Infectonator Games free for iPhone/iPad
Infectonator Games free for iPhone/iPad

Infectonator Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Infectonator Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Infectonator Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Infectonator Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Infectonator Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Infectonator Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Tired of killing zombies? How about turning people into zombies instead!
"Best Game of the Year 2012" - Armor Games
"Best Browser Strategy & Simulation 2012" - JayisGames
"Carnage Was Never So Cute" - JayisGames
"Guaranteed to bring mayhem fun" - Indigo Entertainment
"This Game is Epic" - AstralX7
"Infectonator is made more robust" - IGN
"Great Pixel Art Graphics" - AppAdvice

Infectonator is infecting mobile devices! From the popular Flash game hit, The Infectonator series is now mobile.

New characters, awesome pixel-art graphics, and more! Best of all, it still has the same addictive chain reaction gameplay! Infectonator gives you all the awesomeness of Infecting people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World once again from the palm of your hands!

✔ Super fun zombie apocalypse simulator
✔ Addictive chain reaction gameplay
✔ 50+ cities to explore & infect
✔ Funny characters and celebrity guests
✔ 10+ unique zombies
✔ Awesome pixel art graphics
✔ Dancing zombies

Not optimized for:
iPad1 & iPod Touch

If you're having problem starting the game, try to close your other running apps


Current Version:
Varies with device
24.74 MB
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I'm in awe!!!!! Posted by

Wow, I can't beleive that I'm so hooked on this game! Ever since I downloaded it and started playing, I haven't been able to put my iPad down!!!! Seriously! I haven't found a game that's so addictive for long!!! And another thing I admire the most is how they use 8 bit graphics and midi, and bring back the good old days gaming experience!!!!! I totally disagree with a review saying that the graphics are bad! Absolutely the opposite!!! The animated special zombies are amazingly cute and true to its character!!! I almost never write review for games but this one deserves it! Plus, it's free!!!! Just give it a try! You won't be disappointed!!!! :D

Awesome game; iPhone SE update Posted by

I've been wanting to have this game for a while. The game play doesnt bore me at all.. I really like the graphics, I love pixelated games. One thing that concers me, doesnt affect the quality of the game though, is the sound effects. Even if I set it on the lowest level, it still reverts back to default. I also notice that there is an unlockable monster which can bee seen on the section where you can buy coins. It doesnt show on the zombie list. I hope we can get an update for 2015. Well new theme I mean.. Thank you! Edit: im getting green screen discoloration on iphone SE running ios 9

Ads will ruin this game Posted by

Easily the best game I've found on the iPhone but the newest update that puts an advertisement on every screen will kill this game in its tracks. The ads don't go away and they take up a major part of the tiny screen... Fix it or I won't play it it's too aggravating when I'm about to win a level and I open a third party site... Major game killer. Otherwise it's the best game I've played I've on The iPhone hands down... Seriously guys fix it

So fun! Posted by

This game is not just addictive, it can be played over and over without the player getting burnt out! I love it and play it any chance I get! I would give it a five star rating, but unfortunately it reset my stats so I don't have any upgrades that I previously paid (in game money) for. It wouldn't have been a big thing, except I wasn't compensated for the money that was spent, so I have to re-do everything in order to build my stats up again! Overall, a fabulous game!

Can't believe it Posted by

so they actually did puts ads on this game. Can't believe it, considering it is a pay game. Good thing I always read what updates contain before I update. I won't be updating this game for a long time (maybe never again). After getting endless mode what more could I ask for? I do think toge had the best interest for us by making note that ads were put in the update. He could have duped us all and not mention the addition of advertisements in the update.

Great game, but needs to appeal more to woman Posted by

I love this game. I will be very honest. Game companies gear game towards men. This is obviously one of those games. The woman with huge boobs. Why? I do not care about big boobs and I am Bisexual. There are no female zombie characters really. In fact the only big female character has big boobs. With many shirts that show them off to. Many more woman are playing video games now a days. The companies need to appeal to both genders.

Really fun :) just one problem Posted by

I've loved this game ever since I played it on the computer :) but I just found the app just recently and it seems like its an old app because there is no longer a Facebook page for infectionator and also sometimes it's just a pain cause it doesn't want to load the app when I open it up but it is a fun game can't go wrong with a free app :)

Cost less than a bag of Chex mix Posted by

The upgrade system is really cool and the replay-ability is up there. When you beat the game it allows you to play a harder mode at the expense of your upgrades; however you are awarded 100,000 coins (for upgrades and special abilities) and new items to buy. The chiptune menu music is bound to get stuck in your head at some point... Now I'm zombified!

