Intensify Apps for iPhone/iPad
Intensify Apps for iPhone/iPad

Intensify Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Massive August sale: 50% OFF.
Intensify reveals the hidden beauty of your shots. No matter if you use an expensive DSLR, consumer camera or a smartphone, Intensify will help you turn ordinary photos into dramatic detailed masterpieces.

"Best of App Store" + over 20 other software awards.

Dramatically enhance even the most ordinary photos:
- Flawless Detail Enchacement: no haloes on edges, no extra noise in most cases
- Unique Pro Contrast adjustments make your photos pop
- Powerful Structure adjustments for impressive dramatic results
- Smart Sharpness: get clear and sharp images without noise
- Powerful layers & masking
- 16-bit image processing with RAW files support
- Presets developed by Pro photographers
- Full support of the latest OS X developments
- Works as a standalone software & Photos extension

A wide variety of image tuning features allow you to finish your masterpieces with perfection before you share them on popular social networks or export them to Apple® iPhoto®, Apple® Aperture®, Adobe® Lightroom® or Adobe® Photoshop®.

Apply Pro Contrast, Structure, Detail, and Micro Sharpness across highlight, midtone and shadow tonal ranges to add drama to every photo

Use scores of included presets for a one-click solution to achieve great results or to begin your creative exploration

Gain the ultimate in creative flexibility by using multiple layers to stack effects and control masked areas

Create, save and share user definable presets of your favorite looks with others

Selectively enhance images with custom brushes that allow you to easily apply or take away detail only where needed

Quickly arrive at an ideal starting point for more detailed work using controls such as Color Temperature, Exposure, Shadow Recovery, Saturation and more. Finish your great image with features such as Vignettes and Opacity

Work faster and smarter with a fine-tuned user interface and streamlined workflow. Intensify™ includes native RAW processing and a 16-bit image processing engine for the highest quality

Share your images to popular social networks from within the app, including Facebook and Twitter


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Very useful Posted by

I have been shooting raw for quite some time but have not been sucessful in bringing out the details I imagined I captured, until now. I suppose if I were more skilled with Photoshop Express I might not need Intensify. But my skill level is what it is and Intensify is allowing me to recover shadow and highlight details very easily while being able to se;ectively apply subtle sharpening effects. I have tried single-photoi HDR processing with Photomatix but that always introduces a lot of noise and leaves the photos with an artificial HDR look. Not so with Intenify. After watching a few training videos on the Macphun web site, I was able to achieve custom and very pleasing affects without the app's presets. Saving my own preset after the first photo in a series really speeded things up. I upgraded to the Pro version on the Maphun web site after purchasing the basic version in the app store. The install went flawleesly and the plug-in got installed into Photoshop Express without incident. The app has been very stable with no crashes except as noted below. This is version 1.0 and there are a few things that I'd like to see improved: - I use the app on a late 2008 MacBook with 4MB of RAM. Applying an effect can take 8 or 10 seconds to see it on the screen. I can accept that there is a lot of procssing going on on my old standby Mac. Short of speeding up the software, which would be nice, it would be very helpful to see a progress indictor while it's doing it's thing. As it, it is hard to tell when an adjustment is done being applied especially when it is a small adjustment. - It would be helpful to be able to copy the mask to a different layer. - Intensify repeatedly became unresponsive when I tried to use it whill off of wifi. I have the impression it always expects to be connected to the Internet. If I'm right about that it is a very serious short comming in my opinion. Overall, I highly recommend Intensify for anyone who is not a Photoshop pro and wants to get the most out of their photos in a relatively fast and easy way.

