine why the program doesn’t allow users to manipulate the layout. Also, they never seem to do any updates or changes.

FCP For The Rest of Us! Posted by

I just read forty negative reviews teeming with misinformation. Please learn the software before ranting in the store about how it doesn’t work. One helpful resource is the ‘Lessons for iMovie’ app. It explores every hidden feature of iMovie and offers a straightforward workflow. Easily import video and audio clips from any device or local storage. Organize clips into projects and events within libraries on internal or external drives. Quickly browse, rate, and reject clips. Edit with advanced keying (green screen), picture in picture, side by side video, overlay effects, editable transitions, retiming (slomo), precision mode, key frame-able animations, voiceovers, audio ducking, powerful video and audio enhancements including color correction, stabilization, cropping, & noise reduction. Utilize the hundreds of built-in sound fx, music queues, and animated visuals in the content library. Developers can now take advantage of the new App Preview mode to create trailers for their apps. Use Theater mode to view your completed projects on any device. When finished export to file, email, or social media automatically. The new iMovie is very different from previous versions. Do not expect a better looking but same functioning program. If you’re an editor from ten years ago (like me) this will seem like an entirely foreign software. Take the time to master it and you’ll see the vast improvements in workflow, turnaround, and interface. I regularly use Motion and Compressor in conjunction with iMovie. Motion animations can’t be published to iMovie in an editable form like they can to Final Cut Pro but that matters very little because you can just finish your motion graphics creation in Motion and then send the rendered animation over to iMovie for use in your project. When you write a review, be specific and objective. Broadsweeping generic whininess doesn’t help your fellow buyers.

A simple, yet very capable video editor Posted by

[Computer: 2014 Macbook Air i5 1.4 GHz processor, 4gb of Ram, Intel HD 5000 / OS X Yosemite] iMovie has been an invaluable application for all my video needs. I have used it for simple for simple video edits, school projects, and YouTube videos. The drag and drop interface is easy to use and it contains a good number of features for a bundled video editor. It also works well on my baseline Macbook Air. I have had no heating issues even with tons of media in a project. The only really weak part about iMovie is the lack of certain content, particularly the transitions and titles. The titles are good, though it would be great to have the ability to move around text boxes and control their animations (like in keynote, and animation control of overlayed images/videos would be a welcome featue too). Custom placement of textboxes is essential, especially for users who need to create subtitles. It would be nice to see the missing transitions from keynote in iMovie as well. (Note: you can create custom text using the green screen feature). And lastly, unlimited picture-in-pictures would be tremendous! The trailer mode also leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a nice feature in concept, but never ideal to use. The preset video time and music options allow for little creativity and limits the trailer settings, making the trailer mode feel more like a quirky gimmick than a useful feature. It can be good fun for younger kids new to video editing. Update: Considering the iOS iMovie can now edit 60fps videos, it would be great if I could create 60fps on the Mac iMovie.

Solid green still photos issue resolved Posted by

First review… I have been working on trying to resolve the issue where some/most of my still photos, and some title screens, turn solid green when place in the timeline. The apple store had my macbook for three days and still couldn’t figure it out (they really tried, and that’s why I love apple!). I was excited to see the update, since it said it fixes incorrect still photo display issues. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Please apple, fix this. I need this app to work. The problem started some time after the October 2015 imovie update. I am running El Capitan. Macbook pro late 2011. Revised review… If you ask me why I love Apple so much I will tell you it is BECAUSE THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS! Not only did the techs at the Apple Store here at South Hills Village Mall (esp John Murray), work tirelessly on my green still photo issue for three days, but after I wrote the above review I actually got an email from a caring Apple rep who asked me if I would like to discuss my issue further. I said YES, of course. I got another email giving me instructions on how to try to fix the issue, and this time it worked! I am in awe of this company, and their customer-focused policies. I have all Apple products… iPhone 5s, watch, macbook pro late 2011, iPad 2 (2011), and I love them all. They are not the newest products on the market but they all still work much better than the competition (I have to replace my son’s windows laptop once a year). Thank you Apple, I truly love you!

Sublime! But... Posted by

I have been using iMovie for about half a year as my main editing software for YouTube videos, and it works almost flawlessly. It allows you to make high resolution videos, as well as add quite a few special effects, (e.g. adding text to frames, applying filters, slowing or speeding up audio or film, etc.) It may be a bit confusing at first, but it only took me about two weeks to get the hang of it. I would give this application a five star review… however, there are a few software bugs that must be noted. Firstly, the app once randomly deleted the audio from one of the clips in one of my videos. I was sure I hadn’t done anything myself, so I cliked undo a few times but to no avail. I had to search down my audio file in Finder and re-insert it. Also, this app has a bit of a tendency to crash. In my 5 month experience with it, it has crashed about 8 times total. Also, it has frozen my computer on one occasion. Though the app saves automatically and none of my work was lost, it is nevertheless a tetious experience to cope with. You may also keep in mind that I am using quite a new Mac (2015 MacBook Pro). All in all, it gets the job done and done well, but there are some problems with the software that need to be fixed.