Raising my rating Posted by

Ads on a game that was a paid game not free = bad decision. They listened to customers who bought the game before it went free and took the ads back away so it's free with iap now. Raising score since they did listen to paying customers. It's a good game just some bad money choices.

It's actually good Posted by

Even though it is different from the flash game on pc, it's pretty decent. It retained the good stuff from pc and added some fun stuff to it, and the laboratory was completely revamped for the better. The interface is quite smooth and navigable as well.

Why I love this game.. Posted by

This really has an amazing story line and the fact you can continue on once you beat it is amazing. I really glad you guys added this as an app and not just a computer game seeing you won game of the year on armor games :b. -Jake

Adds Posted by

Removing adds brought this game over the top! Played it on the computer, loved it! Played it here, fell in love with it all over again! Just wish that collecting coins was easier than running your finger across the screen.

Great job! Posted by

I have played the PC version of this game and was beyond pleased with it. This is a great game, I would suggest anyone buy this that is looking for a fun game and one that isn't going to wear out in 2 days.

Mayhem Posted by

This is one of my favorite games. I'm happy they made it to an app so you don't have to play it on the computer. Just plague the world with zombies, such a simple game, done so well.

A for awesome!!! Posted by

This game is very good I played the computer version, and I was shocked to see this app. It reminds me of the good ol' days when 8-bit was the highest quality for games, ay, chap?

Infectonation! Posted by

This game is freaking awesome! The fact that its free and you can do more than most paid apps is simply amazing! I would have still bought it even if it were a $2.99 game!

Can't get out of the tutorial... Posted by

This is one of my favorite games to play on my computer but the tutorial in the first level doesn't let it end... That's really disappointing.

Fun Posted by

At first it's kind of annoying, but once you get the hang of it, you begin to pick up a strategy. Can't really lose when it's free.

Great game Posted by

Played on PC, loved it Played it on iPhone, loved it all over again, Beat it and played again it hard mode, loved it more than the first time

Awsome! Posted by

Awsome game with more items than computer! Played this on the computer and it looks like this has more than PC! Still downloading........

Fix the text crashing by Mamba151 2013-02-21

While playing, anytime I get an incoming text it crashes the touch ability so I can't place any new items or pick up coins, especially annoying in endless mode because the only fix is to back out and close the app, then go back in, where you lose everything... Wave 27 max everything and all gone because of a text. Now the ads come and I can't even see the screen because google chrome is in the middle of the screen. Fixes: 1. Get rid of the stupid ads 2. Fix the screen freeze addressed above, it isn't an everytime thing, but it is annoying when it does happen 3. Make the coins not appear right by the slots, I am playing on iPhone and hitting my nuke while trying to grab a coin is a major pain, now I don't even try to go for those coins because it isn't worth the chance Otherwise my favorite game, fix these and I update to five stars

Frustrating... by BulletToothNick 2013-03-08

This game would great if the zombies weren't so dumb. I mean, a group of zombies will see a car all the way across the map and go for it even though there are humans right next to them. And once they get the car they just stand there unable to see the humans that are fifteen feet away from them. Since when do zombies prefer petrol over brains? They also tend to get stuck to light-poles or other objects. This makes the Endless Infection game mode based on luck up until you invested points into your zombies. That can be fairly aggravating when you've been playing for so long continuously failing on the first few missions having to start over. Once you get over that hump you start to have fun. At that point you have enough stupid zombies that at least a few will spread the infection.

Failure. by KingWJ 2013-02-22

This used to be my favorite app. But it's outright criminal to make you buy the game and THEN stick ADS in the middle of the screen. Ads are for free to play games, so they can make revenue. Having to purchase and then still having ads is these guys double dipping in greed. Uninstalling and not looking back. Don't waste your money folks. They even have the balls to put the ads smack in the middle of the screen, preventing you from reading some map objectives, and outright blocking you during combat. Can't put any zombies where the ad banner is, so they literally make then interfere with gameplay. Failure.

Ridiculous ad placement by Wutteva 2013-02-16

If it were less obtrusive to the game, I'd understand; as it is, however, it is a major nuisance to the point that I don't enjoy playing after updating. A secondary point- your pictures in the app description look like they're from an ad supported game. Thank you for giving that one heads up as the update didn't say anything about the new ads. The game is otherwise very good aside from some glitches involving some people not zombifying but whatever. I'm fine with that since it doesnt occur often enough to be particularly hindering. Was a 4.5/5 Now a 2.5/5

Hurrrr I can't make my own jokes by Leukemia infested mole rats 2013-02-14

The game is awesome, I could do without the, "me gusta" "hurr durr" and such. It got annoying, I mean if the dude has enough time to translate the game into different languages the least he could do is come up with his own material. Commonly said things on the Internet don't make this game cool, upgrading ur zombies and decimating entire continents is cool. Not some meme spouting hasbin. The old games had them say random things that were funny. 3 stars because coming up new material Is an issue for this guy.