Brings pro power to Apple Photos Posted by

First of all to get the bona fides out of the way, I am a professional photo retoucher with more than 20 years experience. I spend most of my day in Photoshop and Bridge, and my work has appeared in most major magazines including Glamour, Time, Marie Claire, etc. I was a huge Aperture fan and was very disappointed when Apple discontinued the product. While I am a big fan of Photoshop, Lightroom gives me fits with its terrible user interface. So I exported my thousands of photos out of Aperture and have been using Bridge and Photoshop for the most part for my pro work. For my personal photos I switched to Apple Photos, but have missed Aperture’s ability to do quick, easy edits on images right in my organization tool. I bought Intensify a few days ago basically to try out the Photos extension capability. Initially I tried a few presets and was not impressed. Then I switched to the “Adjust” mode and WOW, there is a lot of power packed into this inexpensive app. With layers and masking, I can apply my color corrections and adjustments selectively, and the tools give a pro-level of control over all the settings. The UI is very well done, and it is easy to apply the edits, which is important to me. While I will still always use Photoshop for complex retouching, when adjusting my personal photos I want something quick and easy but gives me pro-power. While you can use this as a stand-alone app, I really bought it for the Photos extension capability, and in that respect it excels. I love how you can preview the before after with one click, add vignettes easily and everything can be customized. I really feel like I have my Aperture replacement at long last with this combination of Intensify and Photos. No, Photos doesn’t give me the organization capability that Aperture had, but nearly all the photo editing power is here with Intensify. Looking forward to seeing where MacPhun takes this product in the future.

A good app that saves photos that the Photos app can Posted by

I edit all of my DSLR photos in Lightroom, but I store all my iPhone photos in the Photos app. I never had good luck with the Photos edit settings. Adjusting the Highlight and Shadow sliders only made my photos look flat, and the denoise feature is simply not strong enough. I could use Lightroom, but the workflow is inefficient as I duplicate and delete Photos, and I like the native integration of Photos for all of my Apple devices. Intensify allows me to make non-destructive edits to my photos to my iPhone photos that are far superior to the native adjustments in Photos. Intesify does an excellent job of bringing out shadows without making the photo look flat, adding/finding detail and has a far superior denoise feature. While I don’t edit all my photos in Intensify, I find myself saving a lot of photos that I just assumed were beyong hope of making good. I highly recommend this product, but there are a few things you should know before buying; 1. A basic understanding of layers and masking is useful (like in Photoshop). The only way to stack presets is to add them to individual layers, which is powerful, but no necessarily intuitive. I recommend finding online tutorials if this work method is unfamiliar. 2. The edits are “non-destructive”, but the edit history is lost as soon as you leave Intensify. In otherwords, if you re-enter Intensify, the picture will look as it does now and you can't see the previous adjustments/settings. Your only options are to continue adding presets/adjustments or “Revert to Original” in the Photos app. 3. Be sure to read up on how to use extensions in Photos, as it’s not intuative on how to access Intensify once downloaded.

Seasoned and Surprised Posted by

At sixty-four, I am a seasoned designer, involved with visual arts, and photography, since college. I’ve used everything computers offer, on both platforms, for photo and graphic arts, since the early nineties. I’ve never liked effects much because they usually overdo it, or fall short of their intended result. I use Adobe Photoshop CC regularly, but rarely ever get what I am looking for with special effects. I use them frequently, but they never seem to take an image to the limit of its improvement, forcing me to do a lot of further time consuming hand work. NOT SO WITH INTENSIFY!! This application delivers. On the first test, I took a mundane ordinary photograph, from a cloudy day, with little or no interest. Going down the list of Default presets, one after another transformed the image into many different completed images, each of which has visible stopping power. This application delivers way more than it promises, because you don’t have to spend time tweaking settings. The presets do it all. But you can also tweak beyond them if you need to. This is best photo enhancing utility I’ve ever used, and I’ve used them all extensively. Macphun developers really understand what makes photographic images the best they can be. THANK YOU!!