Exactly what I needed. Don’t let bad reviews mislead you. Posted by

I wanted to edit some iPhone video from a Memorial Day Parade. I hadn’t touched a movie editor for years and started shopping. I didn’t want to pop for Final Cut Pro (bargain though it is in the Pro arena). But the alternatives were HUGELY expensive from Adobe and the likes (with rent schemes too), or Open Source (i.e rough around the edges), or some other App Store offerings, one of which just disappeared from my computer on the first save. (The app itself disappeared !! - really). So I decided for $15 bucks I would risk buyer’s remorse. (It comes free on newer Macs I understand). I was, in fact, happy as a struting majorrete. A few YouTube tutorials and Google searches and I was sailing through some fancy editing. (The Apple Help is sparse. You can try reputable publishers of books but watch for version.:10.0 is close enough to 10.1. This is NOT the iLife version). This could plausibly rate 5 stars if you weight it for price. But there must be something I’m missing. Oh well. My video was fun to edit and went from filming to YouTube in a few hours, with titles, transitions, multitrack audio and sharing built in. For a noob such as myself that was a good investment.

I LOVE iMovie Posted by

I noticed a lot of reviews are fairly negative—I really don’t have any problems. I have a 2014 MacBook Air that has been rather slow lately, but in iMovie it works great, and export times aren’t so bad. The user interface is pretty good—a lot of people say it is hard to use, but I think it is so nice to have something simple and easy to use, the perfect description for iMovie. I have made many films with it—they aren’t the most elaborate movie productions to see the face of the earth, but they look great for what I need. The only negative thing I have to say about iMovie at all is the lack of preferences. Maybe it is just because they are placed within functions around the application, but the preferences pane is relatively empty, and I would appreciate to see more configurations there. One thing I really like about iMovie is the feature where there are hundreds of audio clips right at my fingertips, and even a quick mention to the titles, backgrounds, and transitions—they are all nice and classic (not old-looking) Apple-esque. So, if you want a simple, easy-to-use video editing application for simple videos, this is perfect for any Mac user.

Great Starter app!!! Posted by

First of all, I come from a technical background. I owned a Mac some time ago, but have mostly been a Windows user. Until now. I got my iMac a few days ago. I got it becuase I wanted to 1. Get away from Windows and 2. Do video editing. Having no video production background, I found iMovie to be very usable. My second production was (apparently) so good, that it brought tears to my parents eyes. I love that I can take raw GoPro footage, correct the color, add photos and a soundtrack. Within hours produce a video compliation of a specific event or outing. The final output quality was surprisingly top notch (mind you I came from Windows). I am not going to say that I just jumped right into creating masterpieces. There was trial and error. People have said that you pretty much need a class to get started using this, I don’t wholey agree. I figured out the basics. I would very much consider taking a class on this to learn more about what this can do. This is not a pro grade app, but, I would recommend iMovie to anyone wanting to get thier feet wet with video production. I look forward to seeing what future updates bring.

Best out of the 4 I used Posted by

Better than Movie Maker (Free), Sony Movie Studio ($80), and another software i purchased, i can’t even remember the name of it, but cost about $80 i think. Not sure what the hate is all about. I’m an event Photographer and Videographer and create several movies with iMovie every month on my 2014 Macbook Pro, 13 inch. I think it is pretty intuitive, might take a little poking around but far better than any free or not free video editing software I’ve ever used. Some of the features I think are pretty awesome include, picture in picture, slow motion effects, good choice of transitions, pretty fast. My only complaint is that the new versions of iMovie don’t let you store your media on an external hard drive, but then again, the new version doesn’t crash like the old version and its alot faster than the old versions. I remember one of my rookie first challenges was managing my files, importing them into iMovie and trying to create a movie from all the files i dumped into one event. The easy solution was to create a seperate events. Can’t wait to start editing videos with 4k as I slowly upgrade my video gear.

It was awesome! But has Bugs that just got worse. Posted by

I love iMovie! It is whati use for my YouTube videos, and movie projects. However it is not as good as it was when i had gotten it. It has bugs in it that make it impossible to get a video finished correctly. What happens is the audio will be way off in a video i impoort to iMovie and it will be on and off. By that i mean one point of a videos audio will be on spot but another spot will be WAY off. And then there will betimes when the Green Screen affect won’t work properly. And the same goes with the picture in picture oppition, sometime it work other times you can’t get it to work at all. I have shown these issues with a Apple employee how has made a full report to the people who fix these things. He has told me that they have received other reports on the same issue. However the bug in the program is getting worse. The employee that i told the issues too does not know about some of the newwer ones. However this will all be fixed and since it is not a error and is just a bug in the program they said they will release a update that will be FREE and gets rid of the bug in iMovie.

I rather like it Posted by

I rather like the update. The tabs for different categories, such as transitions, do make the workflow quicker and easier. I also found a couple bugs squashed, like how the previous version didn’t remember my zoom setting for the timeline. This version does. I have completed a movie since the update, and found the editing and export processes flawess. I appreciate the option for multiple pass exporting, but I only noticed a slight improvement in image quality, as I tried each option. Nice to have it available though. The only thing I’d change is that it needs full Quicktime export options. As it stands, if you select export to file, you only get strange, nonstandard size options, and little control. I usually just export to iTunes, drag and drop to the desktop, and convert to .mov. I would prefer to have it all done at the same time, Quicktime also being an Apple product. That minor issue aside, I deleted FCP some time ago, and use iMovie for practically everything.

Very Sad for Apple and for us Posted by

After owning 3 iMacs, iPads and you name it, I have come to the conclusion that 1) Apple seems only interested in selling very expensive hardware. Their software and support have tanked. iMovie is a good example of a product that has gone through multiple iterations and approaches none of which actually work as described. The help content is great. It works. However, the product doesn’t actually work according to the instructions. Additionally, iMovie is buggy and inconsistent. It locks up or doesn’t respond to key commands. I sometimes wonder who provides quality control on their software. The demise of iDVD is another good example of a good product not supported. As much as I detest Microsquish, their software actiually works and produces what it says it will. I am sad to say but I am bagging this product and will not purchase Apple software again. Obviosly there isn’t enough money to justify the old-world values.

