Inbetween Land HD (Full) Games free for iPhone/iPad
Inbetween Land HD (Full) Games free for iPhone/iPad

Inbetween Land HD (Full) Games free for iPhone/iPad

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The city's mundane rhythm is suddenly disrupted by the emergence of a flying island high in the sky. Though the island initially appeared to be deserted, the citizens realize that they are not alone in the universe. Before long, the island becomes a tourist magnet, increasing revenues and crime. Then one day, Mary, who works at the city orphanage goes missing after a beam of light is seen coming from the island above. Explore the creepy island using the clues Mary left, make friends with the spirits of the island's people, solve challenging puzzles, find missing crystals and take your friend back home in this absorbing adventure.

● 52 fascinating locations to explore
● 19 thought-provoking mini games
● 3 game modes: Casual, Normal, Expert
● 4 engaging comics
● Out-of-this-world storyline
● Game Center Support
● New iPad Retina Display Support

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

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A lot of fun Posted by

I really enjoying this game! The clues make sense within the story. The game still took me several hours to complete. It was relaxing. I only encountered one slight bug. When I was putting the shattered lens together in the puzzle, one piece of glass seemed to go into the wrong place and I was unable to move it. I restarted the game which reset the puzzle and I was able to finish the puzzle. The hidden object puzzles are much better than Big Fish's. I am not a fan of Big Fish's hidden object puzzles, but in this game, they are more fun and make sense within the game. The only annoyance is every time I open the game, it asks me if I want to download their other games. Please only ask me that once, when I open the app the first time. Having that message every time I open the game throughout the day is annoying and overkill. Also, I was unable to obtain the GC badge for completing the tutorial. I never saw an option for that or I would do it to collect the badge. I am so close to having all of the badges for this game. Overall, very atmospheric and recommended for those who like mystery clue games.

A lot to like, but could have been more Posted by

I'm giving this game 5 stars because it is enjoyable and there are many things to like about it. Pros: The voice acting actually was pretty well done. I feel like a lot of games have really over-the-top, cheesy voice acting, but this one added to the game nicely. Also, I loved the graphics, sound FX, and overall ambience. It reminded me of Crystal Portal - very pretty and kind of mellow. Very nice. Finally, it's not the longest game I've ever played, but I didn't feel cheated in the end, and overall the gameplay was enjoyable. Con: The biggest thing is that I would have liked more interactivity. Each scene was so beautiful and detailed, I wanted to explore more, have more stuff to click around in. Overall, I would recommend this game.

Outstanding Puzzle Game! Reminiscent of Myst. Posted by

First of all, thanks to G5 Games for still offering titles which are playable on the iPad 1. They have produced a lot of nice hidden object/puzzle/adventure games, and this is one of my favorites. It has only a minimal amount of hidden object puzzles and instead focuses on a wide variety of puzzles of various types and difficulties. Overall, I found the difficulty level to be just about right for a game where you can proceed through without getting stuck. The story line was decent and it allowed for the beautiful scenery which was found throughout the game. I did experience some crashes in the game immediately following the teleporter, but those were fixed by a simple two-button reboot of my iPad. Overall, great job!

WOW!!! Posted by

The theme, artwork, music, mini games, design, ... Just everything is amazing! Best HOG/puzzle game I have ever played! More, more, more! I really do have to give you kudos on this. I work in the medical field and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I was told it could take up to 2 years to regain some of my skills back. I started using HOGs to help because the player must use recognition, memory, puzzle solving, and focus. I will recommend this to my neurologist who I asked to do a study on how these activities can help those with TBIs and Alzheimer's. I can't wait to show my son who just graduated with a major in computer science specializing in gaming. You have a GREAT Team!!

Fun & Interesting! Posted by

I enjoyed this game. The graphics were clear and crisp. The story was interesting. It wasn't too long. Obviously they saved time and $ with mostly still shots, but it didn't bother me. Played most of the game on silent, but the voices I heard at the beginning were pleasant. I struggled with a few of the mini games which is a nice change. The HOGs were mainly putting together tools with pieces scattered around the screen. Would have preferred at least one traditional HOG. Also, a teleport map would be nice but the jaunts weren't too far so it wasn't as annoying as most games that don't have one. Enjoyed the chemistry challenge with the jellyfish venom. Worth the $.

Beautifully crafted game!! Posted by

This game is fantastic!! The graphics are gorgeous. You feel as if you are transported to another magical land. The puzzles are different, exciting and varied. The hidden items puzzles are creative -find pieces but then those pieces aggregate and become something that fits in the picture. The story is engaging. The game play is good. Instead of endless tramping back and forth between rooms, all the clues you need are close by. It reminds me of Myst. I think my options are disabled. I am unable to change to hard mode. I wish it went on forever because it's so much fun!!