Marvelous Photo Enhancer Posted by

I've tried literally dozens of photo editing apps and INTENSIFY is in a totally different category. As a longtime Photoshop owner and user, I imagine you could get these enhancements with Photoshop's filtering tools, but unless you've created, saved & collected highly stylized presets over the years, why rack your brain? The Intensify developers have already done the under-the-hood work for you. Over the past month, I've gotten increasingly into this app, and each step further into it I am more and more pleased with the results. It is a good adjunct to Photoshop/Lightroom, rather than a replacement. I agree with another reviewer that this app is better for enhancing landscapes and exteriors than it is for people or portraits. I have had some success with people portraits using the black-and-white, denoising and softening tools, but that is really not this app's strong suit. It is for exteriors, architecture, landscapes, vistas, city streets, etc. For me, this app earns a rare five stars.

Excellent! Fast, Easy and Effective! Posted by

I take photos, but I am not a Photographer. I don’t spend time framing my subject, adjusting lighting, or applying artistic filters. My photos are not artistic creations; they just help me remember an event later. Think burgers, not caviar. My wife has a similar attitude about cameras. I purchased Intensify because, occasionally, I try to improve a photo before sharing it. Reduce fuzzy focus, brighten it a bit, etc. Nothing drastic, just an overall improvement. I just tried Intensify on a photo from my wife’s several-years-old clamshell featurephone. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, that was all I needed to see! Intensify is worth every penny! In just a click or two the dim & fuzzy photo is suddenly & noticeably clearer and brighter. Done! No oversaturation issues, no speckling, no strange changes of color or halo-like outlines. Simply a better photograph, period. I’m looking forward to sharing better photos with my friends and family from now on. Cheers!

Intensify vs Pro Posted by

I’m not a professional photographer, just a grandfather that loves digital photography of family, events, and selling items on eBay. I used the trial period of Intensify Pro to see if it would help our modest eBay business, and it did! It’s easy to use, makes product photos more appealing. I don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with Pro, and when I went to buy I discovered the Pro version cost way more than I was expecting. Simple Intensify is all I need, is well worth the money [although I must say these folks are right proud of their product, and price it as such]. I found it very useful in improving professional photos too, e.g. school portraits. I’m sure I don’t use more than a smidgin of all the capabilities in the product, even so it really enhances my family photos! I recommend it to non-professionals.

Great app for the money!! Posted by

For a long time now I have thought there are so many iPhone/iPad apps that will do almost everything I could ever want for such little money, but nothing for the Mac. If you are looking for an app to do ALMOST all major editing without having every single bell and whistle, this is it! The preset scenes are wonderful and you have complete control over the photo without losing image size/quality (as far as I can tell). This is awesome if you plan on developing your photos and something the iPhone/iPad app lack. Cons: No cropping - Really? This is so basic! - Edit change history - I can’t tell when I click on a new preset it is changing it based on the last preset I clicked or if it is starting from scratch. I have only used this for less then a day so far, but I am VERY pleased. Would have given 5 stars if they had cropping.

Takes the headache out of photo editing. Posted by

This is the consumer edition of Macphun's professional tool (The Pro version also works as a Photoshop plugin). The many presets allow you to find the specific look you’re after. Then you can tweek them to get the exact look you’re after. The results are of proffesional quality. And the Macphun website has lots of free tutorials taught by professional photographers. I don’t know of any other Mac photography tool that gives you this much power, at such a low price. Since this tool began it’s life as a specilized plugin, it is not a complete photo editing platform. You’ll want to look at Snapheal if you need to repair damaged photos or remove blemishes. But Intensify is really great at what it does - making bland images look good, and good images look great. This is not a simple “filter” tool.

Very good software! Posted by

Context: I use Photos only with my iPhone 5s and Mac. Intensify has a moderate learning curve and very good presets. In general, I was able to achieve my goals of bringing out shadows and color in shadows. It did “crash” twice after leaving Intensify and going back into Photos, but it had little to no impact on my user experience. MacPhun is clearly committed to the Mac and iOS, thus I can only assume this software will get better, particularly as more and more people use Photos. The convenience of Photos integration between iOS, Mac and iCloud is pretty awesome.

