iMySystem - All Your Device Details app for iPhone/iPad
iMySystem - All Your Device Details app for iPhone/iPad

iMySystem - All Your Device Details app for iPhone/iPad

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How to install iMySystem - All Your Device Details app for iPhone/iPad

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iMySystem provides a wealth of information about your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch iOS device. Over 120 pieces of information on your device separated into the categories: device, memory, network, location, media, folders and processes. Automatically monitor changes and share any information easily. Includes Network Speed estimates.

Now includes Network Speed in the Network Information to provide a decent idea of how fast your the current cell or WiFI network is. Now includes photo, video, new photo and new video totals and sizes.

Universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Buy once, run on all devices.

Some of the information in each of the areas are disk space and disk spaced used, screen and device resolution, L2 Cache Size, CPU, GPU, free and used memory, WiFi or cell indication, WiFi SSID and WiFi BSSID, IP Address, Cell Address, Bonjour Services, AirPlay Services, network Tx and Rx, Street address, latitude/longitude/altitude, # apps, photos, tracks and albums, folder names used by iOS and running or being killed processes.

The summary area at the top displays device type, iOS version, free memory, free disk space, # of apps installed, and whether you are on WiFi or cell.

Memory information displays two graphics for free and used memory respectively.

Location details includes a map of your current location.

The bottom tab bar shows the areas of information available. Selecting a tab will display the desired information or use a left or right swipe will switch between areas. On app restart, the last selected area is shown.

Click the share icon to send the displayed information to a specific service such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Tumblr, clipboard, printer or other service.

Use in app settings icon, upper left-hand corner, to turn monitoring, swiping or map auto zoom on or off.

For the process information, if a process has ended, then it is highlighted in red before it is removed from the process list.

When monitoring is enabled Device, Memory, Network, Location, Media and Process information are updated as changes occur.

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