iMusic - Unlimited Music for SoundCloud & YouTube Apps free for iPhone/iPad
iMusic - Unlimited Music for SoundCloud & YouTube Apps free for iPhone/iPad

iMusic - Unlimited Music for SoundCloud & YouTube Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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iMusic - Unlimited Music for SoundCloud & YouTube Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iMusic - Unlimited Music for SoundCloud & YouTube Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iMusic - Unlimited Music for SoundCloud & YouTube Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iMusic - Unlimited Music for SoundCloud & YouTube Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
iMusic - Unlimited Music for SoundCloud & YouTube Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install iMusic - Unlimited Music for SoundCloud & YouTube Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download iMusic - Unlimited Music for SoundCloud & YouTube for iPhone/iPad
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100% FREE! NO SONG LIMIT! iMusic allows you to search and listen to millions of songs on YouTube for free! Stream and watch all online videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Daily motion with iMusic! Search and find videos and channels more easily than any other app available. Everything is possible! Read comments, browse related videos and more - all while watching. √ FEATURES • Seamless listening to millions of free songs • Stream music online. • Quick Youtube search - find any songs you like • Super fast, secure, and user-friendly YouTube video player • Watching HD quality videos • Full-screen video watching • Browse dynamic top 100 list - get all the hits worldwide and in your country • Browse familiar music categories • Browse trending video lists - never miss a good fresh tune • Add songs to favorites - always have favorite tracks by your hand • Playlists support - make dance, workout, travel/car, party playlists • Airplay support • V-Out support • Full-featured media player • Video sorting by upload date, view count, Like Count, etc • Share videos to Facebook, Twitter, SMS or e-mail. • No cache, no cookies, no history - always feel safe & happy YouTube video watching! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of entertainment and make every day exciting! Nothing better!

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Great app, but.... Posted by

I'm not one who usually leaves reviews that often, however I figured I'd not only leave a review for this one, but also suggest something. I used to have an awesome music app called "PlayTube", but it got deleted from the AppStore. I have kept the app this whole time because I adore the app, but recently my PlayTube app has not been letting me search anymore music to download. The one main reason I absolutely loved the PlayTube app was for the simple fact you could cache, which meant I could look up a certain song that was connected to YouTube and let it load, and once it completely loaded I could then add it to a playlist, so whenever I used the app without wifi it would not use up my data. The Imusic app is very likable, it loads fast, it has a great layout, however if it had the cache it would be the best music app out there! If this was fixed I wouldn't hesitate to give this app 5 stars, its already great, the only downfall is I can't use it without wifi without using my data. The whole reason, like I said before, that I really enjoyed the PlayTube app was for the simple fact I got to enjoy it without wifi and without using data! Please update the app and let the songs cache, because once the certain songs you like are cached you can automatically listen to them, once they've loaded through and you press add to playlist, they would automatically pop up when clicked on, without having to load. Sorry for the super long review. I did not intend on the review to be so lengthy, just wanted to state my opinion to help further the success of this app. Hopefully this can be helpful to some people and also to the app maker as well.

Dude, this is neat (I've got some advice too) Posted by

Dude like I've only been using it for about a few hours and it's pretty cool, but I haven't used it without wifi so I don't know how much data it uses up (oh and btw if there's an ad just tap the top right of the screen even if there's no x because it removes the add, not completely but it just exits it out) and also it doesn't have a cancerous amount of freakin ads so yea. I recommend it it's pretty great

I love it!! Posted by

I love this app. The only issue I'm having is that I can't cast my music into the google home. If you can make this work with google home than I will be 100% satisfied. Also, if you can add the backup and restore features, that would complete my satisfaction with the app, so meanwhile I give this app a 4 I will change my review from 4 to 5 once they make these changes.

IMusic Posted by

Outstanding music App. Love the fact one week I can store several hours of old 80's metal get sick of it, delete it and store several hours of 70's Stones and do the same thing FREE. Like the fact when searching music I always find songs I've forgotten over the years!! Great music, great service.

Music Posted by

love it!!!!! Im finding all my songs and its very easy to use an work has adds but not awful or I've just gotten use to them the question is how well it works in my car with the bluetooth we will find out other music apps I've had in the past take forever to play in my car keep fingers crossed

Amazing but needs 1 thing... Posted by

I really love this app and all and I'm sorry that the other app got hacked but like I started thinking to myself, what if I get a new home or something and I get the app again, and then I have to add my music again. Like can yu make an update where yu can make an account so it'll save..?

Musitube Posted by

I'm staying with you and your app!!! Your response to misfortune was timely and decisive, demonstrating to me that you are proving to be a reliable developer. Everyone should give this free app a try! His equalizer is second to none! Oh, did I mention that it's free!!!

True TOP Quality Application! Posted by

I've had it for about 30 minutes and I'm very impressed on the quality of the sound and I more than satisfied with the apps functionality! Believe me, most of these apps are quality CRAP! What a relief! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Let's Goooooooooo!!!!!!! Good stuff!