Make Final cut pro free just like imovie Posted by

this app is awesome for editing video for beginers, i myself am a beginer and i find it very easy to make some video presentations and what not. I cannot complain as it is all i need, though I would love if final cut pro x was also free like iMovie, because cmon, they are both apple programs, if we were able to choose from either of them both being free, it would make people more motivated to edit videos and what not. and i believe it would be easier if it was made free because to my understanding, apple is still earning some profits from people merely downloading their free apps. Now, people are making videos on how to actually get final cut pro for free (illegally), and in that case apple gets nothing in return. So i would recommend bringing final cut pro for free on the mac app store, thank you :)

Great tool for amateur videographers! Posted by

This is the best “free” tool available for amateur film making. I use it for multimedia production at church. You’ll be hard pressed to find a free digital video editor with the power built into iMovie. Cutaways, disolves, color matching, green screen/chroma-keying are all available for making professional looking videos. The one thing I wish I had available direclty in the package was access to the great EQ and Compression tools that are in Garageband. As it stands, I have to export the audio track into Garageband to do more advanced audio post-processing and then import it back into iMovie to complete a project. In-spite of that shortcoming, this is still a phenomenal tool. I can’t say enough good things about it.

I like the new version better than the old Posted by

I am glad I went ahead and updated to the newest version 10.0.9 and didnt listen to all the scare talk. All you really need to do is watch a couple you tube tutorial videos (david cox for example) and learn how to use the updated software. I liked the older version too but he newest version has some better features in my opinion. The only other thing I would suggest is making sure you have enough RAM. I had apple update the RAM on my old Macbook pro (2009) from 4 gig to 8 gig for about $108 installed at it works great. The RAM is easy to install if you want to save a couple bucks and do it your self. Dont be afraid to try something new, once you get going you might actually like it.

Good but one problem... Posted by

I really like iMovie, but today I was trying to put in the music from iTunes. I clicked import and it said, no clips there. I kept clicking import, and nothing showed up! So, I closed the app and opened it again. Then I clicked import again and finally it worked. All I needed left was the actual video, which is why I needed music, you know for my background, but when I clicked import for my video, it did the same thing! It said still no clips. I closed the app, did it again. Nothing showed up. So, now I have the music, but the most important part, my video isn’t there. :( Apple, please fix this issue.

It's Fun! I love it. Posted by

Once you dig into this software, it becomes more intuitive and fun to use. Its a powerful video editing program for amateurs such as myself. I discover more capabilities of iMovie with each new project. I only hope that Apple doesn’t strip iMovie down to fit it on iPhones and Apple watches as they have already destroyed all of the iWork applications by the “neo-simplistic directive” from persons other then the Apple users that make all of this possible. Please remember that a few of people at the top of any organization can very easily be replaced. Customers can not. -jm

Best Free Video Editting Software for Mac Posted by

I personally love this program. It is a little hard to understand how to use at the beginnning, but once you understand you will find it quite easy to use! Here are my favorite parts: 1) Has many things only seen in professional editting software, and definitely not in movie maker. 2) Extremely easy to use Cons: (minor) Speed editting can be pretty rough, it doesn’t always look too good Hard to understand everything at first, like all the very prescise edits (once you do, you’re fine.) Overall, great program, especially because it is free!

Love the App…Just a Touch Flaky Like the Rest of Apple Software These Days Posted by

I love this app overall…I make simple movies extremely quickly, and I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to editing video, so it is wonderful. The latest update for El Capitan was original causing me problems with importing from my iPhone, but 10.1 appears to have fixed that, so I’m putting the rating back to 4. It would be a 5, because everything still just feels a touch flaky like the rest of Apple’s software right now. Mostly good and delightful, but every now and then it just seems to have trouble.

You can re download. Posted by

When I first bought my Macbook Air, it came with iMovie and several other stock Mac Apps, I too deleted it because I had no use for it but I’ve always been able to redownload it. If you’re having trouble redownloading something that was once free for you, then you should get in touch with Apple via a phone call, online chat or email. Don’t spread false information or have people worrying over information that only applies to you. As far as UI goes, it’s not bad. It would be great it if Final Cut wasn’t $300 though.