Excellent Product and Customer Support! Posted by

Downloaded Intensify last evening and ran into a snag getting it to open. Within 2 minutes of emailing MacPhun I had the issue resolved, It has operated flawless since. It offers all the tools needed to turn a good photograph into a great photograph for a beginner and even a seasoned vet photographer. This is a great investment for someone who is learning photography but is hessitent on dropping $99 on Adobe Photoshop or other more expensive programs right away.

First Impressions Posted by

I have only tried to enhance my iPhone photos. It seems the graininess and noise of a smartphone photo does not lend itself to the preset filters. I do love the intuitive user interface, much easier than trying to learn photoshop. I must figure out how to get a RAW image off my Nikon DSLR and see how a 24 MP image can be processed. Maybe than I can do some of the magic the pros show in their training videos.

Spoiler Alert - No Batch Processing Posted by

If this app had batch processing, then it would be really great. Applying an effect to an entire directory of photos at the same time - would make it a screaming photo app. That’s what computers do best… automation. I hate to write a review to this effect because otherwise the app is excellent, it deserves 10 stars. Adding this feature would make it awesome.

From Novice to Pro in less than an hour. Posted by

I just got a DSLR for Christmas. Completely new to the process. I found this app, and now, I can enjoy my camera. I was lost before. This app is the best. I initially downloaded an expensive app, but it was so confusing. This app simplifies everything. I LOVE IT.

From Windows Zoner Pro to MAC Intensify Posted by

Life-long Windows user. Needed a suitable Photo editor comparable to my favorite Windows program (Zoner Studio Pro). Intensify seems to satifsy the need. Intuitive. Excellent Layer support. Excellent Presets. I have no complaints! QM

Incredible App! Posted by

This app really makes your photos look astonishing. You can bring out the true potential in your images. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in photography to download this!

Improvements to photos are obvious and every time! Posted by

I like this app a lot, just messing with a few photos right after download and I can see that it improves photos easily and every time. Fun App to work with. Thanks! J.

blown away Posted by

Absolutly amazing app! got it on sale but would happily have paid full price, best app i have ever downloaded!!

There are better approaches by pdx_photoman 2013-10-29

The version of this app offered on the Apple store does not handle psd files and does not plug-in to Photoshop or Lightroom. Once purchased, you can upgrade to the Pro version for an additional cost, but the upgrade process itself is extremely kludgy and does not plug-in to Lightroom or Photoshop as advertised. Both allow you to export to other registered programs, including IPhoto, but in its present incarnation, either version is a stand-alone program. The interface and tools are very similar to those offered by Topaz Software in their series of plug-ins. The differences are that Intensify offers more effects than any one Topaz plug-in, n, and that Topaz modules are only plug-ins, not a stand-alone program. From my A/B tests with several images, Intensify seems prone to darkening the images as it does its work. This can be corrected using sliders, but just be aware of the potential and adjust accordingly before saving and/or exporting back to your editing program. Intensify and the Pro upgrade offer a suite of presets, which you can use either as-is or as starting points for your own adjustments. The adjustments are made through a series of sliders that are largely self-explanatory. When you are satisfied with a look, you can save it as a preset. The program can work in layers, allowing you to stack effects and also offers the ability to paint effects in or out on a layer. As another reviewer has stated, most of these effects are not designed for portraiture work, although there are some softing presets toward the bottom of the list that do an acceptable job with skin softening. For my money, there are better tools to accomplish these ends, but those wanting a stand-alone effects program may find this useful. It offers a lot of effects in a reasonably priced package. The fact that neither version operates as a plug-in to a more full-featured editing program is a decided drawback in my workflow.