Ight Posted by

It's Really Good. But Something About The Design Is Different. Which makes It Better At the Same time. It's Like All the Other Apps But Better. Yes I Do Get annoyed When it Asks Me Every 10 minutes To write a Review But It's Able to Ignore.

Musitube Posted by

I love this app I been looking for an app like this and I could not find one and I'm so happy that this app let me get on different apps and still be able to listen to the music so thank you so much for making this app so I will give you 5 stars

I LOVE this app!!!!.... but... Posted by

I really do love this app. I finally have a way to "download" all my favorite music. And it plays in the background which is amazing as well. BUT, I wish there wasn't so many ads. That's literally the only complaint I have so far.

✨Very Well Made✨ Posted by

I normally never write a review BUT seeing that the this works outside the app gave me a good reason. Not to mention it runs PERFECTLY on my phone, which cant even support messages that are built in. I give this app a well deserved 5 stars!

Posted by

This app is perfect for us ... we like background music for meditation and reading etc. and this app plays without being the primary app. Secondly it takes care of the importance of uninterrupted play during meditation ... no commercials

Amazing Posted by

I can listen to any song I want and visit other apps or turn my phone off. If I like a song I can save to my library and listen to it later. And make my own playlist. I can also skip as many song as I like unlike pandora or Spotify

Amazing Posted by

I don't write reviews much but, I had too because I've been searching for a good working music app and this is it. I can find all the songs I want and it's all FREE! Couldn't ask for anything more than that.

Sweet! Posted by

It's a good app the only thing I hate is that since the other app got hacked I had to redownload all my music. But so far the new app is approved I just wish I didn't have to redownload all my music

Great App! Posted by

This is the best Free Music App I've ever used! There is everything I need to find! This is basically like a 10x better version than YouTube! I give this app a 5/5!!

Music player Posted by

This is an amazing music app I am able to download almost any song I want to look for and have it play in the background of my phone even when I turn the screen off!!

I love this free music app!!! Posted by

This is exactly what I was looking for. Free music that you can play pretty much whenever you want. And you can have more than just one playlist!

Great free music app Posted by

Huge library of music. Better than Spotify and it's free. Found all of my hard to find favorites from the 80s and underground.

It's aight by kinda disappointed user 2017-02-28

I mean it's a good app ya know... I'm just tryna jam to some good music but a pop up comes every two seconds. And it says the same thing every time... "Would you like to rate our app?" NO, I don't wanna rate this app. Yet here I am, writing a review, that I can safely say was a waste of time.... Now I'm gonna get back my jammin. Deuces ✌

Finally An App That Does What I Want....But... by k3nn42998 2017-03-27

This app does everything I want one of these apps to do but.....I just wish you fixed it to where when you leave the app the audio doesn't pause for like a couple seconds. If you fix that I'll rate it 5 stars. Updated: Too many ads, unfortunately, and way too many pop ups! I can hardly search anything without something popping up on my screen!

???! by Brittany Flexx 2017-03-01

It's nice but I bought the "no ads" version for the old app so I think it's not right that I have to buy it again just because you guys got a new app. I understand if you can't transfer music but you could at least do that.

Soundcloud? by Gagagyvrvdatbdsgv 2017-02-27

I downloaded this app thinking it was the same as musinow but no, there's no SoundCloud on this app, the fact that musinow had soundcloud and youtube was what made it great, this isn't even worth it

..? by This is me!!ok... 2017-02-26

120 songs on your old app and now you can't even move my old playlist to your new app seriously if you can get that done I'll give y'all 5 stars... like serious tho that's a lot of songs

Was working now all I see is error tap to retry by Started of great 2017-03-07

I was going to give this app 5 stars but then it stop working and now it won't play. Thought I finally found a app where I can play music without being in the app and it crashes on me.

BOII by FelixBling 2017-03-16

Ay bruh y the ad removal cost a dollar more than the last one. Also stop telling me to review yo app smh. Dab. STOP TELLING ME TO REVIEW YOU. I s2g you failures if you don't stop

Won't let me play my music by Smoll101 2017-03-07

Every time I go play a song it says "error loading tap to retry". I tap it and still nothing...please fix....this app is so good just this minor bug

Great at first... by RedLunaa 2017-03-07

It stopped working today. None of the songs load, it just gives me an error and to tap to retry. Please release an update for this.

It works after 3 times of downloading it by lsdfgbc 2017-04-09

After a few weeks it stoped working with earbuds. This problem accrued the first and second time I downloaded this app.

Pretty good by Rinigade 2017-03-03

It's alright it just gets annoying because of all the notifications and things that pop up

Don't force me by Hype666 hip hop 2017-03-20

It basically forces u to write a review every time u open the app it's quite frustrating

Good but like... by Kiarry69Cherruh 2017-03-07

I can listen and watch the videos that's great but like... i cant listen w/o wifi??

Could of at least moved library and playlists from old app by Taj4sure 2017-02-27

Now I have to go in and put all 159 songs and 8 playlists on this app from the old one.

So far so good by Love to read books 2017-03-05

Every time I download a song to a playlist an add pops up.