Lack of 4:3 aspect ratio is a Show Stopper by Mr. Wizard! 2016-05-25

Most of my work with iMovie is creating photo slide shows for the church. Unfortunately the video projector that the church uses doesn’t know that the new millenium has started yet so it has no idea that 16:9 aspect even exists. Even the TV sets used by the church are older CRT types that are still 4:3 aspect ratio (and it doesn’t look that will change any time soon). Therefore I MUST create my projects in 4:3 aspect ratio, and iMovie 10 has absolutely no provision for 4:3 aspect ratio. Although the 20 minutes I have spent with iMovie 10 has been promising regarding features and ease of use …. the lack of 4:3 aspect ratio makes it absolutely unusable for me. BTW when I talk about my ‘church’ I’m not talking about some little 200 person, one man with a college diploma is the preacher, type of church …. I’m talking about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church (also know as the Mormons). The church may not be exactly poor, but they have THOUSANDS of TVs and video projectors that need upgrades, and I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon. 25 May 2016 update: I just updated to version 10.2 and ignored the multitude of one-star ratings. Boy! was that a mistake! I have events already imported from 2013, 2014, and 2015, and the truly stupid part is this version recognizes the events imported in 2014 BUT NOT THE EVENTS IMORTED IN 2015 ! ! ! Why ?!?!?! Apple ?!?!? Why !?!?! Don't get me wrong .... I like the new bells and whistles ..... but there is SOOOooooo much about this version that just, flat out, is NOT working! On top of that .... I have a 3.1GHz Quad Core i7 iMac with 16 gigs of ram and 14 Terrabytes of hard drive space attached .... a pretty beefy machine which I bought specifically with video editing in mind .... and this latest version has brought my computer to its KNEES !!!! I timed it ... it took 2 MINUTES and 37 SECONDS for this program to even start up and show a window .... plus it ttok another 2 MINUTES to finsh filling in the various sub-panes of that window !!! What the hell?!?!?!? was this program designed only to be run on Mac Pro ?!?!!?! I see in the corner above this edit box it says "if you need support, please visit iMovie Support" Is that supposed to be some kind of sick joke ?!?!? This versaion doesn't just need "support" it needs "life support" !!! Every iteration is getting less and less usable! I suspect that two things are taking place .... 1. It is assumed that a user has NEVER used iMovie before and therefore has no previous projects or events to continue working on. That whomever installs this version will be doing so from scratch. If that were the case it would probably work. 2. That the team of developers of this program are being pushed too hard 'to produce SOMETHING' and, therefore, the beta testing is either very little or non-existent. A very incomplete, barely-functional, product is being PUSHED out the door to meet somebody's unreal expectations. And it shows.

Terrible Software!… Especially if you don’t have a brand new Mac by Dr. McLovin 2015-12-28

This software is terrible and a perfect example of how Apple’s product quality is just tanking. I was an iMovie user with my original mac, which came with iMovie HD, I loved it, it worked great! I haven’t done much video editing in the past couple years, so I stopped using it, but recently I took some video that I wanted to put together into a movie. I use a 2011 Macbook Pro, Core i7, 8gb of ram, and I’ve upgraded to El Capitan (10.11.1) which comes with the new iMovie 10.1. I went to use the new iMovie for the first time, checked out the new features,(which I did really like… when it ran). I started bringing in some video clips to edit and it just crashed. I reopened it, did a little more editing, and it crashed again. And again. And again…. There was nothing predictable about what caused it to crash, no repeated action I was doing, it would just suddenly stop. I did some searching on Google to see if other people were having issues; if you read some of these other reviews and do some Google searching, you can see crashes are a common occurrence. Apparently the iMovie 10.1 release was actually Apple’s attempt to fix the crashing issue… I would say they failed epically.. At least if you’re trying to use this software on a system that isn’t brand spanking new. I have a friend who has a new Macbook Pro (2014), claims he doesn’t have any problems (I found out he’s actually running iMovie 10.0.9, I tried downgrading to that version, but the results were only a little better. I was able to make the movie with only a handful of crashes during editing, but when I tried to export the video to share… forget it…it crashed right away, and now I can’t even get the movie to play in iMovie without crashing). I looked through a couple of the error reports iMovie generates when it crashes (the ones it asks you to send to Apple) the error occurs at a really fundamental level. It seems iMovie is having some issues with memory handling. The crash is repeatedly caused by one of the threads fatally crashing. 0x00000004 status. If I had to speculate I’d guess it’s because somewhere Apple is doing some really sloppy programming. This software was designed to run on the brand new systems which have slightly different hardware configurations, and they obviously screwed up their backwards compatibility. This version of iMovie is probably build right on top of the older versions, and by just adding new code right on top of the old code to fit their new systems they screwed something(probably many things) up. I know my system from 2011 is considered “old” in some circles, but Apple claims their new operating system and software should work on these systems. I meet all their technical specs, so I expect these things to work. I miss the days when Apple made quality products that were robust and just worked well.

Movie by Cindihc 2015-11-17

Something awful happened. I had iMovie on my Mac Book Pro. It came installed on the Mac Book Pro, which is part of the reason I bought the MacBook Pro. But. Schzaam!~!~! BAIT-and SWITCH, which happens to be an illegal maneuver, Apple Inc. recommended I update my operating system and ``P*O*O*F ‘’ … the product I purchased was altered, down-graded, lowered to a lesser standard than the product I bought. El Capitan vanquished my iMovie program and the priceless work of art documentary I had been editing on my MacBook Pro. I shall expect compensation. Compensation for 1) my time that I put into making and editing that pricesless documentary short, which was to go straight to Sundance under a scholarship agreement, 2) my mental distress, which is great. I cannot possibly work on this substandard machine any longer, for the anguish and upset and stress I suffer when I even look at it. 3) compensation for erasing the film itself. Like I said, as a work of artistic expression, it was bound to be the prize-winner I was shaping it to be. Also, your poor business motivations have been exposed by disappearing my iPhoto program as well. Where is it? I am not in the habit of supporting wealthy corporations that wind their profits overseas through the “Dutch-Sandwich” and the “Double Irish” to avoid paying taxes to fix our schools — oh, but then again, you won’t be needing any STEM students from our American schools as you’ve handsomely rewarded Washington for giving a free-light to H-1B legislation so you can hire even greater numbers of H-1B foreigners at 20 percent less than what you pay American STEM workers, of whom there is no shortage. Yes, the Senate Judicial Committee hearing testimony titled “Immigration Reforms Needed to Protect Skilled American Workers” does ring true. In essence, I shall be expecting a newer, better machine WITH the programs initially sold to me installed. And I shall accept compensation for my artistic losses, mental anguish and time. And, you must agree to longer “disappear” your programs that are on my machine. I don’t want tp shock you, but man, what are you thinking? No company that treats the workforce and customers and creates products that now need to be updated every week or two because they were not properly made in the first place deserves to continue to thrive. No one loves you anymore. Now, go back to miniaturizing computers so I can prepare to stand in line to buy your pinky ring next year.