Not for pros, or anyone that wants to be a pro by basieswings 2014-03-25

I typically use photoshop and lightroom to edit my photos, sometimes custom editing each photo myself and sometimes using presets or actions that I will adjust to my liking. I looked at the high ratings this app has received and thought that I might give it a shot. Earlier in the evening, I purchased Snapheal, and while it isn’t perfect, it would certainly do a good job of removing unwanted objects from photos in a pinch (nothing too complicated, though!) , taking less time than it would take to do the same thing in lightroom. Anyway, I took the plunge and got this one, too, and I have loaded a wide variety of photo types into it- indoor and outdoor portraits, outdoor action shots, landscapes, and snowscapes. Let me warn you: YOU WILL LOSE A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF IMAGE QUALITY IF YOU USE THIS PROGRAM. I thought I could use it to “enhance” some shots quickly without having to go through the whole photoshop process, but I was wrong. If you care at all about image quality, DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM. I shoot with a Canon 6D and I am a good photographer; most of my images are beautiful SOOC. I thought this might help me achieve an HDR type appearance in outdoor shots but I am not willing to grossly compromise image quality. I am disgusted because I feel like I just dumped $25 down the toilet. I am very annoyed and disappointed and can honestly say that I will never use this app and am going to uninstall it from my computer immediately. :( I wonder how many of the reviews on this product were paid for. :/

Fun and fast presets, but limited applicability slow processing by SSGiles 2014-10-12

I am still glad I bought it, but it is more limited than I hoped. It’s best for quick improvements to landscapes and architecuture when you want to quickly put together a photo album after a trip. It’s worst with mixed scenery and portraits. I recommend not even bothering with portraits unless you’re going for surreal or you just mask out the person completely. But, already with only 2 layers, the program becomes cripplingly slow if you edit the masks. FYI using a new MacBook Pro Retina (E.g., I can watch a movie on an external display while photoshoping no problem). Most annoying though is that I find it very misleading to advertise Intensify as being compatible with iPhoto or Aperture. Even if you set up Intensify as an external editor, the photos must be exported to Intensify, and can then only be imported again into your library as a new photo. This is the worst case scenario for anyone who cares about keeping a nice and organized library, especially if you use dates, locations, faces, etc! Furthermore, Intensify cannot access the original RAW file (through iPhoto for example). How, then, is Intensify supposed to be compatible with iPhoto/Aperture? Because it can export to .JPEG? It doesn’t even use the same file extension (iPhoto uses .JPG). Of course, the difference in extension doesn’t matter since the photo has to be reimported into iPhoto anyway. OSX can already import any image format to iPhoto as a new photo.

More useful for landscape than people photography by hafman42 2013-10-24

It’s a good tool, well written and so far reliable. All the effects are basically some form of a soft-light blended high pass filter, ranging from very dramatic to subtle. Some of the presets have very aggressive vignetting. The product’s biggest challenge is improving a photo without it becoming less of a photograph and more some wierd graphic art. For those that like HDR this tool will feel very familiar, so people photographers the subtle effects are more appropriate because the highpass brings out every skin imperfection and wrinkle. What a high pass filter does is increase the local area contrast, which makes the photo appear to be sharper, more high resolution. By accentuating the edges people photos can be very unflattering, so the tool also offers a layer of blurring to combat the effect. The tool si similar to Nik’s software’s Drama filter in Snapseed. In conclusion, I’d say worth $30, but if you already have photoshop you can acheive much the same effect by adding a high pass filter with 140% and soft light blend it back into the base layer.

I'm writing this because I'm being forced to. by DarknessTigerpaw 2015-10-11

I feel as if I have a gun to my head here but every time I use this app, I'm not allowed to quit the app unless I choose one of two mandatory buttons which happens to be "leave a review" or "contact support". Hitting Command Q does nothing. To get out of this app, I'm forced to kill -9 the app. And since I want this to stop, I'm forced to leave a review. And this review is very unhappy that I'm forced to do something I don't want to do. The authors of this app should be ashamed of their behavior and I can't figure out why Apple allows this to happen. Come on, Apple, send the authors of this app a letter to stop this kind of activity to be put in these apps. Here's your forced review, Macphun. Enjoy it. And to be honest, the review for the app IS a one star. This app does nothing any of your other apps does. It's just given another name and marketed differently. All your apps are exactly the same. There's no value to it whatsoever.

