Instant Blood Pressure Companion Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Instant Blood Pressure Companion Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Instant Blood Pressure Companion Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Instant Blood Pressure Companion Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Instant Blood Pressure Companion Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Instant Blood Pressure Companion Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Instant Blood Pressure Companion Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Instant Blood Pressure Companion Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Instant Blood Pressure Companion Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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YOUR EASIEST PATH TO PERFECT BLOOD PRESSURE Artificial intelligence meets blood pressure so you don't feel the pressure to constantly measure! And know within days of installing Heart Habit whether your blood pressure needs attention, including an expert clinical opinion by a human doctor! Think of Heart Habit as your fitness tracker for hypertension. Heart Habit will help you achieve a healthy blood pressure by providing clinically driven educational content, recommendations, personalized insights and trends across activity (like steps, sleep, exercise), lifestyle (stress, diet, medication if applicable) and your blood pressure trends that you can use to maintain a perfect blood pressure - all WITHOUT constantly measuring your blood pressure at home! HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE EPIDEMIC Over 1 billion people worldwide have high blood pressure, known as hypertension and called the silent killer. Silent because until a sudden stroke, heart attack, kidney failures and other cardiovascular events, there may be no symptoms. THE BARRIER "I HATE taking my blood pressure all the time and always forget to log my measurements!" You're not alone. Despite being painless, taking your blood pressure every day becomes a chore. ENTER HEART HABIT Heart Habit uses artificial intelligence based on clinical guidelines and algorithms developed by organizations like the American Heart Association to estimate your blood pressure range daily. Know how your blood pressure is changing daily and view trends, insights and interesting factoids about your heart health and risks. By training the model with actual blood pressure readings using a home monitor, rely on the estimated blood pressure on most days, which changes based on activity (steps, sleep, exercise through Apple's Health app integration), lifestyle (stress, diet, medication if applicable) and actual blood pressure measurements every few days (if your hypertension is under control) - all in just a few seconds. And each day you teach Heart Habit, watch your Tree of Life grow and thrive! Finally, all of your actual blood pressure values are synced with Apple's Health app so you have your data forever. With a companion Apple Watch app and Force Touch shortcuts from the iPhone app icon, users can access blood pressure changes and make logs even faster. fitbit users can log in and sync their fitbit activity to track steps, exercise and sleep. UNPRECEDENTED DATA, DOCTORS LOVE TOO Over time, your blood pressure health data is turned into valuable personalized insights, rewards and trends that are shared with you via the Heart Habit app. And with integration into Apple's Health app, your data is stored safely and securely. And sleep sound knowing that Heart Habit is monitoring your blood pressure and will alert you if you enter a range that requires medical attention. If that happens, generate your Heart Health Report - designed by physicians and pharmacists from some of the world's most renowned medical institutions - to provide your doctor with information they are starving for in between visits. For an even deeper, more personalized clinical review, purchase the Expert Clinical Opinion to have a human doctor review your Heart Habit data and provide recommendations, a personalized review including possible drug to drug interactions and what to expect if a physician visit is necessary. Get diagnosed and treated more quickly, effectively and affordably. DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC More than 1,000 deaths occur each day in the United States alone due to high blood pressure as the primary cause. Don't put it off - hypertension can take years to strike, but when it does, your life and your family can be altered permanently. Save yourself and your family the stress and time by visiting the doctor less frequently and save money (high blood pressure costs the U.S. healthcare system almost $50 billion per year) by incorporating healthy heart habits today!

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This is a great app Posted by

I have to say Heart Habit is not only very useful but it's such a beautiful app as well. Not only does this log your blood pressure but it also gives you advice on controlling it and other useful information. I was looking for a quick app to log my BP readings at first but once I saw Heart Habit I was blown away by how much love went into it. I was scared at first because you have to put in your phone number to register. Actually that's about the only info needed to register but after talking to the company about this it's because they take security seriously. It makes sure no one else can just login to get your health data. They send you a verification code by text but that's the only text I've received. Their website is also exceptional. I would never write a review like this if I did not think the app was something very special. So give it a try and get yourself into a healthy Heart Habit.

Tracking made easy Posted by

This app makes managing my blood pressure simple and easy. On days I take my bp, I put the readings directly into the app-no more notebooks. And on the days I skip, the app provides estimates based on my actual bp entries and various things from my daily life, like what I'm eating and how much I'm exercising. It also provides useful health facts and tips on heart health. Overall, great app-I recommend this for anyone who is trying to better manage their blood pressure.

Useful App Posted by

Great for tracking blood pressure without manually measuring every day. App asks for actual readings as well as physical activity, diet, medication, etc. to provide reliable estimates. Helpful health tips keep you informed, and beautiful graphics keep you engaged. Text reminders help keep heart health at top of mind. Easy to use.

Just what I've been looking for! Posted by

I've been trying to monitor and track my hypertension for over a year now and find it so difficult and not being able to remember my measurements to tell my doctor about. Now I have an easy way to track my BP and other lifestyle habits that affect my BP - they even give you a report for you to take to your doctor!!

I ❤ This App! Posted by

Using this app not only helped me understand and track my blood pressure but it also gave me very helpful suggestions on how to lower my blood pressure. It also accurately predicts what my blood pressure is so I need to measure it less often. The graphics are beautiful and the app is high quality. Thanks!

Super easy to use yet very insightful Posted by

I've been using it for a week and love how easy it is yet provides me with tips and suggestions to help me understand my blood pressure and impact of my lifestyle choices on my bp. All without bugging me to measure daily. Also like the report that I can take to me Doctor. Great app!

Simple and beautiful Posted by

Very well thought out for someone worried about chronic high blood pressure. The medical opinion is a great value for the advice and assurance it provides for my own knowledge about what to expect.

So easy to use Posted by

Very informative about habits to keep blood pressure under control. Predictive measures are accurate and I love the encouraging messages and suggestions.

Love Posted by

I love using this app. My Dr has me monitoring my BP daily and this app is perfect for doing just that and it's beautiful to see the art / graphics

Excellent App Posted by

Very helpful for those trying to manage hypertension. I found its estimates of my blood pressure to be very accurate and the daily tips informative.

Blood pressure - less stressful Posted by

It makes managing blood pressure less stressful. Love that it can predict my bp. Love that it can produce a report that I can take to my doctor.

Great way to manage by blood pressure Posted by

This app is amazing, it tracks my blood pressure and gives me useful tips on how to control them and also warns me when my bp raises.

Love the app!! Posted by

This is the best app that I found to be accurate with my blood pressure... thank you for creating it and plz keep up the good work!

Beautiful app Posted by

What a beautiful way to keep track of your blood pressure. Great for people with health concerns. So thoughtful and insightful.

Shameful move by Grgoljblaster 2017-04-07

Generating a report was free, now it is not. You cannot do that all of a sudden, it is not a fair move.