Just got worse by Anurag 2016-10-03

Apple contacted me after my last review (which is great) and I provided ample evidence in screenshots and videos of my #1 problem with iMovie in May of this year - it just fails to find some videos while importing from iPhones. This is a terrible bug because I get the false feeling that I have uploaded all movies from the iPhone and hence can delete them but I can’t! To me - this is a showstopper and a critical bug and I wish Apple would have found the time to fix this in the last 5 months. It is extremly unfortunate that there are no good video asset management alternatives on the mac so I still have to live with iMovie. —— Last review ---- In my last review I mentioned how it broke most things and this update breaks yet another. Now it won’t list all videos I took from the iPhone. It randomly skips vidoes. So on top of me not knowing what all I have already imported - now I am in a much worse shape. It just randomly won’t list videos on my phone when I am importing. Last Review... UI is better but boy everything else is broken. Here are some specific issues in case anyone at Apple is reading… 1. Thinks all vidoes on devices are new. Connecting my iPhone with years of old movies shows every movie is being new. 2. Takes forever to do anything. Beach balls all the way. Importing, moving around, everything is super sluggish 3. UI has minor issues like the left pane of library files is too narrow and cannot be resized (I tried, the resize does not work) 4. When processing, it basically seems to take over the computer (32gb iMac with i7, SSD) and the screen stays in the foreground above everything. 5. What’s up the giant video view on the right and tiny view for clips? Impossible to really arrange things properly. Not sure what is going on with Apple Software exactly but I don’t think anyone at Apple is actually using this stuff anymore. Very depressing.

Just bring back iMovie HD, please! This product is so irksome. by crxssingtherubicon 2016-03-25

In all honestly, I’ve had Macs since about the 7th grade, so well over, I don’t know, ten years or so? And I really can’t help but feel as if some of these upgrades are aiming with the well intentioned objective of ‘convenience’ in mind; however, in actuality, or at least my opinion, they are just becoming more tedious, less intuitive, and just overall increasingly more frustrating for a product intended for recreational as opposed to professional use. I’ve found I’ve experienced great difficulty with organizing event libraries and keeping my clips aligned without the slightest iota of accidental movement, or clip adjustment, shifting the entirety of the timing and throwing my entire work off track, despite how many tutorials I’ve taken in attempts to familiarize myself with a product I may just have been too unfamiliar with to properly use. However, irregardless, I still continue to experience problems and insufferable vexation. (and yes, by the way, irregardless, IS a word) All in all, I don’t think this product is worth purchasing if it wasn’t already included. And retrospectively speaking, I am very disappointed with the changes they’ve been making to iMovie over the years in general; especially to the extent that any older versions have become completely incompatible, thus voiding my ability to access them period, making my options rather limited. Frankly, I miss iMovie HD, as in the blue clapperboard icon, way before the stars took over, and sincerely wish they would bring it back. Despite the fact it shut down on occasion, it always brought back the lost files. Not to mention the simplicity and ease of the organizational layout was much simpler to deal with. Or, at the very least, perhaps find a way to incorporate more aspects of the older version back it into these newer ‘iMovie’ versions—sometimes less is more.

I wish I could give it a few more stars but I can’t... by Ray15780 2015-12-01

To keep this short, let me just list the major problems I’ve had with iMovie (this is not limited strictly to the latest update): 1) Crashes, crashes, and more crashes. iMovie is the ONLY app that crashes on my MacBook Pro. It’s not a problem with my Mac - it’s a problem with iMovie. 2) Often the crashes happen when moving movie files from the internal drive to an external drive (ie. copying/moving it to another library within iMovie). When this happens, iMovie leaves the movie segments in these really weird temp subdirectories that end with __AsyncCopying. At that point it is no longer possible to move these segments either back to their original location or to the external drive. If it crashed only once in a blue moon, I could live with it, but it crashes too often 3) About half the time when I import movies from my camcorder, the last movie segment doesn’t get imported. I have to rewind the camera and then reimport just that last segment. 4) Often when you import, the audio has a bunch of pops in it, when the volume peaks. This is so stupid because there is no clipping or popping in the original video on the camcorder. When this happens, I have to retry my import many times. Sometimes, closing down iMovie and then restarting it work. Sometimes it seems that if I let the movie play for a bit before I hit the Import button, then it works better. Anyway, it’s not consistent. I sometimes have to re-try my import TEN times before that audio popping goes away. Soooo annoying and aggravating. 5) Sometimes you try to import but the import screen just stays black. You can hit play and rewind in iMovie and the camcorder obeys, but nothing shows up on the screen in iMovie even though you can see the video playing back on the camcorder itself. When this happens, I have to restart iMovie and then it usually works.

