Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos Apps for iPhone/iPad
Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos Apps for iPhone/iPad

Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Experience the magic of Polaroid instant photos on your Mac. Introducing Instant, the officially licensed Polaroid app on Mac.

Instant brings the fun of Polaroid instant camera to your desktop. "Re-shoot" your digital photo with Instant, or take pictures directly from the build-in camera, watch it develop as the image fades into existence just like in the old days!.

Key features:

- Realistic and fun UI and workflow. Instant mimics the workflow of a real Polaroid instant camera. Drag and drop your photo on to the camera, a view finder will pop up. Carefully select your field of view and click 'Shoot'. A picture framed with Polaroid classic border will slide out. Wait for it to "dry". Slowly the developed picture will finally show!

- 30 vintage effect filters including 10 classic Polaroid filters. Each filter can adjust intensity, vignette, emulsion and blur effect.

- Add hand-writing comment on the border, just like the really thing. Choose from 10 elegant hand-writing fonts. User can add their own fonts. Comment can be rotated and rescaled freely.

- Pictures can be saved in original resolution with print quality, or in fixed size.

- Effortlessly upload and share on facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr and picasa.

Don't hesitate to play. Try any picture you want, as many as you want. Because every picture of yours deserves an Instant treatment.

Instant supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF & BMP file formats.






Polaroid, Polaroid Classic Border Logo and Polaroid & Pixel are trademarks of PLR IP Holdings, LLC, used under license.

Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Great app - worth getting!!! Posted by

I got this app for $2 with the two-dollar-tuesday special, and I am so glad I did. As a "thank you for putting it on sale", I thought I'd write this review and spread the word around about how good this app is. Filters: This app has a nice layout/design, is simple to use, and has great filters. There are many apps that offer a lot of filters, but most of them are terrible, so you end up only using a handful of them. That's not the case with this app. The filters here are well done, and I can see myself using just about all 30 of them at some point or another. I like the fact that you can adjust each filter, and also decide if you want it slightly blurred and or grainy. It would be nice to have sliders to adjust the level of blur and grain. Frames: You can also change the settings so that the shots are saved without the polaroid frame around it - for those pics where you just want the filter. I personally like the polaroid frame, but it is really nice to have the option to omit it on certain shots. I like the two options for polaroid frames - either all white or the vintage off-white look (which I prefer). Fonts: The fonts are pretty cool, and I like that you can easily adjust the color, size and the angle of the text. Sharing: The most common sharing sites are easily available for you to share the pics. It is nice that in the settings, you can hide the ones that you don't use. Overall, this is a great app. It's simple to use, well designed, gives you enough flexibility to tailor it to your liking, and it produces great results!

Polaroid? Why Polaroid? Posted by

Polaroids were lousy photographs - poor color saturation, low dynamic rage, and came only in one size. The film came in bulky canisters, was expensive and took fewer shots per pac than conventional cameras. Plus, the early ones required you to run a sticky, smelly fixative stick over them once they were developed. The Land camera was bulky and lacked many features of much cheaper cameras. None of which matter - Polaroid was selling an experience, not a picture. The fun was in the doing - hearing the film eject from the camera and watching it slowly appear before your eyes; even it's funky look was cool. That's why they were popular; and have a devoted following today. This app captures that experience perfectly - drop in a picture and watch it slowly turn into a Polaroid before your eyes, complete with the white trim to scrawl a note on when it's done. You can chose the Polaroid style you want form the app and then save the results so you can share with friends, just like the old days (except now you can keep the original as well). The real value in this app is not making Polaroids - it's what you can do with the results. make a cool collage on your desktop. Print some out and pin them to your wall at work or school - they're sure to elicit some comments. Lighten up that slide show, presentation, flyer or poster with some different types of pictures than the usual digital camera shots. It's a handy tool to allow you to add some creativity and humor to your pictures; and well worth the price.

The Real Deal and much more! Posted by

WOW! WOW! and WOW! This app is by FAR my favorite - by FAR - there is no close second as far as analogue look for photos and it can do much more then that. Not only does it give you REAL DEAL Polaroid photos from digital photos - but the choices of looks and film types is AWESOME. You add in the fact that you have control to dial back the effect as far as a mix between the original and the modified photo - add in the fact that you can chose how much vingette to give - add in the fact that you can adjust from no emulsion to full on emulsion effects - add in to that you can chose the soft polaroid look or use the photos original sharpness - add in to that that you are not limited if you don't want to have the square polaroid aspect ratio but can turn that off and have your photos modified in look, but they can remain the same size and without a border and you have my favorite app around. My only lament and it is a huge one is that it is made only for the MAC. At work I use Macs and at home I have a PC tower and a laptop. How I would love to have the luxury of using this wonderful app on my PC in my home for my personal pics is beyond telling. But so far - alas - only for the MAC. Don't hesitate - $4.99 - what! I would pay $49.99 for it without a second thought.