Pathetic by Foxpenguin Reviews 2013-03-05

I loved the flash online one I was so excited to see it was an app but you completely ruined it...the endless mode seems fun but the fact that you have to pay to retry is both stupid and a desperate excuse for money. Also the time trials time limits never change but the levels difficulty does making it nearly impossible to get te time trial for later levels. Thanks for exciting me and getting my hopes up but letting me down with an awful IOS adaptation 1 Star for sure.

Bugged-Do not recommend by GpReviews 2016-06-02

I loved the flash game for PC, so was happy to buy this mobile version. Unfortunately there is a bug right at the start of the game. Upon completion of the training, the game does not proceed forward, and provides no options to quit to menu or restart, other force closing the app. I'm using an iPad mini 3 and iOS 9.3.2 . If this issue is fixed I would be happy to revisit and hopefully enjoy the rest of the game. But for now it doesn't work.

Adverts that are unmovable by Mleegoebel 2013-02-22

I don't mind the ads. I do mind that there is no way to get rid of them. They pop up in the lower center of the screen and there is no button to say "no thanks" and have the ad go away. I won't be playing this game again. Tired of closing browser windows from third party's and then shutting off the game and restarting to be able to play it. It's a game. Shouldn't be a whole bunch of work involved to just be able to play.

Ads by rikkuchan! 2013-02-21

This had always been my favorite game on pc and I was excited for the app version. The downfall is the new update places ads in the center of the game, usually mid-gameplay so you cannot see what you are doing. I get you need to be paid so you put ads in games but if you make the game unplayable what is the point? Without the update I would say 5 stars. With it, 1. UNPLAYABLE :(

Good game, but the ads! by Tiraven 2013-02-16

I updated to this version, and while I really, really love the game (and loved the web flash version), I hate the ads. For one, the update said nothing about the new version being ad-supported, and secondly, the ads show up in mid-game, while you're frantically tapping away at coins, therefore causing you to flip to the iTunes store in mid-game. Very annoying.

Sick and tired of ads!!! by Yossarian37643 2013-02-20

The new update adds ads which cover a portion of the screen in between levels. Sure, this game is free but there are plenty of people who will gladly pay a dollar or two to remove them. So it's either happy advertisers or happy customers - I personally would prefer the later and hope you will too! Add the means to remove the ads and my rating will improve.

Ad problems by Disappointed103 2013-02-21

I understand the need for ads in free apps. What I don't like is when ads are implemented incorrectly. They show up not only where they're supposed to but will also appear in the middle of playing a level making it very difficult to accomplish anything. There are ways to do advertising right and this developer has missed it completely.

I'd rather take the chex mix over this game by Liftedwolf 2014-06-03

Was expecting more of a fun zombie infection simulator.. Costs way to much for upgrades and zombies "decay" to their own deaths.. Which is a pretty terrible feature... Overall I'm pretty bummed I spent 99cents on wasted memory for my iPad... And I'm not the kind of person who gets buttsharked over 99cents....

Ads ruin the game by DanTG1358078 2013-02-22

This game was fine until they started putting ads in it which I wouldn't mind if it was a waters down free version but I payed for this I should be able to just enjoy the game. On top of that the ads often show up in the middle of gameplay I can't finish the game anymore.

Infectionator by irish ukulele 2013-02-21

I've played the heck out of this game on the web. I'd like to play it on my iPad 2. I really like the game so please fix the second screen crash. I will re-review it when I can play it And with the updates now the fricking ads are floating on the maps great job guys.

Latest update broke the game. by Econ T. 2013-02-20

The latest up date added an extra ad space. I understand a free game using ads to turn a profit but when you place the ad over necessary buttons the game breaks. Please fix on the next update. It was great before this.

Great game, highly replayable, BUGGY by TheIronClaw 2016-04-13

(5s) Love playing this game. Both game modes are fun. Hate how the app freezes and crashes on me 3-5 times a day. Fix these bugs and I will up this to 5 stars.

A Problem by ZackBubp 2013-04-24

A fun game, but when I receive a text while playing on my iPhone, I cannot touch the screen to play. Even if I start up a new game. Needs to be fixed.

The game is great, i love it... by Lenacy 2013-03-21

But the app plays sounds every time, even if my iphone is on mute and, i have to turn them off from the games settings every time.

Ugh by Rabite 2013-02-21

I will not be doing this update. I paid for the game before it went free, so I will not accept ads. Disappointing decision guys.