once good NOW TERRIBLE by sankondbest 2016-06-13

Basically this latest version is characteristic of every update for nearly ever apple app. Dumbs down the app without the ability to have features previously present or even basic features you thought they would never remove (*Spoiler alert…they ended up removing it*) By far the worst app I have ever used!!! IF YOU HAVE AN OLD VERSION THINK LONG AND HARD BEFORE UPDATING (or purchasing a new apple as you cannot downgrade versions of apps) For me, the updates made this app unusable. - You now need to hold down “R” when selecting a clip (and there is no way to change this setting) - You cannot have the option of having a “wrapping timeline” and are now stuck with only one option. - When you select a segment of video after you add it to the movie you are creating it jumps several minutes (randomly) beyond where the clip you selected ended (rather than just staying in the same place. Apple at one point in time nearly every app/update/product you put out once brought me joy…Now I have a garbage set of apps (all worse and more unusable than before) and an operating system that is worse than the previous. EVERY ASPECT OF THIS COMPUTER I JUST BOUGHT IS WORSE!!! If I could return it tomorrow I would (unfortunately there is a 14 day return policy and I am at day 20). Keep your old computer if you can and savor every moment with it. Then my advice is just purchase a normal garbage computer from whatever garbage computer companies are out there and use their garbage software….the only thing that will change is having extra money in your pocket from not paying the premium to have a MacBook (trust me…the new MacBooks and the new apps that come with it are almost universally worse than the old ones there is nothing I enjoy about this computer or any app more than my previous version.

Not what it should be. by Werdsmyth2 2016-03-31

As time marches on and Apple keeps churning out imposed changes. I find myself becoming more and more interested in other product options. The constant push to involve every device I own in my activities and the elimination of features that seem basic essentials is frustrating. I dont use or want to use the cloud. I prefer all of my devices to be stand alone. Its a nice option of course for those that like and want to use these sharing features but there are also those who don’t. I just want to edit my video. Perhaps take a break and do something else. Then. Come back and pick up from where I left off without a convoluted saving to an external device to reload later. Not sure the advantage of this.I dont want it sent to the cloud. Ive learned to turn this off but it seems almost mandatory to keep things simple. I dont want to be forced to complete my edit and finalize all in one sitting. There is no SAVE or SAVE AS to allow me to save my progress and pick up where I left off another day. Everything I read about this has a non instinctive or intuitive way of preventing loss. Maybe Im missing something but I would think the SAVE under my control, on my computer, would be a basic function. I have found the edting experience otherwise to be decent. Just dont like the idea of spending hours on something and then not being able to simply click save and name it as desired to my computer instead of an external device or the cloud. I will back it up at my leisure, on my device. Im told it autosaves but if you close out iMovie and return your editing will be gone. That you need to put it on an external device and reload it to resume your project. Why? Also there is a review on here that says if you have a previous version of iMovie the charge will be waived. Was not the case for me.

The “upgrade” that finally drove me to Corel by dra415 2016-01-26

Edited a long time later: I keep naively hoping that each update will return what was lost, but no. Even ignoring the missing functions, good god the export restrictions are killer. I’m still stuck choosing between keeping an old Macbook Pro un-updated or that godawful Thinkpad/Corel to make videos that I can use in lectures. Same exact clip in this version? 35 MB, and limited to mp4, which isn’t great for a powerpoint file that needs to work cross-platform without expecting students to install more software. In iMovie ’11 (9.0.4) it’s extremely easy to make an 8 MB mov file from the exact same clip, with the same quality even on the giant lecture auditorium movie projector. So I can’t use my 27 inch Retina to make video clips. I’m stuck with an ultraportable Windows or an ancient MBP. Awesome job of ignoring your customers there, Apple. At least give me back the ability to download the old version on my newer machines. I never thought I’d abandon the Macs that cover most of my desk in favor of editing videos with Corel on an 12 inch ultraportable Thinkpad, but iMovie 10 has proved me wrong. Basic functionality gone. I can live with most of that, I just swear a lot more. What I can’t live with are the limited options we’re allowed for export. There is no good reason that file sizes are suddenly so much larger than they are when I do the exact same project in iMovie9. I’m trying to process screen capture recordings for use in out of class lectures. I can’t post 600 MB files, certainly not when the same video done in 9 was 30 MB. It’s especially sad because the program itself runs faster and with less resource drain than iMovie 9 did. Hide them in an advanced tab if you must, but bring back the old functions! Stop making me use Windows!

Good, could be better. by TheOfficialZamics 2015-10-16

In terms of come-with-the-computer software, this program really great. Has great functionality against it’s arguable rival, Windows Movie Maker. The user interface is simple and fast, maybe a bit more guidance for new users like a simple step-by-step tutorial, or an in depth explanation for users who want to be more advanced with the program. However, once you know the ins and outs of the program, it functions great. Love the green screen and picture-in-picture capabilities. However, my largest issue is what brings this down to two stars. For the love of… please add the option to overlay text onto a video that is movable or at least make the already existing Title options movable and resizable. And no, apple support, no I don’t mean move it within the timeline of the video, I mean move it left, right, up and down in the actual frame of the video. Heck, maybe even rotatable, if the developers can add that much. I use text a lot in my videos, and currently it’s absolutely frustrating. Please add this function asap, and I will add the missing 2 stars to this review. Edit: Apple sent an email to me before this most recent update asking me to explain this^ in further detail so that they may pass it on to the developer team, plus anything else I might want to add. So I did, and also included some things I’d hope they would implement, like having more than one picture-in-picture or text/title at the same time in a video. Alas, besides a more intuitive user interface, most of my complaints were not addressed, at least not the ones that directly effected my frustrations with Movie Maker. Hence my putting up this review again for version 10.1.