Great Filter, Only one problem Posted by

I purchased this App and was very pleased that the filters where not over the top. Most of the filter applications out there tend to overdo it, and no amount of tweaking nets you a convincing end result. Instant nails it with the quality of the filters and the customazation options. I really like the filter selection and simplicity this application offers. The only drawback for me is the cropping. while I understand that the end result is meant to look like a polaroid, there are those times when I wish I could just bypass the croping and framing, and just being able to output the original file with just the filter applied. I really hope that this is made possible in the future. I would defentaly recommend this application to those who are after the full polaroid experience. Once they make full photo filter application with out cropping avaialble then this App will be the best, one stop shop for polaroid filters.

Very nice app but a bit overpriced for the options. Posted by

For ease and use, I'd glive this app a 5 star rating but for the price I have to drop a star. There are free sites that offer polaroid type options so this is a bit of a drawback for me. Still, I bought, downloaded and used immediately. Excellent app for creating polaroids but just a slight deviation to the negative regarding cost. Could use some fine tuning for full screen mode and not forcing an automatic crop of your photos. Love the ability to create a note with ease. All in all, great app for ease and predictable outcome. Cons…a bit pricy for simple effects, that you can find on other sites and apps for free, photos are forced to be cropped and you cannot work in full screen mode. If those aren't deal breakers, then by all means, give this a try!

Very good! Posted by

This is a great app for Polaroid fans. I absolutely love it. It allows one to turn any photo into a nostalgic piece of history. The only beef I have with this app is that text that overlaps turns white. Obviously that's not good and needs to fixed. If I decide to print any of my snapshots, I'll add my own writing to circumvent this. PS - to the person citing the inability to crop to custom sizes as a "problem" - you must have never used a real Polaroid camera? Polaroid photos only came in one size. You had to frame your photos the way you wanted them to come out. Changing the crop sizes in this app would defeat the purpose of what it is.

So much fun! Posted by

I just love this app! I am a professional photographer and have to spend most of my time deep in the trenches of Photoshop, but sometimes I just want to have fun with photos, and this app hits the spot. No, you don't get Photoshop level customization, no, it's not optimized to run batches, no, it's not the fastest program, but that's not the point. It's not trying to be those things. It's trying to be a simple app that lets you play with cool effects and reminds us how enjoyable photography can and should be. And for that, I give it 2 thumbs up!

Old School Posted by

This application is fun and EASY to use. It takes your pics back into the days of the 'Polaroid' instant camera era. Though simple, it really makes your pics look more interesting in some cases. Also brings back memories in a different way. You get to customized some effects too. I've used it to help make an 'Old School' type wall paper for my iMac. 'Instant' is a joy to use especially when it's so easy. Now that it's 50% off, you won't be disappointed.

Awesome! Posted by

This app is really cool because it will take any picture you want and put that really cool "old camera" border on it. It also has really awesome effects that go on the picture. I bought all of these effect softwares and those are really cool because they have all different kinds of things but this app has the older more sofisicated look to it. I would recomend this app to anyone! It's quick and easy to use, while making the pictures look pro! :)

Retina display! Posted by

I was a little disappointed to see that this App has not been optimized for the Retina display. I hope to see a future update to bring it up to speed for the Retina display. It truly is night and day. *** UPDATED *** Version 2.0 is retina compliant, and I for one am happy that this has come to pass. I see myself using this app more, simply because it looks good. Thank you! Updated to 5 stars.

Outstanding! Posted by

I just downloaded Instant (4.99) this morning and in no time I was able to upload a photo to Facebook. Very easy to use and I'm very please with its' overall quality and performance.

This is loads of fun. Posted by

I got this for my macbook first and had so much fun I coughed up the $1.99 for the iphone and iPad version. It’s not often an app is this cool but this one is.

Awesome Posted by

Super cool app! love the effects, been playing with my photos ever since I downloaded this app a few days ago - very happy!

Way too many problems to be usable by John 12345678911121314 2013-08-04

I could see how this might be a really cool program someday. As of now, way too many features do not work correctly. For instance, if you adjust the settings on any of the photos, they revert back to the original settings when you export. So basically, all the picture adjustments are worthless. Also, when batch exporting the application has a serious ram leak and will seriously slow down you computer. It also has a bad habit of hijacking your screen. So if you want to export some photos from the program, it will keep jumping up and interrupting whatever you are doing. I have been interrupted like 6 times writing this review. Very annoying. I hope the developers can get these problems fixed, because this seems like it could definitely be a really cool program!

No longer works by Lil'Short1 2015-11-12

I’ve had this app for a while and have enjoyed using it, but now whenever I click on it the app won’t open and the message: “Instant” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “Instant” and downlad it again from the App Store” pops up. When the instructions are followed the app still doesn’t work.

Needs work by EricCC7 2012-03-11

Needs fullscreen mode, Needs option to not crop photos, Needs option to not add border, Needs clicking the blur option to apply to all effects at the same time, Needs work.

Text doesn't work by fdeacon 2013-07-25

I bought this today and the text doesn't display correctly when I save the image - most disappointing.

freeze by Brownrane 2012-09-10

it kept freezing , hard to close . so I deleted it and dowloading again……..