Don’t get me wrong... by El Travieso 2014-02-06

…the application is great! I went ahead and purchase the pro version as well, and that’s where things went wrong. I had hoped the plug in was going to make the enahncement workflow easier to manage but everytime I want to use Intensify (pro version) the plug in crashes Aperture! I went to get help and they told me all the basic things to do: uninstall plug ins both manually and automatically (within the app) reset the plug in, uninstall application and all traces of it and reinstall, etc, etc. None of it worked, I even made a video of it crashing! Anyway, I also own other plug ins Nik, and OnOne but none of them crash Aperture like Intensify (pro). Worth buying, but I wouldn’t upgrade to the Pro just yet, until they fix the issues… UPDATE: Customer support has indicated they will fix this issue soon. I have given them a couple of stars for trying to fix it...

Nice filters but where’s the clipboard? by julesjanin 2016-08-10

You can do things with this app that I haven’t seen in any other (I don’t use Photoshop). You can restore a little texture, for example, to skin that has been over-smoothed. So I use Intensify quite a bit. But I was surprised to find that it doesn’t support the clipboard. No copy or paste! Since I do most of my basic editing in GraphicConverter, I’d like to copy an image over to Intensify, work on it there, and then copy and paste back into GKon, just as I used to be able to do in Snapheal before it too was hobbled. I don’t see any way to do that. So instead I have to save the file, open it in Intensify, edit it, export it (you can’t save except in the app’s own format), re-open it in GKon… I’ll do it, but time’s a-wastin’… So: 3 stars for an otherwise useful and good-looking app.

Dont buy it! by Snail mail photobook 2017-04-02

After editing 3 images a pop-up screen invades my computer requesting a review for this App. This screen will not close out. I paid for an app that is now holding the app hostage until I review it. Well here is your review. Prior to the pop-up I was somewhat enjoying exploring your app. I am unsure how to download more than one photo for editing. If it is only possible to do one photo at a time than this app will take forever to edit photos from an extensive travel trip.

would love it, but... by lia1844 2013-11-02

The program and presets are great. Unfortunately, they say that it also works as a plug-in to aperture. The instructions in the “help” document also say you can install the plug-in from the main navigation bar, but the option is not where they say it should be and it is nowhere to be found. I’d love it if it could be used as a plug-in. It’s too much hassle otherwise.

Doesn't work with Aperture by C.AK 2013-12-06

Unfortunately although reviewers have noted the applications integration with Aperture, the version available on the App store does NOT install as a plug in with Aperture. Very disappointed. Therefore, not nearly as useful as I had hoped. The same product should be sold in the app store or why would one shop there? IRRITATING!

Wouldn’t open by Life's A Pitch 2013-11-01

Purchased it..downloaded it..Got the Icon nothing there ...wouldn’t open…even the Tec support said get your money back…It was not compatible to the download of Maverics…Beware !!!!!!! And I have a new MacBook Pro….

No cropping option and freezes sometimes by GoodKarmaBadKarma 2015-09-22

This application would be great if there was a crop feature. Also sometimes when you press reset a number of times, the app completely freezes. Would be 5 stars if these issues were fixed.

Not for serious editiors by xxraycatt 2014-04-25

If you’re expecting real editing software like akvis, or topaz or Nik- GET THOSE. This is some ultra low-res old school iphone quality uselessness.

More bother than it’s worth by ET91902 2015-09-27

All this application does is freeze up the processor. I have to do a hard shutdown and reboot. Not worth the money.

Intensify by Oscar123789 2014-10-25

Not really worth the money...even with the discount, had the same options with iPhoto (for free).