Kinda good, but needs improvement by Bwop123 2016-05-30

This used to be my go-to video editor and probably the best on Mac, seeing as Adobe Premiere lacks integration and Final Cut Pro takes a long learning curve. iMovie 10.0/ iMovie ’14 improved on the 2009 and 2011 versions, bringing the app on par with Final Cut Pro. Then, the OS X Yosemite update (iMovie 10.1 or something) changed that. The flat design looks good on the Retina MacBooks and iMacs, but on non-Retina devices like the iMac 2007-2015 (I used the mid-2011 21.5” iMac initially before switching to the early 2015 13” MacBook Pro) the flat design looks awful. Until the El Captitan update (10.1.1 I think), the app was very buggy and lacked some things from the Mavericks update (10) like different title fonts. Luckily the El Capitan update restored these features and added 4K support. The main issue I ran into was when I couldn’t get the library to update on OS X El Capitan on my iMac. The only fix was to restore from a Time Machine backup from a month prior and upgrading to 10.1.1 again a week later. I lost a more recent project before I moved some of my library over to the MacBook Pro. Now the app is a pretty solid editor, but needs to stop trying to make itself like iOS despite how one of the iOS-like tweaks saves time when editing. If you want to do some serious video editing without having to go through settings, I reccomend the free trial of Final Cut Pro to see if you like that better or Adobe Premiere Pro. You can download the Final Cut Pro trial from Apple’s Final Cut Pro website and the Adobe Premiere Pro trial from Adobe’s Creative Cloud website.

Glimpses of promise but frustratingly buggy and unfinished. by Aegis12 2016-01-14

PROS: - UI is fairly intuitive and easy to learn/use - Decent number of features... enough for most home/family users CONS: - Runs fairly slow even on my mid-range systems - Plagued by horrendous bugs, several of which are WIDELY reported on the apple forums (I know because I’ve spent many hours googling solutions and troubleshooting them). - Lacks some features that are so basic it’s insulting they’d expect us to use a video editing program without them (e.g. it randomly chooses thumbnails for each movie and provides no option to change it. Seriously? Any Beta tester would have screamed for that feature, as are all current users). SUMMARY: Software this buggy and unfinished is simply unforgiveable for a company that can’t figure out how to spend its mountains of cash. Perhaps hire someone to read the user forums, or work on releasing an iMovie update? Yet, because I now run a Mac household, and don’t want to shell out hundreds for Final Cut Pro, I’m forced to use this app until I can find and buy a better option. I used to applaud Apple's controlling nature and closed ecosystem, as it resulted in sleek hardware and software that "just worked.” Sadly, quality is out the window, as is any regard for customer feedback. I "converted" to Apple wholesale after being deeply frustrated at Microsoft’s indifferent approach to quality (driven by their success and market share)... and now Apple is coasting down that same long, disappointing road. Life goes on.

crashing, freezing, incredibly slow on uploading new clips by death by beachball 2015-12-19

I have a macbook pro, 4gb ram, 2.4 ghz processor running 10.10.5 I have a youtube channel, so I have used imovie a lot up until today. After upgrading to the newest version, 10.1, I can no longer effectively make use of imovie. I had upgraded to a solid state internal drive and things were going quite well with the last version. Now, video is laggy and freezes. I get a beach ball for a while just trying to play clips off an SD card before I import them. While the beach ball is spinning, I can’t even exit to other programs. if it does start to play, it is choppy and soon freezes. So basically, I can’t preview clips before importing. Editing video once it’s imported isn’t always so bad so far. I know better than to upgrade without reading reviews or giving things time to work out bugs, but I stupidly assumed it was just an update, not a major revision. Other stuff is going wrong too. I can’t exit the program without it saying it quit unexpectedly. Literally every time I quit it says it crashed. I also imported some clips and it said the import was complete, but they are not there when I releaunch the program. Also, one time not all the files on an sd card showed up, but they loaded after ejecting and re opening it. Fortunately, I just got a new video editing program and can hopefully just consign imovie to the scrap heap. Too bad, I did like the last version.

Really screwed it up by Harpster111 2015-07-24

I used to use iMovie for work, where I produce raw video clips and shorts for publication online. Not anymore. I could probably spend all day getting into how many things are screwed up in the latest version of iMovie, but I’ll just stick to the highlights. Cutting the clip precisely has become almost impossible. If you’re dealing with an audio clip, even worse. Trying to position the brackets is needlessly difficult, time consuming, and summons a psychological reaction somewhat akin to nails on a chalkboard. There is not way to move around in the gallery space, enlarge clips, shrink them for detail, label them or organize them. Just a frickin mess. Every time you download something into iMovie, expect it to use something in the order of 3 to 10 times the amount of hard drive space you would expect it to. For some reason this iMovie program copies and copies and copies and copies and creates back copies and duplicated copies and copies you can’t even find but still somehow take up gigabytes and gigabytes and gigabytes of space. I don’t think my hard drive will ever recover. I really didn’t think Apple could screw up a piece of software this bad. It really is that bad. Reminds me of trying to use that Windows Movie Maker or whatever they had when XP first came out. Shameful.