Excellent title! Gameplay really daws you in. Posted by

Very well done game. Not very difficult: I had no problems playing non stop until the end and never getting stuck, but this is not a bad thing. Graphics are beautiful and detailed, puzzles are nice and the story doesn't get in the way. I really enjoyed Fire Maple's The Secret of Grizzly Manor and The Lost City, as well as Glitch's excellent series Forever Lost, and this game has the same engaging gameplay and high quality as those favorites. I'd really like to see a sequel and would love to support the developers. Many thanks for this great experience, G5!!!

Great Game! Posted by

One of the best I've played on my iPad. Very addicting, it's easy to lose track of time. Loved the graphics. Not too hard or too easy, although I did need to use the hints. Glad to have them. Also nice to be able to skip puzzles to save time. Will definitely play this again!

Fine entertainment for about three hours Posted by

I had not played one of these types of games before but found it a decent time killer for about three hours. The mini-puzzles were a mix of those which are very easy through medium-challenging. None left me frustrated. I will download another G5 app in the future.

Lori Posted by

I like it a lot . But sometimes it kicks out and you have to go back. It puts back where you where thought. I loved the way it look on the iPad . I will play it again and again. Good job!

Swtnov Posted by

This is the kind of game I have been looking for to play on my iPad , thank you!

Inbetween Land Posted by

Very enjoyable game. Thanks to the developers for offering it free.

Great Fun -Good Puzzles Posted by

Game did hang up on my iPad 1 - had to start all over to finish.

Great game! Posted by

Worth the download!

Broken, like the other reviews say by Jj75476 2016-12-02

Like most other recent reviews say, it's broken, the "continue to game" button on the opening ad screen doesn't work so the game is unplayable. No way to get around it. A shame, it sounded cool--deleting. (Ads are fine, but when they constantly make your games unplayable--this is NOT the first or only G5 game I've had this problem with--they make me not willing to pay for your games. Fortunately I got this one when it was free, but it doesn't change my mind about taking a chance buying a G5 game when in my experience they're so often unplayable due to bugged/buggy advertising, even in the full/paid versions!)

Fun game but... by RavenLuni 2014-03-11

Good storyline and graphics and fun to play overall, but this game wasn't as enjoyable as some other G5s I've played due to a bit of bugginess with clicking on things with no response, then finding out that was indeed the thing to do only with repeated tries. And a few of the puzzles were a bit too hard. But here I am writing a review for the sequel, so clearly I enjoyed it.

Does not play by Specificautions 2016-11-14

I am going to contact apple about their negligence on fixing issue. I have even emailed G5 Entertainment, with no success or replies. I am a big fan of G5E, yet lately my fandom is called into question when multiple games do not work, and some even crash upon opening. No matter how many times you remove,and re-install the app.

Eh.. by Wynterloren 2014-06-15

The graphics and photos are very well done, pretty and inviting. The puzzles were too easy for the most part though. The story line makes very little sense and the tasks/puzzles are confusing in how they actually connect to the story. Not worth the cost, but a decent game.

Stay Away. Wreaking of Ads, even in "full" version. by Four2x4 2016-11-09

It's impossible to load the game without several seconds of "free" links to other games they want to push users to download. Frustrating... Simply NOT that good and certainly not fun when one must Navigate Past the constant ads being pushed in your face.

Game??? by garwah 2016-11-09

As in the first review, I was unable to even get into the game. I kept tapping the "continue . . ." button and nothing happens. I even deleted the game and downloaded it again with same results. This is the second or third time this has happened with G5.

I'd love to play it if... by THE Tiggr 2016-11-07

...the game would let me continue from previously. Stuck on the very first advertising splssh screen with a button that says "Continue to game" doing nothing. Neither press, not hold, nor slide, no squiggle seems to work.

I did not understand it by KingBW 2015-06-13

I play several of these G5 games and they are fun, but I couldn't even understand the tutorial. I needed a key to get to the orphanage, but all I could find was a slipper? Oh well, I guess this game is not for me.

Will Not Work by Tville Chick 2016-11-13

Downloaded game, stuck on opening page. Will not move forward when clicking "continue to game" but if I click on other ads, it takes me to the App Store. Not sure what is going on but this needs to be fixed!!!

Game will not load! by Shansn 2016-11-12

I have never been disappointed in a G5 game, but this one makes the first. I have tried loading and reloading it several times. The Continue to Game button does not register when you touch it. Big waste of my time.

Adequately phoned in by Yikesx3 2014-03-11

Everything is adequate. If you're jonesing for some hidden pictures and puzzles completely unrelated to each other, this will do fine. If you're after anything more, stay away.

Between lands by Ghuseline 2016-11-09

Re downloaded this game to play again. It will not open. Please address this issue and I will change the rating as this is a great game when it is open

Doesn't Work by Pjoe1954 2016-11-10

Downloaded the free version to try and the game will not load. Links to other games for purchase on the intro screen work just fine.

Game will not load by Slackman55 2016-11-10

Second game from this company downloaded that will not load. Will not let me get past advertising screen for other games.

Debbyo by Debbyoliver4 2013-08-25

Please come this game won't open..have downloaded several times but just does nothing..

Doesn't download by Esandm 2013-08-23

I downloaded this game but it won't open