Just got worse by Anurag 2016-05-07

In my last review I mentioned how it broke most things and this update breaks yet another. Now it won’t list all videos I took from the iPhone. It randomly skips vidoes. So on top of me not knowing what all I have already imported - now I am in a much worse shape. It just randomly won’t list videos on my phone when I am importing. Last Review... UI is better but boy everything else is broken. Here are some specific issues in case anyone at Apple is reading… 1. Thinks all vidoes on devices are new. Connecting my iPhone with years of old movies shows every movie is being new. 2. Takes forever to do anything. Beach balls all the way. Importing, moving around, everything is super sluggish 3. UI has minor issues like the left pane of library files is too narrow and cannot be resized (I tried, the resize does not work) 4. When processing, it basically seems to take over the computer (32gb iMac with i7, SSD) and the screen stays in the foreground above everything. 5. What’s up the giant video view on the right and tiny view for clips? Impossible to really arrange things properly. Not sure what is going on with Apple Software exactly but I don’t think anyone at Apple is actually using this stuff anymore. Very depressing.

So Frustrated by fix i movie 2016-03-15

I loved iMovie HD. It had all the features I needed to make a movie. With every new release of IMOVIE another feature goes away. As I write this review this App has 75 (1 stars) and 62 (5 stars). If this was a product on Amazon I would never buy it. I may be old school but I still like DVD’s and making and giving away DVD’s. It just another way to back up and share my data with specific people I choose to share with and not the whole world. The fact that this version of IMOVIE has stripped chapter markers and any easy way to share with IDVD is sad in my mind. Because of it I may return this 3k mac book pro I just bought. If I have to jump through hoops I might as well go to windows. I bought a mac years ago to avoid jumping through hoops. I hope devolopers read these reviews and make adjustments. I also remember watching the keynote with Steve Jobs. I loved watching him explain how imovie and IDVD would work together effortlessly. To remove that feature is just so frustrating. Yes DVD’s are probably being phased out but currently they are still here and a great way to share longer projects. I encourage all thos who want chapter markers back to complain and voice there opinion.

I know how to improve it by Dwaz71 2017-03-11

I will never forgive Apple (or the Apple exec who went on a vacation and, based on his experience, decided to “simplify” the movie making process) and terminated iMovie 6HD. The old iMovie had its issues, but it was awesome with tons of incredible the 3rd party software (e.g. GeeThree). I did video from my son’s HS football team and the parents thoughts I made videos for a living. You could grow with the old iMovie, and yet it was still fairly simple. Remember when Windows tried to control everything for you — and Apple was intuitive and fostered your creativity. But I must say, even though the new iMovie is nothing like it used to be, at least it worked, although it crashed once in the process (Activity Monitor — imovie is not responding). The past versions were horrible. I hope Apple can continue to make progress with iMovie — and that some software development group would make a video editor in ths spirit of the old iMovie. Maybe the Adobe editor is a better option??? If they want to improve it - find an a copy of the old iMovie, update it a bit as needed, but leave it alone! The old one wa MUCH better adn gave the user a lot more room to be creative,

imovie updates by Smooth80 2015-07-01

As a huge supporter and fan of Apple who tells anybody not using Apple products they’re wasting a lot of down time dealing with bugs. Then, I tried to update iMovie yesterday and I’ve spent all day today so far trying to allow the update. It’s slowed my computer down so much from being able to do any other work or access the internet. I’ve clicked on update several times to try to see the status and/or update and it’s doing nothing!!!! This is so annoying and frustrating. I can’t even stop the update any more. I’ve closed all apps force quit shut down and restarted and the icon still shows the 1 Update. This is beyond frustrating and annoying. Very disappointed I told my friend last night that Apple is so stable adn so reliable and that’s the difference and reason for the loyalty. Jimmy Kimmel had it right last night when he showed an Apple commercial and it said, just give us the $20 and we’ll give you, well nothing. Just give us the $20.00. I still have faith in you, Apple to address this as soon as possible, but after reading all the other reviews since you offerred this update, I’m losing faith very quickly. Please fix this!

Horrible for quick project by kwes26 2016-09-28

I build websites and design graphics as part of my job and have been using and learning professional applications for over a decade, I also know a little coding and have always been tech savvy. I needed to make a few changes to a 1 minute video I had on a website and figured iMovie would be the way to go. I could not figure out how to do anything without searching for answers and still I had issues. I gave up and on iMovie because it seemed like I was wasting my time. I’ve been an Apple user since 1998 and it’s really disappointing the direction they have taken. As far as software… nothing ever seems to improve or get easier to use anymore. Nothing is well thought out. there are tons of things I could think of that they should do and they are things that would be relatively easy to do. Like fix the iBook brightness issue on the iPhone. Or make safari history usable. Anyone, I’m off topic. The app is horrible, don’t waste your time. I’m going to use Adobe PRemier because it’s more powerfull and I really can’t see it being any harder to use.

Poor Organization and serious bugs!!!! by Joshamy6975 2015-08-30

I need to make videos on a weekly basis for my profession and I was very sad to see how poor this program is. I spent hours making and editing a 30 min. video that shoud have taken me an hour tops.(I know because thats what it would have taken with iMovie 9). After hours upon hours of editing the video and getting it perfect, the movie would freeze or “lag” at random places for no reason at all. Also, the most annoying problem is that anytime a “transition” is added to the movie it causes a gaurnteed “freeze” or “lag” wich causes you to remove it and have a very “choppy” movie that looks very unprofessional and dated (like a 1995 powerpoint presentation) Please go back to imove9. Saving a movie and transferring it to any other storage medium is nothing short of a chore. Making a movie has nefer been so confusing and difficult to organize. When I move a video file and add a transition I should be able to moveon without fear of bugs and glitches. Not cool Apple, not cool.